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Plans, Premonitions, and Paying dues

Very seldom, if ever, will you run into anyone who doesn’t like it when everything happens just right. Fishermen especially love it when they plan for a day on the water and... — Updated 6/21/2022


Texas 2 a Days

Now unless you live under a rock in a far dark corner of the planet you probably have some sort of idea about how completely fanatical Texas folks are about football. The summer... — Updated 6/14/2022


Understanding patterns help anglers score more fish

One of the biggest and most intriguing factors that keep fishermen coming back day after day is the process of discovery, figuring out the puzzle so to speak. The task of sifting... — Updated 6/7/2022


Plenty of options to go with great conditions

Easily one of the most alluring features of Sabine Lake area is the fact that you can catch so many different species of fish in a relatively small area. The brackish water holds... — Updated 5/31/2022


"Ultra Hot" options

"Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it" is what I was often told as a kid. Things that seem like great ideas at the time will often turn out to be unwanted... — Updated 5/24/2022


Swim baits producing trout on Sabine

The slick surface of the lake was disrupted by skipping shrimp and the familiar sound of trout crashing the helpless crustaceans. Each cast with a soft plastic was met the familiar... — Updated 5/17/2022


Fishing mishaps provide dose of humor

For some unknown reason society has always been interested in and amused by the misfortunes of others. Television has had countless shows dedicated to "bloopers" and other gaffes... — Updated 5/10/2022


Time to fish as the school year closes

For the majority of our area students school is almost over for the year and the much anticipated free days of summer are now upon us. This time of the year that is tailor made for... — Updated 5/3/2022


Copper Crush

I have no idea how it happens, it seems like only a few weeks ago summer was so far away and we were in the midst of a mini winter as successive cool fronts continued to remind us... — Updated 4/26/2022


Too much wind forces anglers to adjust

In all my years on the water I can't remember ever having this much wind for this long during the month of April. It has just absolutely howled for nearly a month straight and... — Updated 4/19/2022


The constant search for better fish

The horizon was filled with black clouds gathering over the gulf and lightning strikes were just enough to make you wonder "what am I doing out here?" A close look at the west... — Updated 4/12/2022


Slow down, fast doesn't always equal more fish

Fishing too fast is a common problem that many anglers have, especially when the fish tend to gather up and school in big bunches. Saltwater anglers who chase schooling fish along... — Updated 4/5/2022


Redfish making an appearance as spring gains momentum

Just about any Texas fisherman who ever wet a line knows that the spring is full of many things, most of which fall into the category of uncertainty and unpredictability. The all... — Updated 3/29/2022


More than one "right way"

You ever wonder what a 64 pack of Crayola crayons, 31 flavors of ice cream at Baskin Robbins, or bags of assorted candy have in common? The answer is they offer something for... — Updated 3/15/2022


Warmer temps and longer days are a fisherman's friend

In all honesty this has to be one of my absolute most favorite times of the year, that transition from winter into spring when the weather starts to cooperate and the fishing gets... — Updated 3/8/2022


Longlois and Stewart rule the weekend on Toledo Bend

The LCM High School fishing team duo of Jacob Longlois and Tanner Stewart put a stranglehold on Toledo Bend this past weekend as they doubled up for victories on both Saturday and... — Updated 2/22/2022


Ahead of Schedule

If you happen to be one of those people who live their life according to the weatherman you have had a great month so far, especially for February. All things considered the... — Updated 2/15/2022


Crossing the line

For as long as I can remember the first few weeks of every New Year have been an exciting transitional period for a myriad of reasons. The most obvious is the hope and high... — Updated 2/8/2022


When "cheating" pays off

"If you're not cheating you're not trying" is a popular line used by many to describe the overwhelming desire to win at all costs which basically sums up a large portion of the... — Updated 2/1/2022


"Don't leave home without them"

Now for most people the thought of chasing fish in the months of January and February seems a little on the foreign side, even crazy at times. The cold water and dreary days don't... — Updated 1/25/2022


It's now or never

The home stretch for local waterfowl hunters is dead ahead as the end of January is staring right back at us. Fortunately, for many of those still chasing ducks and geese, the... — Updated 1/18/2022


 Is "speed" really what you need

Instant gratification, speed is what we need, only 20.00 extra to get it there tomorrow. All these examples of a world in a hurry and don't think for a minute the sport of fishing... — Updated 1/11/2022


Things that go BUMP in the mud

Here in Texas there are a few things that are common from Sabine to Baffin at this time of the year and everyone who calls the coast or saltwater home has an idea what those things... — Updated 1/4/2022


Reality check

For some strange and unknown reason it seems like the older I get the faster things tend to repeat themselves. At times I would swear the pages on the calendar flip by two months... — Updated 12/28/2021


Re-think your approach to cold weather fishing

In all the major bay systems along the Texas gulf coast die hard big trout hunters are licking their lips in anticipation of finding that one truly big speckled trout of a... — Updated 12/21/2021


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