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 By Capt Chuck Uzzle    Sports 

Everything's bigger in the dark

By starting later in the evening and staying out after dark anglers can greatly improve their odds during the summer. How many times have we seen it happen, it seems like the whole... — Updated 8/11/2020


Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife law enforcement reports. A-B-C, It’s Easy as 1-2-3 A Hamilton County game warden and Johnson County game warden were patrolling Lake Pat Cleburne when they... — Updated 8/11/2020

 By Joe Kazmar    Sports 

Astros bring 5-game losing streak to Minute Maid Park

Most of the players on the other 29 major league teams are really happy today because the Houston Astros—the team that allegedly cheated to win the 2017 World Series—have lost... — Updated 8/11/2020


Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

“I am hoping they let the kids back in school and at least a few of these folks have to go home,” said Johnny Hughes.The Toledo Bend resident added, “I built my first camp up here in 1970 and I cannot ever recall the lake... — Updated 8/11/2020


Fishing demands cautious approach

“Either we are fishing in the wrong place or we are the only people on the lake,” said Ray Bayliss on a very hot afternoon last week.I feared when it rained earlier in the day... — Updated 8/4/2020

 By Joe Kazmar    Sports

Is NFL's cancellation of preseason games good or bad?

National Football League players reported to their respective training camps the past few days and now must adhere to the restrictions and concerns created by the COVID-19 pandemic... — Updated 8/3/2020

 By Joe Kazmar    Sports

2020 College Football Season still up in the air

Last week more than two dozen Division I conferences lobbied the NCAA’s highest governing body to delay a decision on fall football championships until a majority of the leagues... — Updated 7/28/2020


Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife law enforcement reports. The Other Side of Nowhere A Big Bend Ranch State Park Police Officer and a Presidio County game warden were patrolling River Road at nig... — Updated 7/28/2020


Cheap entertainment 

For some unknown reason society has always been interested in and amused by the misfortunes of others. Television has had countless shows dedicated to "bloopers" and other gaffes... — Updated 7/28/2020



Larry Roman held up a hand-sized goggle eye for me to admire before slipping it in his livewell.“If I didn’t know better I would think we were just fishing a four-inch piece of... — Updated 7/28/2020


Live bait choices make fishing interesting

No matter how hard lure manufacturers try they will never be able to create a lure that works better than real thing, period. The typical profile of the weekend angler is not that o... — Updated 7/21/2020



I can't imagine that we will see another 12.4-pound bass caught this summer, but Toledo Bend did give up at least two more double digit fish this past week.Both fish were caught in... — Updated 7/21/2020

 By Joe Kazmar    Sports


There won’t be any peanuts or crackerjacks and nobody will care if they ever come back because there will be major league baseball starting tomorrow but in a shortened format.... — Updated 7/21/2020


Redfish heat up with the weather

It's a familiar scene that is played out all along the gulf coast from Texas to Florida, anglers armed with light tackle weapons probe the shallow shorelines for the bullies of the... — Updated 7/14/2020

 By Staff Report    Sports

The Fishing Team From Lamar State College Orange Has Reeled In Another Win

LSCO anglers Trent Buchholz and Grady Doucet placed third in the Abu Garcia College tournament, qualifying them for the national tournament. The event was held Friday, July 10 at... — Updated 7/14/2020

 By Joe Kazmar    Sports

Football Is King For College Sports Finances

Any college or university that participates in football will see some kind of shortfall in their financial situation for the 2020-2021 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A... — Updated 7/14/2020


Big Fish In Spite Of Heat

I don’t know that the weather can get much more unbearable as far as the heat is concerned, but local anglers appear to be handling it quite well! Even on the saltwater side and... — Updated 7/14/2020


Switching gears 

Pics: Hunters wanting to keep their dogs in tune should be careful of the heat and concentrate training during early morning and late evenings. Switching gears          I know... — Updated 7/7/2020

 By Joe Kazmar    Sports

Minor League's 2020 Season Canceled

Another one bites the dust!! Last week the brain trust of professional baseball announced there will be no 2020 minor league baseball season due to the coronavirus. This hit close... — Updated 7/7/2020


Epic fails in the great outdoors

When you run out of water and have to pull the boat back with an ATV that would be an "epic fail". For some unknown reason society has always been interested in and amused by the mi... — Updated 7/3/2020


Game Warden Field Notes

AUSTIN — The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife law enforcement reports. Bare Necessities While patrolling near Lake Sam Rayburn, a Sabine County game warden noticed a naked man running across the... — Updated 6/30/2020


Beat the heat with summer variety

Easily one of the most alluring features of Sabine Lake area is the fact that you can catch so many different species of fish in a relatively small area. The brackish water holds... — Updated 6/30/2020


Higher Tides Slow Down Catching

It seems like every time I have convinced myself that we have turned the corner on Covid-19, another individual I know tests positive and it becomes a little more real.If you can... — Updated 6/30/2020

 By Joe Kazmar    Sports

Summer (Spring) Training Starts For 2020 MLB Short Season

For the second time this year training for the 2020 Major League Baseball season began today when players reported to their respective 30 teams. Commissioner Bob Manfred on June 22... — Updated 6/30/2020

 By Joe Kazmar    Sports

Tiz The Law Nabs First Leg Of Asterik Triple Crown

KAZ’S KORNER I was amazed last Wednesday when I saw an article previewing the Belmont Stakes running Saturday without any fans, Wait a minute!! The Belmont Stakes in normally the... — Updated 6/23/2020


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