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As a boy, raised in a Catholic family, we observed Holy Week, called Easter Week, with several church functions.

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, etc.

Our lifestyle also changed, we avoided meat all week, we didn’t dig in the earth on Good Friday, the days were more solemn, and prayers were more prevalent.

The elder ladies said the Rosary in the morning and evening.

A fog-like, heavy presence of deep religious feelings hung over most homes.

A person wouldn’t dare swear during Holy Week and church was a must. Not only today’s lifestyle has changed, but also so has the church.

Services were said in Latin, Saturday mass didn’t substitute for attending on the Sabbath, the priest didn’t hand you the Host and there wasn’t anyone who substituted for the priest.

Just a few examples.

Now people sometimes receive Holy Communion without even going to Confession.

Maybe the changes are for the good of the church and I’m not knocking it, only showing the difference in how one faith has changed and how people’s deep religious feelings have evolved over one lifetime, mine.*****Speaking of religious activity, one Italian Catholic tradition observed over the years is the St. Joseph’s Altar.

At one time, most communities with a heavy Italians-Sicilian population, observed the day on March 19, however, St. Mary Church in Orange held their Altar on March 14 due to the date of Easter this year. As the older people die off, fewer communities have the large food festivities.


Phyl and Roy attended the Altar last Friday and brought back an eight-inch high cake baked by Rosalie Clark, which was amazingly built with just two layers.

A delicious cake and its structure amazed the ladies here at the “Nest.” Roy reported it was a beautiful Altar, with plenty to eat and a large variety.

He said he’d like to have about a quart of that great spaghetti sauce, the best he’s ever eaten.

He asked about a certain pastry and was told by Judge Pat, “sorry, Bearden beat you here, it’s wiped out.” They ran into former Sheriff Holt’s two daughters, Nova Dee and Wanda, also Anna Belle Rost, Andy Guidry, Dr.

Nolan LeBlanc, Rosalie’s two sisters, who worked constantly, Steve Parkhurst and Robert Simonton, who took care of the Dunns by fetching stuff for them.

“The only good thing about old age,” Roy said.

They brought three loaves of fresh baked bread, representing the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Judge Pat says it’s good dunked in gumbo.

It’s pretty darn good just with butter on it.

Here’s what I fear, some day, like so many other places, the Altar at St. Mary’s, a long tradition, will cease because the hard-working people who have made it possible have retired to the wheel chair and a new generation, not as dedicated, will not carry it on.

Oh well, that’s my piece on Holy Week.

Now I move on.

Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


War of choice shouldn‘t have happened.

Five years ago this week, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney unjustly invaded and occupied Iraq. It has turned into the longest war in United States history.

Today there are currently 154,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. Over five years ago, in this column, we urged against an invasion saying it would be one of our biggest blunders.

We predicted no weapons of mass destruction would be found.

The talk of mushroom clouds was a way of setting up the American people using fear.

We didn’t buy into it and said so and got much criticism over it.

We also warned that any legislature who voted to finance that drummed up Bush and Big-oil war would pay a price down the line for their vote.

Well, we have seen that play out in Sen.

Hillary Clinton’s race for president.

She and Sen.

McCain both supported the war, based on the intelligence furnished them by the warmongers.


Barack Obama didn’t vote for the war because he didn’t have a vote coming.

He wasn’t even in office so it’s easy to say he didn’t vote for war.

Had he been in the hot seat and given the misinformation that the Congress was given, chances are he would have also voted for it.

He voted for every Iraq bill since he entered the Senate. We based our prediction on the fact that after nine years inspectors hadn’t found a shred of evidence of WMD’s.

We urged the U.S. to finish the job in Afghanistan. Ironically we said in that same column that Osama bin Laden would still be at large five years from now.

Well, the five years are now here.

We said post-Iraq that a long war would bust our country.

Today, the cost of Iraq is $12 billion a month.

In fairness, the invasion was a success but the occupation through mismanagement and stupidly has been a total failure.

Bush told us the war would cost taxpayers perhaps up to $60 billion.

Now it appears the total bill will exceed a trillion dollars.

*****Regardless of who we elect, anyone who believes withdrawal will be easy is naïve.

The mess is so big that there is no simple answer.

One thing to remember is that we have always said that no Republican can get elected without the support of big oil.

If McCain is to win, he will have to give them a piece of the pie.

If that happens, we will be in Iraq a long time.

Look at the wealth accumulated by big oil over the last five years.

Always follow the money.

This war has made the wealthy super wealthy and the people at the bottom of the ladder, hurting at the pump and at the check out, have been the real victims of this war of choice.

We’re being terrorized by our own economy that’s going down the sink to a recession.


A large crowd of friends and family said goodbye to Homer Stark Saturday in a memorial service at First Presbyterian Church in Orange.

His grandson, Rev. Michael Nugent, gave the eulogy remembering his Papaw as a man of kindness and integrity.

Longtime family friend, coach R.C. Slocum, also spoke.

The service was inspirational with emphasis on enjoying life and sharing love.

Mr. Stark died March 11 at age 84.

His childhood sweetheart and wife of 65 years Becky Havens Stark died 15 months ago.

He was a World War II veteran who was proud to have served his country and he was a dedicated Aggie.

He and Becky were friends and had often visited with us here at the Creaux’s Nest.


30 Years Ago-1978

Sandra Young Edmondson, a graduate of St. Mary High School and daughter of John O. Young and Joy Parish, was initiated into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society of the University of Houston.

Sandra is an industrial psychology major.

She has maintained a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

*****Bob Dartez, at Western Ave. Grocery, held a ‘Swamp Irish Sale’ on St. Patrick’s Day.

*****Ed Lovelace’s wife, Joan, and his mother-in-law are touring Mexico in his motor home.

*****When A.J. Judice rows down Cow Bayou in his pirogue, his ducks and geese float alongside.

He crosses the bayou to have a cup of coffee with his mom, MawMaw Judice every morning.

A.J. and wife Lois built their home on Cow Bayou a year ago.

They had owned a camp on the spot for several years.

(Editor’s note: The Judices still live at the same place but A.J. hasn’t been in good health over the last few years. His pirogue is put up and the ducks are gone.

What a great guy.

He brought a lot of joy to a lot of people over the years.)*****Showtime, a national pay television entertainment service, will be introduced to cable subscribers in the Golden Triangle.

Cal Broussard, general manager for the Texas region of Liberty TV Cable made the announcement.

Hollywood films, nightclub performances, concerts and children’s programs will be available without commercial interruption.

According to Broussard, 120,000 cable subscribers in 22 states will be offered Showtime.

(Editor’s note: Our buddy Cal was there when it all started. Today, millions and millions of families have cable service.

A long way from 120,000 in 22 states in 1978.)*****Lani Hall celebrates her 9th birthday.

*****Rhonda Beeson turns 11 on March 23.

*****Pretty Janice Womack, Little Cypress senior, will be awarded a full tuition scholarship to the University of Dallas.

*****Doug Morrison also was awarded a scholarship.

*****Debbie Bruce was the winner of the C.J. Davidson Scholarship. The $3,200 award is one of five given by the industrialist statewide.


Johnny Montagne and B.C. city councilman David Rutledge, avid Lamar Lady Cardinals basketball fans, prepared a tailgate feast at the tournament in Katy Saturday.

Coach Tisdale and his ‘Ladies’ failed to advance, with a 65-56 loss to UT in the 5-A Southland Conference championship game.

However, they had the best season in years and all but one player will be back.

*****Democratic chairman Mark Carter came close to buying the farm last week when an abscess totally blocked his air passage.

The doctor did an emergency tracheotomy and Mark later had surgery.

A week later he is still in ICU. Sunday, a surprise birthday party for Corky Harmon was thrown at their home by wife Betty.

At least 75 friends and family were in attendance.

Among those attending were his sons, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and their families.

Friends Cecil Broom, Diane Stephenson, Geisila Houseman, Mary Helen Campbell, Katherine Frey, Charlie Hale, Cal Broussard, Betty Lou Womack, Margaret and Hubert Spradling, Bonnie and R.C. Armstrong, Barbara and Wayne Mulholland, Eva and Ross Smith, Kathy and Tommy Gunn, Chere and Gene Bouillion, Ida and Tim Schossow, Sharon and Jimmy Smith, Denise and Carl Himel, Gwen and Raymond Smith, Bridgett and Mike Schann, Ray Craven, Mary and David Vickey just to mention a few. Daughter Debra surprised her dad with a ticket for an Easter holiday trip to Denver.

Corky has found love, joy and happiness in his lifetime.

At age 80, he feels great.

Everyone who knows him marvel at his health and outlook on life.

He and Betty have been married 51-years.

We consider them both great lifetime friends and wish them continued good health and happiness.

*****Word out of Washington is that speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to remain the most powerful female so don’t look for her to support Sen.


It’s one of those female jealousy things.*****Houston Rockets win 22 in a row.

They will try for 23 against Boston Tuesday.

*****March Madness Men’s NCAA tourney starts Thursday in route to final four.

North Carolina, #1-East, Memphis, #1-South, Kansas, #1-Midwest, UCLA, #1-West.

Sixty-five teams will line up in San Antonio.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s 12 noon.

One never knows what to expect.

Always interesting and great fellowship.

This week, Corky’s birthday will be observed.

Everyone welcome.*****I understand that Capt.

David Reeves was named interim Chief Deputy by Sheriff White last Wednesday.

I haven’t seen a release on it however.*****Happy birthday to Shirley Musser March 22.*****Happy anniversary to Tim and Joy Hughes March 22.*****Judge Carl Thibodeaux spent last week in county judge’s school in Lubbock.

The Judge likes Lubbock and always chooses that school.

*****New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has really raised the price of companionship, knocking us working country boys plum out of the bed.

I suspect this hypocrite, who lives by the rule ‘do as I say do, not as I do,’ deserves this crash in his life.

The real victims are his wife and three daughters.

His problems ain’t over.

Birthdays this week

Hannah Walles, Blaine Slaughter, Buffy Dioron, Christin Wright, Courtnie Campbell, Deborah Miller, Roman Carpenter, Ben Walles, Brandy Mayo, Donna Fong, Jamie Preston, Jan Savage, Kamela Latiolais, Keely Benefield, Brittany Backer, Erma Goss, Ester Brown, Kyle Anderson, Otto Whisenant, Ramona Huff, Ruth Mason, Stephen McKenzie, Tanya Simon, Lisa Roberts, Shirley Musser, Carroll Kile, Carsen Carpenter, Euel Norwood, Margaret Boehme, Margery Sargent, Natalie Sarvar, Renee Dillon, Tiffany Smith, Helen Clark, Cambree Williams, Grady Rawls, Hannah Drane, James Stone, Joseph Blanda, Louise Wood, Mary Ann Smith, Zara Killman, Brenda Edwards, Grant Kimbrough, Katie Birdwell, Mary Grimes, Matt Thompson, Scott Mangham, Warren Claybar.


Rain or shine, every Saturday morning Clovis Gilbeaux him, went fishing. He got up real early, put on his fishing clothes, made himself a lunch and Gilbeaux him, slipped quietly into the garage to hitch up his boat, wit da 55 horsepower Murcury motor, to his truck. He backed out into a torrential downpour. Da wind, it was blowing at a clip of 50-miles per hour. He pulled back into da garage and turned his radio on to KROF in Abbeville. ‘Tee-Not’ Leger was doing his midnight to 5 a.m. show. He announced that real bad weather was on da way and would last all day.

Gilbeaux him snuck back in da house, quiet, quiet him. He undressed to his bare skin and slipped back into da bed.Then Gilbeaux him, cuddled up to his young, pretty wife’s back. He was feeling frisky and full of anticipation. He whispered, “Babe, da weather is terrible out dere.”

His lovely, young wife replied, “Can you believe my stupid old husband Clovis is out fishing in dat mess.”


From day one, I’ve felt very uncomfortable with newcomer Barack Obama, who overnight had one of the best political teams ever assembled.

Who might have put the team together has always bothered me.

It was done too quick and too secret.

Now we learn that Jeremiah Wright, controversial head of Trinity United Church of God in Chicago, who has been Obama’s pastor and spiritual mentor and has been preaching hate, was serving on Obama’s religious leadership committee.

Jeremiah baptized Obama 20 years ago, married he and his wife, baptized his two daughters.

Wright’s church presented Lewis Fericon with the church’s ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award.

It is shocking that Rev. Wright’s comments sound like they are right out of Faricon’s mouth.

He preaches hate for the white man, Jews and the United States.

It’s no wonder Obama’s wife said, “Because of Barack’s run for president it’s the first time in her adult life that she is proud of the United States.” All of her adult life, 20 years, she’s been listening to just the opposite of praise about the country.

Obama’s relationship with Wright speaks to his character and judgment.

He says he was not in the pew when Wright made the statements now being played on news channels and printed in publications but I bet he was there on many occasions when similar hate messages were preached.

Now we learn from the Tony Resco trial that he gave Obama $100,000 more than Barack admitted to.

What is really tragic is that Obama is being uncovered after the wool has been pulled over the eyes of our young.

They sent him millions, some giving up their monthly meal allotments.

He leads in delegates, which leaves the choice to Super Delegates to ratify this fairy tale.

I believe it’s their duty to look after the country first and the party second.

We just don’t know enough about the guy.

What else will jump out of the closet.*****Gotta go.

Take care and God bless.


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