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Change your thinking for massive muscular legs


Last updated 1/29/2011 at Noon

If you are reading this it means you don’t have the secret to a massive leg workout. If you do, and your completely happy with what you’re doing with your legs workout stop reading this. If you keep reading this you will have to think about what you are currently doing and then make changes.

Now please allow me to ask you a couple of questions? Do you want big legs without muscle showing? Do you want muscular legs that show some definition and also have some size to them?

Here's conventional thinking. You must lift as heavy as possible to have any strength and size. (I see you have been reading all the magazines)

Before I address that entirely let me move on to the part of your body that’s the most important and the most neglected. This next valuable piece of information will help everything including your bench. This is the BIG secret in conjunction of what I will share with you later on your direct leg workout.

It summarizes up into one word-- CORE!

I see people training their butts off and do not have the core to support what they are attempting to accomplish. You must work your core and work it like you’re as serious as you want great legs. Your core workout must include full crunches hitting all three muscle groups getting deep as well as performing a plank.

I have had many people say I am not doing a plank. It’s too hard. Well of course it is. It’s also the best overall core exercise there is. It hits every muscle from shoulders to ankles and makes them all work together at 1 time. Very difficult and very effective.

Lets think and analyze this. What muscles do you use working your legs? Sit on a leg extension and raise your legs. Other then thigh muscle, what other muscle do you feel is being utilized? Perform a seated leg curl next. And now lets perform a basic squat.

What muscles are we using to do this? Now you just answered the major question. It’s about your entire core along with your leg muscles. If your core will not support what it’s supposed to do that is simply will not do it and the rest is unable to grow.

If you still aren’t clear look at a muscle chart and truly look at how the muscles are all interconnected and interact together. The leg muscles do not stand as a separate entity. They need teamwork.

As promised I will now go back to our legs. To get stronger legs you have to learn to count higher, properly use your body. Oh yes. --- And work smarter. (You just learned that about the core)

Here it is. Full deep knee bends just like you did in high school. Follow this up with toe ups. Superset these 2 exercises. Use full high reaching toe up as if you are attempting to reach something. Perform 3 sets of 25 repetitions each.

Along with this do leg extension of a weight that you may execute 25 repetitions on this. Finish with leg curls. Again perform 25 repetitions of these and on both do 3 sets. You may superset if you want or do them separately.

By now you are thinking I am crazy. What, no heavy squats? No leg presses with 4 weights on each end? I can assure you that I am not crazy, however, what I am is a fitness advisor for 25 years.

Yes this is different then the “normal” thinking in the gym. But think about this. If your existing routine were accomplishing what you want, you would not be reading this.

Change your thinking and do this on your legs at least 2 times a week for 1 month. If you do not obtain a results change in your legs let me know. If it doesn't work I'll give provide a money back results guarantee.

Good luck and success.

Greg Burkett, Greg The Trainer, is a fitness advisor in the Orange County area. For more information you may call him at 409-550-0777 of go to

See Burkett's fitness column weekly in the County Record and Penny Record newspapers.


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