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Big losers in Orange County fitness challenge


Last updated 2/11/2011 at Noon

Last Saturday, Greg The Trainer's 2011 Weight Loss Challenge held their first of three awards banquets for the biggest losers of weight.

Greg The Trainer, as he is known, is Orange County fitness trainer Greg Burkett. Burkett is the organizer of the wight loss challege in the Bridge City area.

The LaQuinta Inn is hosting all three banquets at their beautiful resort style motel here in Bridge City. Subway Sandwiches is additionally catering the banquets providing ham subs as well as turkey subs.

Additional community support sponsors are Anytime Fitness, Attorney Courtney Arkeen, Debbies Gold Gem, Bridge City Lube, Flippers Skin Flix, The Classy Peacock, Geaux Mail Packaging and Shipping, Detail Shop Haircuts, Tico’s Cuban Café, Scentsy by Haily Broussard, Cajun Corner Furniture, MCT Credit Union, graciously provided items for the top weight loss losers.

"After one month under most of the participants (some only had three weeks of participating time) the results are astonishing," Burkett said. "From the final number of 42 people that signed up for the program, no one reported any negative results. All participants have either lost several pounds, sizes, and a significant change in their body mass index and body fat index."

At the beginning of the program, when participants were accepted into Greg The Trainers 2011 Weight Loss Challenge, all were weighed in on the same Salter commercial weight scale. This weight along with the individuals height, age, and sex information were programmed into an Omron Mass and Fat measuring device.

According to Burkett, fat is detected differently then other mass including bone and muscle with this instrument. This instrument is used at gyms, health facilities, and varying medical facilities throughout the world. The unit is then held by the individual in their hands, and an undetectable electronic current is sent thru the body. The instrument measures the amount of fat and mass in the persons body and provides a reading.

"As a group within the program, the 12 teachers from the Bridge City school district have appreciated tremendous gains," Burkett said. "After three weeks they have experienced at the weigh in individual weight losses as great as 15 pounds."

In addition to the weight losses all of them have reported size losses of one to almost three sizes along with a tremendous increase of energy. After the monthly measurements were taken all of the teachers had losses of Body Mass Index as well as Body Fat Index. It goes without saying all were ecstatic.

These results were typical throughout the challenge. The age range in the program is from 23 to 57. Most have tried dieting before without positive measurable results. Many, mostly the older individuals, have attempted dieting before without acceptable results. These participants all concluded that the full program seems to be the key to success. They were in agreement that just a partial program doesn’t work. They also said it was somewhat difficult, but like anything else worth while, it takes some extra effort.

The 23 year old that needs to lose lots of her baby fat from her childbirth, said she tried unsuccessfully to lose her gigantic weight gain from the baby. She tried the gym by itself with minor results and has also attempted dieting with neglable results. She said this full program is what has produced results for her. Not only has she lost weight but has gained a tremendous amount of energy. She said that even thought she has a long ways to go yet she feels a lot better already. She can’t wait for it to finally get there.

Greg Burkett stated that he is very pleased with the results that so far have been recorded. He said that he knows that the gains will simply continue to grow more now as each of the participants have obtained positive results for their efforts over the last 30 days.

The majority will stay on tract now that the participants know that each of their individual goals are achievable. Burkett said that he is optimistic that as positive results continue the majority will stay with the program.

"So far, with just one month of the 2011 Weight Loss Challenge behind us, Bridge City is better," Burkett said.


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