Orange County decides on redistricting plan


Last updated 7/26/2011 at Noon

Orange County, Texas - Commissioners’ Court decided Monday that there will be no need for a Plan B, as they voted unanimously to proceed with Plan A of the precinct redistricting lines project, as drawn up by Rolando L. Rios and Associates.

Through Plan A, voting box 11 will be moved into Precinct 3 from Precinct 2 and voting box one will also be moved from Precinct 3 and into Precinct 1.

Precinct 4 will remain as it was with no changes.

County Judge Carl Thibodeaux said that Plan B would have split the City of West Orange across three different precincts and would have been more confusion than it was worth.

“In Plan A, 90 percent of West Orange will be in Precinct 1,” Thibodeaux said.

Now that the court has given its approval, the new lines will be sent to the Justice Department in Washington.

Rios said that the county should get the go ahead from Washington within two months so that the new lines and voting box locations can go into effect.

“I’m sure they will approve it,” Rios said. “The county will not be able to hold an election until these changes go into effect.”

In other business, Emergency Management director Jeff Kelley told the court that recent weather conditions have the county in a position to continue with the burn ban lifted.

“We are looking pretty good on wet conditions for the next week or so,” Kelley said of forecast predictions. “Although the burn ban was lifted, we did leave the disaster declaration in place due to the drought conditions. Due to the heat, the state is seeing a lot of road damage.”

Precinct 2 Commissioner Owen Burton said that road damage is not the only thing Orange County should keep an eye on.

“We’re also seeing a lot of tree damage,” Burton said.

Kelley said that tree debris removal is another example of why he chose to leave the disaster declaration in place, for assistance purposes.


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