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Fried Eggplant with Crawfish Sauce


Last updated 1/4/2012 at Noon

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. Guess it is back to the real world now. Working all day and then trying to find something wonderful to eat once you get home. I know that everyone cannot cook all the recipes that I am showing you all the time, but hopefully you are cutting some out and saving them for a special occasion.

I like the easy recipes too of course, and next week I promise I will give you something easy to fix. I say that because I do not like to have to batter food and then frying it, oh no I don’t have the time or desire. But this is eggplant is my favorite and crawfish, okay well sometimes you have to sacrifice just because it is so worth it.

Meanwhile I just came back from Louisiana and bought the most amazing cookbook at CVS Pharmacy. It is called, “Louisiana’s Best.” OMG it is so wonderful! The recipe I am talking about is Fried Eggplant with Crawfish Monica Sauce. It originates from the Oak Alley Plantation. This dish will be featured at my next Cooking Class to be held on Jan. 16 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Please call for details. Happy Eating!

Crawfish Monica Sauce

4 tablespoons butter

2/3 cup minced onions

1 cup Ro-Tel tomatoes

2 tablespoons minced garlic

1 pound crawfish

1 quart heavy cream

4 oz. freshly grated Parmesan cheese

1 cup green onions, divided

Creole Seasoning to taste

Melt butter in medium saucepan. Add onions, tomatoes, and garlic. Cook until onions are tender. Add crawfish and cook until heated through. Add heavy cream and bring to a boil. Add Parmesan cheese and half of the green onions. Season to taste. Bring back to a boil and simmer until sauce thickens.

Fried Eggplant

¼ cup vegetable oil

2 cups flour, divided

1 cup water

Creole seasoning to taste

2 eggplants, cut in ½ inch thick slices

2 cups Italian bread crumbs

Creole seasoning to taste

Heat oil in a frying pan. Mix 1 cup flour with water and season. Mix well until lumps are dissolved. Season eggplant. Toss eggplant in remaining flour, then into flour/water mixture, then into bread crumbs. Pan-fry until golden brown. Place on paper towels to drain.

Layer eggplants with Crawfish Monica Sauce and garnish with remaining green onions.

Makes 8 servings.

Katherine Aras

Look Who’s Cooking Now



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