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Woman, baby injured in domestic dispute

Monday, April 16, Officer Veronica Woodle met with a woman at the police department who informed police that she had been involved in an altercation with the father of her child.

The woman explained that this was an on-going problem that is getting worse. Several reports have been made in the past, and the woman said she is in fear for the life of her child and herself, and that she wishes to cooperate with police to stop the problem.

On April 14, the woman went to pick her son up from the suspect. She told police that she was communicating well with the suspect, but when the conversation turned to child support, the suspect became violent. The woman began to pack her child’s belongings so she could leave, but once the suspect observed her trying to leave, he he became more violent, trying to grab the baby out of the victim’s arms.

The victim stated she attempted to run out the door when the suspect grabbed her by the arms, punching her in the chest. When she attempted to pull away from him, he pulled on her causing her to flip over a chair in the living room. During the tussle, the woman was somehow able to hold on to the baby, however when she fell over the chair, she landed on the baby.

The victim was finally able to get out of the house and to her vehicle to get away and contact police. At the time, she stated that she didn’t want to pursue charges, but over the weekend, she had been receiving texts from the suspect making threats in reference to her filing child support.

The woman received bruises in the altercation, and the baby received a lump to the head when the victim fell on him.


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