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Baring it on the OCP stage


Last updated 10/17/2012 at Noon

Some people may feel “The Full Monty” is a little too risqué, but Nolan Thornal, playing the character of Malcolm, said this production is done in very good taste.

Thornal had been away from the Orange Community Players for a few years while attending school at Lamar and living on campus. He earned a music degree and used it directing the music for this production.

What convinced him to audition for the part? “Well for one thing, I’m really good friends with the show’s director (Brook Doss) and I don’t like to say no to her on anything,” he said, and she told me about the part she had in mind and I loved it. The guy is sweet; he’s a very shy, sweet, sensitive guy. What I’ve gathered from listening to the soundtrack, he’s a nerd. So I like the character. A nerdy stripper, that’s funny.” He said in the show it’s going to come out how funny it is. I make my myself awkward. It’s a good part. He says Malcolm is a nerdy momma’s boy. “In one scene you’ll see just how much of a momma’s boy he is. Cody (Vasquez) is my momma.”

Matt Tonkovich plays the character of Harold. “Harold is madly in love with his wife and he will do anything he can to make her happy.” Tonkovich said Harold has been out of work for six months and still hadn’t told his wife. They were still living as if he was working. “He’s still acting like there’s no problems. She wants to go on a trip, they go on a trip. She wants clothes or jewelry; he’s going to give her what she wants.”

What made him decide to try out for the part? “That’s a good question,” said Tonkovich. “I enjoyed the movie.” He said he knew the situation and had seen some videos on YouTube. He thought, “What the heck. It looks like a fun show.”

Thornal said the guys get Harold to be a stripper because they see him at a Latin dance class and say, ‘Oh, he’s got moves, we need him to show us how to move.”

Thornal characterized some of the other parts. “Ethan is the not shy at all stripper. He’s like ‘I want to pull my clothes off at every moment.’ He’s trying to take his clothes off every time he gets a chance,” said Thornal.

“Then you have ‘Horse’ who is the big black man. He’s the stereotypical black man, the black stripper. They say in the show every woman fantasizes about a black man,” said Thornal with a little laugh. “So that’s Horse.”

“Dave is the chubby stripper. He’s over weight. He’s you average man. Throughout the show he has issues with be comfortable with being a bigger guy, being a stripper, but he doesn’t show it. His character will show being insecure behind closed doors, but he’s a very outgoing person around everyone.”

“The lead, Jerry is your all American guy. He’s stripping so he can provide for his child. He wants to be a good father for his child,” said Thornal. Jerry got divorced, then lost his job and is doing whatever it takes to provide for his kid.

Thornal said it’s interesting to see how they all line up.

How was it practicing to take it off? Thornal said, “I was a little weird about it at first, even though I knew going in it was a story about strippers. You just have to deal with it. You just have to get over your modesty.”

Thornal said he has made himself come out every chance in his underwear, just to get used to it. “Because eventually it’s going to be for people I don’t know. If I can do it with people I do know, I’m working my way up to where I’ll be okay with an audience. We’re getting there.” He said with all the other stuff to work on, half nakedness is the last thing on his mind.

The Full Monty will be presented 7:37 p.m. on Oct. 18-20, 25-27 and at 2:37 p.m. on Oct. 21 and 28.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for students. For reservations, or to purchase tickets, call 409-882-9137 or 25-27go online at

This production is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.


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