BCCC 4th annual event may have been best yet


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The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce held its 4th annual Mystery Dinner Theater Friday and Saturday at the Bridge City Community Center.

“A Dangerous Night on a Desert Isle” may be their best effort yet. It certainly was their most elaborate stage setting, complete with a cruise ship, cave, jungle flora, calm seas and blue sky. They also had 5-6 foot palm trees and tiki gods. Christmas lights and canned foam were used to create a bed of hot coals.

Friday, Eric Andrus said one of the hardest things was to get all the people acting in the play on the stage at one time. “In fact, tonight is the first time everyone has been here at the same time.”

It was not noticeable. Everyone seemed to know their lines and were really into their roles.

Friday was family night. The youngsters all behaved and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Many of them dressed for the occasion. On young lad wore a Hawaiian shirt, while one girl wore a grass skirt and another was dressed as a mermaid.

During intermission, some of the kids wanted to explore the cave on the set, but where “afraid of the crazy man with the gun living there.”

That says how well Jeff Thames played his part of Gunther Benn, the old hermit living on the island. He also gave a nod to the movie Castaway, using a ball to reprise the character of Wilson.

The rest of the cast did an equally good job.

Playing the part of Captain Kipper was Kristen Williams.

Pepper Kanye, the beautiful, glamorous, Hollywood starlet was played by Sarah Briggs.

Professor Anne, an earnest scientist hunting for a rare species of radioactive plant, was played by Lisa Rougeau.

Brandy Slaughter played Bitsy Coolbrick, 4th wife of Hollywood director Sandy Coolbrick, played by Zac Wilmore.

Sally Rae, a southern beauty queen was played by Elyse Thibodeaux.

Juan Gonzales played Frankie Fein, a multimillionaire a little rough around the edges.

Captain Kipper’s First Mate Stu Mulligan was played by Andrus.

His character was supposed to be a foreigner, so Andrus used a spray tan and make-up to darken his complexion and beard.

He also employed a foreign accent to play the part very effectively.

Count Croquefort was played by Nick Plessala.

Candace Plessala played his fiancée, Polly Fein.

Erika Young, writer for a magazine was played by Angela Thames.

The Island Chief of Police Colonel Custard was played by Aaron Dunbar.

Lynae Sanford was this year’s director.


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