Runnels, Stringer deny Carlton endorsement


Last updated 5/14/2014 at Noon

According to an interview today by Glen Earl of KOGT with former Orange County Judges Pete Runnels and James Stringer, they deny endorsing or supporting Brint Carlton in his bid for the same office.

Carlton ran an ad in this week's papers naming them as supporters of his campaign.

Runnels and Stringer told Earl they have not even spoken to Carlton and one said they would not even recognize him on the street.

"Voting for the Republican runoff races starts Monday.

Two county seats, one for county judge and another for Precinct 2 commissioner, will be on the party ballot.

Political advertising appearing Wednesday in two newspapers has drawn criticism.

Pinehurst Mayor Pete Runnels, who was county judge in the early 1980s, said he is listed as endorsing Brint Carlton.

“This is an erroneous statement as I have not publicly endorsed any candidate for public office in Orange County,” he said.

“As mayor of the City of Pinehurst I do not feel I should endorse any candidate.” He added that he will work with any candidate who is elected to county office.

He's not the only one concerned about the advertising.

Former County Judge and former county commissioner James Stringer is also quoted as endorsing a Republican Carlton.

Stringer said he is a lifelong Democrat and does not vote or support Republicans.

He added that he will vote a straight Democratic ticket until he dies."


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