BC Council adds more streets for reconstruction


Last updated 5/20/2014 at Noon

Some additional streets were added to the list to be reconstructed at the regular meeting of the Bridge City City Council on Tuesday night. City Manager Jerry Jones announced the streets of Woodsong, La Mesa, Romero, a block of Gilmer and a block-and-a-half of Short will be worked on using city funds while contractors are still working in the city. Jennette, Calvin, East and West Darby and Billeaux were added at the last meeting on May 6. Jones added crews will be working on these streets for another year.

At the May 6 meeting, some residents who live on Jennette, Nancy, David and Calvin said their streets were left with rock and gravel after street work instead of being re-paved. Residents said vehicles were being scraped by the rocks, flooding was an issue after a pouring rain and drainage was an issue. One resident who resides on Jennette said if her home floods, her insurance company would drop her and she wouldn’t be able to sell her home.

“Eighty five percent of our streets have been redone. This is a one-time opportunity for us. We can either redo these streets or turn the money back in,” Jones said. He said it costs the city twice as much to use hot-mix method to pave streets, so the streets will be paved using the chip-seal method. The streets will be increased four inches in height.

In other council business, an ordinance regarding peddlers and solicitors was tabled to allow council members to study the ordinance. City Attorney Paul Fukuda said the ordinance is needed because the city has an interest in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens. A provision prohibiting registered sex offenders, those with a felony arrest from the last five years and/or moral turpitude (theft/deceit) can be considered from having a license. Other items to consider is violations of residents on no call lists and no solicitors notices. Fukuda said he hopes the ordinance will have an impact while being sensitive to Constitutional rights.

Jones said a need for this ordinance arose after door to door vendors were prohibited following the confusion wrought by Hurricane Ike. The ordinance was kept in place to everyone’s liking. He added if there’s a problem with the law, the city needs to address it. The ordinance will not apply to nonprofit groups soliciting on right-of-ways. A workshop is scheduled for the city council on June 3 to discuss the ordinance.

Mayor Kirk Roccaforte asked why solicitation cannot be banned within the city. Fukuda said the Constitution will not allow a blanket ban of soliciting.

Jones reported prior street work within the city is progressing and sewer work is in its last stages.

Danny Cole was selected as mayor pro tem. Richard Savoy was serving in that position.

Roccaforte, Cole and Concilman Robert Simonton along with Jones, Fukuda, and Police Chief Paul Davis were appointed to the 2014-2015 Bridge City Police Association contract negotiations.

Likewise, Roccaforte and Councilman Kevin Mott were re-appointed to the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission Executive Committee.


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