Lapoint benefit set for Aug. 9


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Benefit will be held Saturday, August 9 at 9:00 am until, at Kings Tavern located at 807 Simmons Dr. in Orange for Gary Lapoint's funeral expenses and family. There will be barbecue plates, a silent auction and music all day. Donations of any kind are welcomed to prepare for the event and also cash donations can be made at Five Point Credit Union to Lapoint medical account.

Gary was given the devastating news of having Colon cancer just this last March.

He went into surgery on the 6th where they found the massive size and destruction the cancer had caused.

At that time the family was told he had stage 3 Endocarcinoma and the surgeon couldn't remove it all because the cancer was wrapped in the main arteries that supply all your organs blood (Mesentery).

Just one month later the doctors sprung into action, his port was put in for chemotherapy, a pet scan was preformed as routine, and test after test were ran.

Then he was given the devastating news.

He didn't have Endocarcinoma stage 3 just in the colon, which is a glandular cancer, he has Neuroendocrine stage 4.

Neuroendocrine is a very aggressive rapid growing cancer.

Being a cancer of the nervous (neuro) and hormone system.

Gary had the cancer in his lung, lymph nodes, neck, rectum, 2 spots on his Liver, and his Peritoneum sack and Mesentery as shown on last pet scan.

Gary fought hard going through Chemotherapy, two very strong types of chemo every 3 weeks for 3 days.

The chemo caused Gary to develop a blood clot in his lung. Treatment caused many side affects that made his quality of life to decline drastically. He lost over 40 lbs weighing a grand total of 89 lbs by mid June. His son, daughter-n-law and granddaughter lived with Gary and Amanda, his daughter-n-law was his primary caregiver. After many trips to Chemo, doctors, emergency rooms and scans it came time for Hospice to become involved. Gary lost his fight on July 11th surrounded by family. Jeff, Gary's son, is left with funeral expenses, medical bills and now maintaining the house they lived in for many years. Please keep the LaPoint family in your thoughts and prayers.


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