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BC woman pens suspense thriller novel


Last updated 7/20/2015 at Noon

Kay Williams of Bridge City would like for her fellow Americans to be more aware of their surroundings and to be more vigilant.

"I want them to be the watchman on the wall," she said.

In fact, Williams has written a work of fiction titled 'Who Else Is Listening?" about terrorism in the United States. She uses her 30 years of working in the telecommunications industry and in Homeland Security to tell the story in the suspenseful mystery. She developed her characters from studying others.

"I worked for a communications company in the 1980s. It's fiction, but there are things happening like this daily in America," she said.

For instance, Williams believes there's no way the recent shooter of the military recruiting station in Chattanooga acted alone.

"Americans need to wake up and think. The citizens are the largest police force," she said. "I want to make people think."

This is the first book Williams has every written. It's a Kindle e-book that can be pre-ordered on August 31 for $6.95 on The hardcover version will be available on September 1. She will also have a book signing on Monday, September 7 at Tequila's Mexican Restaurant in Bridge City.

Fourteen years ago, Williams said she was feeling uneasy and feeling the country was soon to be attacked. Two weeks later 9/11 occurred.

She said that event started her "detective mind" on events.

Williams spoke of hot spots in the Middle East and how one Islamist she spoke with in New York simultaneously wanted to be a part of the community yet he was also running a terrorist camp.

"When I'm on college campuses, I listen to a lot of youth saying our freedoms are not as important," she said.

Williams has instructed military code breaker too and she has been placed on a Al Qaeda hit list.

Inspire magazine is an Islamist publication that calls for readers to "Kill an infidel a day."

Williams said the U.S. trained the terrorists through the military and they have learned the military's tactics.

"They know our tactics,"she said. "They become irate and their immediate response is to attack the country."

She said one Islamist confronted her at a school and asked her what could she do about terrorism?

"He said we will kill you, own you and burn you. People need to report suspicious activity," she said.

Williams' editor, Jennifer Clarke, said she wants to tell Williams' story to the widest audience possible.

"I've worked as an educator in Bridge City and I've met people with real talent. I say if you have a story to tell, tell it. You can find somebody to help you with it," Clarke said. "Kay has courage because it's hard to put a book out there. It takes a lot of discipline, but it's possible."

It took Williams two years to write her novel. She said it was a burning desire the Lord gave her.

Clarke said "Who Else Is Listening?" is a good, action-packed story.

"I'm a Christian first and a patriot second," Williams said.

She also organizes patriotic events at her church, Victory Temple in Beaumont, and she's a big supporter of active duty and veterans.

Williams' sister, Thelma Sterling, said her sister is a very gifted writer.

"I'm a reader of the best of the best and she keeps you spellbound," Sterling said. "I've been asking for years for her to write something."

Williams is already writing her next book titled, "Manna From Heaven."

It's a story of a mother's search over the years for her missing son.

"It's about the bond of a mother and how children are forever in the heart," Williams said.

Clarke added it's also about familial love, the strength of a woman and maintaining society when it's not as welcoming as it should be.

"This next book is a good showcase of her range. There's strength and courage to the women in her books," Clarke said.

Williams said everyone needs to pray the country will be alert and aware.

"We need to be vigilant with what we're blessed with. There are others who want to take it over or to change it (the nation)," she said.


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