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Orange County Health and Restaurant inspections Dec. 1-23


Last updated 12/28/2015 at Noon

Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Dec. 1-23:

Star Stop #4/Exxon Deli, 1415 16th St., Orange - Store name and address are needed on all bags of ice sold at store; found several expired foods (2014-2015) from shelves; mold found on Slushi machine; ice scoop found laying on top of ice machine and walk-in cooler needs to be cleaned and organized; mop heads found inside 3-compartment dish sink, needs to be at mop sink; store is currently storing all drinks on the floor inside walk-in cooler. Score - 89

Smoothie King #1290, 3111 Edgar Brown Dr., Orange - No violations - Score 100

Little Caesar's Pizza, 2421 16th St., Orange - Employee found with painted/artificial nails; storage shelves and oven needs to be cleaned of old foods; cleaned dishes found with old foods still on them; walls, floors and outside of all equipment needs to be cleaned of old foods; damaged and broken dishes on shelves need to be removed/replaced; lots of cleaning is required at this location (follow-up inspection required); need to post latest food service permit, certified food manager certificate and current inspection report. Score 92

Circle K KIddie Ranch, 16944 Hwy. 62, Orange - No violations - Score 100

Subway #7114, 1090 Texas Ave., Bridge City - Chemicals being stored next to cutting equipment; cutting boards on main serving line need to be repaired (deep cuts into boards); several employees were found with improper jewelry on nose/eyes/mouth; employee jacket found on some packaged foods on shelves; floors behind/around equipment need to be cleaned of old dirt and foods; mold found inside ice machine and ice container at drive-thru window; light shield needed above drive-thru window. Score - 88

Wendy's #50, 3113 Edgar Brown Dr., Orange - No hot water found at all three hand washing sinks and two restroom sinks. Plumber was called out immediately and arrived during inspection; employees were found using the hand washing sinks without required hot water; air vents throughout are rusted and need to be repaired, oneness back door has paint chipping off; several support lines in ceiling tiles near three compartment sinks are rusted and need to be repaired. Score - 95

Turning Point Church, 3600 N. Main St., Vidor - No violations - Score - 100

Burger King #1110, 605 N. Main St., Vidor - Vents above fryers need to be cleaned of old grease; need to clean all food warmers of old foods; floors throughout need to be cleaned more often; floors in walk-in freer are rusted, need to repair; floors inside walk-in cooler has several soft spots, entire floor needs toe repaired; found several damaged ceiling tiles inside dining room. Score - 98

McDonald's #7018, 755 Texas Ave., Bridge City - Liquid/shell eggs found being left on counter at room temperature; milk/coffee found expired; equipment/warmers/cold coffee machines and inside of all coolers need to be cleaned of old foods; dishes found sitting inside hand washing sink; found employee drinks and two pizza boxes inside coolers; floors/tops of equipment/storage shelves need to be cleaned of old foods; light shields needed; wall needs to be repaired in back storage room - appears to be coming apart and tape is holding it in place. Score - 85

Just For Kids Daycare, 480 E. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City - No violations, Score - 100


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