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On Saturday, Aug. 27, Raymond " Bud" Gall left this mortal plane to rejoin his parents, Sylvanus Gall and Olyampe Broussard, and eight brothers and sisters for the most joyous homecoming celebration. A big pot of gumbo, potato salad and some sweet tea was most certainly on the table. " Pie, depeche toi. Your food's gettin' cold."

Always the life of the party, "Uncle Bud" never met a stranger. He loved the times spent in the company of family and friends. You would have considered yourself lucky , if you ever got a word in edgewise. Laughter and coffee made for the best of times. If you happened to be seated near him at a football game, heaven help you! You would continually be slapped on the shoulder and hear "Did you see that play?" You might as well give up and become his friend. It was so much easier. Bud was a wonderful athlete in high school at both Kountze and Orangefield. He was so talented that at half time of his 6 man football game, he would play the tuba in the band.

Hunting and fishing were passions, but the big buck eluded him here on Earth.

If there is hunting in Heaven, he will be the first in line to buy a license.

He was the most creative man you would have ever met.

Anything he saw, he could recreate.

" I can make that" was his credo.

And he could! He helped fabricate the center of the roof of the Astrodome, the 8th wonder of the world and worked on the "Putting Man on the Moon" NASA project with the building of the spacecraft assembly buildings.

One particular project that didn't go as planned.

His Uncle George brought a pet skunk to the house and told Bud the vet had removed all offensive features of the animal and it was just like having a kitten.

So, Bud decided he could do that.

First he had to catch a skunk, then using ether he obtained from the feed store, anesthesia proceeded.

The operation was a success.......but the patient died.

His only failure!

He met his wife of 65 years, Betty Manning, when he was 7 years old. It had been a rainy day and Sylvanus and Olyampe Gall were driving on highway 105 south of Vidor, when their old Model A sedan hit a hole in the road and out flew Olyampe right in front of the Manning home. Betty and her Mother, Erma, were standing in the front yard and were immediately introduced to the Cajun language. Thus began a lifelong friendship. Betty and Bud traveled down many more roads and encountered "roadwork ahead" signs along the way. But their deep and abiding love for each other and faith in God brought them through each detour.

He loved his children, Shelia and Ray and daughter-in-law, Marlys and the grandchildren were the light of his life.

Bud is survived by his wife of 65 years, Betty Manning Gall, daughter, Shelia Gall Powers of Spokane, Wa .; son Raymond "Ray "Gall, Jr. and his wife Marlys of Vidor; grandsons Andrew Gall and Aaron Gall of Vidor, Adam Gall of Offutt AFB Nebraska; granddaughters Summer Trahan Young of Spokane and Dawn Trahan Fournier of Port Neches; great- grandchildren include Jack "Raymond " Young of Spokane, Alexander Gall and Abraham Gall of Papillion, Ne.

Visitation will be Wednesday. Aug. 31, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. with graveside service at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 1, under the direction of Memorial Funeral Home, with Pastor Paul Fregia officiating.

Honorary pallbearers are his beloved nephews Ricky Gall of Vidor, Rick Pangarakis of League City, Charles "Junior" Neff of Vidor, Mark Simmons of Orangefield and Pastor Scott Darby of Dangerfield; beloved friends David Wayne Pollock, Charles Pullen and Arthur Moore, all of Vidor.

In lieu of flowers attend church with your family this and every Sunday.


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