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This week the Lunch Bunch is again inviting all World War II veterans to a luncheon in their honor, hosted by Josette and Van Choate at their Tuffy’s Restaurant, 12 noon, Wed., Nov. 8.

On this day also the only area survivor of Pearl Harbor will celebrate his 96th birthday.

Some of the other WWII veterans that plan to attend are Tom Brooks, who was at the Battle of the Budge, John Pittman, Roy McDonald, Harry Fulton, Maurice Fournet, Althanase Benoit, Robert Rothrock, Eugene Goudeau, Millard “Neighbor” Cox, Lennie Benoit and Burdette Oldbury.

I understand there will be several more but I didn’t get their names before my deadline.

These soldiers not only served during the war, they faced their early years through the Great Depression.

Most of these men have great stories and we hope to publish many of them in the coming weeks.

All of our elected officials are invited to attend this function and meet the few remaining heroes of World War II. Our mission is to record and preserve their history.*****Now I must move on.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The latest American slaughter happened Sunday, Nov. 5.

at the First Baptist Church of Southerland Springs, TX. The dead included 26 worshipers, including an 18 month old baby, 20 other church members were wounded.

As of Tuesday, six remained in critical condition.

The flock was cut down by a 26-year-old Devin Patrick Keith, of nearby New Braunfels. What is as shocking as the slaughter in Las Vegas and Texas is our political leaders are wearing blinders.

They want to deny that gun violence has anything to do with guns.

President Donald Trump said, from Japan, “This isn’t a gun situation.” He went on to blame mental illness for the latest tragedy.

The fact is that the overwhelming majority of people with mental illness are not violent.

After each bloodbath, sensible people propose sensible measures to control guns.

Hopes for change are raised, but then cowardly members of Congress hide under their desk or in the closet when the gun lobby comes calling.

They then just flat fold. Seventy-one percent of Americans support banning assault weapons, 89 percent support background checks for private and gun show sales.

We should always protect our Second Amendment Rights but surly our founding fathers never intended to slaughter as many citizens as can be killed with assault, military type weapons.

Maybe ‘USA Today’ is right in an editorial stating, “In one sense, Trump is right that this is a mental health problem at the highest level.

For the nation’s top leaders to watch innocent people mowed down and refuse to do anything to stop it is indeed absolutely crazy.” Has our society stooped so low that our houses of worship will have to have armed guards to protect the parishioners? Just in the last five weeks a hundred innocent citizens were killed and nearly 500 injured by assault weapons that have no other purpose than to kill.

Unfortunately mass killings will continue and each time the gun lobby will blame it on mental health.

They will insist our leaders swear by it and they will.


Hiram Knox Clark, 89, passed away Monday, Nov. 6.

At the time of this publication’s deadline funeral arrangements are pending but we believe his funeral will be held Saturday, under the direction of Claybar Funeral Home, in Bridge City.

Check our web site Wednesday to see details.

We had known H.K.

and his family for many years.

We knew his brothers and sisters going back to 1950.

A close personal friend is H.K.’s nephew, Judge Pat Clark.

H.K. was one of the pillars of the Bridge City community.

His contribution and unselfish use of his time, helped make a small unincorporated community the city it is today.

Over the years, his devotion to First Baptist Church led to many of its improvements and growth.

H.K. left his mark on a thankful community.

He and Gussie raised a great family.

We extend our sincere condolences to the entire family.

He was one of a kind.

May he rest in peace.


10 Years Ago-2007

It has been reported that seven were killed yesterday in Afghanistan and two more lost their lives in Iraq.

Nearly 30,000 have been wounded, 14,000 of them maimed to the point that they will have to be cared for almost totally. It doesn’t end there, one out of every five homeless living on the streets and under bridges are Veterans of Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We praise our soldiers, we call them heroes but when their time is served, too often many of them are discarded.

Our great country is not without great faults.

No Veteran should ever have to walk alone in a state of helplessness. Vietnam taught us how, without help, so many of our young returnees slipped away into their own dark, lost world.

***** Sixty-one percent of Orange County voters identify with the Democratic Party, 14 percent Independent and 25 percent Republican.

This is in line with the national polls.

(Editor’s note: Hard to believe that was just 10 years ago.

A majority of citizens still identity as Democrats.)***** Evangelicals are being investigated by a senate panel.

IRS rules prevent pastors and other insiders from excessive personal gains through their tax-exempt work.

Many ministries, with a strong television presence, preach a ‘Prosperity Gospel’ emphasizing material rewards for the faithful.

Many of the preachers have multiple homes and corporate jets and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

A few of the groups being investigated are Benny Hinn Ministries, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, David and Joyce Myers, Randy and Paula While, Bishop Eddie Long, Creflo and Taffi Dollar and Oral Robert’s University.What Tele-Evangelist fear most is that Democrats will take away their tax exempt if they don’t practice the separation of church and state; the participating in political action and endorsements while living on tax free money.

***** Lucky winner Clint Morris won two round trip tickets and two sideline passes to the Dallas Cowboy-Washington game,compliments of David Self Ford.What is commendable is that Clint chose his dad, Gerald, to accompany him.

He recalled every thing his dad has ever done for him and wanted to spend this special trip with the person he most admires.***** It was a bad day for the Manning brothers.“We have a great offense,” said Orange native, Dallas Cowboy coach Wade Phillips, in a 31-20 win over Eli Manning and the N.Y. Giants.

Dallas quarterback Tony Romo and receiver Terrell Owens, lead the way, but the defense did it’s part in the showdown.

The Cowboys held the Giants to only a field goal in the second half and sacked Manning five times.

Dallas is now 8-1.

*****Later Sunday, big brother Peyton Manning took it on the chin.

San Diego intercepted Manning 6 times to hand the Colts a 23-21 loss.


10 Years Ago-2007

William Alvin Bohan, 81, of Orange, died Sunday, Nov. 11.

Graveside services, with full military honors, will be 2 p.m.

Wednesday at Centuries Memorial Park.

He was a retired U. S. Air Force Veteran and served during WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

He is survived by his wife, Evelyn Cranford Bohan, daughter Ruthe Vandergriff, son Cliff Adkins, nine grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren.***** Lois Moran, 80, of Orange, died, Thursday, Nov. 8.

Lois desired no regular funeral service.

She is survived by her husband of 61 years, Montie Moran, son Rex Moran, daughter Rae Moran, grandchildren and one great grandchild.***** Margaret Hebert Lytle, 70, of Orange, died Monday, Nov. 5.

A Mass of Christian Burial was Thursday, Nov. 8.

Margaret was a homemaker.

She is survived by her husband, Robert Lytle, son Andy Ball, stepchildren Judy Dolce, Randy Lytle, Wesley Lytle and Shannon Lavassar, six grandchildren, and brother Harvey Hebert.

40 Years Ago-1977

Gov. Dolph Briscoe, after a visit to Orange, is expected to reappoint A.N. ‘Bob’ Montagne, Lloyd Hayes and Tom Maes to the Lamar University Board of Regents. *****Al McKay and Ann Segura received the ‘Good Samaritan Awards’ presented by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

They were recognized at a special ceremony attended by some 600 church members and civic dignitaries (Editor’s note: Believe it or not, I remember that.

Al, who started Bridge City Cablevision, died 30-years-ago at age 42).

*****The city of Pinehurst has their own zoo.

In their employment are Howard Hogg, Melvin Crow and Frances Goat. *****Asst.

D.A. Pat Clark was presented a plucked chicken at the Optimist meeting.

We understand he’s supposed to carry the naked fowl around with him for the next week (Editor’s note: Judge, do you remember what that was about? I remember it, but don’t recall why you had to carry it).

*****Cal Broussard, Orangeite, who formerly managed a cable company in Fort Smith, Arkansas, has returned home to manage Liberty Cablevision, covering all of the Golden Triangle area.

His parents are residents of West Orange.

*****A note from Cimron Campbell and family, Brenda, Lori and Kamala, tells us they have traveled 1,800 miles in the last three weeks doing the Lord’s work.

They presently make their home at 4672 Plumosa, Yorba Linda, California.

(Editor’s note: They returned to Orange many years ago and Cimron even served as JP Pct.

2.)*****Terri Medley is chosen Bridge City homecoming queen, Alice Martinez, football sweetheart and Cynthia Solieau, band sweetheart.

*****Elaine Townes celebrated her birthday Sunday, Nov. 6.

*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville high names senior Julie Custer homecoming queen and football sweetheart. *****Robin Renee Caillouet has won the Century III Learner’s Scholarship competition at Bridge City High School according to Joe Chenella, principal. She is now eligible to compete for a $10,000 national scholarship.

***** The Orange men’s tennis team wins championship.

Team members are Ray Trahan, Rex Ansley, Duane Henley, Felix Smith, Richard Taylor, Bill Wells, Kykham Bounhoseng and Stan Davis.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

Nov. 8: Happy birthday to Dee Moran, Debra Burch, Dixie Brint, Aaron Hommel and Bryana Hernandez.

Celebrities joining them are chef Gordon Ramsay, 50 and singer Alaina Lauren, 22.*****Nov. 9: Celebrating today is Keith Royal, Jennifer Federick, Eric Meadows, Linda Faulk, Susan Veillon, L.C. Boudreaux and Charlotte Wooten.

Joining them are singer Nick Lachey, 43, wrestler Chris Jericho, 46, Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno, 65.*****Nov. 10: Getting older on this day are Steve Carlton, Trey Todora, Joanna Alford, Judy Hunt, Della Buxton and Lora Hanks.

Also celebrating are singer Miranda Lambert, 33, actors Tracy Morgan, 48 and Sinbad, 60.*****Nov. 11; Folks celebrating today, Veteran’s Day, are Greg LeBlanc, Nolan’s little brother, also Michael Fisette, Ryan Pickering, Edee Risher and one of Pattie’s girls, Bree Hanks.

Joining them are actors Leonardo DiCaprio, 42 and Demi Moore, 54.

Celebrating an anniversary are Carlis and Brad Roy.

Congratulations to those two great people.*****Nov. 12: Our Coast Guard buddy, Sean Cade Gros, celebrates today as does Liz Briggs, Jeanne Blacksher, Crystal Jones, Charmaine Faircloth, Sharon Sims and Cyndi Longlois.

I’m not sure if it’s Pat Stanton’s birthday or her and Donnie’s anniversary or both.

Anyway to all have a nice day.

They are joined by actor Ryan Gosling, 36, singer Neil Young, 71 and skater Tonya Harding, 46.*****Nov. 13: Happy birthday to Karla Holden, Mary Cassidy, Michele Fontenot, Sidney Leblanc, Darla Murphy, Cody Edgerton and Tim Johnson.

Celebrities joining in the celebrating today are TV show host Jimmy Kimmel, 49, actors Whoopi Goldberg, 61 and Gerard Butler, 47.*****Nov. 14: Happy birthday to Ruby Wimberly, who in 1966 I attended the first Astro game with, along with her husband Jerry.

Also celebrating are Pat Gifford, Casey Smith, Susie Riedel and Lauren Fruge.

Joining them are Charles, Prince of Wales, 68, actors Josh Duhamel, 44 and Patrick Warburton, 52.


We heard our longtime friend Donna Peterson had a beautiful baby girl last Wednesday, Nov. 1.

A healthy girl to go along with her brother Victor.

In keeping with family tradition, Donna named the little princess Donna III after her and grandmother.

Here’s wishing the child a great life.*****We were sorry to hear of the death of Randy Feverjean, 60, who passed away Oct. 30.

We were not aware of his passing and did not receive a notice.

Funeral service was held Nov. 3, at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City.

Condolences to his family.

He was a great guy.*****American Legion, Post 49, 108 Green Ave., in Orange, will have live music from 5 p.m.

to 9 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 11 in celebration of Veteran’s Day.

Free to all and free food will be served.*****Thirty-four percent of American car owners name their car.

Betsy is the most popular name.*****United States airlines predict 28.5 million Americans will fly over a 12 day period around the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving will be the busiest day, with 2.9 million flying.

Airlines are adding 86,000 seats a day over the holiday stretch.***Last week investigators in San Antonio said a couple punished their three children by using a shock collar and beating them with a thorny switch.

Kids can’t choose their parents but these youngsters need to be taken away.

That is sad because they are usually separated.

They were robbed of a normal life by sick, mean parents.***I spoke with Nancy Gillis last week.

She is a technician at Brown Hearing Aid. Nancy was left homeless by the Harvey flood.

She is camping out with friends.

Many people still find themselves in that situation. I feel for them.

We went through nine months away from home from Ike.

Not good.


Dorothy Brown, Eddie Toohey and his mother were also swamped by Harvey. Brown Hearing is undergoing some repairs but are open and doing business.

You can’t go wrong with a Brown Hearing Aid.*****We ran into Kim Bryant and his brother Billy at Dupuis last Saturday.

For many years, Kim has been living in a small town near Waxahachie.

He gets home often.

His mother Mary has been in poor health for some years but Kim says she’s not complaining.

She and Casey raised some great kids.*****I also ran into Mel Campbell, along with Joey.

Dupuis is often like old home week.

Folks come in from out of town to get their vehicles serviced and stand around and visit.****Congratulations to Bridge City’s ballplaying duo of Schuyler Thibodaux and Kassidy Wilbur, seniors who are signing letters of intent today to continue their careers in college on Southland Conference teams.

Thibodaux, first-team all-state catcher last spring, is heading to play baseball at McNeese State University in Lake Charles.

Wilbur, All-District Softball MVP three years in a row, is headed to Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches next fall.

A pitcher and top slugger on the diamond, Wilbur was also Bridge City Basketball MVP last winter.

Both players will begin their final high school seasons after Christmas.****You will be pleasantly surprised when you visit Robert’s Meat Market and Restaurant.

They have been totally remolded.

The market looks great and amazing changes have been made to the restaurant.

Robert’s should be back advertising before Thanksgiving.

Watch for it.*****Trump is rejected in the Virginia election.

Democrat Northam is elected governor over Trump supported Republican Gillispie. New Jersey picked a Democrat to replace Gov. Chris Christi.

Democrats are looking forward to a Trump rejection in the 2018 mid-term elections.****The Lunch Bunch will be dining at JB’s Barbecue next week.


A note from Cuzzin Sostan

We received an e-mail from Sostan. The computer has finally reached Sout’ Louisana.

He writes us bout a terrible accident.

Cuzz, do you remember ‘Tee-Man’ Thibodeaux, wat run around wit ‘Sugar Bee’s” brother Joe? Well, ‘Tee-Man’ him, was in a real bad accident between Maurice and Abbeville, dere at dead man’s curve. He’s gonna live but da worse ting dat happen to him was dat his ‘manhood’ was mangled and torn from his body.

Doctor Robicheaux assured him dat modern medicine could give him back his ‘manhood’ but dat his insurance wouldn’t pay for da surgery since it is considered cosmetic.

Da doctor told him about Doctor Harry P. Lebouef, from Baton Rouge, that specialized in dat work. He had preformed many procedures for transvestites, him.

Doctor Robicheaux said, “Here’s da deal ‘Tee-Man.’ Da cost is$3,500 for a small, $5,500 for a medium and da deluxe model is $9,995.Tee-Man’ was sure him, he wanted da most expensive one. For once he could best his friend Joe, da bank walker.’

Da doctor urged him to talk it over wit his wife him, before he made a decision. Den he would contact da specialist and make da arrangement.

‘Tee-Man’ called his wife, Mary Ann, and explained dere options.

Da next day, when Doc Robicheaux come by his room, he found ‘Tee-Man’ looking quite dejected and really depressed him.

Da Doc axe, “Well, wat have da two of you decided?”

‘Tee-Man’ him, answer in a very weak voice, “Mary Ann, her, said she would rather remodel da kitchen.”



The 2017 baseball World Series is not one that will soon be forgotten.

Someday, 30-40-50 years from now, some old kook baseball fan and writer will rehash one of the best series ever.

I’m sure it won’t be Dunn, but some young writer today will relive that seven game series,won by the best Astro team ever, against an equally talented Los Angles Dodger team.

I believe if they had played 21 games the series would have ended 11 to 10 and either team could have won.

The young Astros super stars pulled the Astros through the play offs and then clinched the World Championship with their heroics in game two, five and seven of the World Series.

Games two and five were as good as any overtime games this writer as ever seen.

Young playersJose Altuve, 27, Carlos Correa, 23, George Springer, 28 and Alex Bregman, 23, were the spark plugs that molded the Astros into champions.

The late addition of pitcher Justin Verlander clinched it.

Four consecutive games, with a homer by MBP Springer, set a series record.

Are the Astros on the verge of a dynasty? That is always so hard to test because even a little change here or there changes the chemistry of the team.

At this point it looks like the only prominent free agent the Astros will lose is DH Carlos Beltran, who is 40 years old, otherwise the defending Astros have a very good chance of having the World Series trophy staying in Houston.

I believe pitcher Charlie Morton will also be added to the list of stars in the upcoming season and beyond.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up.

Please patronize our family of advertisers and read us cover to cover.

Take care and God bless.


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