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Some top Republicans say Roy Moore is unfit to serve in the United States senate even if he survives Alabama’s election.

Some Repubs are even suggesting that if he wins they will move to kick him out.

Several Women have said that Moore sexually groped them when they were teenagers, one as young as 14.

Some reports say at that time, in his young 30’s, Moore would troll shopping malls in search of young girls.

I don’t know about all that but what I do know is that Roy Moore has been a bigot for a long time, the worse kind of hypocrite, a Bible thumping one.

There is no doubt that all of his adult life Moore has been a racist.

A White Supremacists, he has the support of Steve Bannon.Steve said the only two senators he would support is Moore and Ted Cruz. He said, “The rest has to go including John Cornyn, of Texas.” Cornyn hasn’t been the best senator we have ever had but he has accomplished much more than Ted Cruz, who started running for president shortly after being elected to the senate.

He has never introduced a bill that has become law.

He’s the most despised member of the senate.

Ted strictly is in it for himself.

He’s gutless.

He allowed Donald Trump to tie his father to the killing of JFK. He called Cruz’s wife ugly, while showing the worse picture of Mrs. Cruz he could find next to his model wife’s picture.

Today Ted is kissing Trump’s rear every time Trump turns around.

I’m not crazy about either Texas senators but Ted Cruz can’t hold a candle to a good senator.

He was the first to endorse Roy Moore for the senate.

That’s his idea of a good senator, forget the sexual teenage accusation.

Roy Moore has always been rotten to the core.

Meanwhile, in Texas, four Republicans are leaving the congress, trading seniority for newcomers who could be more conservative.

If they are more conservative than Sam Johnson, Lamar Smith, Jeb Hensarling and Ted Poe, that means they will be Steve Bannon conservative.

It’s a long way before filing deadline so there will be plenty action in between.***** Orange County still needs candidates to compete in the Nov. 2018 election.*****I need to move on.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Let’s get with it.


10 Years Ago-2007

President Bush vetoed a $600 billion spending bill last week that would have funded education and health programs.

At the same time, he signed a $471 billion defense department spending bill for regular Pentagon operation.

This amount does not include the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

This has led to the largest deficit in history.

Under their watch, the national debt went over $9 trillion, nearly doubling the $5 trillion that took from George Washington to Clinton to accumulate.

Now the economic costs of the two wars are estimated to total $1.6 trillion in six years.

The borrowed money translates to $20,900 per family owed.

Now the Bush Administration has requested $804 more billion for Iraq.

The report estimates that both wars will cost $3 to $5 trillion, putting our national debt well over $11 trillion.

Bush recently vetoed a $35 billion children’s health insurance program and a $23 billion water project that congress overrode that could benefit our area.

It’s okay to rebuild Iraq with no bid contracts to Halliburton but when Democrats want to help the homefolks, it’s called ‘pork.’*****After 37-years, Constable John Ford has announced he will hang it up when this term is over.

John has been a good public servant.

I remember the day he was sworn in after the accidental death of his brother, Constable Louis Ford.

Time waits on no one.

Where have the years gone?*****One of our advertisers, David Self Ford, separated Judge Claude Wimberly from some of that money gathering moths.

They sold him a big Expedition.

Claude says the entertainment center alone has 55 pages of instructions.

He swears it’s his last auto purchase.

This one will have to carry him the rest of the way.

(Editor’s note: It did.

Claude died recently.)*****Congrats to twins Michael and Matthew Broussard who achieved their Eagle Scout ranking.

The Bridge City seniors are the sons of Ronnie and Phyllis.

The twins will split up come graduation.

Michael, who is in the high school band, will attend McNeese and Matthew, a football player, will further his education at Lamar.

Two great guys who make the community proud.

(Editor’s note: I hope the past 10 years have treated them well.)*****On Dec. 9, the Houston Texans will play Tampa Bay.

During the week, ‘Luv Ya Blue’ Oilers will be honored.

The Texans are bringing back Orange native, coach Bum Phillips, quarterback Dan Pastorini, who Bum says is the best player he ever coached, Elvin Bethea, Gregg Bingham, Kenny Burrough, Mike Renfro, Curley Culp, Mike Barber, Robert Brazile, Veron Perry, Ed Biles, Greg Sampson, Conway Haymon, Ronnie Coleman, Steve Kiner, Carl Mauch and Earl Campbell, if his health permits.

In all, 125 players are expected to attend.***** Happy birthday to our buddy Allen Dunn, who celebrates Nov. 20.

He’ll do to ride the range with.

Carey Green also celebrates Nov. 20 as does Bo Derek, (10), who will be 51.

*****Troy Aikman will be 41 on Nov. 21.*****Attorney H.D. Pate will celebrate Nov. 22, the date JFK was killed in Dallas.***** Condolences to the family of Jacob Lee Smith, age 16, who lost his life in an auto accident Nov. 10.

Services were held Thursday, Nov. 15.

He was a great kid, from a wonderful family.

*****Condolences to the family of Leon Bingham, 84, WWII veteran.

‘Mr. Little League,’ passed away Nov. 16.

To Ms.

Lola, family and siblings, brother Marvin and sister Rusty Nicks, we send our heartfelt sympathy.*****Soldiers, strained by six years at war in a Civil War zone, are deserting their post at the highest rate since Vietnam.

This year, 4,698 soldiers have deserted from the United States volunteer military service.

Many soldiers have served repeated, long tours in Iraq.

*****President Bush is hosting former Vice-president Al Gore at the White House on Nov. 26.

Gore is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Sean Hannity won't be happy about that.*****Monday Oprah featured Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks who were promoting their new movie, ‘Charlie Wilson’s War.’ A premier will be held in Washington, Dec. 12.

*****Last week, 16 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq.

Three more were killed Sat., along with three kids, by a bomber attack while the troops delivered gifts in a school yard in Baghad.*****Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was sentenced Monday in Phoenix after pleading guilty in Sept. to cocaine possession and driving under the influence.

He faces up to four years and three-months.

What a waste of a good life.


40 Years Ago-1977

A week after being admitted into a Houston hospital Dorothy Flowers unexpectedly died from a brain tumor.

She had been admitted for a checkup after complaining of severe headaches.

She and husband, Edgar, owned Cardinal Nursery that they pioneered into one of the largest nursery enterprises in the area.

Mrs. Flowers, along with Edgar and the Flowers’ children, had worked from sun up to after dark, to help the business grow.

Dorothy was said to be a fine lady, very proper, extremely hard working and big hearted.

(Editor’s note: Some of her children still live in the area.)*****County Attorney Sharon Bearden bagged a five-pointer last week with a .243 caliber shot.

Other hunters from Orange County bringing home the venison were State Rep.

Wayne Peveto, Jim Graves, John Cash Smith and Jerry Pennington.

KOGT boss, Bill Fort, along with Kresge manager Paul Wise and Cal Peterson, bagged their deer in Llano. Cal got more than a deer when his gun went off and he shot a big hole in the cabin floor.

*****Pretty Sha Kemp reached 17 years on Nov. 18.

Allen Dunn and Carey Green both turned 20 on Nov. 20.

*****Kountze News publishers Buddy and Jeannie Moore lost their home to fire.

It is rumored that enemies of ‘The News’ set the fire.

(Editor’s note: As of Thursday, Buddy was in the hospital but did leave to attend daughter Cherry’s wedding Friday.

I don’t know the particulars.

Longtime family friend Mark Dunn shot the wedding photos.)*****A new building complex north of Hwy.105 and Hwy.

62 is being built by Kinder Steel and Construction Co. Dwight Fuller is a co-owner, along with George Kinder of Bridge City.

Kinder Steel has constructed several buildings in the area.

*****Nina Harden, editor of ‘Las Sabinas,’ will feature several notable stories in this quarter’s issue.

Her feature on former county judge Sid Caillavet paints a picture of this good man’s life.

Other features are on Dr.

E.W. Brown, the decedents of Joseph Piveto,(now spelled Peveto), school teacher Miss Allie Bland, John Stephenson, the Ortmeyer Funeral Home and a list of Orange County sheriffs from 1852 to 1977.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

Nov. 15: Paige Bigler, Stuart Berties, Julian Oceguera, Glenda Dixon, Nikki Courtney, Carol Izer, Cynthia Graham, Judie Wilson and Chris Ford all celebrate today.

Celebrities joining them are actors Shailene Woodley, 25 and Ed Asner, 87.*****Nov. 16: Banker Thad Angelle, RaeAnna Todora, Rebecca Collins, Allene Manuel, Chris Byers and Dwayne Duncan are a year older on this day.

Joining them are actors Lisa Boney, 49 and Brooke Elliott, 42.*****Nov. 17: Pretty Christine Hutson, at Scott Shaffer Ins., celebrates a birthday today as does BCISD teacher, Laurie Kosh, and longtime friend, Reba Ennins, Barbara Briggs, Katy Taylor, Patsy Brister and getting a year older is Phyllis’ longtime husband Kenneth Hass.

They are joined by actors Danny DeVito, 72, Daisy Fuentes, 50 and director Martin Scorsese, 74.*****Nov. 18: Melanie Claybar, Theresa Evans, Lyndsie Neie, Tim Bayliss, Justin McCullough and Mel Kemp Campbell’s little sister Sha and Stephanie Williams all celebrate today.

Also celebrating are actors Owen Wilson, 48, Damon Wayans, Jr., 34 and Megyn Kelly, 46.*****Nov. 19: College professor and a lovely lady from Maine who has kept “Big Al” half straight for many years, our buddy, Michelle Judice celebrates today.

Other great folks having birthdays are Helen Stankus, Charles Cagle, Trina Stringer, Veronica Smith, Liz Harris, Cecil Allen, Linda Klein and Kristina Denman.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Meg Ryan, 55, Jodie Foster, 54 and TV show host Larry King, 83.*****Nov. 20: Three great guys, Ms.

Phyl’s youngest son, Allen Dunn, BC grad Carey Green and the late Dot Eschbach’s pride and joy, Edgar, add another year.

Other special folks celebrating today are Lon Hubbard, Jan Briggs, Hayden Clark, Jim Pruter and the lovely Sunni Oceguera Moseley.

Joining them are country singers Josh Turner, 39 and Dierks Bentley, 41, and politician and former US VP Joe Biden, 74.*****Nov. 21: A good guy, a good Jewish friend, Joel Steirman, celebrates today.

Joining him is Jennifer Mott, Jason LeLeux, Mary Tate, Marie McKinley and Bart Williams.

Also celebrating on this day are actress Goldie Hawn, 71, and former football players Michael Strahan, 45 and Troy Aikman, 50.


Our longtime buddy, Moe Litton, age 90, WWII veteran, will be parade marshal of the ninth, annual, Christmas Light Parade, in Bridge City.

Moe, a longtime teacher since 1965, was the first high school national athletic trainer in most of Texas.

He was on the job when Bridge City and Steve Worster won the state championship.

Moe was loved by his students.

In fact, if every young lady that had their ears pierced by Moe attends the parade, it will be one big crowd.

The boy from Gladewater, what a great guy.*****Happy 71st Anniversary to the Stanley Simmon’s, who celebrated last Thursday, Nov. 9.

Stanley, 96, is a WWII veteran.Congrats, it’s not a record but it’s a darn good average.*****We discovered a few new veterans this week.

Ray Fontenot, 96, Moe Litton, 90, and Ralph Barrientos, 91.

I have known all three of these great folks a long time.

They will be added to our World War II honor roll which we will soon start publishing.*****A special thanks to Josette and Van Choate, who hosted the veterans at their Tuffy’s Restaurant last week.

Also a special thanks to Dave Rodgers and Pam Honeycutt for it’s success.*****Two home boys helped beat both Texas NFL teams Sunday.

Orange native Wade Phillips, defensive coordinator of the LA Rams held the Texans to one TD, winning 33-7.

Matt Bryant, Bridge City native and Atlanta Falcon helped beat the Cowboys 27-7.*****Carlos Beltran, 40, a nine time All Star and potential Hall of Famer said goodbye to baseball Monday.

Thanks to his second trip to the Astros he won his first World Series ring.*****Country music’s Tim McGraw and beautiful wife, Faith Hill, will release their first album together titled “The Rest of Our Life.” It will be released on their 21st wedding anniversary.*****Speaking of country music, the 51st CMA awards last Wednesday had all the big monuments.

Eric Church opened the show with a acappella version of “Amazing Grace.” Mega star Carrie Underwood delivered a touching performance of the Gospel song, “Softly and Tenderly” in memory of lives lost.

At the end of her performance Underwood became emotional as photos of the 58 country music fans killed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, in Las Vegas.

Three Hall of Fame performers died this year, Jo Walker Meador, Glen Campbell and Don Williams and Troy Gentry.

Garth Brooks won “Entertainer of the Year” and later came clean about lip-syncing his performance of “Ask Me How I Know.” He said he was sick and his voice was just not there.*****Hersheyoffers its first new bar since 1995. The first new candy bar to carry the Hershey’s name is more than two decades is set to hit shelves next month.

The Hershey, PA. based candy maker says Hershey’s Gold will go on sale Dec. 1. It’s described as a caramelized cream bar embedded with salty peanut and pretzel bits.*****Former commissioner Owen Burton came out of hiding last week and attended the Lunch Bunch tribute to WWII veterans.

Owen now has two new eyes but can’t break the habit of reaching for his glasses.

The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at JB’s this week and at Robert’s next week.

Everyone always welcome.*****Watch for next week’s Record Newspaper, loaded with sale papers, including Wal-Mart, Big Lots, etc.

and many Black Friday specials.


When Clyde Comeaux left Tee-Boy’s Bar at closing time, Oris Fontenot, da city policeman, was parked across da street looking for anyone who might have had too much to drink. He spotted Comeaux stagger to his car and before getting in let out a big belch, then relieved himself rat dere.

When he pull out of da parking lot, officer Fontenot followed him down da street a little before he stopped him.

Fontenot came up to Comeaux’s side window and shined his big flashlight inside. He said to Comeaux, “I saw you leave dat barroom and pee all over you car and youself. You drunk you?”

Comeaux say, “Mr. Policeman, you don’t know wat you talking about you. Hell no, I’m not drunk. Do I have an ugly fat women sitting next to me, hanh?”


BITS AND PIECES: The Federal government began its new budget year with a October deficit of $63.2 billion, up sharply from last year.

Higher by 37.9 % from Obama’s final year.*****THE BIG LIE: Trump promises, “big, beautiful Christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut.” The average citizen, under both senate and house tax plan, gets the short end.

Republicans need a tax cut to keep in good standing with their donors.*****Bill Gates revealed Monday that he personally is donating $50 billion to the discovery fund to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s and new treatments for dementia.*****Donald Trump’sclaim that two million new jobs have been added since he became president is not true. Only 1.5 million jobs were added, a monthly average lower than Obama’s final year.

Today economy is a continuation of the Obama administration.Trump claims a 17 year low in unemployment.

That is true.

What he doesn’t say is it was at a 16 year low when Obama left office nearly a year ago.

Tuesday Trump’s approval reached an all time low for any president in the first year.

His highest poll is 35%.

Meantime, lawmakers are concerned about UNSTABLE TRUMP WITH NUKES.***** I’ve got to shut down.

Please read us cover to cover.

It's really good stuff.

Take care and God bless you all.


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