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Out of nowhere Orange County citizens woke up to a beautiful snow-covered morning.

The only thing that could have been better would have been the falling snow waiting until Christmas morning.

Thirty-two year old Brenda said, “That was my first time to see snow falling.” Twenty-two year old Collin was as excited as any child.

Sixty-two year old Joyce said, “This is only the second time I’ve seen snow falling and staying on the ground.” Different amounts of snow fell and piled up.

In Bridge City there was as much as nearly two inches, while Glenn, in Orange, received nearly five inches.

Evcn adults were excited at the surprise snow fall. Some may recall a little snow the year Ike came but the most snow fall most folks recall was in 1973 when a little more than last week’s snow fall was recorded.

Last Friday, for the first time, many youngsters were witness to the pre-Christmas snow fall that seemed to jump start the Holiday Season.*****As for me and Creaux, we have been flying along the last couple of weeks without Roy as our co-pilot.

Creaux had been under the weather also and wasn’t much help.

Anyway, at least for another week, we will hobble along with hopes of being at full trundle next week.****I’d best be going.

It would do me proud if you come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



Tuesday evening the eyes of the nation were glued to the special United States senate election in Alabama.

The race pitted Republican Roy Moore, who faced explosive allegations that he pursued romantic contact with teenage girls while he was an assistant district attorney in his 30’s.

Democrat Doug Jones, a former prosecutor, who convicted Civil Rights violators, faced an uphill battle in the reddest of states since George Wallace molded it that way.

A Democratic win by Jones could start to change the tide in the South.

Moore, despite the many allegations, was openly supported by Donald Trumpand radical right leader Steve Bannon.

Even the eyes of Russia seems to be on this race.

Putin would view it as Trump gaining strength or it could be the beginning of Trump’s tent folding.

Meanwhile, in Texas and other states, Democrats are expected to pick up house seats and gain control of the U.S. senate.

A Jones win in Alabama was a big rebuff to Donald Trump and a giant step for Democrats in the South.


10 Years Ago-2007

Here’s a beautiful story with a great ending.

Many years ago Ann and Miles Hall marriedand had three children, Miles Jr., Becky and Linda.

After divorcing, Ann married W.T. Oliver and Miles married Pat, a wonderful lady whopassed away a few years ago, as did W.T.

Through all those years Ann and Miles shared their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They lived happy lives with their spouses but never lost the love for each other.

In the next few days, they will remarry to live their lives out together and their children couldn’t be happier.*****The area lost a good man and the area’s greatest historian with the death of W.T. Block, 87, who passed away Saturday, Dec. 16.

He had published several books on Southeast Texas along with many historical articles and journals.

No one ever compiled a better history of our area.

A chronicle that will live throughout the centuries ahead.

This writer personally conferred with him on several occasions.

He was truly the authority on Southeast Texas.

***** Jane Fonda turns 70 on Dec. 21.

Diane Sawyer will be 62 on Dec. 22.

Still two good-looking gals.

Maybe it’s true that 60 is the new 40.

*****Let me tell you about a great Christmas party.

It’s Saturday night at the VFW in Starks, Louisiana, on Hwy.

12, 9 p.m.

to 1 a.m.

Now here’s the good part. Jivin Gene and the great band “Eazy” will be entertaining.

Gene stopped by the Creaux’s Nest and promised a great time..***** Same sex couples plan to celebrate New Hampshire’s new civil unions law by holding a group ceremony on Jan. 1. It is estimated that 3,500 to 4,000 same sex couples will tie the knot in 2008.

Same gender couples will have the same rights that married couples have.

Grandma flipped over again.

***** The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a great time at Tuffy’s.

Host Van Choate saw to it that the food was good and plentiful.

Server Tammy Yawn did her usual great job of quick service.

Missing among the group were Judge Joe Parkhurst, who was in the hospital, and Judge Derry Dunn, recouping from double knee surgery.

Judges Janice Menard and Rodney Price filled in and were handling J.P. chores countywide.

New Pct.

2 Constable Dee Aven joined the lively group, as did WWII Vet Cedric Stout.

Wilson Roberts couldn’t resist the gumbo despite pulling a wisdom tooth two hours earlier.

A special guest was former county commissioner Don Cole who was accompanied by his lovely daughter Mary Alice.

Don had been under the weather since suffering a stroke but hasn’t lost his appetite.

Sprad worried throughout the meal that Corky would run off and leave him.*****We were sorry to hear about Wallace Stanley’s illness.

He has been diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer.

We pray for his well being.Wallace is one of the great guys.

He works for the Road and Bridge department at the Pct.

3 barn.

Commissioner Dubose was visibly affected by the news.

“It’s a sad time,” he said.***** Our friend Vivian Dorman is facing a tough situation but she’s a tough gal.

Our prayers are with her.*****Also, longtime Bridge City resident Bill Collins, a great guy, is fighting big odds.

We also pray for the best for Bill.*****Bobby Cormier and the Well Service held the annual Christmas feed Friday for employees and friends..*****We ran into our good friend Nancy Vincent.

She’s looking great.

She’s been walking daily, before daylight, and also counting calories.

She and Gary celebrated their 11 th anniversary on Dec. 13.

(Editor’s note: They will celebrate 21 years in 2017.)*****Our longtime, special buddy, Ann Segura, will celebrate her birthday Dec. 26.*****Former writer Wilda Martin celebrates her day on Christmas Day.*****Corky and Betty Harmon celebrated their 50 th anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas last weekend.

The trip was furnished by daughter Debbie.***** Our condolences to Micaela, Mrs. Carl Thibodeaux and her family on the death of her mom, Ouida Mae Lasserre, age 84, who passed away Dec. 10.


10 Years Ago-2007

Ouida Mae Lasserre, 84, of West Orange passed away Monday December 10.

Service will be held Friday, December 14.

She was a homemaker and enjoyed socializing with friends and family.

She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Micaela and Judge Carl K. Thibodeaux and son and daughter-in-law, Jude and Susan Lasserre, six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

*****Fern Stanfield, age 57, of Orange, died December 11.Funeral service was held on Thursday, December 13.

Those left to cherish her memory are brother, Thomas Stanfield, sister, Elaine Hammerly, sister-in-law Betty Stanfield, and aunts, Faye Stanfield, Joyce Stanfield and Lucelle Orum.*****William “Bill” Johnson, 69, of Orange died Monday, December 10.

Funeral services were Saturday, December 15.

Bill is survived by his sons, John Kevin and Brian Kyle, daughter, Alisha Dawn and nine grandchildren.

***** Evelyn Ruth Babin, 76, of West Orange died Saturday, December 15.

Funeral service was held Tuesday, December 18.

She is survived by her son Dan Babin, daughters Maggie Jackson and Edy Broussard, seven grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, two brothers and one sister.

40 Years Ago-1977

For the third year in a row, lights on the 110 foot high oilfield derrick were lit by the Orangefield Lions Club, calling it the world’s largest Christmas derrick.

Located on Cow Bayou, just off of Hwy.

105, it has 140 large bulbs.*****The MacArthur Drive-In movie is showing Ron Howard in “Eat My Dust” and “Grand Theft Auto.”*****Make plans to attend the big New Year’s Eve dance at the VFW, featuring Doug Childress and the Stampedes.*****Some of the special people around to celebrate the Christmas Season are James Kirby Conn, Cecil Beeson, Judge Sid Caillavet, Sheriff Chester Holts, Bubba Hubbard, Louis Dugas, Asa Mansfield, Betty Em Giarratano, Gordon Baxter, Dewey Cox, Rev. W.W. Kennedy, Ron Decker, Fred Gregory, W.T. Oliver, Judge James Neff, J.B. Bearden, Nolton Brown, Joe Dupuy, Mead Graves, TL and Bussy Gunn, Harold Beeson, Butch Lusingnon, Tim Lieby, Sheriff Ed Parker, Jimmy Segura, Commissioner Morris Collier, Jackie Harmon, Commissioner Raymond Gould, Max Boatman, Mayor Major Inman, Ed Bacon, Joe Blanda, Joe Runnels, Bob Montagne, Judge Malcolm Dorman, Elmer Newman, who celebrates a birthday on Christmas Day and Poet Ernest Willard Frank.

(Editor’s note: Sadly all of the above mentioned great people, who were so much a part of our community and lives are now deceased.)*****Orange County folks are still waiting for Gov. Dolph Briscoe to name a judge for the 260 th Dist.

Court. Speculations continued that Att.

George Baron is still thought to be the forerunner but some people on the know say Don Burgess, the only announced candidate, will be appointed in January.*****The West Orange-Stark head coach is Steve McCorty.

Director of the band is Don Miller.****Emory Bellard is A&M head coach.****Ed Peveto is head coach at Orangefield.*****Andy Griffin is coach at Bridge City.

He has a mess of Barney Fifes.*****A great Christmas gift is a 1977 Malibu from Harmon Chevrolet.

It will set you back $4,588.*****James D. Stringer announces he will be a candidate for county judge.

He is running for the positionnow held by Judge Pete Runnels, who is seeking re-election.

Stringer is a former justice of the peace.

(Editor’s note: Stringer lost to Runnels but came back and won four years later.

The two gentlemen faced each other three times but still remain good friends even today.

This day and time, folks think opponents are supposed to hate each other.

In years past, the candidates understood that no one owned an office, it belongs to the people.

You roll the dice and the people choose the winner. If you lose, you move on.)


Next week the Wednesday Lunch Bunch will gather for its annual end of year Christmas gathering at Robert’s.

Plans are to take annual group photos.

Everyone welcome.

This Wednesday the Lunch Bunch dines at JB’s Barbeque.*****I wrote a long rebuttal to the ESPN magazine article about Earl Thomas and his hometown of Orange.

I found the article smelled of racism.

Joe Kazmar wrote about the article in his column last week so I held off.

Well Kaz came back with a follow up this week about writer Joel Andersons fake news.Kaz pretty well reports all that should be said about that hatchet job that doesn’t serve us or Earl in the manner we all deserve.

My article, best for all concerned, is in the garbage can.

Read what Joe has to say.*****Come November there will be some folks regretting they didn’t sign up to be in the General Election for county judge.

As far back as a dozen years ago I started hearing from, some local attorneys that Steve Parkhurst would someday be district judge.

Most lawyers expressed that he possessed the temperament and knowledge to be an excellent judge.

Steve is running unopposed to replace Judge Buddie Hahn, who couldn’t run for another term.

Hahn is a great judge but by the end of 2018, he will say goodbye to a long tenure on the bench.

He will be replaced by another very capable judge in Parkhurst.

Over the many years that I’ve observed county government one thing we have been blessed with is outstanding judges throughout our legal system.

Another judge who will be saying goodbye at the end of the year is our longtime friend Justice of the Peace Derry Dunn who takes his position seriously.

We will sure miss him when he hangs up his robe.*****What was a big surprise locally was a last minute move by Texas militia member David W. Smith to run for county treasurer.

He had not previously picked up an application or filed his treasurer report. After making a few contacts I’ve concluded the guy doesn’t have a clue what the county treasurer’s job consist of.

It’s a big job managing a big county payroll and treasury.Christy Khoury is constantly praised for the great job she is doing.

David Smith is the same guy who last year ran against Sheriff Keith Merritt. He was no more qualified to be sheriff than he is to handle the county’s money.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

Dec. 13: Happy birthday to Melinda Swares, Dennis Lee, Jenny Duncan and Kristy Kidwell.

Celebrities having birthdays on this day Pop singer Taylor Swift, 27, guitarist Ted Nugent, 68 and actors Jamie Foxx, 49 and Christopher Plummer, 87.*****Dec. 14: Keri Michutka Curd celebrates today as does Danny Blacksher, Danny Prosperie, Kandy Sartin and Hanna Carpenter.

Joining them are actress Miranda Hart, 44 and Pop singer Venessa Hudgens, 28.

This was also the birthday of our late friend Doug Harrington.*****Dec. 15: Tammy Breaux, Katie Hunt, Mark Hughes, Dale Armand, Ken Pittman and Brent Burris all celebrate today.

They are joined by actors Camilla Luddington, 33, Don Johnson, 67, Tim Conway, 83 and Adam Brody, 37.

This would also have been the birthday of our late friends Shirley Roccaforte, who passed away the day before in 2015,and Robert Hankin.*****Dec. 16: Today James Brabham sees another birthday roll around.

Also happy birthday to Liz Brown, Shayla Stankus, Elizabeth Uzzle, Bobby Adaway and Natalie Nimitz.

Joining them are actors Benjamin Bratt, 53, Theo James, 33 and guitarist Billy Gibbons, 67.*****Dec. 17: On this day 51 years ago Bridge City won the state championship.

Happy birthday to Brown Claybar, Jeremie Delano and Chris Chambless.

Celebrities celebrating today Religious leader, Pope Francis, 80, chef Duff Goldman, 42 and actress Laurie Holden, 47.

This would have been the birthday of our late friend Betty Lou Womack.

*****Dec. 18: Amanda ‘Mandy’ Hoffman, with BCISD, celebrates today as does Julia Alleman, Jill Vaughn, Tracy Lynn Broussard and Webster Trahan.

Joining them are actors Brad Pitt, 53 and Katie Holmes, 38, Pop singer Christina Aguilera, 36 and director Stephen Spielberg, 70.

*****Dec. 19: Everyone’s friend Gina Cessac celebrates today.

Joining her is Mitch Hidalgo, Kristen Broussard, Bill Cardner, Shelby Vogt and Andrew Havens.

Celebrities celebrating today are actress Alyssa Milano, 44, Jake Gyllenhaal, 36 and Jennifer Beals, 59.


Clovis Thibodeaux stuck a splinter deep, deep under his fingernail so he went to see Doctor Goslow Comeaux. Da doctor him said, “Clovis, I’m gonna have to stick a needle in you finger to deaden it so I can dig dat outta dere, I know dat must hurt bad.”

Thibodeaux say, “Doc, just pull it out.”

Da doctor answer, “Mais Clovis, dats gonna hurt bad, bad.”

Clovis tell him, “Dats o.k. doc, me I done already had da two worse pains dere is in da world, just get it out.”

Doc Comeaux say, “O.k. but you don’t understand how bad it’s gonna hurt.”

Thibodeaux holds still him, sweating buckshot. Doc Comeaux finally dig dat big splinter out den he say, “Clovis, I just wouldn’t believe it dat you could stand dat much pain. I just gotta know me, wat was da two worst pains in da world?”

Thibodeaux say, “Well doc, I was duck huntin awhile back in da swamp when here come some of dem ducks. I stoop down in dat water to hide wen one of dem nutria traps got me right in da groin.” “Boy, doc, dat was da second worse pain in da world.”

Da doc say, “Keyaw, dat must of hurt bad, but wat could be worse dan dat, hanh?”

Clovis say, “Doc, da worse pain was when I got to da end of dat chain.”


Tax bill might haunt GOP

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll, out Monday, finds 32% of Americans support the GOP plan, while 48% oppose it.

That is the lowest level of public support for any major legislation enacted in the past three decades, including the Affordable Care Act in 2009.

Americans remain unconvinced that the measure will cut their own taxes or boost the economy.

The tax measure that is being rushed is wildly unpopular.

It is considered less popular than Obamacare, which heavily contributed to a Republican take-over in 2010.

Many Republican lawmakers have doubt that the tax package working its way through congress but they are captive to a militant faction within the GOP, a coalition of the very rich and the very angry.

To vote ‘No’ risks a potential Republican primary challenge from Trump’s base and could shut off cash flow from GOP donors.

In recent decades, congress has never passed a major bill this unpopular.

A conference committee is trying to reconcile the House and Senate versions on the bill.

Leaders are optimistic a full version will be on the President’s desk by Christmas.

The bill is favorable to the highest earners and to big corporation but Republicans move forward to achieve the party’s first major legislative achievement of the Trump Administration.

No doubt the GOP tax bill favors the wealthy.

Most experts say the overhaul won’t help the middle class or the economy.

The cuts for would-be heirs and other wealthy individuals will be financed by borrowing more than $1 trillion.

In the senate version, pushing up health cost and reducing availability will be used to pay for the big tax cuts to the top earners.

There is great danger in the GOP calculus at work here.

Lawmakers, forced to vote, might wish they had come empty handed rather than having a grossly unfair tax cutting plan such as this rush job facing them in the next General Election.*****My time is up.

Watch for our Christmas issue next week.

To advertise in this special edition call 886-7183.

Take care and God bless.


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