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The new year brought a winter blast in Southeast Texas that rivaled many northern states.

A five day freeze is uncommon in these parts.

Low temperatures every day, for five days, are expected and mid to low 20’s, with slight warm up during the day, are predicted.

No cold record was set.

I recall 14 degrees and 17 degrees a couple of time in the last 30 years. The kind of weather we are having was not uncommon when I was a boy.

Many of our winter days brought freezing mornings.

Roof tops were snow white.

Folks said Jack Frost came last night. Another thing that was common at least two or three times each winter was icicles hanging off the eaves of the house.

Some cycles were long enough for us to make play swords.*****New Year’s morning, from 8 a.m.

to noon, nearly a 1,000 homes in Bridge City lost electricity.

If folks slept past 8 a.m.

they didn’t get to make coffee.

Few homes today have gas heat.

The temperature was 28 degrees.

There was a lot of complaining about the cold. When I was a lad we had no piped in heat.

You slept under several blankets.

The outhouse was 40 or 50 yards from the house, plus once you got in it, the northern winds blew through those many cracks, keeping the little one-holer even colder.

Those heavy blankets felt good when you got back under them.

On Monday, some of the younger folks in Bridge City got just a taste of what life was like without electricity.

A small coal-oil heater or wood burning stove knocked the chill out of the little house.

Believe me, winters today are a snap compared to those hard winters of long ago.

Maybe from time to time God wants to remind us how good we have it.

I do give a lot of credit to the good folks at Entergy who braved the cold to restored power to its customers.*****I need to move on.

This column is shorter than usual.

I haven’t had a chance to get out much plus everyone has been out of pocket.

You would do me proud if you come along.

I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Due to the cold weather making it difficult for citizens to get out, the Lunch Bunch gathering, at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s this week, has been postponed until next week, Wednesday, Jan. 10. The Bunch will not dine this week. Hopefully next week will the weather will be better and a nice crowd will come out for the first gathering of the new year.


10 YEARS AGO-2008

The sheriff's race will get hotter than Grandma's old wood stove.

There again, you have three, well-qualified candidates.

The incumbent sheriff, Mike White, is facing opposition from former sheriff Huel Fontenot and Constable Keith Merritt.

*****The Orange Chamber banquet will be held Jan. 15.

We understand it is sold out.

Pete and Patty Cloeren were selected 'Citizens of the Year.' This fine couple was a great choice and we congratulate them.***** The Bridge City High Class of 1968 will hold it's 40th reunion on May 17.

*****Larry Monceaux has the sign of the week hanging in his barber shop.

It reads, "A WORKING MAN VOTING FOR A REPUBLICAN IS LIKE A CHICKEN VOTING FOR COL. SANDERS."*****Happy birthday to our little buddy Collin Slade Gros, ('Billy Jack' or 'Lefty') to some of us.

He's a great kid, funny and quite a dresser.

*****Specialist Travis Nelson will be coming home to Bridge City on Jan. 12 after serving 15 months in Iraq.

He's the late Rick Nelson's boy.

Rick, a longtime Pinehurst peace officer, died last March.

Travis is a 2005 graduate of Bridge City High.

*****In just three weeks, longtime Cajun radio personality 'Tee Bruce' will retire from his Sunday morning radio show.*****Speaking of Cajuns, Tony and Karen Fuselier hosted a bunch of Cajun musicians at their home Sunday.

*****Ken Ritter died last week.

He helped a lot of young entertainers.

The ex mayor of Beaumont was Ms.

Virginia's cousin.

That's Neighbor Cox's only claim to fame, his wife was kin to Tex Ritter.

*****Happy anniversary to Tana and Tommy Thompson on Jan. 8.

Tommy will also celebrate a birthday on Jan. 11.

*****We also congratulate Thursday, Jan. 10, our good buddies Cindi and Chris Gunn who will celebrate 20 years.

***** Susan and Jeff Eby will celebrate their big day on Jan. 11.


Obituaries 10 years ago-2008

Dorothy M. Ives, 85, of Bridge City, died Saturday, Jan. 5.

Funeral services will be Wednesday.

Jan. 9.

She has been a resident of Orange County since 1963, living most of those years in Bridge City and was Extension Agent for Orange County from 1963 until her retirement in 1983.

Dorothy is survived by her twin children, Pamella Dee Shaver and Patrick D. Ives, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.*****Carl H. Sanders Sr., 85, of Bridge City, passed away, Friday, Jan. 4.

Funeral Services will be held Wednesday, Jan. 9.

Carl worked as a maintenance supervisor at Texaco, retiring after 37 years and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy where he served in WWII. He is survived by his wife, Winona, sons, Stephen, Malcom and Wenden, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.*****Evelyn Laughlin, 90, of Orange, died Friday, Jan. 4.

Funeral services were held Wednesday, Jan. 9.

She is survived by her daughters, Barbara Ashworth and Frances Stokey, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, *****Marcella Rainey Dunn, 87, of Mauriceville, died Saturday, Jan. 5.

Funeral service was held Thursday, Jan. 10.

She was preceded in death by her first husband, W. T. Rainey and second husband, Wayne T. Dunn. She is survived by sons, Gerald Michael and Patrick, grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.


40 Years Ago-1978

Joe Christie, a candidate for United States Senate, names H.D. Pate, of Bridge City, Bobby Houseman of Vidor, Frank Zeto, Dewey Cox and Dr.

H.F. Rudeseal, of Orange, as coordinators of his 26-member Orange County Steering Committee.

Other members are Sidney Bilbo, Carolyn Bourque, Ken Snider, Nolton Brown, Roy Dunn, Fred Early, Flo Edgerly, Doug Harrington, James Roberts, Bertie Ferguson, Walter Schexnyder, Ham Laughlin, C.W. 'Bubba' Hubbard, Raymond Stephenson, Arthur Simpson, Bert Mires, Thomas 'Tick' Granger, Bob Hollier, Tommy Green, Larry Hunter and Jimmy Singletary.

(Editor's note: Over the years most of the above mentioned have died.

The committee was made up of the most active Democratics.

Christie carried Orange County by a large margin but wasn't elected.

Republican John Tower won.)*****Newly-appointed District Court Judge Don Burgess is being challenged by County Court Judge Grover Halliburton.*****County Judge Pete Runnels will face James Stringer.*****District Judge David Dunn is honored by Camp Fire Girls after serving four years as president.

Leon Parish is honored with a lifetime membership after 22 years service as a board member.

Mrs. Jo Pruter also honored for 22 years as board secretary.*****When Julia Fudge, police secretary, broke her arm playing volleyball, husband Dennis relieved the pain by giving her a new, blue Thunderbird for Christmas.*****Hank Eckhardt is police chief, C.R. Nash is city manager and P.P. Brown is pound master in B.C.*****Julia Bacom, county auditor, celebrated her birthday Jan. 5.*****Kent Hannegan celebrates on Jan. 13.*****Montgomery Wards on 16th.

Street, will never again be the same; Fain Holbrook went to work there this week.

He joined Inez Hearn, Jim Penny and Joe.*****A paper collection drive is being held to help defer expenses incurred by the sickness and unfortunate death of seven-year-old Daenam Denison.

The paper is being collected by Crip Trahan.*****Mr. And Mrs. Wallace LeBouef celebrated 36 years of marriage on Jan. 5.


A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days.

Happy Birthday to all.

Jan. 3: Two special guys celebrate today.

Our longtime buddy and soul brother, attorney Sharon Bearden, celebrates another birthday.

He’s been practicing law 50 years and I recall the day he graduated from Baylor Law School.

I guess that makes us both old guys.

Also marking a birthday today is former commissioner, Nelda’s other half, Owen Burton.

“He’ll do to ride the range with.” Happy Birthday also to Barbara Dardeau and Ann Burns.

Celebrities celebrating birthdays on this day are actors Mel Gibson, 61 and Candelaria Molfese, 25, also football player Eli Manning, 36.*****

Jan. 4: Two beautiful ladies I know celebrating today.

Beth Rach was a special youngster when I first met her and her mom and dad, Pat & Red Garrett, and pretty Vergie Moreland, former county treasurer, who just doesn’t age, have birthdays today.

Marking birthdays also are Lillian Wray, Devin Forse and Nancy Lapeyrolerie.

Joining them are basketball player Kevin Pillar, 28, chef Graham Elliot, 40 and actress CoCo Jones, 19.******Jan. 5: A special lady, longtime friend, the late Fain’s widow, Vivian Holbrooks celebrates today.

Also Lora Simpson, Malinda Vail and Patsy Dowder.

This was also the birthday of the late Marilou Pachar Gunn.

Celebrities celebrating today are actor Bradley Cooper, 42, and rock singer Marilyn Manson, 48.*****Jan. 6: Our friend for many, many years, one of a kind, Skipper Free, celebrates another birthday.

We wish her a great one.

Also celebrating are Dee Dee Viator, Clint Reves, Sherry Morgan and Louis Dubose.

Joining them are entrepreneur Eric Trump, 33, chef Ree Drummond, 48 and TV show host Julie Chen, 47.*****Jan. 7: Bridge City Fire Dispatcher, Chance Chatagnier, celebrates today, also Mary Hebert, Micha McFarlane, Libby Campbell, Ted Arnold and Sue’s boy, Mike Collins, who we have known since he was a little puppy, now approaching Medicare age.

They are joined by actors Nicolas Cage, 53, Jeremy Renner, 46, David Caruso, 60 and TV host Katie Couric, 60.*****Jan. 8: Bridge City councilperson Terri Gauthier celebrates a birthday today.

Also having a big birthday is one of Darlene and Johnny Montagnes’ lovely daughters, Heather Mankopf, the State Farm lady, and a great guy we have known way before he became a B C and Lamar football star, our friend, Lanston Fall, celebrates today.

Best wishes to all.

Elvis also would have celebrated today.

Having birthdays are actors Sam Riley, 37 and Rachel Nichols, 37.*****Jan. 9: Happy Birthday to Chad Meadows, Ken Steppe, Pat Gunstream, Ralph Bunker and Susan Kelly.

Celebrities celebrating today are former football player Bart Starr, 83 and reality star Julie Cheisky, 44.

Here’s wishing everyone many more.


Alice Cole is one of the most helpful people I know.

Her mission everyday seems to be how many people she can help that day.

We recently called on her for assistance one more time.

I just love that gal.*****Congratulations and happy 33rd anniversary to Juliet and John Cash ‘Jack’ Smith, who celebrates on Jan. 7.

Jack found a winner all those years ago.*****Neighbor Cox was one of the residents in Bridge City who lost electricity Monday.

He said he was lucky enough to have made coffee before it went off.

He put on his long handles and stayed under the covers until it came back on.

He was looking forward to Tuesday coming because that was when Golden Years Senior Citizens Home was due to reopen.

The place has been shut down since Harvey filled it with water.

The senior citizens were placed in a nursing home in Rayne, LA. for the last four months.

Even though the seniors got excellent treatment it was an inconvenient for relatives to visit.

Cox and Ms.

Ginny will be married 70 years in October and the last few months have been the most they have been separated in all those years.

Neighbor Cox visited and spent time with her everyday so he was excited about her coming back home to Golden Years.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Golden Years residents were delayed again, due to the cold weather.

*****George Cruse has been batching lately, wife Kirby has been in the Carolinas babysitting while George Jr.’s wife works.

Junior has been on overseas duty since August and has one more month before he’s due home.

Kirby can get back and George can quit cooking his own meals.*****I’ve noticed many changes in styles throughout my life but men’s hair styles have changed constantly.

Long hair, short hair, etc.

Now the new style is the Kim Jong-un cut, like the haircut of old when the barber put a bowl on your head and cut around it.

They used to call that kind of haircut ‘White-walls.’ Another style I’ve noticed, that I could never do, is wear tan or brown shoes with a blue, gray or black suit.

That style was stolen from Vladimir Putin.

Styles come, styles go, these too will pass.*****In the United States this year 79 women are running for state governors office.

I believe the midterm elections will find more women and young people getting involved.

It’s the year of the woman.

Also many of the young were brought into the process by Barney Sanders in the last election and will stay involved.


Peanut Comeaux, 11 years old, went from Breaux Bridge to Bryan, Texas, to spend da Christmas vacation with his aunt, Tootsie Fontenot.

He was walking down College Street when he saw a little boy being attacked by a large Pit Bull.

Peanut him, ran and jumped on dat dog's back.

After prying da dogs teet from da little boy's body, he put da dog in a choke hold and held on until dat dog was dead him.

Da local newspaper editor, Mr. Thompson, happened to witness this feat.

After he call 911 on his cell phone, he ran over to da young hero and said, "Son, dat was one of da bravest things I have ever seen." "You're going to make tomorrow's headline dat will read, "Texas A&M fan risk his life to save youngster from Pit Bull attack." Peanut say, "Dats nice Mr. but I'm not an Aggie fan." Da editor said, "OK, it will say University of Texas fan." Peanut say, "I'm not a Longhorn fan." "OK, den it will read Rice fan." Peanut answer, I'm not an Owl fan." Editor Thompson, somewhat irritated, axed, "Den, who is your favorite team?Peanut answer, "LSU Tigers." The next morning da Daily Eagle headline read, "BELOVED FAMILY PET MURDERED BY LITTLE COONASS."


The only state-wide race in Texas that will be of any interest will be that of Republican Ted Cruz, rerunning for U.S. senate and Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, a congressman from El Paso.

Joaquin Castro had been expected to face Cruz.

Some believe Castro is being saved to be the vice-presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket in 2020.

In the January issue of ‘Texas Monthly’ an article about Cruz states, “As his first term in the Senate come to a close Ted Cruz is already gearing up for the next big election—for president that is.” It wouldn’t surprise me if Ted takes on Trump in 2020 as a Steve Bannon candidate.

Ted’s ego is not as big and sick as Trumps but his ego really believes God brought him from Canada to be president of the U.S.***** .My time is up, I thank you for yours.

The Record Newspapers can also be found on our website, Please shop our great ‘Family of Advertisers.’ Take care and God bless.


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