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Another week has come around and it’s time to produce new issues of the County Record and Penny Record.

We are not at full speed at this time.

Roy got out of the hospital over the weekend against the doctor’s recommendation.

He’s not well and struggling not to go back.

Hopefully, before long, he will make a recovery.

He has suffered extreme dehydration that will take some doing to restore muscle tone.

He is being helped by nurses and rehab therapist.

We’ll keep you informed.

He and Ms.

Phyl were both sick at the same time.

She weathered it better than the old man.*****What’s unique about this issue is that it is being produced in large part in Guatemala where Mark is visiting his wife Ethel and her family.

He and many others from the U.S. are attending the birthday celebration of Ethel’s mom.

Mark is working on the paper in that country and sending it to the states by satellite.

Times have really changed since the cut and paste days.*****I have to move on.

Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I was very saddened to learn of the death of Sue Halliburton. We had known Sue and Grover since the late 1960s.

I always got a kick out of Sue, she and Grover were total opposites.

Grover loved his friends and there were many of his friends Sue wasn’t fond of but she wasn’t two-faced, she was really outspoken.

You knew it if she didn’t like you.

She and Grover raised a great family and she loved them dearly but she wasn’t shy about disagreeing with their actions.

Visitation is Saturday, 5 p.m.

to 7 p.m.

at Claybar Funeral Home, Orange.

Her funeral is Sunday at First Christian Church of Orange.

I’m glad to have been one of Sue and Grover’s friends.

They were a unique couple.

Please see obituary.*****We were also sorry to learn of the death of BobbyDeanTuter, 80, who passed away Saturday, January 20.

He was a former Marine and retired from Texaco Chemical after 35 years.

Anyone who knew Bobby knew he had a great sense of humor.

He loved to poke fun and always kept everyone laughing.

Visitation for Bobby Tuter will be held at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange from 5:00 until 8:00 pm on Thursday, January 25.

Our condolences to our friend Donnie and all the family.

Please see obituary.


10 YEARS AGO-2008


Notes made by Tammy Davis.

A capacity crowd turned out and dined on great food from area restaurants in the annual ‘Taste of Bridge City.’ With no keynote speaker, the Chamber managed with Roy, the ‘Citizen of the Year,’ to speak for 25 minutes.

He gave a history of Bridge City and the role the Dunn family played in it, facts the crowd wasn’t aware of.The Dunns, Roy and Phyl, moved to Bridge City in 1956.

His father opened his first business here in 1928.

Judge Carl Thibodeaux introduced him and went lighter on Roy than expected.

He concluded that what set Roy apart is his loyalty.

Roy introduced his friend Joe Burke who, in just a few months, will be 90-years-old.

Mike Hatton and wife Nancy came from Beaumont.

Mike’s roots run deepest in the Bridge City area.

His folks were pioneers and Mike is named after his grandfather Roy M. Hatton.

Longtime friends Jane and Ray Goins and Ethel Foux also traveled from the Beaumont area.

Kirk and Shirley Roccaforte, owners of Bridge City Radiator, were named ‘Business of the Year.’ Beverly Perry introduced Marialeice Saucier, who was named ‘Ambassador of the Year’ by Chamber Ambassadors.

Anneita Peidiscalzi, from ReMax, is the new Chamber president.

Judge Buddie Hahn expressed what many others felt, “Roy, I’m here tonight because of you.” Roy was very touched by the many friends who came to share the evening.***** *****Christian Brando, 49-year-old son of Marlon Brando, died from complications of pneumonia.

Christian served 10 years for killing his sister Cheyenne’s lover, Dag Droliet.

In 1995 Cheyenne, age 25, hanged herself.***** Happy 16th anniversary to Pat and H.D. Pate who celebrated on Jan. 26.***** Happy birthday on Jan. 28 to Judge David Dunn.


Obituaries-10 Years Ago-2008

Victoria Jo Enmon, 15, of Little Cypress, passed away Monday, Jan. 21.

Funeral service was held Thursday, Jan. 24.

Victoria loved life.

Cheerleading and gymnastics were two things Victoria found important, and traveled to the Jr.

Olympics National Championship in Sacramento, Calif., during the summer of 2003.

Victoria was an Honor Roll student and an active member of Student Council.

She was a Page for Senator Tommy Williams and in January 2005, Victoria was honored at the Texas State Capital with House Resolution 125.

Victoria helped raise money for the Texas Childrens Hospital Cancer Center.

She is survived by her parents, Victor and Jo Ellen Enmon, brother, James Enmon II, sister, Christin Hommel, grandparents, aunts and uncles.***** Wanda Ferguson, 73, of Orange, died Saturday, Jan. 26.

Wanda was an insurance agent.

She is survived by her sons, Glen Misenheimer, Hugh Warren Misenheimer and wife Robin and Jerry “Pete” Ferguson; sister, Geraldine Shank; and brother, Glen McGuire.***** Beverley Marguerite Lee, 78, of Orange, passed away Saturday, Jan. 19.

Funeral services were held Saturday, Jan. 26.

She was a lifelong resident of the Orange area and had retired as a switchboard operator from the Firestone Polymers Plant.

Prior to working at Firestone, she was a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

She is survived by her son, Obie Lee Jr., granddaughters, Jennifer York, Jacqueline Lee and Jessica Lee andgreat-grandsons, Mason and Preston York.***** Evelyn “Sue” Furlough, 85, of Orange, died, Friday, Jan. 25.

Funeral service was held Monday, Jan. 28.

Sue worked in the shipyard during WWII and retired from Equitable Bag Co., after 29 years.

She is survived by her children, Raymond Sparks, Marjorie Morgan, Vickie Loupe and stepdaughter, Sandra Van Pelt, grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren.

40 YEARS AGO-1978

Mary Ann Clark, daughter of Assistant County Attorney Pat Clark and wife Rosalie, celebrated her seventh birthday, Tuesday, Jan. 24.

Mary Ann’s cousin, Francella Reynee Scofield celebrated her first birthday Jan. 25. ***** Mel ‘Carrot’ Kemp celebrated her 19th last week. *****The championship golf-off between J.W. ‘Kid’ Henry and Pct.

1 Justice of the Peace Claude Wimberley is slated to take place as soon as the weather improves.

Each one has a win apiece; the next game will determine the best golfer.*****Dennis Hall crafts a Harold Beeson family ‘Coat of Arms’ from a one-inch thick Cypress and frames it in a gold-leaf frame.

It brought tears to tough old Harold’s eyes. *****Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Hatton were honored at First Baptist Church on their 65th wedding anniversary.

(Editor’s note: The Hatton’s are natives.

Hatton School, in Bridge City, was named after Mr. Hatton.

They have one grandson also named for Mr. Hatton, Roy Michael ‘Mike’ Hatton.

*****Marjory Skaggs was installed as Worth Advisor of Bridge City Rainbow Girls. *****Mark Dunn covers the Jackson Browne concert at the Houston Summit for his family-owned OVN newspaper. *****The Rainbow Bridge was covered with frozen rain.

The highway department spread gravel on road of the bridge.

*****Twin sisters Rosalie Clark and Mary Ann Scofield will celebrate their birthday Monday, Jan. 30. *****Don Kachtik, Extension Agent, celebrates another birthday Feb. 3. *****Drew Miller, with county maintenance, celebrates his birthday on Jan. 31. *****Judge Sid Caillavet and Ms.

Denise celebrated their 61st.

anniversary on Jan. 21.

He’s a native of Mississippi and she is from the Bland family, Orange County pioneers.

Her grandmother was a Harmon whose family was the first white folks to set up housekeeping in Orange County in 1824.

*****W.T. Oliver’s daughter Sue celebrated a birthday over the weekend.W.T. prepared a nine-course meal at his and wife Ann’s home. It took four hours to complete.

60 YEARS AGO-1958

Sure I can remember what was going on in 1958.

State Rep.

Louis Dugas was seeking his third term. He was elected in 1954.

*****Marlin Thompson is serving as Orange City Manager.

*****Crip Trahan is Chief of West Orange Volunteer Fire Department.

*****Four rookie Orange firemen live at the West End Station, they are Julian Brumley, Robert Gravette, Robert Cole and Louie Roberts. *****Commissioners Court passes a resolution to call the Neches River Bridge the ‘Port Arthur Rainbow Bridge.’(Editor’s note: I wonder why Orange County Commissioners Court went for that.)*****The Jack Tar Hotel celebrates its first anniversary.

*****Donald Gunn named deputy constable to serve under Bonner Calhoun.

(Editor’s note: Two great guys.)*****Patsy Ann Lyons and Harold Fisette became man and wife.

(Editor’s note: Patsy, an angel on earth, is now an angel in heaven.)*****Dow Gene Anderson wins in 147-pound class in Golden Gloves Tournament. (Editor’s note: Even today, I still wouldn’t want the knockout artist to hit me.)*****Candidates for County Judge are Joe Runnels, Jr., Sid Caillavet and Charlie Grooms. *****Wilson ‘King’ Dunn is Post Master at Mauriceville.

(Time flies, I remember it like it was only 20 years ago.)


Thanks to Pete Klien, of Bridge City, who brought us the largest, most unusual grapefruit we had ever seen.

It would fit just right in a size seven cowboy hat.

Due to the size, and not knowing how long it had been picked, I had doubts about its quality.

Surprisingly, it was meaty and very juicy.

One quarter of the fruit would furnish as much meat and juice as three large grapefruit.

I’m not sure if Pete raised this special brand or if this grapefruit was a oddball.

Thanks also for the lemons.*****After a couple of bad weeks in which the Lunch Bunch was unable to meet and with Roy out of pocket, we have been unable to keep up with the gathering.We now understand from Pam Honeycutt, telephone secretary for the group, that they will gather at Robert’s this week and JB’s Barbeque next.

Everyone is always welcome.*****It seems many of my lawyer friends are getting older.

Three of these great guys turn 80 this year.

Sharon Bearden, Jack Smith and Wayne Peveto, with H.D. Pate and Jim Dunaway not too far behind.***** Still hard to believe that my longtime bud, Judge Buddie Hahn, will be hanging up his robe after this year.*****Speaking of old friends, I haven’t been able to locate Judge Pat.

I understand their home is up for sale.

The phone number I have won’t reach him.

Pat let someone know where you are hiding out.*****I understand Sharon Bearden recently had a EKG and it was determined that he still had a heart and believe it or not, it wasn’t black.***** Sadly Neil Diamond has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, the singer revealed on his website Monday.

The legendary musician will be retiring, and has canceled the third leg of this 50th Anniversary tour.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays this week. Jan. 24: Ralph Franklin, Tom Robertson, Eric Shuford and Pam Vincent all celebrated on this day.***** Jan. 25: Amy Kidder, Malissie Bailey, Melanie Thevis, Tayler Thompson, Chelsea Anderson all celebrate. Roy McDanial, WWII veteran, turns 93 years old on this day.

Joe and Dee Payne celebrate 65 years of wedded bliss.

Congrats.*****Jan. 26: Frank Richardson, Noreen Cook, Ginny Pelpier, Kelly Gerlach and my buddy Nancy Vincent all celebrate on this day.

Also H.D. and Pat Pate celebrate their 26th anniversary.

May you have many more years together.*****Jan. 27: Tommy Wolford, Kimberly Barclay, Mick Weidner, Tori Lummus, Elyse Thibodeaux and our buddy Bobby Fillyaw.

A special “Happy Birthday” goes out to our own Leland Clay Gros, Garrett’s son and Karen’s grandson, who turns 9 years old on this day.*****Jan. 28: Happy birthday to Judge Bill Dixon, William Carpenter, Justin Gearhart, Chase Rendall, Colin Briggs and longtime friends Mary Stanton, Judge David Dunn, Rosalie Clark and Sidney Longron, who turns 86.***** Jan. 29: The Amedeo twins, Lynn Greenwell and Leslie Smith celebrate on this day.

Also Wyman Ogedn, Traci Anderson and Devra Cormier.

*****Jan. 30: Brenda Dubose, Shirley Jordan, Amy Campbell, Chuck Rowley, Shirley Boudreaux and former Major League pitcher John Patterson all celebrate today.


Sostan Premeaux had a bad car accident him, dat was caused by a truck. Da trucking company’s fancy lawyer Rom P. LeBlanc was questioning Sostan. LeBlanc axe, “Didn’t you say at da scene of da accident, “I’m fine me?”

Sostan responded, “Mais, now let me told you wat happened. Me, I had just loaded my favorite mule, Bessie, into da”

Lawyer LeBlanc interrupped, “I didn’t axe for any details, jus answer da question, did you not say, at da scene, “I’m fine me?”

Sostan answer, “I had jus got Bessie loaded in dat trailer and was driving down da road....”

Lawyer LeBlanc interrupted again and said, “Judge, I’m trying me, to establish the fact dat at da scene dis man told da highway potrolman dat he was fine him. Now several monts after da accident he is suing my client for injures. I believe it’s a fraud me. Please tell him to answer da question.”

By dis time Judge Alex Broussard was fairly interest in Mr. Premeaux’s answer and said to da lawyer, “I’d like to hear wat he has to say about his favorite mule Bessie.”

Sostan tank da judge and proceeded. “I jus put Bessie in da trailer and was driving her down da highway wen dis big rig tractor-truck done ran dem stop sign and hit my little truck right in it’s side. Me, I was trown in one ditch and poor Bessie was trown in da udder. I was hurting real bad me, and didn’t want to move at all but Judge, I could hear old Bessie moanin and groanin. Well me, I know she is in some kind of bad shape her by dem groans.

Shortly after da accident da highway patrolman came on da scene. He heard poor Bessie moanin and gronin so him, he went over to her, took out his gun and shot my poor Bessie rat between da eyes. Den da policeman came across da road, his gun in his hand still smoking and he look at me and axe,” How you feel you?”

Now Judge, wat da hell you tink I’m gonna say, hanh?”


President Trump declared victory Monday in the great government shutdown debate of 2018, signing into law a bill ending a three-day partial closure of the federal government but without the immigration provisions that Democrats had demanded.

For Democrats, meanwhile, it's still a no-decision.

After the Senate reached a compromise to end the three-day shutdown, Trump issued a statement proclaiming that "I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses." He pledged to work on the immigration issue – but on his terms.

I don’t know how we let the country get in this bad a shape.

We have the world’s greatest deal maker, a genius who knows some long words.

Democrats on Monday made their own case for at least a partial victory.

They noted that the new spending plan lasts less than three weeks, winning them a commitment to work on a permanent resolution to the issue of DREAMers, the undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children.

If there's no agreement by Feb. 8, they warned, there could be a rerun of what Democrats called the "Trump shutdown," which took place as both parties positioned themselves for congressional elections in a little less than ten months.

"The Republican majority now has seventeen days to prevent the DREAMers from being deported,"said Senate Democratic leaderCharles Schumer, speaking on the Senate floor.*****Good reading cover to cover.

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Thanks for your time.

Take care and God bless.


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