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Today is Valentine’s Day and also Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. The beginning of the Lenten season marks 40 days before Easter.

Christians will observe the Holy Season, each faith in its own way.

I know for sure Catholics will participate in annul traditions that have been passed down for generation.

Some of the earlier traditions have been modified by later generations even though many Catholics choose to still practice the old customs, like not eating meat on Friday, etc.

We want to extend Happy Valentine greetings to the many wonderful ladies who are so important to us here at the paper throughout the year.

On a personal note we especially want to extend special Valentine greetings to Mary Alice Hartsfield, Pam Honeycutt, Brenda Lund and Janelle Sehon for their help over the last few weeks.

We also want to give thanks and show our appreciation to some ladies who are special Valentines throughout the year, Marlene Merritt, Margie Stephens, Shirley Zimmerman, Christy Kourey, Joy Simonton, Karen Fisher, Jane Dunn, Beth Rach, Nova Strickland, Josette Choate, Sue Simar, and Peggy Albair.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. *****Now I have to move on.

We are short handed at this time.

Roy was in hopes of coming in this week but so far hasn’t felt up to it.

His rehab is going good and he’s looking forward to getting back to work.

Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Next week on Feb. 19, we celebrated President’s Day. I don’t recall when the day was designated as tribute to all presidents.

Most of my years, on February 12, we celebrated Lincoln’s birthday and George Washington’s Day was Feb. 22, and both days were national holidays.

Washington, our first president didn’t represent a political party yet he was unanimously elected.

Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, was the man who authored the Declaration of Independence.

Our sixth president, John Quincy Adams, was a son of a former president, John Adams, who was our second president and the first to reside in the White House.

Our 10th president, John Tyler, was the first vice-president to ascend to the presidency after the death of President William Henry Harrison.

Tyler had 15 children, the most ever.

Our 15th president, James Buchanan, is the only president that never married.

Our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, was president during the Civil War and the tallest ever, 6 feet, 4 inches.

The 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant, was a Union commander during the Civil War and established Yellow Stone Park in 1872.

The 24th president, James Garfield, was the last president born in a log cabin and the second president assassinated, the first was Lincoln.

The 26th, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt named the president’s residence the White House.

Number 29, Warren G. Harding, was the first newspaper publisher to be elected and had the largest feet ever, wearing size 14 shoes.

The 32nd, Franklin D. Roosevelt, is the only American president to be elected to four terms.

He took over after Herbert Hoover and the country’s great Depression.

Harry S. Truman, number 33, was serving as vice-president and took over after the death of FDR. He ended WWII with the hydrogen and atomic bombs.

He was the first to appear on television.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, number 34 was born in Texas and the only president to serve in WWI and WWII. Sen.

John F. Kennedy was number 35 and the only Roman Catholic and the first born in the 20th century.

He was the youngest president elected at age 43 and was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald at age 46.

Number 36, Lyndon B. Johnson, was the second from Texas to be elected president He was appointed after the murder of JFK. When he signed the Civil Rights Act he said, “I have just signed away the South for the Democrats.

He didn’t seek reelection because of the Vietnam War.

Number 38, Gerald ‘Jerry’ Ford, became vice-president and president without being elected to either.

Number 40, Ronald Reagan, at age 69 was the oldest president elected at the time and the only actor.

George H.W. Bush was number 41 and the first vice-president since Van Buren to lose reelection.

Number 42, William ‘Bill’ Clinton, was the most successful president since FDR, even after being riddled with sexual scandal.

He’s the only Rhodes Scholar ever elected.

George W. Bush is number 43 and is the second to become president as a son of a president.

His presidency is marred with war and scandal.

That brings us to number 44, Sen.

Barack Hussein Obama, the first black (mixed race).

He served eight years, in a country in a giant recession, and left it stronger than he had found it.

Donald J. Trump, a New York businessman with no government experience, was elected as number 45 over former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

At 70 years old, he is the oldest elected.

He is in his second year of his presidency and so far it’s been mostly chaos with little accomplishments.

That brings us to 2018 and we look forward to 2020 and our next presidential election.


10 YEARS AGO-2008

If you are wondering why Wayne LeBlanc and A.J. Lemoine, Jr.

are out so early in the morning it’s not that they are just coming in.

They are out checking their hog traps and doing a little butchering while the weather is cool.

*****Our buddy Joe Grossman turned 89 last week and we missed it.

He’s one of our favorite Jewish people, who got lucky and married a good Cajun girl, Wilma, well over 60 years ago.

(Editor’s note: Joe and Wilma have since passed away.) *****Our best friend girl, Margie Stephens, has lost all her old favorites but Berkman off the Astros team.

We’ve got to get around to visiting with her about her taking on the new, young Astros.

*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a nice group out last week.

All four JP’s attended, Judge Parkhurst, Judge Dunn, Judge Janice and Judge Price. They were all able to get through lunch without an emergency call.

That’s unusual.

They handle all accidental, suicide and home natural deaths.

They are on 24-hour call and of all our elected officers, they have the most pressing and unpleasant job.

*****The Record Newspapers received a big honor last week from the Texas American Legion.

The Record was awarded first place in the state for the newspaper’s coverage of military activities and personnel.

We thank local Post 270 for their nomination.***** By the way, the Houston doctors told Pate his heart would be good for another ten years.

He’s more likely to get run over slow-crossing the street.

(Editor’s note: 10 years have gone by and Pate is now in hospital.

I don’t believe it’s his heart.) *****On Feb. 23, 1861, Texas joined the Confederacy. *****Hecklers are being sent in to disrupt President Bill Clinton’s speaking engagements.

They follow him around.

Saturday, in Ohio, a heckler kept disrupting and then got in the receiving line and taunted the former president.

Then a black guy got on television and said the president had pushed him, which was proved to be a lie, but MSNBC has made a big issue out of it. I’m afraid that’s just the beginning.

*****Quote of the week comes from Dolly Parton, who is under doctor’s orders to rest her back for six to eight weeks.

She says, “Hey, you try wagging these puppies around awhile and see if you don’t have back problems.


Woodrow Benny Henry, 60, of Bridge City, died Sunday, Feb. 17.

Funeral service was held Thursday, Feb. 21.

He was a retired Life Insurance salesman.

He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Betty Henry, sons, Joseph Paul Henry, James Young Henry and daughter, Jessica Ann Marmon, ten grandchildren.***** Gloria Dora Tarver, 77, of Orangefield, died Sunday, Feb. 17.

Funeral service was Wednesday, Feb. 20.

She is survived by her son George Allen Tarver, granddaughter, April Tarver Green, and great-granddaughter Maleeyah Green. *****Robert “Bob” D. Laing, 67, of Orangefield passed away, Tuesday, Feb. 12.

Funeral services was held Friday, Feb. 15.

Bob served in the National Guard and worked as a patch foreman for the Texas Highway Department for 28 years.

He is survived by his wife, Jackie Laing, daughter, Shawna Laing and brother James Laing. ***** Faynelle Mulhollan, 64, of Orange, passed away Wednesday, Feb. 13.

Service was held Feb. 15.

She was a lifelong resident of Orange, and was a secretary with Southeast Texas Industries.

She is survived by daughters, Lisa Heiner and Lynda Willie, honorary daughter, Linda Brackin, son, Bennett Teer, eight grandchildren and great-grandson, Andrew Barrett Tourtelotte.***** Elmer Lee Queen, 80, of Orange, died Tuesday, Feb. 12.

Memorial service was Saturday, Feb. 16.

He served in the US Navy during WWII and the Korean War.

He worked as a maintenance supervisor for Alpha Portland Cement Plant.

He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Daveyne Queen, children, Michael, Gentry, Vicki and Carl. ***** George “Ollie” Johnson, 63, of Mauriceville passed away, Saturday, Feb. 16.

Funeral service was held Tuesday, Feb. 19.

He served on the LCM school Board from 1977-1995.

He retired from Kraft Foods after 14 years and was a member of the Mauriceville Volunteer Fire Department and the Orange County Rural Fire District.

Johnson was President of the Twin County Little League and a volunteer for the Mauriceville Crawfish Festival.

He is survived by his wife, Mary Jane (Bland) Johnson, mother, Audrey Johnson, sons, Kenneth Johnson, Kevin Johnson, daughters, Katrina Baker and Kristina Edwards and five grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1978

“Although the building has not yet been constructed, activity at the Bridge City Orangefield Community Center site is beginning to buzz as playing fields are readied,” said Roy Dunn, public relations spokesman and partner with other businessmen who donated and are developing the location. Jerry McInnis, president of the BC Little League said, “The League obtained 4.5 acres from this group to build three fields, two of which will be lighted.

The backstop and dugouts are being built and new fences ordered.” According to McInnis, the work is being funded through a $12,000 signature loan that 25 people obtained from Fred Gregory at Bridge City Bank.

McInnis also noted that the women’s auxiliary has already raised $3,000 and 25 signs for the playing fields have been sold.

Dunn noted, “In addition to Little League fields, an adult softball field is being constructed at the Community Center site.

The committee envisions other developments on the 20-acre tract in years to come.” (Editor’s note: Has that really been 40 years? I didn’t think McInnis was that old.

I wonder if that bank loan led to him meeting his wife, Sheila, who was at the time, the prettiest young lady to ever work at the bank.

Jerry was a handsome dude back then also.

Jerry, in 40 years, has pushed and dug for every improvement made to the Little League field, one of the finest in the area.

The public library, senior citizens center, public pavilion and a football field are now situated on this track of land.

What began with an idea, some generous men and civic-minded people is now one of Bridge City’s great public assets.

*****Four women students from Orange County have been selected to receive scholarships to the College of Health Science at Lamar. They are Faye Broussard of Orange, Janice Lapeyrolerie of Bridge City, Robin Moak of Orange and Jovita Leger of Vidor. *****Orange County 4-H’ers competing in events at the Houston Fat Stock Show are: Dairy Scrambles, Jeff Huckaby and Skipper DeVille, with Jay Huckaby alternate; Livestock Exhibitions, David LeBlanc, Danny Hudson, Mike Coody, Tim Spector, Cay Spector, Tim Shannon, George Shannon and Kelli Lowler.


The weather for the last week has been everything but pleasant.

We understand that it is getting ready to change and plenty of sunshine is in our future.

By the way, anytime the weather prediction is 70 percent or more chance of rain on Wednesday you may not get home delivery of this paper.

Instead we will double up on the amount of papers left at distribution locations or at our offices. This way you are guaranteed a dry newspaper free of charge.

*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch meets at Robert’s this week and at JB’s Barbeque next week.

Speaking of JB, he is old enough to know where Tulane Community was and has written about it.

We will soon get around to publishing it and will do so as soon as our crew is back up to speed.*****Roy tells us it’s almost impossible not to see someone you know when you visit the Gulf Coast Cardiology Group in Port Arthur.

Last week he saw two ladies he recognized as being local but didn’t know their names.

He did visit with Mayo Leblanc, who was being wheeled around by one of his lovely daughters.

Mayo has always been a ‘Go Getter’ so it’s strange to see him in a wheelchair.

Mayo and other families of his age group moved to the Bridge City area to get away from Port Arthur taxes and restrictions.

In their new Orange County home they could raise crops, have a milk cow and chickens.

Mayo had two extra lots that he farmed.

Today, he says he’s not farming anything but his Cayenne peppers that for years he has been making his famous Leblanc’s Hot Sauce.

His recipe has been handed down through the ages and was once made by two families.

Now only Mayo’s Hot Sauce remains.*****We understand lawyer Pate is not doing too good.

H.D. is in special treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital.

*****The Party Primary elections are fast approaching.

Only one week away before early voting starts on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Candidates no longer have time to let grass grow under their feet.

They best be making tracks now instead of saying when it’s over, ‘I wish I had.”


A few folks we know having birthdays in the coming week.

Feb. 14: Former mayor, T.W. Permenter and Judy Harrison and all celebrate today.

This is also Valentine’s Day and the beginning for the Lenten season.

Celebrating also are Actors Freddie Highmore, 25, Tiffany Thornton, 31, Simon Pegg, 47.***** Feb. 15: Celebrating today are Robert Montagne and Drew Domas.

Celebrities joining them are actors Jane Seymour, 66, Alex Borstein, 44, cartoonist Matt Groening, 63.*****Feb. 16: Turning a year older on this day is our buddy, Port Commissioner Keith Wallace also Mandy LeBauve, Patricia Davis, Vicky Stanley and Ann McDuff.

Also celebrating are Rapper/Actor Ice T, 59, actors LeVar Burton, 61, Christopher Eccleston 53.**** Feb. 17: Kim Harmon, Melissa Tuttle, Alayna George, Tom Edwards and Ashley Floyd all have birthdays on this day.

They are joined by Pop singer Ed Sheehan, 26, basketball player Michael Jordon, 54, comedian Larry the Cable Guy, 54 and football player Jim Brown, 81.***** Feb. 18: Norman Barry??? Turns 78 years old today.

Also celebrating are Justin Broussard, Jeremy Crocker, Leah Gunstream and Charlotte North.

Celebrities celebrating today are actors John Travolta, 63, Matt Dillon, 53, John Lennon’s widow and activist Yoko Ono, 84.***** Feb. 19: Ruby Sanders, Christy Faulk, Darrin Havens, Jason Clark and Martha Pittman celebrate today.

Also celebrating today are actors Jeff Daniels, 62, and Haylie Duff, 32, singers Smokey Robinson, 77 and Seal, 54.

This is also President’s Day. *****Feb. 20: Celebrating today are Ty Broussard, Nathan Dickman, Ron Teaff and Allison Floyd. Joining them are Pop singer Rihanna, 29, model Cindy Crawford, 51, basketball player Charles Barkley, 54 and actor Sidney Poitier, 90.


Judge Rufus Dardeaux him, give Beau Boudreaux a lecture on da evils of drinking. Den he tole him, “In view of da fact dat dis is da first time dat you ever been in front of a Judge for being drunk and incapable, I’ll dismiss da case.

Da Judge den tole Boudreaux da court cost was $20. Den he say, “Now don’t let me ever see you face again.”

Boudreaux say, “Tank you Judge,” and turned to leave, den he stop and say, “Judge, I’m afraid dat I can’t do dat me.”

Da Judge is getting a little upset him and axe, “Boudreaux, why in da hell can’t you do dat hanh?”

“Well Judge, it’s like dis,” Boudreaux say, “You see Judge, me, I’m da bartender at T-Coon’s, your regular bar.”


Trump’s infrastructure proposal a gimmick.

So far Trump’s budget proposal adds up to more than $7 trillion in debt by the end of the decade.

The centerpiece of Trump’s budget proposal is a long awaited $200 Billion infrastructure spending proposal.

Trump doesn’t really have a $1.5 trillion plan.

He would spend $200 billion in federal money over 10 years, with the remainder coming from states and local governments paid by the citizens, with higher state taxes, tolls and user fees.

The burden shifts to cash strapped states to raise almost all of the funds.

This is not a real infrastructure plan, it is simply another scam, an attempt by the administration to privatize critical government function and create windfalls for Wall Street.

Trump will encourage the sell off of our roads, bridges, transit systems and water systems to Wall Street and foreign corporations.

This fake proposal will not address the serious infrastructure needs facing this country.

The Trump plan is a joke on the American people.

Last week Democrats released ‘A better deal to rebuild America.’ A plan that is five times bigger than the Trump plan.

It provides $1 trillion in federal funding to rebuild crumbling roads, bridges, transit systems, ports, harbors, airports and schools and extend high speed internet to every family in America and put more than 16 million people to work.

The above is a real commitment to our national transportation network by providing sustainable long term funding.

Rather than sell off our valuable infrastructure to the lowest bidder.

Trumps proposal is not a plan at all, it’s a gimmick.

Hopefully our congress will tell the New York shyster America is not for sale.

*****My time is up.

Thanks for yours.

Take care and God bless.


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