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There is so much going on nationwide I could write an entire column on the daily chaos that has taken place since last I sat here.

First here at home however, County Judge Brint Carlton has decided to resign at ‘high noon’ on Sunday, April 22.

Honestly that didn’t come as a surprise.

I had wondered why Brint wouldwant to stay in Orange.

It’s a tough time to practice law in this area, and establishing a law practice even more challenging.

Brint had already tried practicing law with his father, Steve.

That’s the reason I told friends I believed he would get out of Dodge if a good opportunity came along.

He apparently landed a good job in Austin that fits with his military training that would give him a more stable career.

I don’t believe local politics is his calling.

Becoming county judge was more by chance.

Running, even if he lost would establish name reorganization.

He ran a good race in a low turnout and was elected.

He had a learning curve and wasn’t given a second chance to prove he had learned well.

We are grateful for this young family that such a great opportunity came Brint’s way to be executive director of the Texas Medical Board in Austin.

It’s just a different kind of political job.

One I’m comfortable with his chances to succeed.

He has all the qualities; he’s smart, personable and has learned a lot as an elected official.

He will be working with a high class membership, some good and some who will need weeding out.

My bet is that he’ll handle it well and hopefully it will be a step to even better things to come.

Like all political appointments, this one won’t be forever.

We wish nothing but good things for him and his family.

Thank you for your service Brint. *****I have to move on.

Come along I promise it won’t do you no harm.


After corporations got a big tax cut, a flurry of announcement touting bonuses and pay raises for hourly employees raised hopes that the cash windfall would keep on flowing down to American workers.

Some one time $1,000 awards were given to certain workers.

They said the awards were an example of how the $1.5 trillion tax cut would result in bigger pay checks.

Financial compensation has slowed to a trickle since most of the tax break is going into the pockets of stock shareholders.

A Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysis has found that fewer than 45 of the 500 big companies have paid out cash bonuses to their workers.

Just 30% of the big companies have invested in employees and paid one time bonuses.

Only 25% increased wages.

The common theme for reducing taxes by so much was to take care of the workers.

The groups that benefited most are wealthy heirs, investors in closely held companies like the Trump organization.

They made off like bandits.

The congressional budget office projects deficits around $1 trillion.

Where does that leave us? It leaves one of the biggest tax hikes in history waiting for the next generation.

The Fed has already deferred payment of $21.1 trillion, the national debt.

Thanks to Trump and Paul Ryan the debt will climb to $31 trillion in the next decade leaving future taxes to the young, who also are the poorest, with the fewest resources.

The coming stream of taxes will fall on those least able to pay it.

Paul Ryan’s most lasting legacy as speaker will be as the person who enabled permanent, trillion dollar deficits.

Trump will be remembered as the president who made the rich richer, including himself.

Tax cuts today for the wealthy are tax increases in the future for all of us now that trillion dollar deficits is the normal.

Companies vowed to raise wages, now the unions want more than just promises, they ask where the tax cut money is? Well, it’s going toward increasing executive pay and buying back stock, not boosting wages and bringing back jobs from overseas.

We are headed to a place we haven’t seen since the great recession that Obama found when he took office.

Trump will leave as big a mess.

The reasons are obvious.


I spoke with a very nice lady, Billie Sterns Downey, who wanted to publicize the Lutcher Stark 65th reunion of the class of 1953. Billie is a 1952 grad. The reunion is Saturday, April 28, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. A noon meal, steam table or menu, will be served at Robert’s Restaurant. Just a few years ago, a 50th anniversary was rare, now we celebrate reunions after 60 years or more. For more information contact Billie, 735-4610 or Bobby Vincent, 543-5478.


Harold E. Welsh passed away April 11. Funeral services were held Monday, April 16, at Claybar Funeral Home, O range, with burial at Autumn Oak Cemetery. We had known Harold for many years. He was active in many civic organizations and we had served with him in the in the Optimist Club. For over 30 years he worked for the county as Director and Inspector in the Sanitation Department. He was presently a deputy constable under Pct. 2 constable David Cagle. Over the years Harold had also served other constables. I always jokingly told him he was a great guy for a Yankee. He was from Pennsylvania but had been here many years. May this good man rest in peace.


10 Years Ago-2008

Over three decades the large ‘Harrington’s Pharmacy’ sign on Texas Avenue has been a landmark.

Last week the sign came down and was replaced by the ‘Family Pharmacy’ sign.

The store is now owned by the Haney family.

Good people, good operators.

Doug Harrington, who has served the community for all those years, will be retiring the last Thursday in May.

He and Regina plan to sell their home on Hwy.

62 and move to their Crockett area farm until they can build in Spring, Texas (Editor’s note: Doug has since passed away.)***** This Monday, April 21, marks San Jacinto Day.

Sam Houston beat Santa Anna, making Texas a republic.

*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathered at Robert’s last week.

Special guests joining were incoming sheriff Keith Merritt, constable-elects Pct.

1 Chris Humble, who joined his JP Judge Joe Parkhurst, Pct.

2 Rob Strause, who will work with Judge Roy Derry Dunn and Mark Phillpot, who has the prettiest judge, Ms.

Janice Menard.***** Last week Mr. and Mrs. Wilson ‘King’ Dunn celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

That may not be a record but it’s a damn good average that few of us will ever reach.

A great salt-of-the-earth couple, who has given much of themselves to the betterment of their community.

***** Penny Pate Rigney, husband Ross and two limos full of Lake Charles folks took the grand tour to Abbeville, Roy’s hometown.

They loved the town and enjoyed all the great food at several restaurants.

They traveled Highway 14 from Lake Charles to Lake Arthur, Gueydan, Kaplan and the historical, unique French town with two squares.

They vow to return.

*****Sometime ago we wondered what had become of Terry Burns.

Well, we got the following email from Nathan Merritt.

“I stumbled onto the Record Live recently and memories of the past started flooding my thoughts.

Roy Dunn, you have always had a gift of telling a story that would keep one’s attention and bring a smile.

I’ve been away from Orange 20 years but still like to keep up with news, people I remember and friends who still live there.

I often forward things to the former Chamber of Commerce manager Terry W. Burns, who is now a prolific writer HYPERLINK "" and literary agent HYPERLINK ""

Nathan lives in Huntington, Texas and says he’s excited he found ‘therecordlive’ on line.



Lula B. Faires Richard, a lifelong resident of Orange She died Tuesday, April 15.

Funeral services were held Thursday, April 17.

Lula worked as an employee for the Orange Leader and for many years in the Foster Grandparent program.

Lula is survived by her children; daughters, Judy Rosegrant and Bonnie Sue Voeltz, sons Tommy D., Michael Richard and her special “other son” Scott Hasty, five grandchildren and seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.*****James H. “Zeke” Zerko, 80, of Pinehurst, passed away at April 15.

Funeral services were held Friday, April 18.

Zeke served in the US Army during WWII in Germany and was employed by Levingston Shipbuilding for 38 years.

He is survived by his brothers, Pete Zerko Jr., Ira Zerko, John D. “J.D.” Zerko, Frank Zerko and Eugene Zerko and nieces and nephews.***** Teresa Catherine Jefferson, 37, of Bridge City, died Thursday, April 17.

Funeral service was held Tuesday, April 22.

She worked as a care giver at The Meadows.

She is survived by her parents, Mike and Linda Flannery, grandfathers, J.W. Flannery and Don Smith, grandmother, Charlotte Flannery, son, Rick Jerald “R.J.” Hampton, daughters, Britney Kay Jefferson, Amanda Michelle Jefferson and grandchildren.


40 YEARS Ago-1978

Bridge City students competing in various UIL and sports events, Jeff Jones, a junior and Shelly Pate, sophomore, both won first place awards in speaking events.

Lori Broussard, Christine Miller and Paula Pearson made the tennis quarterfinals in tournament play.

*****The D.E. Club at BCHS, headed by Coach Rusty Wilson, held annual banquet.

Jamie Jackson was the speaker.

*****Lila Stone, Barbara Wilkerson, Norma Hock, Jerry Neely, Jo Ann Clark and Mrs. Lloyd Gray host coffee for Judge Pete Runnels at the Wayside Inn.*****The nicest body running around town belongs to Judy Wyatt.

She had it on display at the ‘Challenge of the Sexes’ track meet to raise funds for the Bridge City/Orangefield Community Center.

*****News around the courthouse is that Lonnie Jim Wallace’s wife Pat is pregnant and they are expecting their first-born in late October.

(Editor’s note: They later divorced and Jim was a longtime district judge in Houston.)***** Jesse Dominque ‘The Cajun on the Keys’ is now appearing at the Orange Yacht Club.

*****C.J. Sonnier is the owner and book pusher of Border Street News Service.

The only place around to get a racing form.

*****Gerald Watkins is the handsome guy manager at Morrows, located at 206 Border St.

*****Shelly Pate, daughter of Sue and H.D., is the winner of the Gibson Girl contest.

Judges selected the contestant most representative of Charles Dana Gibson’s ideal woman.

Gibson created the model for all well-bred young ladies of the period, cool, poised and intelligent.

Shelly was crowned in the center of Parkdale Mall.


We were glad to hear that our friend, attorney H.D. Pate, was now home.

A few weeks ago we had doubts about his recovery.

He’s doing very well and says he hopes to be up and about in a few weeks.

That’s great news and having him home is a big relief to his wife Pat.*****Tax Assessor Karen Fisher showed up at the Lunch Bunch gathering last week and apologized for missing the week before when newly elected county officials were honored.

She had a good excuse, she had Pink Eye, ‘highly contagious’ she said.

When is the last time you heard of a 40-year-old having Pink Eye? Commissioner Johnny Trahan made his monthly visit.

Johnny has a Wednesday commitment three Wednesdays of the month.

Alice Hartsfield came for the fellowship.

Wednesday is always her day for fasting.

As a good Catholic she still observes the old tradition of not eating meat on Friday also.

Good for her.

She took off from substitute teaching this one day to share time with friends.

Joe Kazmar told about how proud he is his grandson who was a walk on and is now pitching for West Point.

He had Tommy-John surgery last year and is throwing heat already.

Dean Crooks was extremely proud of his son Garrett, an Orangefield high school senior student recognized by Bridge City Chamber of Commerce and featured in last week’s Penny Record. The youngster is amazing, he carries a GPA of 4.54 and has won so many awards for achievements it took a quarter of a page to list them.

Judge Joe Parkhurst, who had missed the previous week, was back after he and Gayle attended a wedding in Orlando, FL. A long drive, he said.

I agree, I would rather drive across Texas.

The Lunch Bunch meets every Wednesday and everyone is always welcome.

This week, the Bunch dines at Robert’s and a special gathering next week at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s Restaurant.

Everyone is urged to come share a good time.

WWII Veterans are invited and will be wined and dined at no cost.

They paid for the meal a long time ago in Uncle Sam’s military.*****I guess by now you’ve heard that Speaker Paul Ryan is going home so he can be more than a weekend dad.

Ryan says he has accomplished much of what he had hoped to do in Washington.

If that involves a legacy of massive deficits, a paralyzed congress and a Party now fully identified with an ill informed, ethically challenged president in a cloud of chaos, then he’s right.*****Among the 87 million people whose personal information was improperly harvested by Cambridge Analytica was the man himself, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.*****Bank of America will stop lending to business clients that manufacture military-style weapons for civilian use.*****For the first time Mariah Carey, 48, who was diagnosed in 2001 as bipolar is letting her fans know.

“Until recently, I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me,” she said.

“I sought and received treatment and got back to what I love, writing songs and making music,” she concluded.*****This week, on April 21, in 2010, insurance man Mickie McNamara was murdered.*** April 22, is Earth Day.***On April 23, 1988, Roy Orbison died.

That was 30 years ago.

Hard to believe a person would have to be at least 40 to have enjoyed his music.

He once appeared at the Lutcher Theater, in Orange.*****New Orleans is 300 years old this year.

The city turned 200 during WWI. It was founded in 1718.*****Our former United States congressman was found guilty of 23 counts of mail and wire fraud.

Stockman went south with $1.5 million.

He was considered a flight risk.

Sentencing is set for Aug. 17.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

April 18: Celebrating are Megan Waguespack, Grant Mott and Emily Gilson.

Joining them are TV show host Conan O’Brien, 54, actors Melissa Joan Hart, 41 and Hayley Mills, 71.*****April 19: Barbara Sarver, Dustin Gibbs, Shirley Bonnin, and Cheryl Patterson.

Celebrities joining them are actors James Franco, 39, Kate Hudson, 38, and Ashley Judd, 49.*****April 20: Our friend, State Farm agent Bill Nickum celebrates today along with Ms.

Pearl’s daughter, Beyerly Raymer, Ken Brown and Belinda Norman.

Joining in celebrating are actors Jessica Lange, 68, Carman Electra, 45,and Shear Moore, 47.*****April 21: Celebrating being a year older are Dana Hill, Christian Dubose and Virginia McNair.

Celebrating also are former Cowboy football player Tony Romo, 37 and also Brittian’s Queen Elizabeth, II, who turns 91.*****April 22: Amelia Hollier, Scott Fisher celebrate on this day.

Also actors Jack Nicholson, 80, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 49 and Amanda Mealing, 49.*****April 23: Coach Jason Smalley, Nancy Rendall, Paul Zoch, Samatha Briggs, Jeremie Breaux and Kathie Stephson.

Joining them in celebration are comedian George Lopez, 56, wrestler John Cana, 40 and Valerie Bertinellie, 57.*****April 24: Sean Edgerton, Barbara Fuselier and our own Capt.

Dickie Colburn.

Celebraties having birthdays today are Pop singers Kelly Clarkson, 35 and Barbra Streisand, 75.


Agnes Boudreaux went to see lawyer Asa Leblanc bout getting a divorce from Odis ‘Tee-Boy’ Boudreaux. Lawyer Leblanc say, ‘Well Mrs. Boudreaux, so you want a divorce?”

Miss Agnes answer, “Sho do.”

Da lawyer questioned his client, “Tell me bout it, do you have a grudge?”

“Oh no, we only got a carporch,” Miss Agnes answer.

Lawyer Leblanc tried again, “Well, den does Odis beat you up?”

“No, no,” Agnes said looking puzzled, “I’m always da first out of bed.”

Lawyer Leblanc tried again, “Well, does ‘Tee-Boy go in for unnatural, connubial practices?”

Agnes said, “Well, he plays the guitar but I don’t tink he knows anyting bout da connubial.”

Leblanc says, “Miss Agnes, wat I’m trying to find out are wat grounds you have.”

Agnes respond, “Bless you, we live in a small house, we don’t even got a window box much less grounds.”

Da lawyer in considerable exasperation axe, “Wat is ‘Tee-boy’s’ IQ?”

“Well, Agnes answer, “I tink he can see pretty good yeah.”

Da lawyer Leblanc says, “Miss Agnes, you need a reason dat da court can consider. Wat is da reason for you seeking dis divorce, hanh?”

“Oh, well,” Said Agnes, “It’s because Tee-boy him can’t hold and intelligent conversation.”


Assad has killed 500,000 of his own people and he will continue to do so.

The little 30 minute bombing of three locations won’t slow him down.*****What has our country come to? Revolving door White House, indictments, guilty pleas, lies, sex scandals, racism, decline in American prestige led by a rich man’s son with a lifetime of walking away from responsibilities and debts, sued over 4,000 times for unpaid debts.*****Just wondering what Tony Perkins, leader of the United Evangelical movement thinks of their ‘poster child of sex charges.’ They give him a MULLIGAN.*****Former FBI Directory James Comedy’s book, “A Higher Loyalty” went on sale Tuesday.

It's already a number one seller.

In Sunday’s interview Comey said, “Trump is morally unfit to be president.” What does Putin have on Trump?Comey says it’s possible that he has Trump on video in bed with a prostitute and them wetting on each other.

I recall the Howard Stern and Trump chatter so being kinky wouldn’t surprise me.***** In closing, we were saddened to hear of the passing of one of America’s great First Ladies, Barbara Bush, 92, who in failing health made an end of life wish to discontinue life support this week.

She and President George H. Bush were married 73 years ago on June 6, 1945.

She said, “I’ve been blessed and am one of the most fortunate people to have lived this great life.”*****My time is up.

Thanks for coming along, and thanks for your loyalty.

Take care and God bless.


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