Orange Blossom Golf results


Last updated 4/17/2018 at Noon

These are the results of the annual Orange Blossom Golf Tournament held last weekend by the women of the Sunset Grove Members Golf Association.

1st Place Gross 1st Flight--Pat Park / Theresa Williams

1st Place Net 1st Flight--Shirley Meadows / Kim Spurlock

2nd Place Gross 1st Flight--Valerie Conerly / Alice Schwing-Smith

2nd Place Net 1st Flight--Nancy Wood / Coretta Williford

3rd Place Gross 1st Flight--Debbie LeBlanc / Jane Roberts

3rd Place Net 1st Flight--Scottie Pillsbury / Diana Slocum

1st Place Gross 2nd Flight--Tani Traver / Becky Gustamante

1st Place Net 2nd Flight--Debra Norman / Carla Grissom

2nd Place Gross 2nd Flight--Teresa Todora / Sandy Harvey

2nd Place Net 2nd Flight--Karen Chamberlain / Sue Muench

3rd Place Gross 2nd Flight--Darlene Collins / Paula Schuyler

3rd Place Net 2nd Flight--Rosa Herman / Hazel Adair


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