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Many youngsters will leave the nest, some headed to higher learning, others off to find their vocation, while others are just going out in the world to find themselves.

Some will join the military, others will get married.

What will surprise them all is how quickly their 10th class reunion comes around.

Many lifelong friends will never see each other again unless it’s at a reunion.

Going their separate ways, they will make new friends.

Old friends are never discarded, they are special, but the formative years of growing up together were special times that come only once in a lifetime to the young.

Like your body will spread out with the years, so will your friendships that will come from all walks of life.

In just a few years, you will realize how smart Mom and Dad were. One day, like a lightning bolt from nowhere, it will hit you how much your parents sacrificed and put them out for your benefit.

When you go off, regardless of where life takes you, never neglect Mom and Dad at home wondering what’s going on in your life.

I can tell you, even when you reach 40 years old, they will still worry about you.

That lives within all parents.

Hopefully, you will care enough to continue making them part of your life.

May the wind be at your back and a great and long life awaits you.

*****Now I’ve got work to do so I must move on.

Hop on board and come along.

I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Last week, in 40-Years Ago section of the Breaux column, we ran that Dist.

Attorney Sharon Bearden would resign July 1 we got an inquiry asking, “Who were the assistant district attorneys who had served under him?” Looking back to those years I found some very interesting information.

I don’t recall the order that they served but most of them were brand new lawyers just getting started.

It apparently was a training ground that served them well.

Most went on to become successful judges.

Bill Wright replaced Bearden as county attorney and DA. He was an assistant for Bearden.

Pat Clark went on to be a county court-at-law judge and longtime district judge.

Don Burgess served as a district judge and Texas appellant court judge.

Jim Wallace was a Bridge City boy who unsuccessfully ran for office here then moved to Houston, where he became a long serving district judge.

Michael Shuff served as the county court-at-law judge.

Joe Alford loved practicing law and that was his life’s work until his death.

He and Wright are both deceased.

Bearden resigned to go into private practice, specializing in criminal law.

He still works a full schedule, which includes Saturdays.

As a trial lawyer Bearden has had a high percentage of success.

Judge Clark retired a few years ago and so did Judge Shuff.

Judge Burgess, who now lives in the Austin area with wife Bobbie, still tries cases in Orange County and other parts of the state.

As far as I know, Judge Wallace is still in Houston and might still be on the bench.

I’ve been fortunate to have known all these guys since they started their careers.

Bearden was either a good teacher or got lucky and hired some very talented people.

He replaced my good friend Louis Dugas as DA, when hedecided he wanted to serve on a special committee in Washington.

Louis was one of the first state representatives from Orange County and was also the youngest Texas state representative when he served while going to the University of Texas after getting out of the Marines.

He has two sons who became lawyers.

Bearden’s son, Jim Sharon, is a lawyer and partner in the same building with his dad and former lawyer and state representative Wayne Peveto’s two lawyer sons, Rex and Eric.

My friendship with lawyers and judges goes back to Judge James Neff and all the great lawyers of that day.

Today we are blessed with some outstanding judges, from Justice of the Peace, county court-at-law judges to district judges, I’m proud to call them friends.

My strongest friendship with Judge Buddie Hahn and wife Carol goes back many years and is very deep-rooted and special.

I wish them a long and healthy, fun life after retirement.

Orange County is indeed fortunate to have such quality folks on the bench.

I’m reasonably sure that Steve Parkhurst, who will replace Judge Hahn, will be a good and longtime judge.


10 Years Ago-2008

The email has really been flying in this past week, some to our website, others to the newspaper’s address.

Most of them positive.

I found a couple that were interesting.

One came from Jack Calvert in Houston about our outdoor writers.

He says he enjoys Uzzle’s and Colburn’s articles immensely.

They are better than any in the Houston paper.

I agree.

In fact, Dickie’s column on the Redfish Cup (ESPN) got nearly 9,000 hits, 500 the first six hours after it went on the web.

In another interesting email, Harold Tinner wanted to know why Doug Harrington was the only one not wearing a cap in Doug’s retirement party picture.

That one is easy.

According to H.D. he didn’t have a cap on because he had just had his hair styled and sprayed and didn’t want to mess up that hairdo.

No reason not to believe him.

Doug had many people come by, eat cake and tell him goodbye last week and he really appreciated it.

Roy Dunn’s Life’s Highway column is abouthim and Doug’s longtime friendship.

(Editor’s note: Doug died a few years later.) *****The Harmon boys Jackie, Corky and Don bought the Chevrolet dealership from Major Inman over 30 years ago.

As far as I know, the Chevy dealership in Orange is the only new car dealership that has always had a local owner.

Other dealerships didn’t.

That will continue to be true when local guys Al and Dean Granger take over the Harmon car dealership.

The sale could be complete in the next few days.

That’s a good move.

The Harmon’s had several offers but were glad it will remain in the hands of homefolks.

*****Happy birthday this week to special folks.

Sandra Hoke celebrates June 4.

Perfect Gemini’s’ are born on June 5 with the same number of days on each side.

Some of those Gemini’s are Joyce Dowle, Roy Dunn, Tim Hughes, Kevin Doss, Donna Benefield and Donna Rogers.

Best wishes to our longtime friend Helen HarringtonMedsgar born on June 6.

*****Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles June 5, 1968.

*****We were sorry to learn that Roy’s105-year-old aunt Eve passed away Saturday.

He and Ms.

Phyl had spent time with her on her birthday April 4.

She was one of the oldest living women in Louisiana.

She was the last of Roy’s uncles and aunts.

He is now officially the older generation.

***** Johnny Dishon and the LSU Tigers swept the regionals over Southern Mississippi.

*****The United States lost jobs for the fifth month.

Sixty thousand in May.

*****Gas prices are having some businesses and local governments looking at a four-day workweek to cut cost.

It’s a sign of how deeply these Bush/Cheney Republican gas prices are cutting.


Ted Kennedy had targeted brain surgery Monday.

Treatments will start in about a week.

Long odds but he will be treated by the best experts in the field.

His candidate Barack Obama should clinch the nomination Tuesday night.

*****Ellen DeGeneres and Portia deRussi to be wed after California’s gay marriage ban lapses on June 14, the day before Father’s Day.

Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Kenneth D. Rieck, 83, of Orange, passed away Thursday, May 29.

Funeral service was held Sunday, June 1.

Rieck served in the US Army Airborne Infantry as a Master Sergeant.

He later worked at DuPont as Construction Superintendent.

He was a member of the Orange VFW. He is survived by his children, Candice McClead and Jeffrey J. Rieck, grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.*****Martha Sue Sipes, 68, passed away, Thursday, May 29.

Graveside service was held Monday, June 2.

She is survived by her sons, Clint James and Clay James, grandchildren and one great-granddaughter, sisters and brothers.*****Benjamin Harry Toenges, 87, of Orange, passed away Thursday, May 29.

Ben was appointed to West Point and served in the U.S. Air Force during WWII. He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Rosella B. Epps Toenges, two daughters, granddaughters and great-grandkids.***** Lydie A. Echols, 81, of Bridge City, died Wednesday, May 28.

A graveside service was held Saturday, May 31.

She is preceded in death by her husband Orville Echols. Those left to cherish her memory are a daughter, Mary Tyler, son, John Echols, sister, Andre Ancion, four grandchildren, four great-grandchildren.*****Charles Edward “Chile” Alborn, 91, passed away May 29.

Funeral services were held Monday, June 2.

Chile graduated from Orange High, served in World War II. He received commendations of a Bronze Star Medal for meritorious achievement, with Oak Leaf Cluster and a Purple Heart for an injury during war.

He retired from Dupont after 33 years.

Chile is survived by his wife, Jo Ann, his sons, David Carnley, Michael Carnley, Larry Melton, daughters, Mary West, Susan McKay, Deborah Rawls, Lauryi Knowles, Sue Landry, grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, two great-great grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews and best friend, Jack Peveto.

40 Years Ago-1978

William L. ‘Bill’ Wright appointed Monday, June 5, to succeed Jim Sharon Bearden as district attorney when Bearden resigns on July 1.

Commissioner Raymond Gould moved that Wright should be the appointee.

Arthur Simpson seconded the motion.

Wright, 34, is a native of Commerce.

He is a 1969 Baylor Law graduate, the same school attended by Bearden.

Former D.A. Louis Dugas hired Wright in 1970 to work under Bearden.

Wright and wife, Mary Ellen, married 12 years, have a son Christopher, 7, and daughter Sarah, age 3.

Mike Shuff becomes first assistant.

The new speedy trial law goes into effect July 1.

Liz Morris, Wright’s secretary will be hired.

County Judge Pete Runnels indicated that Wright’s appointment was unanimous.

Runnels had previously favored Lonnie Jim Wallace for the position.

After a week of political turmoil Bearden said, “I have never felt better or slept better since I announced my decision to leave.” (Editor’s note: Investigator Wilson Roberts was one of the casualties of Wright’s appointment.

Often people had to wait to see Wright because he couldn’t be disturbed.

He was usually reading his Bible.) *****Orange County folks take to the beach.

Spotted at Gilchrist and Crystal Beach were Jo and James Brabham, the Brook Hills, Beth and Louis Dugas, the Houston Bakers, Edna and Butch Lusignan, Inez Hearn and Phyllis Dunn.

*****Linnis Hubbard has opened an office offering complete polygraph service in the Orange House building.

*****Wray Stark and Crip Trahan thanked Grady Johnson for donating a portable building to collect newsprint.

*****Tim Hughes and Roy Dunn celebrate birthdays June 5.

They both started their businesses on Green Ave. Tim with Superior Tire and Roy with The Opportunity Valley News.

*****Larry Guyote celebrates a birthday.

Helen Harrington turned 40 on June 6.


May 31 marks the first anniversary of Pearl Myers Burgess passing away at age 96.

In a way it seems longer than a year since she left us.

Maybe it’s because I think of her often.

She was one of the most remarkable elderly people I have known.

Physically she always appeared much younger than her years.

She kept herself fit, trim and well kept.

What impressed me the most was her keen mind.

She was very smart and her good memory never left her.

I still miss hearing from her.

She always had a word of wisdom and could recall facts to a story many years old.

The only family she has left in this county is her youngest daughter Beverly and her husband Jody Raymer. She’s entertaining the Angels, maybe even St. Peter.

In memory, in this week’s issue we are running one of her last poems.

Hope you enjoy it.

*****Along the same subject of aging and mind alertness, I see it every day in older friends.

Millard ‘Neighbor’ Cox, 93, Ms.

Jacque Phelps, 90, Cedric Stout, 96, Roy McDaniel, 94, Paul Roy, 91, Eugene Goudeau, 94, Tom Brooks, 93, are just a few of the older folks I know who still have high quality minds.

They read, write and carry intelligent conversations.

Twenty years ago, most elderly people I knew struggled mentally after hitting their 80’s.

Today folks stay sharper longer unless they develop health problems, strokes, etc.

*****Last week, I ran into an old friend, Vivian Holbrooks, age 85, Fain’s widow.

She is still very pretty and alert. We hadn’t seen her for several years.

She is commute-living between Dallas and Orange County as guest of her children.

I first met her and Fain when they arrived from Alabama back in the 1960’s.

He passed away several years ago.

*****The Country Music Awards will be held June 6.

Blake Shelton, Chris Stapleton, Kelly Clarkson, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan and others will perform.

The CMA Awards is about the only award show worth watching.

*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and next week also, on June 6.

That will be a special gathering and the taking of the group’s annual summer picture.

This will mark the Lunch Bunch’s 26th anniversary.

*****Just when you think you’ve seen it all from the Cavaliers’ Lebron James, you see more.

*****A headline we saw in an Arkansas newspaper.

“Red tape holds up new bridge.” Didn’t know there was anything stronger than duct tape.*****Ivanka got 16 new China trademarks after her dad told China that the USA would bail out ZTE tech company in trouble.

That gives Ivanka 34 trademarks in China.

Making hay while the sun is shining.

*****Roseanne bit the dust.

Show canceled.

That won’t make Sean Hannity and the Trump gang happy.


Some folks celebrating birthdays in the coming week.

May 30:Brian Ousley, Nikki Barron, Nikki Fisette, Dr.

David Dunn and our own Dr.

Amber Dunn Greeson all celebrate.

They are joined by CeeLo Green 43, R&B Singer, Jennifer Ellison 34, TV Actress, Mark Sheppard 53 TV Actor*****May 31:Jennette Foster,Wilda Hart, Rhonda Wilson, Brooke Edwards all celebrate today.

Joining them are Clint Eastwood 87, Director, Brooke Shields 52, Actress, Lea Thompson 56, Actress and Joe Namath 74, Football Player.*****June 1: Turning a year older today are Linda Wolfford, Gene Armand, Shilo Taylor, Sheila Deason and Janice Prevost.

Also Morgan Freeman 80, Movie Actor, Heidi Klum 44, Model, Amy Schumer 36, Comedian, Alanis Morissette 43, Rock Singer.*****June 2: Susan Broussard, Peter Modica, Jr., John Gifford, Julie Lummus, and our longtime friend Kayla Hickey.

Joining them are Actors Wayne Brady 45, Justin Long 39, Zachary Quinto 40 and ‘Prison Break’ star Wentworth Miller 45.*****June 3: Herman Dupuis and Harold Trantham celebrate today.

Also CNN’s Anderson Cooper 50, Anne Winters 23, Actress, Sean Berdy 24, Actor and tennis player Rafael Nadal 31.*****June 4: B.J. Hanneman, from Bridge City Chamber, Pete Sterling, Glenn Fisher, Paige Ousley, Jade Ousley, Sandra Hoke and Donna Rogers all celebrate on this day.

Joining them are Angelina Jolie 42, Actress, Russell Brand 42, Actor, Josh McDermitt 39, Comedian and Joyce Meyer 74, Evangelist and Novelist.*****June 5: Gemini’s celebrating today, Joyce Dowdle, Tim Hughes, Britt Godwin, Roy Dunn, also Brenda Howard, Patricia Mires, Gene Guyote.

Celebrities joining them are Mark Wahlberg, 46, actor, Joe Gatto 41, Comedian, Mike Fisher 37, Hockey Player and Saxophonist Kenny G, 61.


Calvin Thibeau’s boy, Tee-Not, wat works for his dad breaking horses at his little spread, got married him. Da boy him is not so bright.  Anyways, he and his brand new wife, Plumpy, went to New Orleans for their honeymoon.

Dey pull in to a hotel in da French Quarters and Tee-Not got out and went to da front desk. He ax for a room. He told da desk man dat it was his honeymoon and he and Plumpy wanted a nice room.

Da clerk winked an he ax, “Do you want da bridal?”

Tee-Not him, tink bout dat for a little while and den he replied, “No, tank you, I guess not, I’ll jus hold onto her mane until she gets used to it.”


It’s not ‘Spygate,’ its ‘Deep Throat’

Remember Deep Throat came right out of Nixon’s camp.

The same is true today.

The guy who snitched to the FBI was one of Trump’s henchmen.

President Trump’s continual attacks on the Justice Department, FBI and Special CouncilRobert Muller, investigating Russian interference, is an assault on the rule of law.

Trump’s constant ‘Fake News’ attacks against the media are an effort to deflect negative press.

The cry of ‘Witch Hunt’ is to discredit the Muller investigation.

Trump repeats the ‘Spygate’ political charge in hopes that Hannity and other spinners will do the same.

If a president can openly politize law enforcement as a defensive move by demanding law enforcement officials to save his ass, then he could do so to go after anyone who crosses him.

That’s one reason Republican Legislatures are hush-hush.

The irony of course is that if the FBI showed any bias in 2016, Trump was the benefactor.

Hillary Clinton suffered a major political blow from the FBI just 10 days before the election.

Instead of bad mouthing FBI Director James Comey, he should be sending him thank you tweets.

Trump is scared.

He and his mouthpiece, Rudy, are attempting to con the American people, hoping to poison their minds into believing the investigation is rigged and avoiding impeachment by having the voters put pressure on their legislators.

Just remember, Republican Bob Mueller didn’t ask for this job to uphold the Constitution, it was assigned to him.

*****Trump is blaming Democrats for the 1500 children, some infants, taken from their mother’s arms or missing.

He blames Demos because they won’t vote for his monument, “The Wall.” *****Thanks for your time.

Take care and God bless.


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