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Well, thank you Lord, for sending us nearly two inches of rain last weekend.

Boy was it welcomed.

We had endured six weeks of drought and extreme heat.

I watered every day trying to just keep our many plants alive.

Some in pots go back over 20 years.

We protected the beautiful flowering plants from the cold, three storms and the lack of rain.

The yearly garden was also having a hard time getting going.

The cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers are producing and the okra has finally, this week, started shooting up.

Hope you got some rain at your place.

I hope Tommy and Sue got plenty water on the fig trees.*****I have a long way to go and am way behind the curve.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


President Trump attended the G-7 Summit in Quebec last Saturday.

Everyone from the group of seven economic powers were sitting in their places at the big table as they waited for Trump to make his grand entrance.

After keeping the group waiting he finally appeared.

No one stood, applauded or bowed.

He took his seat but his body language showed that his ego wasn’t happy with the reception.

Shortly afterwards he held the first solo press conference since February.

That’s when he announced that he was back tracking on the deal he had agreed to earlier.

That’s when things got ugly with our Canadian and other friends.

They were pushing back on his protectionist trade policies, particularly his tariffs on steel and aluminum.

The tariffs aren’t any more popular at home than they are abroad.

Even the Koch brothers, Charles and David, who support GOP causes and candidates, are pouring money into anti-tariff advertising and lobbying campaigns.

This is no surprise because tariffs are stupid and counterproductive.

They will harm workers, hurt consumers, make America less secure.

There is good reason why key allies, Republicans, Democrats and American companies are upset with Trump’s showmanship to his base on tariffs.

They are as misguided today as they were under President Hoover, during the Great Depression.

Trump got on Air Force One and made Canada’s Premier Trudeau the villain, while suggesting that Russia should be brought back to the G-8.

Trump supporters spoke to the press accusing our best ally, Trudeau, of back stabbing, when it was just the other way around.

Trump duped on them and left early, turning his back on our friends.

Canada and Mexico should be exempt from tariffs.

We will all suffer from a trade war and Obama’s great economy will be no more.

My prediction is by 2020 we will be in a recession as bad as what Obama walked into when he took office.

To date, we have had 92 months of job growth, only 16 of those months under Trump’s watch.

The second longest economic expansion in U.S. history will come to an end starting after the mid-term elections in 2019.

Interest rates, gas prices and commodities will all see a jump, putting the working class back on their heels like they were in the George W./Cheney years.


10 Years Ago-2008

Big news out of Bridge City High is that former high school star Josh Smalley has been hired as offensive coordinator.

Josh is coming home from Orangefield, where he did a great job last year.***** On Sunday Tiger Woods sunk a 12-foot birdie clutch putt over Rocco Mediate forcing an 18-hole playoff in the U.S. Open.


Finally in sudden death Tiger won his third U.S. open.

His 14th major.

Rocco hung all the way.

He was very popular with the spectators.

No doubt Tiger is the best to ever play the game but Rocco did himself proud.*****Tim Russet is victim to a silent killer.

Just back from a long flight from Italy Tim was working in his office preparing for his Sunday morning ‘Meet the Press’ show.

In just a flash, the 58-year-old was dead.

I have found over the years that after a long air flight men will suffer a heart attack caused by a blood clot, often formed in the leg.

A blood clot is silent.

It comes from plaque that breaks loose in the blood vessel.

A clot forms around it and travels, often causing instant death when it hits the heart. Many of our friends have died instantly without warning.

Three of them now deceased within seconds come to mind, W.T. Oliver, Buzzie Gunn and Bobby Menard.

That is what is scary about this killer.

A person doesn’t have the symptoms of a regular heart attack, like chest and arm pains, it just happens without warning.

I admired Russert’s family values and treasured my copy of his book “Big Russ and Me.” As Washington Bureau Chief he gave a lot of young talent their chance.

He developed MSNBC into an all-day political network, changing anchors every hour.***** Monday evening Betsy Dunn and Beth Mathews hosted a reception for Larry and Becky Hunter at Betsy’s home. Larry is running for state representative.*****Roy has been eating exotic meals lately.

Last week Charlotte Anderson prepared him a half of goat, roasted with rich brown gravy.*****Roy’sAunt Eve Duplantis Lemaire, died at age 105.

He had spent time with her on her birthday April 4.

She ate like a longshoreman and appeared to be poised to move on to 106.

Like her mom, Grandma Availa, and her siblings, she didn’t have any of the common illnesses like heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

They were all astonishingly healthy until the bus came to get them.

Out of the blue Eve fell ill and it took only 10 days before she caught the bus to Heaven.

She was an amazing, hard-working woman who fed all the workers three squares a day on a large rice plantation.

She buried all her folks and her husband of 70 years.

She buried some of her grandchildren and her eldest child, who was injured at Pearl Harbor.

She never complained or blamed.

She accepted what came down the pike as God’s will.

She had a Catholic Church funeral.

She looked so pretty in that casket with few wrinkles, beautiful hands.*****Everything was going lovely at a Dunn family gathering for Roy’s birthday when the phone rang.

It was son Allen who was late for the party.

He said he wouldn’t be coming, his house was on fire.

The firefighters couldn’t save it.

He lost everything.

He was the treasurer of many ‘one of a kind’ family artifacts.

He had just returned from several weeks of work in New Hampshire and was cleaning the ground when he noticed the electrical fire.

I feel for anyone who loses everything.

There’s a big cleanup ahead, plus toothbrush to socks to be replaced and a roof over his head.

I know he’s resilient enough to bounce back.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Forrest Bankston Moody Jr., 78, of Orange, died Thursday, June 12.

Funeral services were held Sunday, June 15.

He is survived by his wife, Frances Moody, sons Alan, Robert, Kenneth and John, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.***** Vina Irene Mallory, 88, of Orange, died Wednesday, June 11.

Services were June 14.

She was a secretary of Levingston Ship Building and a proprietor of Mallory’s Grocery.

She also worked in accounting for Ramsey-Kantz.

She was known as the “Icee Lady” at Mallory’s Grocery.

Survivors include her daughter Dorraine Babcock, sons John Mallory, and Jim Mallory, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.***** Estelle Norman, 83, of Orange, passed away Thursday, June 12.

Services were Monday June 16.

She retired from Kroger’s after 23 years.

Survivors include two daughters, Darla Bryant and Lynne Telger, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.***** Elaine Reed Jacobs, 82, of Bridge City, died Friday, June 13.

Funeral service was held Tuesday, June 17.

She worked at American Bridge for 11 years as the President’s personal secretary.

She was a member of Fellowship Baptist Church in Bridge City and worked at the Orange Chamber of Commerce.

She is survived by sons Larry Jacobs and Michael Jacobs, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.***** B.W. Parks Jr., age 82, of Orange, died from June 13.

Services were held Tuesday, June 17.

He was employed as a laboratory technician for 35 years for the former Jefferson Chemical – then Texaco Chemical Company.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Ruby Boehme Parks, son Boyd, daughter Lynda Walther, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren,

40 Years Ago-1978

Louis Gonzales of Orange caught the biggest King Mackerel ever landed in this area.

It tripped the scale at 60-pounds.*****The Gunrunner, 507 Green Ave., is having a gun sale.

You can buy a 357 Magnum, six- or four-inch for $179, new model super Blackhawk, .44-caliber $169, stainless steel, black powder, old Army .44 Ruger for $164.*****Some of the Sabine River Cber’s are Slough Slosher, Nurse Goodbody, Fender Bender, Dragon Lady, Apple Sauce, Timberwolf, Daisy Mae, Dr.

Feelgood, Capt.

Kangaroo and Muddy Lady.

(Editor’s note: Do you remember any of these Cber names? Everyone had one.)*****The Bridge City High choir band brings back six gold medals from Austin.

Mitch Dionne for solo, Gerri Gore, Kirk Ellender, Chris Lee and Ronnie Parnell for quartet.

Dicky Shanks won silver for vocal solo.

Winning first medals for the band were Scott Harper, percussion and Jeff Jones on piano. Gayla Morgan, Scott Taylor, Bryan Beard and Theresa Beason won a first-place medal.

Winning first for the clarinet quartet were Debbie Hardee, Lynn Matthews, Shelly Pate and Danette Davis.

The flute trio won first with Lisa Meirer, Sue Shanks and Jean Guyote. (Editor’s note: Do you remember any of these youngsters? Today, they are fast approaching 60 years which is just a couple of years away.

I wonder how many would like to go back to the great school days.)*****State Rep.

Wayne Peveto spoke to the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce at Wayside Inn luncheon.

He spoke on California’s referendum, better known as Proposition 13.

Peveto was recently appointed chairman of the legislative council property tax study commission by Gov. Dolph Briscoe.*****Richard Corder was named “King Neptune” at the Water Festival.

Carol Reindec was named “Miss Water Sport” and pretty Kim Daniels was runnerup.*****Charles L. “Jack’”Angelle has been elected worshipful master for the Masonic year 1978-79.

He will succeed Grover M. Lee.

Angelle is employed with the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation as director of physical plant management of the Stark Museum of Art.*****Bill Lapeyrolerie turned 16 June 15, Patsy Fisette celebrated on the 17th.


Skeet Reese, a Bassmaster Elite SeriesPro, from Auburn, California, finished 8th in the Bassmaster's Elite tournament this past weekend.

He give a huge shout out on social media to our friends over at K-Dans for the complimentary gas this past week.

He was thankful for the 50 plus gallons of gasoline.

He went on to say that it was "the first time anyone has ever comped my gas." *****The Dunn’s are blessed this week with a couple of the chick’s coming home.

Sean Gros, grandson stationed in California with the Coast Guard, came in on his Papa’s birthday.

He will be in California only a couple more months after a four-year hitch.

When asked if he plans to sightsee before he leaves the area he said not too much with over $4 a gallon gas prices.


Amber and 19 month old Luke came in Monday evening from Garden City, KA. They visited Amber’s mom Kerrie in Massachusetts, and sister Jenna in New Hampshire.

Amber is expecting her second son in August so this probably will be the last visit home for a while.*****Thanks to Joe and Jackie Kimble who were kind enough to share their grapefruit juice, picked fresh from son’s trees, juiced and frozen.It was delicious and we enjoyed the treat.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Chef Anthony Bourdain, age 61, who hung himself with his bathrobe belt in a Paris hotel room.

I never missed one of his Shows.

He was a great journalist who documented the culture and history of food in his ‘Parts Unknown’ show.

He was so young, so talented and his death leaves me heart broken.

I always would have liked to do what he and Charles Kuralt did for a living.

Charles traveled the U.S. Boudain traveled the globe.*****Justify is winner of the Triple Crown.

It had been 37 years, since the 1970’s, when American Pharaoh won in 2015.

It could be another very longtime before the crown is won again.

Justify’s name will go alongside of the great horses of the 70’s, Seattle Slew, Affirmed and Secretariat. We hear from trainer Bob Baffet that if Justify remains healthy, we might see him run again, probably in The Breeders Cup Classic, Nov. 3 at Churchill Downs.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Norvozsky’s this week and at JB’s Barbeque next week.

For information on last week’s gathering see Down Life’s Highway, page 7.*****I visited with Gene Smith early Monday morning and Marilyn, who has been fighting many years of illness has had a turn for the worse.

She was Wayne Peveto’s legal secretary and ‘Girl Friday’ for much of Wayne’s legal career.

What a great lady.

Our prayers are with her and her family.*****Tib takes retirement job for enough bread to buy fishing lures and pay golfing fees.

Carl Thibodeaux is the new Municipal Judge at West Orange.

Over 25 years ago Tib launched his political career at West Orange when he was elected mayor, he then went on to serve 20 years as county judge.*****Our friend Donna Peterson stopped by.

She had baby Donna III, seven months old, with her.

A beautiful child.

The Peterson’s are marking 50 years in business.

The Peterson Plumbing Company was founded by her late father Richard.

Donna and her mom are building a new home off of Hwy.

62, on Hoo-Hoo Road.

Donna’s son, Victor, now three years old, can run the mile.

They run about three times a week.

Her mom has gotten over some health problems and at 82 is now about ready to get back into circulation.

They’re great folks.*****Congratulations to Debby Schamber who took home two awards from the Press Club of Southeast Texas Friday night.

Schamber took home a first place for her story, "Fate of Michael Davis in the hands of the jury." and also

took home a second place award for her story on Jimmy Scales who was tragically killed in July 2017. Schamber has won numerous awards with the Press Club of Southeast Texas.*****The big question this week is did Trump get snookered by Kim Jong-Un?


June 13: Celebrating birthdays today are Desiree Russell, Shawna Gauthier, Desia Davis, Duane Anthony, Tammy Droddy. Joining them are actors Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, 31, Tim Allen, 64, Chris Evans, 36 and race car driver Tanner Foust, 44.**** June 14: Zoe Ann Hinds, Bobbie Burgess, Sylvia Galbreath, Betty Jean Lonadier, Brandon Duhon, Branda Aldridge celebrate today.

Also United States President Donald Trump, 71, actors Lucy Hale, 28, and comedian Paul O’Grady, 62.*****June 15: Celebrating today are Adam Dupuis, David Cardner, Sherri Fruge, Tina Romero, Sharon Fisher and our own Janelle Sehon. They are joined by actors Neil Patrick Harris, 44, Courteney Cox, 53 and Helen Hunt, 54 and rapper Ice Cube, 48.*****June 16: Happy birthday today to Beverly Perry, Joni Young, Charlotte Potter and Denise Vickers.

Also having birthdays are golfer Phil Mickelson, 47, actors John Cho, 45 and Missy Peregrym, 35.*****June 17: Special birthdays wishes for our longtime friend Alice Cole-Hartsfield.

Also celebrating on this day are Andrew Riedel, Delme Roy and Belinda Welch, and singer Berry Manilow, 74, actor Arthur Darvill, 35 and politician Newt Gingrich, 74.*****June 18: Brandy Slaughter, Krystal Leonard and Amber King celebrate.

Joining them are country singer Blake Shelton turns 41, and rock singer Paul McCartney, 75.*****June 19: Celebrating today are Betty Norwood, Shelby Permenter, Chelsie Moerbe, Cortnie Moerbe Christie Kasko and Marianne Choate. They are joined by pop singer Paula Abdul, 55, basketball player Dirk Nowitzki, 39 and Hugh Dancy, 42.


Rev. Mayo Comeaux is da pastor of da Sunset Baptist Church in Sunset, Louisiana. Clovis Thibodeaux is da pastor of da Pentecostal Church across da road. After da floods from Hurricane Harvey, repair work was being done on Church Street wat runs over Turtle Gully.

Da two pastors dem were standing by da road pounding a sign into da ground. Da sign read “Da end is near, turn you self around now before it’s too late.”

As dem two Cajun preachers stood dere a car speed past dem, da driver him leaning out of his window yelled, “You radical religious nuts.”

Around da curve da mens heard screeching tires, screaming and a loud splash.

Comeaux him turns to Thibodeaux and axe, “Brudder, do you tink maybe da sign should just say, “Bridge it’s out yea.”


Health Care on mid-term ballot

“We will repeal Obamacare on day one and replace it with something far better and a lot cheaper,” is what President Trump promised on the campaign trail.

After trying and failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Trump Administration, with 20 conservative states, have asked the court to strike down several pillars of the Care Act, including it’s protections for Americans with pre-existing health conditions.

Trump himself had promised to preserve that part of the law.

However, in legal papers filed last week by his Administration, a Texas court was urged to wipe these protections from the books.

Again a promise made by Trump is another promise waiting to be broken.

If the TrumpAdministration has its way insurers could be denied coverage if they ever had a headache that made them depressed or anxious.

This could be considered a preexisting condition, just like diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

I told you when the big tax break was given to the wealthy that they would make up the money by cutting health care, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Remember that next time you vote.*****My time is up, thanks for yours.

Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers when you can.

Tell them we sent you.

Take care and God bless.


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