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When it rained, it poured.

We were in a bad drought.

As I write this at noon Tuesday, we have gotten slightly over five inches at my Tepee.

Unlike the old days, Bridge City subdivisions drain off quicker.

The city has really done a good job over the last few years to avoid home flooding problems.

There are always some barriers that can’t possibly ever be solved completely, like Hwy.

87 at 1142, Texas Ave. at Roundbunch or Roundbunch at 408.

If the rain quits it drains off quickly but mostly the water is trapped by the state highway.*****We are now debating about our home delivery, we may have to distribute a little later than usual Wednesday.

The rain is due to stop by afternoon.*****I got lucky this morning, Judge Derry Dunn stopped by with some fresh picked, red, ripe tomatoes.

That always makes my day.

Looking forward also to when the figs come in at Sue and Tommy’s place, and come October to John and LindaHeard’s citrus.

They raise the world’s best grapefruit.

I’m indeed a blessed man.

I’d best quit jawing and get down the road.

You’re welcome to come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I reported over a year ago that if Donald Trump didn’t accomplish anything else, by hook or crook he would get his monument built, (The Wall). It’s not Mount Rushmore but his picture and name would be on a bronze plaque that would survive many decades into the future.

I said then that he would go to any extremes, no matter the cost, to fill that dream of the great Trump Border Wall.

When he couldn’t force Mexico into paying for the wall, even after swearing, “Mexico will pay for it, believe me,” he turned to a new gimmick.

Now by holding children hostage, forcing Democrats to vote for Trump’s $25 billion wall.

It they don’t go for it, then he will blame them for the little kids being held hostage.

In fact, he’s already telling the ‘Big Lie’ that it’s the Democrats fault.

He knows some people will buy any lie he pitches.

One phone call from him could stop that horrible treatment of humans.

Here’s what Trump and the GOP leadership is up to.

They have drafted an immigration bill that would provide legal protection for undocumented young people known as Dreamers, while providing $23.4 billion for the Trump Wall. They already have appropriated $1.6 billion for a wall but it’s not grand enough to be a great monument.

Everyone knows spending that much money for Trump’s ego is foolish spending.

Blame your congressman and senators if they go for it.

Bottom line, regardless of what they tell you, cutting legal immigration as planned will hurt a dwindling labor force and make American businesses less competitive.

Trump controls the White House, the Senate and the Congress.

They have the votes to pass the bill.

If it doesn’t pass it’s not the Democrats fault.

Speaker Paul Ryan is offering a GOP only bill.

They will make a big show and then blame Democrats when the bill collapses under its own weight.

If the bill fails, Trump won’t quit looking for the funding for his monument.

Only thing is for sure, if they don’t fix the problem of taking babies away from their mothers, a blue wave, many of them women will sweep the country in November Mid-term Elections.

I’m reminded of when I was a boy when Nazi Germany separated children from mothers.

I can’t believe what is happening to our country even though I predicted what a Trump presidency would be like.


My old grandmother always used to say, “When a lot of rain falls it means a good person has died.” I don’t know if that was an old tale but she believed it and in this case she was correct.

Our friend of many years, Marilyn Smith, age 77, passed away Friday, June 15, and the rains came.

She was laid to rest Tuesday, June 19, one day before her 78th birthday, and the rains continued.

Last week I had reported that this sweet lady was in her final stages.

For many years she fought off death.

Many of us would have given up on such a hard, daily struggle.

Her strength and belief in God was remarkable.

She lived long enough to bury some of her friends who at one time were caring for her.

She really did outlive all the odds.

Many years ago she married Gene Smith and they truly enjoyed each other’s company and she was never happier.

Gene always saw that all of her needs and wishes were taken care of.

She was blessed with a caring husband, a loving family and many friends.

Marilyn never met a stranger.

Lately she was often too sick to attend the Lunch Bunch but at times, even though she didn’t have the appetite to eat, she would still insisted that she and Gene attend.

She loved being around people and fellowship.

I had known Marilyn over 45 years.

For many years she had been Wayne Peveto’s legal secretary.

She ran the office while Wayne ran for state representative and while he served in the State House.

Even though politics can sometime be an ugly game and often makes political enemies, through the many years I knew her, I never heard Marilyn say anything bad about anyone.

She and Wayne were a great team during some great times.

My sincere condolences to Gene and the entire family.

I, like many others, are truly blessed to have known this special person.

May she rest in peace and may the Angles welcome their newest member.

Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2008

The baseball head coach situation at Bridge City has been resolved.

Considering all the applicants, I believe the best choice was made.

Chad Landry, head coach at Hamshire-Fannett, is a young man with a lot of baseball knowledge who works well with young athletes.

The hiring will not be official until next Monday’s school board meeting.***** On Saturday a state historical marker was placed at the gravesite of Cajun music pioneer Harry Choates. The media covered the event.

A few facts not reported were that Harry, age 29, was beaten to death in a hot Austin jail cellblock.

The family had no money, so Gordon Baxter of KPAC-AM raised money on the air and three days later Harry’s body was buried in Calvary Cemetery in Port Arthur.

Only a small tin marker was placed at the grave.

In 1980, Roy Dunn, then owner of the Community Post, came up with the idea to raise the money for a nice monument.

Roy and friends put in the balance needed.

The granite marker cost $780.

In 1981, with friends Tim Knight, who is writing a book on Harry’s life and has put many years into researching; along with Gordon, A.J. Judice and other friends, the monument was placed on Harry’s grave.

Dunn had coined the phrase “Godfather of Cajun Music.” Today, the state marker has the inscription in Cajun French: “Parrain de la Musique Cajun” or the godfather of Cajun music.

His song “Jole Blon” will live through the ages.

*****In this weeks issue of The Record, Josette Choate writes a true-life story about her young son Clayson and how God touched him.

It’s well written by my favorite schoolteacher and is not a radical look at religion but rather how God’s hand helped one precious little boy.

*****The past weekend two landmarks came down in Bridge City.

In 1928, Clay Dunn built the Silver Slipper Supper Club on Lake Street.

According to the Corps of Engineers, the spot Clay chose is the highest elevation in the entire B.C. area.

Saturday, that oldest existing building in Bridge City was demolished.

Also the first water tower in Bridge City, built in 1955, came down making room for a 200,000-barrel tower.

Before the water district and sewer system were installed, residents had water wells and septic tanks.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Kitty Elizabeth Hankins, 79, of Orange, passed away Monday, June 16.

Funeral services were Friday, June 20.

She worked in the Food Service Industry for many years.

She is survived by her daughters Shirley Menier, Liz Bearden, Becky Milford, Suzy Patterson and sons, John Davis, Sam Anderson Jr., Benny Kent Anderson, Walter Wayne Anderson, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.*****Trudie Gross, 65, of Orange, passed away Saturday, June 21.

Service was held Friday, July 4.

She is survived by husband, Jerry Modisette, sons G.W., Bradley J., stepson, Harold Gross, grandchildren, Sarah Ann and Jared Alan Modisette.***** Harold Burton Simar, 86, of Orange, passed away on June 21.

Service was held June 23.

Harold was a Navy and WWII veteran and retired after 31 years of service as an operator from DuPont Sabine River Works.

He is survived by nephews, Ronnie Simar, John Keith Simar and niece, Norma Gaye Campbell.*****Joe Vercher Jr., 87, of Orange, passed away Saturday, June 21.

Funeral services were Monday, June 23.

He worked as a welder for Levingston Shipbuilding Company and later worked until retirement from the Boilermakers Local 587 in Orange.

He was a World War II veteran of the Army.

He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Edna (Bertrand) Vercher, sons, Joe David Vercher Sr and James W. Vercher, six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.***** Jonathan Minchew, 18, of Orange, died Tuesday, June 17.

Funeral services were Saturday, June 21.

He worked as a maintenance worker for the Orange Housing Authority.

Jonathan was looking forward to the arrival of his son, Jonathan Thurl Minchew Jr., due to arrive in September.

Survivors include his fiancée, Dezerae Campbell, father, Brent W. Minchew Sr., mother, Rosalee Haas, sister, Cynthia Minchew, brother, Brent W. Minchew Jr., maternal grandparents, Jack and Betty Haas, paternal grandparents, Thurl and Karen Minchew.


40 Years Ago-1978

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is forming a group in Bridge City.

For more information contact Curtis Lee, J.R. Wilson or Roy Dunn.

W.T. Oliver will be the keynote speaker at the Eagles state convention in Dallas.

He will also be a featured speaker, along with Bob Hope, at the national convention in Spokane, Wash.

***** Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Reed Jr. are the proud grandparents of a new baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Dickey Robbins. At the time, they were attending the wedding of son Randy, who married pretty Tammy Guyote, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Guyote.*****Caprice Records releases local musician Jim Taylor’s record.

In 1972, while attending Harding College in Arkansas, the Kentucky-born Taylor, then 26, met and married classmate Nancy Duhon of Orange.

Eight months ago they moved to Orange and Jim teamed up with Doug Childress and the Stampedes.Caprice Records had signed him to a five-year contract earlier.

“I still need you Mary Ann” is being played on radio around the country.

(Editor’s note: I don’t recall the song on the flip side but I remember it was a Taylor original and I liked it better.)*****Albert Gore, assistant superintendent at BCISD, will be installed as the new Bridge City Rotary Club president at a meeting at Wayside Inn.

Gore succeeds H.D. Pate. Other new officers are John Brooks, first vice president; Don Cole, second vice president; Charles Patton, third vice president, Chapman Bell secretary and Tim Lieby, sergeant-at-arms.

Directors are Lawrence Helton, Roy Dunn, C.R. Nash and Hank Eckhardt.

Gore is a graduate of Kirbyville High and received his masters at Sam Houston.

*****Gene Wright, an attorney in Cleveland, Texas, and partner of Roy Dunn in Triangle Press, got the worst news possible on Father’s Day.

A paddle-wheeler in Ottawa, Kansas with tourists on board, turned over and 15 were drowned.

Gene’s former wife Sandy, mother-in-law and his 9-year-old daughter Missy drowned.

His son Allan and former father-in-law were saved.

Missy’s body wasn’t recovered for several days.

Gene was a law school classmate of State Rep.

Wayne Peveto.

Gene and Sandy were friends of the Peveto’s.Wayne was in Austin and unable to attend the funeral.

Wayne’s wife Sandy and Roy made the trip to attend the services.

Gene was an attorney for Muhammad Ali. He drew up his contracts.

People from all over the country attended the funeral or sent flowers.

Ali sent representatives.

*****Congrats to the Lou Garriga family of Bridge City on their newest addition, Misty Kay on June 15.

That gives the family an even number of three girls to match their three boys.

*****Shannon Messer retires from B.F. Goodrich June 30.

He will donate his fulltime to his real estate business.


Sister Ruth invites everyone to Harvest Chapel revival.

Harvest Chapel, a full gospel church, located at 1305 Irving St. in West Orange, will be holding a revival starting Sunday, June 24 through Wed.

June 27, 7 p.m.


Evangelist Steven Hammond and family, from Lufkin, will be ministering.

Everyone is welcome.

You will be truly blessed.*****The 4,000 mile charity bike run, from Austin to Anchorage for Texas charity, taking 70 days, started June 2 and will conclude Aug. 10.

The ride consists of 69 riders in three groups, on different routes.

The ride was founded by cancer survivor Chris Condit while at the University of Texas in 2004.

Riders are current Texas students.

According to a news release, the group has raised more than $8 million to fight cancer.***** Nineteen years ago this past week, on June 16, John Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn Bassette and her sister Lauren were killed when their plane crashed at sea.

They were on their way to attend a family member’s wedding.*****I noticed in birthdays that on June 21, Wade Phillips will turn 71.

From my standpoint it seems his years have really flown by.

I recall his first coaching job at Stark High in Orange.

Wade and his dad, “Bum” are both Orange natives.

Bum was born at home on John Street and Wade at the old Orange hospital.

He has coached at more colleges and pro-teams than any coach still active today.*****Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, calls himself a soldier in the global campaign to legalize marijuana.

He is joining the board of directors of Cannabis Publication ‘High Times’ to advance his agenda.

Fox believes a robust, legal marketplace will produce new jobs and sharply reduce cartel violence.

Fox also see pot trades as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement among Mexico, Canada and the United States.

He sees it as a whole new legal industry.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and at Robert’s next week.

Last week Chad Jenkins, the incoming JP for Pct.

2, introduced his pretty wife Windi, who is a Special Ed teacher at Orangefield.

Everyone always welcome.*****Yesterday, June 19, is known as Juneteen to many folks my age.

In my youth it was an important day to Black people. In 1865, Union troops announced the news that the Civil War was over and that all remaining slaves were free.

Juneteenth is celebrated today but not like in years gone by.*****This week in 1917, the British Royal family took the name Windsor after King George, in WWI, ordered the Royal family to dispense with German titles and surnames.***** The Texas Longhorns baseball team fell apart in their loss to Arkansas in the College World Series.

The Horns lost the game 11 to 5.

Texas Tech upset Florida, the number one ranked team in the nation.

That put Texas up against Florida in the loser’s bracket Tuesday afternoon.

Florida got excellent pitching from Jackson Kowar, with 13 strikeouts.

Their bats were hot also hitting two homeruns against Shugart, who otherwise pitched eight good innings.

Florida won 13 to 1 to eliminate the Horns.


June 20: Celebrating today are Keith Kay, Debbie Johansson, Lynda Phillips and Karen Stevens.

Joining them are actors Nicole Kidman, 50 and John Goodman, 65, singers Lionel Richie, 68 and Brian Wilson, 75.*****June 21: Celebrating birthdays today are Dr.

Clay Greeson, Kyle Braquet, Dustin Hartsfield, Sarah Claybar and coach Wade Phillips turns 71.

Celebrating also are actors Chris Pratt, 38 and Juliette Lewis, 44 and British Royalty Prince William turns 35 today.*****June 22:David DuBose, Don Finley, Paul Richardson, Caitlin Wells and Charlene Braus celebrate today.

Joining them are TV host Carson Daly, 44, football player Kurt Warner, 46, and actress Meryl Streep, 68.*****June 23:Ken Johnson, Sissy Braus, Kim Turbeville, Jaden Trahan all celebrate today.

Also TV show host Randy Jackson, 61, singer Jason Mraz, 40 and Soul singer Duffy, 33.*****June 24:Ronnie Broussard, Barbara Garza, Wesley Smith, Amanda Adams and Blake Amy all celebrate today.

Joining them are actors Tommy Lister, 39, Ariana Madix, 32 and singer Solange Knowles, 31.*****June 25: Constable Chris Humble, Elise Becker, Cher Becker, Linda Taylor all celebrate.

Also celebrating are actors Sheridan Smith, 36 and Karisma Kapoor, 43 and singer Carly Simon, 72.*****June 26: Having birthdays today are KOGT’s own Gary Stelly, Judy Cagle and Sherby Dixon.

They are joined by Derek Jeter, 43 and actors Nick Offerman, 47 and Chris O’Donnell, 47.


Sostan’s neighbor Ella Mae Fontenot, a widow woman, found out her dog could hardly hear so she took it to veterinarian Alcid Breaux. He found da problem was hair in da dog’s ears and cleaned boat ears and dat dog him could hear jus fine.

Doctor Breaux told Ella Mae if she wanted to keep dis from reoccurring, she should go to da store and get some “Nair” hair remover and rub it in it’s ears once a mont.

Ella Mae went to da drugstore and got some Nair. At da register, da druggist Comeaux told her, “If you’re going to use dis under your arms, don’t use deodorant for a few days.”

Ella Mae said, “Mr. Comeaux I’m not using it under my arms.”

Comeaux said, “If you’re using it on your legs, don’t shave for a couple of days.”

Ella Mae said, “Mr. Comeaux, I’m not using it on my legs eater, and if you must know, I’m using it on my Schnauzer me.” Druggist Comeaux him was dumb-founded and speechless.


Ted Now Broken Hearted

Ted Cruz had a change of heart when the heat was turned up on Trump’s handling of children being taken away from their parents.

Now Cruz is leaving the sinking ship and says he will introduce a bill that forbids taking children from their parents.

Cruz, over the weekend at the Texas Republican Convention, sided with the Trump policy and suggested that the parents should bear the blame for their children being taken away.

He blows with the wind but Beto O’Rourke, who is running to unseat Cruz, who he calls a ‘Do Nothing’ senator, has Ted looking at his hole card.

I agree with Beto, I don’t recall a thing Cruz has accomplished besides shutting the government down, costing millions, a lot of problems and accomplishing nothing.

Watch Beto’s poll numbers climb in the coming months.*****My time is up.

Thanks for coming along.

Please read us cover to cover.

Take care and God bless.


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