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A daring rescue mission in the treacherous confines of a flooded Thai cave saved all 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped deep within the labyrinth, ending a grueling, 18-day ordeal that claimed the life of an experienced volunteer diver and riveted people around the world.

Eight boys were rescued by a team of Thai and international drivers on Sunday and Monday.

The remaining four boys and their 25-year-old coach were all brought out safely Tuesday.

We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what.

“All the 13 Wild Boars are now out of the cave,” the Navy Seals said, referring to the name of the boy’s soccer team.

“Everyone is safe.”***** .

I’d best quit jawing and get down the road.

You’re welcome to come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Back when Donald Trump was running with 16 others for the GOP nomination, I wrote if he was nominated he would wreck the Republican Party as we know it.

Also I said if elected, it would be four years of chaos, mainly because he wouldn’t play straight.

He never had in his life.

I also said at the time that two things Trump wouldn’t do was release his tax returns and fall out with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

I reminded everyone the bottom line is the Trump brand.

He won’t be president always and he doesn’t want to lose that Russian connection.

Putin is worth $70 billion, Trump, $2.9 billion.

Trump got snookered by the “Little Rocket Man” but on July 16, he will meet with Putin one on one.

That is scary.

Trump’s no match for the former KGB head.

Putin will jack-off his sick ego and Bozo’s knees will get weak and he’s subject to give him the farm.

When Trump repeated several times that “Putin is fine,” Putin knew right then he had him on the hook, all he has to do is reel him in.

The big question is what does Putin have on him that causes Trump to go against his own intelligence agency and say Putin had not interfered in our 2016 elections? Either he has something ‘kinky’ on him or Russia has laundered money through the Trump organization.

Those two getting their heads together is not good news for the American people.

Kim Jung-un is a minor player that Trump made a star.

Putin is already a star that will turn Trump into a bit player in a big boy’s game.

As for what is happening on the border, Trump’s cruelty was predictable when he started calling hardworking family members rapists and murderers to make us hate them like he wants us to hate the FBI and justice system.

He praises ICE, who is more like the KGB or Gestapo.

They don’t operate like other law enforcement.

They don’t read Miranda Rights or get warrants to knock down doors.

They shouldn’t be abolished but should be made to operate like all law enforcement agencies.

Don’t forget about his monument, the great ‘TrumpWall. If the GOP can hold on to the congress he will get his monument and also knock out health care that covers pre-existing conditions.

Those two things are sure to happen if the congress is not changed.


President Trump nominated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, a staunch conservative, to fill the seat of Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Kennedy was often the swing vote, that won’t be the case with Kavanaugh if he’s confirmed by the Senate.

A battle running into October will be hard fought between the two parties.

The GOP has the upper hand with a 52 to 48 vote in the senate.


John McCain being out cuts it to a closer margin and some GOP senators opposed to overturning Roe vs Wade that has been the law 45 years and has 70% support from U.S. citizens.

My belief is that ending Roe vs Wade wouldn’t end abortion, instead the Federal Court would shift the battle to the states.

I believe mostly that it will remain the law of the land.

Chief Justice John Roberts is likely to become the swing vote.

He has stated that he believes in established law.

He’s aware of the court’s image and the damage to its reputation.

There is evidence this is why Roberts voted to save the Affordable Care Act, preserving the idea that the Supreme Court is a judicial body, not a political one.

There are a lot more reasons to fear Kavanaugh on the court. These will all come out in the hearing.

Let the battle begin.



10 Years Ago-2008

Leavell Berry, 78, passed away July 10.

Funeral service is 2 p.m.

Tuesday, July 15, at First Baptist in Bridge City.

To husband S.Q., recovering from injuries sustained in a auto accident that took Mrs. Berry’s life, and to our longtime friend Brenda Ellender (Mrs. Kirk), daughter Rhonda, son Jeff and their families our sincere condolences.

She was a great lady.*****Our deepest sympathies also to the family of Lee Roy Neel, 86, who died July 12.

He was from the Greatest Generation, a Marine in WWII. He retired from Dupont and was a deacon at First Baptist Church in Mauriceville.

To his wife Ms.

Madeline and family we send our deepest sorrow.

He was a fine man.***** Richard Eugene Chapman, 73, of Orange, passed away Sunday, July 13.

Funeral service was held Wednesday, July 16.

He served in the US Army for 6 years and was a carpenter.

He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Margaret Chapman, daughters, Cheryl Duhon, Kim Roberts, and brothers, Thomas Chapman, Freddie Chapman, John Chapman and Wayne Chapman, sisters, Kathy Welch, Margaret Credeur and Linda Patronella, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.*****John Edward Herman, 60, of Orange, died Monday, July 7.

Funeral service was held Friday, July 11.

John was the oldest of six children.

He grew up playing sports and working at his family’s Mobil service station.

He retired from DuPont Sabine River Works after 34 years.

John served as former WO-S Booster Club president, DERA chairperson and member of the Teutonia Masonic Lodge#47 and El Mina Shriners of Galveston.

He is survived by wife of 33 years, Sherry, daughter, Amber Rae and son, Adam Kyle, brothers, Raymond and James Herman and sister, Frances Bacak.


40 Years Ago-1978

Opportunity Valley News publisher Roy Dunn is traveling the back roads of the Southwest.

He borrowed W.T. Oliver’s Merry Miler, Gordon Baxter gave him a send off on morning radio then Roy headed to College Station to pick up friend Conley Windell. They traveled to West Texas into Pecos then New Mexico and the scenic pass through the White Mountains, arriving in Lincoln County, where “Billy the Kid’ is a Robin Hood-like hero. They set up camp in the White Mountains of Arizona, Zane Grey country, overlooking the Tonto Basin below, the rim where Grey’s cabin stood.

Nights are 40 degrees and campfires feel good.

Their morning breakfast, which never tasted so good, was cooked on the campfire and consisted of fresh sausage, eggs and flapjacks with open-fire brewed, bucket coffee.

No radio, newspaper or phone. The back roads are the way to wash away the taint of capitalism.

(Editor’s note: Roy wrote his column from Nothing, Ariz., and sent it by telegraph.

He said, “Nothing has nothing.” Water for the radiator is fetched from the river below with a bucket and a long rope.

He says they ask you not to waste it because it’s precious.

*****Sharon Bearden is now scuffing for a living in the private sector.

He has hung up a sign that reads “Lawyer for Hire, Have Gun Will Travel.” He’s off running and happy as a lark, a far cry from the pressures of the DA’s office.*****Three of the colorful characters running around Orange are JimmyConn, Joe Blanda and Ed Bacon. Hang with any of these three and you’re inviting trouble.*****Coy Charrier is service manager at Stephens Buick on I-10.

Roy Salter is parts manager.*****Dickie Colburn of “The Fishing Hole” presents a program to the Dera Bass Club on locating and catching suspended bass.

(Editor’s note: What is a suspended bass?)*****Dr.

H.H. Cox, Orange’s second oldest Chiropractor, is now located at 506 Middle St. (Editor’s note: If Cox was the second oldest who was the oldest?)*****Triple L. Honda is selling the Honda Express (Mopad) for $329.

It gets 100 miles to the gallon.*****Red’s Restaurant, 1522 Strickland Drive, serves pit barbecued charcoal steaks, fresh seafood, $4.95 ‘All You Can Eat’ Friday night seafood buffet and noon buffet, $2.75.*****Dist.

Judges, Graham Bruce, 128th, David A. Dunn, 163rd and Don Burgess, 260th announced the re-appointment of Orange County auditor Julia Bacon to a two year term effective July 13.


Louisiana U.S. Senator John Kennedy, a Republican, just returned from Russia with a congressional group.

He warns against trusting President Vladimir Putin.

He reports dealing with Putin and Russia is like, “Dealing with the Mafia.”****Don’t expect the tariffs China is imposing on the U.S. to be shared equally by the states.

Farm and seafood producing states are going to be hit the hardest, also agricultural products, like soybeans, sorghum, tobacco and meat Auto making states, along with vegetable, fruit and nut growers will take a lick but in time every citizen will feel the pinch at the checkout.*****Noel Cintron, Trump’s family chauffer for more than 25 years, has joined the thousands of plaintiffs who have said they are owed money by Trump.

Cintron’s lawsuit alleges Trump ‘shirked his obligation.” The driver said he was cheated and was let go once the family got the Secret Service to chauffeur them.

Cintron, like many others, didn’t get what he was promised.*****Missing the good old days of Barack Obama and Joe Biden? The best buddies are back together again.

They are now mystery solvers.

That’s right.

The first novel is a new “Obama-Biden mystery series.” Andrew Shaffer’s,“Hope Never Dies” Quick Books, 304 pp.

They play amateur detectives.

Amtrak Joe” is one of the main players.

The twosome, with Secret Service agent Steve in tow, is right out of a James Bond film.


July 20, will mark 49 years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon with the words, “The Eagle has landed, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” That was a proud moment for every American.

Anyone today who was five or older then still recalls that event and where they were at the time.

In 1961, new President John F. Kennedy directed that the U.S. would reach the moon in this decade and so we did, in 1969.*****We can’t go without remembering that July 15th will mark the 11th anniversary of the murder of Bridget Gearen of Orange.

Gearen, a 1996 graduate of Orangefield High School was employed by a Beaumont law firm.

A weekend getaway at Crystal Beach with family and friends turned out to be deadly and a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

After she disappeared a search began by locals and law enforcement.

By early morning, campers on the beach found her beaten and partially clothed body near the water’s edge.

Eleven years later no arrest has been made in her murder.

What became of this case?*****Six teams have recorded 10,000 wins in the National League, including St. Louis Cardinals, who achieved that milestone on June 25.

Do you know who the other five teams are? (Answer below C’est Tout.)*****For quite some time I suspected that Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan was rotten.

He is rude and a smart-ass.

He’s Sean Hannity, the Trump advisor’s, big buddy.

Now it appears my suspicion was right, Jordan stood by and did nothing when a bunch of youngsters were being sexually molested while he was a wrestling coach.

There’s some more shoes to drop on that bunch.*****Speaking of that, Rudy, the chief snake oil salesman, was making the Sunday morning TV shows.

He’s reappeared to sell, you guessed it, his snake oil.*****These things don’t happen often.

Mark Reynolds, who had a 5-for-5, 10 RBI game for the Nationals on Saturday, after hitting a pinch-hit, walk-off home run Friday.

Mark ended the weekend Sunday by going 2-for-4 plus a walk after starting at third and pitching one-third of an inning, retiring the only batter he faced in the ninth.***** I noticed that some very interesting people are having birthdays in the following week.

The sexiest little beauty to ever come out of Orange, Dayle Gunn Weatherford, is still a fox.

It’s unbelievable that she turns 75 on July 11.***County Treasurer, our buddy Christy Khoury, celebrates on July 12.***A special lady, Neighbor Cox’s bride of 70 years, Ms.

Ginny,” reaches her 90th birthday on July 13.

She is a resident, along with our longtime friend Calvin Stakes, Sr., at Golden Years.***Also celebrating on this day is a special friend, a beautiful and kind mother of two younguns, special children who were planned for.

Happy birthday to my beautiful friend Donna Peterson.***Special great folks who celebrate on July 15, Tommy Harmon, Peggy Claybar, that Stringer girl, what a beauty, who married David all those years ago.

I haven’t seen her in a long time but there was a time I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.***Also celebrating is pretty Melissa Eshbach and Orange Mayor Larry Spears, Jr.***Celebrating July 16 is Brad’s lovely wife, retired teacher Carlis Roy, and also our friend longtime car salesman Preston Fuller.***July 17 finds a special lady, longtime friend and the toughest person we know Edee Pratt celebrating a big number today.

Happy Birthday to all the fine folks on our birthday list.*****Now on to another subject.

Our brother Sharon Bearden, who was a baseball catcher in his youth, has finally had to give in to a bum left knee.

He will go under the knife in Houston on August 20.

Sharon entered private practice 40 years ago after serving as District Attorney.

His specialty is criminal law and he’s as good at it as anyone who hung up a shingle and Orange County has had some great ones.

A few defense attorneys who come to mind are Bill Sexton, Louis Dugas, Jim Morris, John O. Young, Don Kelly and many, many more.*****A USA Today snapshot finds 67% of Americans would expect Canada and Mexico to welcome them if a conflict forced them to flee the United States.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and at JB’s Barbeque next week.

Everyone is always welcome.


People in the area celebrating birthdays in the next few days July 11: Celebrating are Michael Brinson, Denise Ducote, Kathy Lynd and Cleon Hogan.

Joining them are fashion designer Giorgio Armani, 83, actors Mindy Sterling, 64 and Justin Chambers, 47.*****July 12: Lana Griffith, Craig Simmons, Dera Breaux and Josette Webb all celebrate.

Also country singer Kimberly Perry, 34, actress Cheryl Ladd, 66 and entrepreneur Richard Simmons, 69.*****July 13: Kristen McCurry, Steve Sarver, Susan Everett, Billy Bryant all celebrate.

Joining them are actors Harrison Ford, 75, Patrick Stewart, 77 and Cheech Marin, 71.***** July 14: Celebrating today are Jared Ganze, Calvin Rutledge, Ella Stuebing.

Also celebrating are MMA fighter Conor McGregor, 29, actors Matthew Fox, 51 and Jane Lynch, 57.*****July 15: Having birthdays today are Mark Grizzaffi, Tracy Addison, Melissa Eshbach, Cassey Polk.

Celebrities celebrating today are comedian Gabriel Iglesias, 41, actors Forest Whitaker, 56 and Brigitte Nielsen, 54.*****July 16: Preston Fuller and Lorie Dubose celebrate.

They are joined by actors Will Ferrell, 50 Corey Feidman, 46 and former football player Berry Sanders, 49.*****Deborah Ashcraft, and Harold Lonadier are a year older on this day.

Celebrities getting older also are country singer Luke Bryan, 41, actor David Hasselhoff, 65 and British royalty Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles, 70


Maurice Comeaux and Clovis Abshire were into dere second hour of drinking suds at Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill wen da conversation turned to having nerve and bravery.

Maurice says, “I’ll tell you wat having real guts is,”

Tee-Boy, standing behind da bar axe, “Wat’s dat hanh?”

“Well,” Maurice say, it’s coming home late after a night out wit Kee-Kee, Lu-Lu and da boys, met at da door by you wife wit a broom and having da guts to axe, “Hey, Babe, are you still cleaning or are you flying somewhere.”

Clovis say, “I’ll tell you wat having balls is.”

Tee-Boy say, “Wat’s dat?”

Well, it’s coming home late, late, after a night out wit da guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on you collar and slapping your wife on da butt and having da balls to say, “You’re next fatty.”


Judge Resets Timeline to Return Kids

A Federal Judge, Dana Sabraw, in San Diego, appointed by President George W. Bush, had ordered the Trump Administration to reunite all children under five with their parents by Tuesday, July 10 and the remaining 3,000 by July 26.

Citizens have angrily objected to ICE agents cruelly wrenching crying children from parents at the border and shipping them thousands of miles away.

In a very incompetent operation the federal government loss track of the youngsters and who they belong with.

Reunifying children with their parents needs to be a top priority.

Experts say children could suffer serious psychological damage with each day away from parents.

The government has not been transparent.

Now they will attempt to use DNA to try and match up the children with their parents. If they chose to be cruel they should have at least kept a log or an arm band, like in hospitals, so each child could have been matched with parents.

Everyone could have had a number.

I would bet some parents will never see their children again, more than just a few.

So far only four children out of 100, less than five years old have been returned.

On Tuesday, Judge Sabraw set a new timeline for all children to be reunited.

Don’t look for the Feds to meet the new deadline because many parents have been deported with no records kept of their distention.

Put yourself in those parents position.

I once lost a grandchild in a big department store.

I panicked.

Five minutes seemed like an hour.

I never thought I’d live long enough to see this great country I was raised in become so cruel.

Slavery was cruel and we still feel the effects.

This latest treatment of our human race won’t soon go away either.***** My time is up.

Thanks for coming along.

Please read us cover to cover.

Take care and God bless.*****Answer to baseball question.

(The Braves, Cubs, Giants, Pirates and Dodgers.

The oldest, Braves and Cubs, started in 1876; Cardinals, the youngest, in 1892; Giants, 1883, Dodgers, 1884 and Pirates, 1887.)


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