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My guess is that Dist.

Attorney John Kimbrough isn’t going anywhere and there is no reason for him to do so.

Over the years John has and is doing a good job.

He has run an efficient, tight ship.

Different than most district attorney’s offices there is not the regular scuttlebutt, back stabbing etc.

John is in good health, still can run the 20-yard dash and loves what he does.

I’m sure, like all professionals, there are days that make one think, “I should get out of here,” but then the spell passes.

A year from now will be early enough for Kimbrough to decide what he really wants to do, which I believe is run for another term.

I have found that John is a man of his word and until he says, “I’m retiring,” I won’t believe it.

His top assistant Phillip Smith has announced that he’s interested in replacing him.

Phillip would be a good candidate, with experience and very qualified.

I’ve known him a long time as Capt.

Smith’s son.

He was a Sabine Pilot captain for years and lived on Cow Bayou.

He’s also Harry Stephen’s son-in-law.

(That should cost him a few points.) I wish him the best when the time comes but I don’t look for it to be anytime soon.*****Now I must move on.

Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The shame of it all, the two biggest heisters, Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, have bonded together against the world.

Trump assailed our allies and our neighbors and threw great deference on Putin and Russia.

The way Trump said the two countries own 90 percent of all nuclear power sounded like he was saying he and Vladimir could take over the world if they wanted to.

After meeting privately for two hours in Helsinki, a meeting Trump had insisted be held with no witnesses, only with interpreters, he said that he accepted Putin’s denials that Moscow interfered with the 2016 U.S. election.

Trump declined to challenge Putin despite holding 12 indictments of Russian government agents.

I suspect at some point someone in our government will debrief the U.S. interpreter.

It might be after Trump is gone but for now no one but this person knows what Trump gave away.

When Trump was elected I said the day would come when Russia would control the U.S.A. without firing a shot.

Donald Trump, Jr. gave it away in 2015 when the Trump organization couldn’t borrow money in New York.

He said they didn’t need New York banks, they could get all the money they wanted out of Russia.

Standing side by side with Putin, with American and Russian flags surrounding them, they acted like old friends, unlike the meeting Trump had just completed with NATO allies, where the American president rattled our friends.

On the very same day he embraced an authoritarian adversary.

Trump’s judgment shook the global alliances forged by the United States and its allies since World War II. A lot of work had been put in by several U.S. administrations to secure protection against Russia or any nation that would attack any of us.

Putin has a long tried to cause a breakup by the NATO countries.

Now he has an ally in Trump.

Putin has Trump’s nuts in a vice and he can turn the crank at any time.

That really puts our country at a disadvantage.

It puts Russia first.

Trump wants to act tough but when it comes to challenging Putin, he’s a pussy.

There’s a reason for that.


John McCain said, “No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.” What could possibly cause Trump to put the interest of Russia over those of the United States? It’s scary when you think about it.

There is concern in foreign capitals around the globe.

Trump cited the European Union as a foe and withdrew his signature last month at the G-7 Summit, while insisting Russia should be included, making it G-8. Why does he want Russia to have more influence? Monday was the darkest day for the United States since 9-11. It will be up to Republican Legislatures to put the breaks on Trump. Those that don’t speak up, through their silence, indorse Trump’s wild policies.

The political theater by the House Intelligence Committee led by Jim Jordan and the gang, just gives Trump the confidence to believe the congress has his back and he can get away with anything.

That is why the midterm elections are so important.

We need changes.


John Cornyn has spoken up but as of now Sen.

Ted Cruz has gone undercover.

He agrees with Trump’s policy on the border of grabbing children but he hasn’t said if he disagrees with Trump hugging Putin tight, real tight.


10 Years Ago-2008

We were deeply saddened to learn about the death of Margaret Saint. She and Dot Eshbach over the years cut a wide path down the highways and bi-ways with their national and international travels.

Margaret’s death was unexpected.

She was in the hospital for what was supposed to be routine surgery.

At age 87, nothing is routine.

Their life would make a great movie, “Two old gals on the road.” Margaret will be missed by everyone who knew her.

*****We were also sorry to learn that Ivan Cain, 87, died July 17.

He and Frances were married 66 years.

He’s another member of the Kroger Koffee Klub to pass on.

A great bunch of guys who have met for coffee at Kroger for many years.***** We were sorry to hear that our buddy and longtime Record and Enterprise newspaper carrier Francis Hogg suffered a heart attack in Beaumont last week.

She was just a few blocks from the hospital.

They fixed her up with a stent and she’s doing all right now.

For 10 years, she has delivered our County Record and always does a great job.

We wish this sweetheart the best.

*****Our friend Cal Broussard is not at 100 percent after his surgery, but he’s getting there.

A report test in Houston last week shows his ulcer has quit bleeding.

*****The American Legion Post 250 honored Walter Gaston, founder of the Penny Record, last week.

Walter was one of the founders and charter members of that post.

*****The Bridge City Lion’s Club was thankful to Johnny and Darlene Montagne for donation of a moonwalk.

I haven’t heard if Johnny demonstrated it.

*****Tickets to the big “Bayou Bash” starring Wayne Toups, Saturday, Aug. 9, at VFW Post 2775 in Orange are available.

The Hunter Krewe, Larry Hunter for state Representative of District 19, is sponsoring the “Bash”.

Food will be served.*****We hear former Bridge City baseball player John Dishon, now at LSU, is playing baseball in the Chicago area this summer.*****Last week President George Bush invoked executive privilege to avoid turning over records of the FBI interview of hatchet man, vice president Dick Cheney’s subpoena by Congress in the CIA leak case.

Lewis “Scooter” Libby has already taken the fall in the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson.

He was convicted of perjury.*****Happy birthday to 95-year-old B.J. Jones. A big party was held in his honor at the ranch of grandson, Dr.

David Jones Saturday evening.

B.J. is the father of Dr.

Jimmy Jones and Cynthia (Mrs. Dan) Hooks. All had a great time.*****Best wishes to Ryan Kimbrough on July 25.

*****Happy anniversary to Linda and Brown Claybar who celebrate July 22 and to Janice and Pete Gresham whose big day is July 24.

*****Robert Hankins has written a very interesting story on the railroad swing bridge over the Sabine River.

It was built in 1903.

I believe that was before the first auto came to Orange.


Brown owned the first vehicle around 1904.

Mark got a nice shot of the old bridge but it wasn’t easy.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Brandon Lee Burton, 23, of Orange, passed away July 13.

Funeral service was held Thursday, July 17.He is survived by his mother, Shelia Morris; father, Ronnie Burton and wife Meshia, grandparents, Doug Morris, Bill and Joyce Burton.*****Donald E. Goodsell, 86, of Orangefield, passed away Sunday, July 13.


Funeral service was held July 17.

He was a United States Army World War II veteran and was retired from DuPont after 35 years.

He is survived by his daughters, RaDonna Fancher, Mary Bonaventure and Jo Lynn Mott, four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.***** Elray Bergeaux, 67, of Orange, passed away, Wednesday, July 16.

Graveside services were held Friday, July 18.

He is survived by his sisters, Jean Barnhart and Dorothy Jeanise and a brother, Wilfred Bergeaux.***** Richard Eugene “Gene” Hicks Jr., 56, of Orange, passed away Sunday, July 13.

Funeral services were held Saturday July 19.

He worked as a welder for American Bridge and is a United States Army veteran.

Gene was a graduate of West Orange High School.

He is survived by his daughter, Kathy Lenz and sister, Patricia Sullivan, and three nephews.***** Alma Grierson Hebert, 70, of Orange, passed away Tuesday, July 15.

Service was held Saturday, July 19.

She is survived by her children, Tammy Roland, Ronald “Bubba” Hebert and Jennie Luce, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


40 Years Ago-1978

GSU is putting on a microwave workshop; learn to cook and the general use of the microwave oven.

(Editor’s note: Can you believe that just 40 years ago, people were taking lessons on how to use the new microwave.

Today we couldn’t make it without one.)*****Pinehurst Mayor A.R. Morgan, other city officials and area dignitaries cut ribbon for opening for the new K-Mart to open July 29 on MacArthur Drive.

*****Roy Dunn’s account of his travels through the Southwest continues.

“With my friend Conley Windell, I started on this trek over a week ago, traveling the back roads of the Southwest and taking in all our eyeballs could stand.

We put in long days, rising at 4 a.m.

with bedtime at midnight. My sidekick was the trail cook, serving fresh fire brewed coffee along with a big breakfast, before daylight in the cool, fresh mountain air.

At night camp he served up choice steak or sometimes fried fresh trout from a nearby creek.

One night around 10:30 p.m., just passed Hoover Dam, millions of lights, like a large mirage, appeared 20 off miles away in the middle of the desert. Ahead was the world’s most famous watering hole. Hot, hungry and ready for an indoor bath, the sight of Las Vegas was not only beautiful at this time of night, but also very welcomed.

Over 400,000 visitors had come to the Mecca in the desert. My dad Clay use to say, “Vegas is where the sheep go to get sheared.” You name the game and someone will provide it.

No other place in the world is like it and will never be duplicated.” (Next week part 3)*****Ace and Jo Amodeo have just returned from riding a mule through the terrains of Colorado.

*****Wayne Morse has found a pot of gold in the Lakeview community of Vidor.

He has purchased a store and home there. He and wife Sherry have moved from Bridge City.

Wilson Roberts has been hired to carry all the money to the bank.

*****The Rev. Charles T. Broussard is new pastor of First Baptist Church in West Orange.

He is a 1954 grad of Orangefield.

He, wife Bonnie and son Bill live on Ollie Road.


Peggy’s Place, formally Peggy’s on the Bayou had their second Texas Hold Em tourney this past weekend with a great turnout, The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place take home prizes were awarded.

Book your card games, showers, social meetings or reunions at Peggy’s.

Monday, July 23 at 6PM a Liquid Picasso Painting Party will be held.

Only $30.00 includes a 16x20 canvas and supplies to paint your masterpiece.

Be sure to call to reserve your spot at 409-886-1115.*****Our buddy Earl Duhon, of Dupuis Tire and Service, had his family and friends concerned when it was diagnosed that his cancer had returned.

He went to Galveston for another opinion, spent eight days in the hospital and came out with a clean health report. He had been misdiagnosed.

All he had was an infection, a bad one.

His wife has grounded him.

His days of riding a tractor or mower are over.

Too much bouncing.*****Speaking of health, if you want a good heart diagnosis we recommend Gulf Coast Cardiology.

It’s very important to check your heart if you are near 60 years or older.

It was the best investment in time I ever made.

There are four cardiologists in the building and you don’t need a doctor’s recommendation or appointment.

They will get a realistic picture of how healthy you are.

I’ve used Dr.

Morbia for 20 years and after a couple of stints and a check up every six months, he makes sure I’m heart healthy.

He will give you his cell phone number, insisting you call him anytime, day or night if you feel like you might have a problem.

They are good, caring doctors.

Tell them we sent you.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and Navrozsky’s next week.

Everyone welcome.*****Our friend Phillip Welch stopped by with 2-year-old son Sterling Houston, a good looking kid, like his mom.

He’s a Gemini, celebrating June 1.

They brought a jar of Bo Henley’s fresh batch, local honey.*****Port Commissioner Carol Holt stopped by also with the bottle of pure vanilla he promised me sometimes back.

He makes it from the bean and it takes several months to age.

It’s so pure ‘one drop will do it.’ You can’t buy this stuff on the shelf.***** In a survey of 4,383 U.S. females, one of four women confess to wearing shoes during sex.

I’ll bet four out of nine wore high heels.*****Sen.

Lindsey Graham commenting on the World Cup soccer ball Putin gave Trump said, “If it were me, I’d check the soccer ball for listening devices and never allow it in the White House.”*****We were sorry to hear of the tragic death of our friend Ross Talmadge’s daughter Jessica.

Our prayers are with the family.***** Quote made by a fool.

Trump, on the world stage in Helsinki, said, “I think the United States has been foolish.” Then Putin added, “Russia has never interfered and is never going to interfere in American internal affairs, including elections.” That statement threw the world’s best intelligent agents under the bus.

The U.S. has the proof regardless of what Trump and Putin say. Trump agrees with the guy who attacked our democracy.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the coming week.

July 18: Celebrating today are Cheryl Richard, Sandra Navarro and Don Fields.

Joining them are actors Vin Diesel, 50 and Kristen Bell, 37 and TV show host Wendy Williams, 53.*****July 19: Kurt Moerbe, Pam Scales Honeycutt, Robin Thibodeaux, Melissa Martin, Paige Williams and Preston Wayne Sullivan all celebrate.

Celebrities having birthdays on this day country singer Tim Foust, 36, MMA fighter Jon Jones, 30, actors CumberbatchBenedict, 41 and Jared Padalecki, 35.*****July 20: Celebrating are Kenyetta Foster, Megan Stephson and Rebecca Toal.

Also having birthdays are dancer Julianne Hough, 29, actor Sandra Oh, 46 and guitarist Carlos Santana, 70.*****July 21: Tod Hurst, Amiel Leleux, Danika Dubose celebrate.

Also folk singer Cat Stevens, 69, actress Juno Temple, 28 and basketball player DeAndre Jordan, 29.***** July 22: Jeff Anderson, Keazie Cappel celebrate birthdays today also pop singer Selena Gomez, 25, actor David Spade, 53, football player Ezekiel Elliot, 22, and TV host Alex Trebek, 77.***Brown & Linda Claybar celebrate an anniversary on this day.*****July 23: Travis Estes, Jim Reves and Linda Brinson celebrate today.

Joining them are actors Woody Harrelson, 56 and Paul Wesley, 35 also guitarist Slash, 52.***T.W. and Lynda Permenter celebrate their 57th anniversary.*****July 24: Celebrating today are Chassadi Decker, Ralph Rucker, James Rucker, Judy Batchelor and Lee Harris and our special, longtime friend Margie Stephens.

Celebrities joining them are singer Jennifer Lopez, 48, basketball player Rick Fox, 48, and actress Kristen Chenoweth, 49.


Marie Brasseaux and Clotile Comeaux, two ladies who are pillars at the Calvary Baptist Church in Crowley, went grocery shopping at Tee-Bruce’s Food Center. Wen dem two ladies happened to pass by da beer, wine and liquor section, Marie axe Clotile if she would like one of dem beers.

Clotile said, “It would be very nice to have one but me, I would feel uncomfortable about buying it.”

Marie replied, “Clotile, don’t worry about dat no, I’ll handle dat me witout a problem.” She picked up a six-pack of Miller Light and took it to da checkout.

Maurice, da cashier, had a surprised look, so Marie, da good Baptist sister, said, “Dis is for washing our hair.”

Without blinking an eye Mauriece reach under da counter and put a package of pretzel sticks in da bag wit da beer and says, “The curlers are on me.”


Last week I had a long phone visit with longtime friend Glenda Dyer.

She and Paul live on a farm out of Nashville that goes back in his family to the mid 1800’s.

The 400 acres of rolling hills has singer/musician Trace Atkins for a neighbor and he is now interested in acquiring some of their land.

The Dyer’s raise a lot of vegetables, chickens and hogs.

For years Paul and Glenda lived in Orange.

He retired from DuPont and she spent the years in the newspaper business, The Record, Leader, Enterprise and her own Bridge City publication.

Glenda’s education took her within a year of a medical degree but she decided she really didn’t want to be a doctor.

She wanted to be a writer instead.

Glenda was diagnosed with cancer and has gone through the usual battle and is doing some unusual treatments.

She claims not to be worried about it.

She still has a daughter and grandchildren here and she and Paul are planning a summer trip this way soon.

I was interested in speaking to Glenda about the new information on the 1955 Emmitt Till murder case.

Glenda wrote a story for us about one of the men Roy Bryant charged for the murder.

He had been a resident of Orange and worked at the shipyard in the late 50’s.

He died in 1994.

His brother J.W. Milam was also charged for the murder.

Bryant’s wife claimed the 14 year old Till had made advances.**********My time has run out.

Thanks for yours.

Please shop the good folks who bring you Orange County’s most widely read paper.

Read us cover to cover, our staff works hard for you.

Thanks for your loyalty and support. Take care and God bless.


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