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To live on the Gulf Coast there is a yearly chance of a hurricane.

If a storm comes it blows in and leaves its damage.

We make repairs and live until the next time.

I predicted we would not have a storm this year.

If we do it will be late because of the high pressure due to hang over us.

Summer storms don’t come every year, in a dozen years we have been hit by only three major ones.

The damage is a far cry from the California fires that leave nothing standing.

Fires take every possession but what a person takes with them.

The wildfire going on now covers 425 square miles.

It is the second largest in California history and is on pace to become the largest ever.

At least 18 fires are burning in the state.

The Carr fire has killed seven people and destroyed over 1,008 houses.

Not only homes go up in smoke, $98 million in damage to roads, bridges and utilities has been done.

The weather offers no relief with high heat and low humidity.

Right now in the U.S.A. there are 100 fires burning with 28,000 firefighters battling fires across the nation.

I’ll take our storms.*****I’ve got to move on.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


We were sorry to hear of the death of the following Orange County citizens.

Elizabeth Duplechin, 91, a resident of Golden Years Nursing Home, passed away July 28, services were held July 31.

To daughter Virginia, sons Joseph and Keith and their families we send our heartfelt condolences.

She was a special lady to her children, grandchildren and all who knew her.*****Bill Edd Dixon, Sr., passed away Aug. 6.

He would have been 86 on Sept. 7.

He was an Air Force Korean War veteran and retired from Chevron Chemical.

He was a Deacon at McDonald Baptist Church and served on the Drainage District Board for 37 years.

To his wife Glenda, sons Bill Jr., and Obie and their families we extend our deepest sorrow.

A good man has left us.*****Jimmy Welch, 79, was also a longtime member of the Drainage District Board.

He passed away Aug. 5.

Service was held Aug. 7.

To his wife Sheila, daughter Lonna, son Bryan and their families our sincere sympathies.

Please see obituary for all three of these great people who have left us.


On the day he took office, President Barack Obama was faced with an economy that was in the sink.

Unemployment was at 10.2 and two major auto makers were facing bankruptcy.

Millions of Americans were upside down on their home mortgages.

The national debt had doubled, the deficits was out of sight.

His plan was to save the country that was in freefall and build on an economy that would be long lasting and sustainable for years after he left office.

Unemployment was at a low 4.6 the day he left. He said if not mistreated the economy would continue to grow.

Fast forward to the now president, Donald Trump, has widely boasted of an economic revival of epic and historic proportions.

Like Obama predicted, the economy today is strong and growing.

Here are three key factors that indicate the strength of the economy, gross domestic product, jobs and wages.

In the second quarter of the year, the GDP grew 4.1 percent; however during Obama’s tenure it grew more than 4 percent in four different quarters.

Trump saying it’s a record is not a true fact.

Clinton beat 4 percent for twelve quarters.

In the first 18 months of Trump’s term, job growth averaged a healthy 193,000 per month, however in Obama’s last 18 months; job growth equaled an even more robust 206,000 per month.

The record economy Trump claims is not so.

In the recent 12 months of Trump’s presidency, average hourly wages grew 2.5 percent.

Again Trump’s record claims are false.

In Obama’s last year hourly wages grew 2.9 percent.

Trump’s economic performance is clearly far less than his rhetoric would have us believe.

No matter how you cut it, Trump’s desperate attempt to convince us that he’s the best economic president falls way short and isn’t much to brag about.

His latest brag is that he’s the most popular president among Republicans, even beating “Honest Abe.” This is really a big lie.

Eighty-seven percent of Republicans approve of him.

Only Gerald Ford had that low an approval.

George W., Nixon, George H. and Reagan, in modern times, scored higher than Trump. A record that Trump will meet is a trillion dollar deficit this year that was matched by George W. Bush during the Iraq war.

Trump’s ‘trickle down oppression,’ large tax break to the wealthy, is driving the economy now.

Wait until next year when the harm from the tariffs and deficit hits home.

The records he lies about will not be sustainable.

He will then blame it on the Democratic congress.

The U.S. has had 96 months of job growth, most of it Obama’s.

Friday’s job report for July was 157,000, the lowest in four years.

That’s the facts.

Check it out.

We’re being conned.


10 Years Ago-2008

Roy has been off sick with what is believed to be flu.

He missed his former classmate Ned Theall, who came by Friday.

We understand Ned and his Boogie Kings, along with G.G. Shinn, EAZY, Jerry LaCroix and Percy Sledge put on a great show Saturday night.

The place was packed.

Ned and Roy attended Abbeville High School together along with Bobby Charles and Warren Storm.Rockin’ Sidney attended what was called “the colored school” and Sammy Kershaw, born in Abbeville, attended school in Kaplan.*****Our friend next door, H.D. Pate, is having heart procedure in Houston Monday.

We hope everything goes well.

H.D. will be away at least two weeks barring any complications.***** For some reason I wasn’t really surprised when word broke last week that John Edwards had fessed up that he had an extra marital affair.

I’d be surprised if it was just one.

He and his videographer, Rielle Hunter, made love on more than one hot afternoon.

He says her baby ain’t his.

I’m sure that good-looking John had a lot of opportunities laid at his feet.

John didn’t learn from mistakes made by Clinton, Gov. Elliot Spitzer, Sen.

Gary Hart, Speaker Newt Gingrich or Sen.

David Vitter to name just a few.

Edwards said in his confession / statement he became increasingly egocentric and narcissist.

Here’s exactly what John said at the hearings about Clinton and the Monica affair.

We quote, “He has shown a remarkable disrespect for his office, the moral dimensions of leadership, his friends, his wife and his precious daughter.

It is breath taken to me the level to which that disrespect has risen.” Yes sir, old John said that about Bill. ***** Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie, age 40, and her fourth husband, which included Michael Jackson, are expecting twins.

Husband Michael Lockwood is a musician.

*****John Madden will start his 29th year of network NFL broadcasting.

The 72-year-old former football player and coach married Ms.

Virginia in 1959 and have two sons Joe and Mike. At age 32, after only two seasons as linebacker coach with Oakland he became the youngest lead coach in the American football league.

His .759 regular season winning percentage ranks as highest among coaches with 100 career victories.

His Raiders beat the Vikings 32-14 in Super Bowl XL. He started television broadcasting in 1979 with CBS, Fox in 1994, ABC in 2002 and NBC in 2006.

He was the first to use a chalkboard in broadcasting, allowing him to draw a circle around players on the screen.

His All-Madden team is always a big hit.

Then there’s the product he’s most known for, the Madden NFL video game, with more than 70 million copies sold.

***** The New York Jets will pick up a few local fans with Brett Farve as field general.

Roy received a signed football from Brett when he was with Green Bay.*****Congrats to Robert Walker, Rebecca Bryant, Ashley Gregg, Ashley Raley, Chris Wolfe of Orange and Jeffery Peveto Jr. of Bridge City.

All were part of the LSC-PA summer commencement.

40 Years Ago-1978

Members of the Evergreen Cemetery board ask the public for help for the restoration and preservation of the cemetery.

The cemetery had deteriorated when the committee took over in 1977.

The perpetual fund produces an income of only $1300 per year, 9 cents per space.

Board members are Jules David, Roy Wingate, Montreal Turner, Arlene Peet, Major Inman, Frances Reid, J.D. Stanfield, Georgia Singletary, Bonnie Sloan, Douglas Delaney and W.B. Hilliard.

(Editor’s note: In the past 40 years many of the above named board members have been laid to rest in Evergreen.)*****Darrell Segura, a member of Second Baptist and the Followers, a singing gospel group, performs at First Baptist in Bridge City.

Brother Charlie Walton is the pastor.

*****Santa Claus look alike, auctioneer W.E. Hancock, sells off holdings of the Williams brother’s Mauriceville saw mill.

The mill, owned by H.P. and C.L. Williams burned down twice, once in 1955 and once in 1966.

Their dad “Buck,” an Arkansas saw miller, started the mill in 1945.

A seven-foot band saw and planning mill, powered by steam and electricity, along with many other items and all the lumber was sold.

*****Last week Wanda Beth and Ed White became the proud parents of an 11-pound, 7-ounce son who they named Joseph Chester after the two grandfathers.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Chester Holts and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ed White.

*****Vera and Gerald Dolly are the proud grandparents of a baby girl, Tory Gail Charrier.

Parents are Daryl and Violet Charrier.

(Editor’s note: I remember that occasion.

I can’t believe it’s been 40 years.)*****Jim Dugas, the barber, relocates his “Sports Den” to a new, modern barbershop.

The new location is on 16th Street in the Cooper building across from Kroger in Orange.

*****Roy and his late friend Conley Windell continue their trek across the southwest.

We lifted some excerpt from his 1978 writings.

“If we pride ourselves on our ethnicity and diversity, we also must realize that pragmatically the bloodlines have meshed over the centuries.

In the southwest part of the United States it is clear that heritage, history, culture, legends, cuisines, tastes and manners owe as much to the Spanish and the Indians as to the cowboys and other settlers.

The southwest can claim the oldest culture in American history.

The best way to sustain one’s sense of history is to drive through its towns, villages and hammocks, visit the natives and be enriched in their culture.

A fascinating journey and one my friend Conley and I would always remember.

To make sure, I recorded on cassette tape the events of each day.

Conley, who has probably read every western book written, wanted to see Santa Fe, N.M. That meant I had to cross above Flagstaff, Arizona, over to Gallup into Santa Fe. He was so impressed with the place that he talked about moving there.

Santa Fe is one of my favorite places also.

It’s just so uniquely different.

I see why so many famous people have moved here. (Editor’s note: Roy later traveled the southwest many times and always made it a point to spend time in Santa Fe and the mountains above it.) We made our way to Taos and Red River.

Any cowboy-minded person would love Taos.

We weaved our way around Albuquerque and headed back to Arizona.” (To be continued.)


A retirement reception will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 14th for Dr.

J. Michael Shahan at Lamar State College Orange.

The reception will be held at 209 Green Ave. in Orange from 4 to 6:30 p.m.

to honor his 24 years at Lamar State College Orange.*****We were sorry to learn about the death of G.G. Shinn, age 79, who died Tuesday, Aug. 7.

He was one of the Boogie Kings but also a star on his own.

He was one of the boys from the 1960’s who was part of the Gulf Coast Sound and Swamp Pop.

A great guy.

R.I.P.*****Congrats to Peggy and Richard Albair who welcomed a great-grandson on Monday evening, Zane Alexander Chitty was born Aug. 6 and weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long.

His parents are Whitney Whitson and Zane Chitty.*****China has hit 5000 USA goods in retaliation of tariffs imposed by the United States.

American consumers will feel the pinch at the checkout by September.****Our friendly realtor, Karen Manning Stevens has a new grandson.

Waylon Henry Stevens decided to come early on Tuesday, Aug. 7, weighing in at 6 lb. 7 oz. and 18 inches long.

Parents are Eric and Ashlee Stevens.

Karen is now gonna be called “Lolli.” Congrats to her and her family.***** The Washington Post, has been keeping a fact-check on President Trump, has found he has told 4,229 lies up to this past Sunday.

An average of 7.5 big lies a day.

I’m sure that’s a record no other president has come close to matching.

*****Be sure to go visit Sweet Creations / Sparkling Clean, 3515 Mockingbird St., Orange.

Each Thursday through the month of August they will be serving lunches to help support Breast Cancer Awareness.

This week is sliced brisket or link sandwiches, chips and dessert will be served for only $6.

Drinks $1.

Please call 886-1630 before Thursday, 10 am, for lunch orders.

They will deliver.

Colleen’s daughter, Teresa Webb, will be walking 60 miles in Seattle on Sept. 14, 15 &16 to raise money for the event.

She participated last year as well.

All money raised will go directly to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.*****Look for some young, new Democratic faces to spring up in the run for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president.

One good candidate might be Mitch Landreau, a very successful mayor of New Orleans.

There will be others.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and Novrozsky’s next week.*****Chad Jenkins, who will be the new Justice of the Peace replacing Judge Dunn, attended JP school for all incoming judges in Lubbock.

Chad drove and took his co-pilot Wendy with him.

*****We were glad to see Judge Hubert Stagner, JP in Pct.


He had been away a few weeks.

I’m told that Judge Stagner has worked hard to learn as much as he could to be a good judge.

Other judges say Judge Stagner is doing an excellent job and runs a good court.*****Speaking of judges, Joe Parkhurst turns 76 years old Friday, Aug. 10.

It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since we celebrated the Judge’s 65th at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s.

Joe is a great guy.*****In Major League baseball, 299 ‘No-Hitters’ have been thrown.

This history includes the post season.

Pitching a ‘No Hitter’ is a really big deal.


A few folks we know having birthday celebrations in the next few days.

Aug. 8: Dwight Thacker, Jim Finklea and Brian Sanches celebrate on this day.

Joining them are actors Dustin Hoffman, 80 and Meagan Good, 36, tennis player Roger Federer, 36.*****Aug. 9: Celebrating today are Paige White, Jada Montagne, Ken Hartley and Dwight Shader.

Celebrities celebrating are fashion designer Michael Kors, 58, football player Deion Sanders, 50 and TV hostess Hola Kotb, 53.*****Aug. 10: Judge Joe Parkhurst, Rosa Molina,Jody Simmons, Leslie Smith, Timmy Bryd, and Bree Anne Collins.

Also celebrating are Kylie Jenner, 20, actors Antonio Banderas, 57 and Justin Theroux, 46.*****Aug. 11: The old railroad engineer Bill Smith, Morgan Taylor and Deborah Bayless celebrate.

Joining them are wrestler Hulk Hogan, 64, actors Chris Hemsworth, 34 and Will Friedle, 41.

This is also the date of the untimely death of Robin Williams, who committed suicide in 2004.*****Aug. 12: Tracy Miguez, Jared Sleeman and Jennifer Babin celebrate today.

Joining them are actors Maggie Lawson, 36, Casey Affleck, 42.***** Aug. 13: Clint Landry, Melissa Cox, Lyn Goodwin, Monty Eshbach and Terry Walles celebrate on this day.

Also actor Sebastian Stan, 35 and basketball player DeMarcus Cousins, 27.*****Aug. 14: Jerry Windham, Kevin Berry, Bill Tiggs, Charlotte Conn and Christina Myers all celebrate today.

They are joined by former basketball player Magic Johnson, 58, actors Halle Berry, 51 and Steve Martin, 72.


One day Clovis Comeaux was drivin’ to da market and saw one of da LaBlanc brothers hitchin’ for a ride.

Clovis was a fas driver and not too good so it made for a scary ride. Da LeBlanc brother got a lil worried and say to Clovis, man, you drive fas!”

Clovis, he jus laugh and say, “You tink dis is fas, you should see how fas I drive wen I’m in da car alone.”

Da LaBlanc brother t’ought bout it and say to Clovis, “Well, den, I’m sure glad I’m not in da car wit you when you’re drivin’ alone!”


The great southern border wall has been put back on the front burner by President Trump. Besides having to put $25 billion tax dollars on the wall, there are many other problems, including shutting the government down if the congress fails to act.

When Sen.

Ted Cruz shut the government down to make a name for himself so he could run for president, it cost the American people $40 billion.

Think about that.

How many tax payers, at $5,000 a piece, would it take to make up $40 billion.

Because of the river’s snake like course, the wall proposal is to build on the flood control levees.

I’m familiar with those levees.

Many are used as dirt roads.

In most cases, the levees are one to two miles from the Rio Grande River.

Many little villages, from Falcon Lake to Brownsville, are located on the river. Farmlands, two miles wide, like the villages, would be left on the Mexico side of the wall.

Those residents would have no U.S. protection.

The region is one of the most violent in Mexico.

They would be free to roam at will on the Mexican side of the border that is in the United States.

The levee wall will leave as much as 70 percent of the butterfly preserve on the Mexican side of the wall.

That is also true for state parks, like Lloyd Benson and three wildlife refugees.

Once the wall is complete, 95 percent of the region’s natural habitat will be on the Mexican side.

Some species are unique and cannot be found anywhere outside that region.

Many valley citizens would live on the opposite side of the wall from where they worship. Their churches would be walled off.

The records show that McAllen and other Texas border cities rank among the safest in the country.

Residents and community leaders argue that security is more effective with boots on the ground and electronic surveillance than a wall will ever be.

Many farmers who plant in the valley of the Rio Grande will be shut out.

A beautiful sight is one hundred acres of cabbage, half green the other half purple.

Many other crops on the river will be no more.

America will pay a big price just to satisfy a campaign promise for a border wall that Mexico was suppose to pay for.*****Thanks for your time.

Please shop our advertisers and tell them we sent you.

Take care and God bless America.


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