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I don’t know why August 15, 1765, is the date marked as the day Acadians were exiled from Nova Scotia because it started way before that.

The Acadians had lived on Nova Scotia territory since 1604, nearly 200 years before George Washington became president of the United States.

They established a small, vibrant colony around the Bay of Fundy.

They built dykes to tame the high tides and to irrigate the rich fields.

Ignored by France, they grew independent minded.

They felt secure, even when sovereignty over their land passed over to Britain after 1713.

In 1730, the British persuaded the Acadians to swear to at least stay neutral in the conflict between Britain and France.

In 1751, the French built Fort Beausejour.

The fort fell to the English forces in June 1755.

Previous British governors had been conciliatory towards the Acadians but Governor Charles Lawrence considered it a military action in 1755.

When he said it was found that 270 Acadian militia was among the fort’s inhabitants, Gov. Lawrence, with new delegates from Boston and New England, took drastic action.

On September 5, 1755, all male Acadians 10 years or older were ordered to gather at the Grand-Pre church.

The decree, which was read to the assembled, stated in part, “That your land and tenements, cattle of all kind and live stock of all sorts, are forfeited to the Crown, with all of your effects, savings, your money and household goods and you yourselves to be removed from this province.” It was the New Englander Charles Morris who devised the plan to surround all the churches Sunday morning, capture the men, burn the houses down and break the dykes.

The Acadian men went reluctantly when wives and children were threatened with bayonets.

They prayed, they sang, they cried. By fall of 1755, some 1,100 Acadians were aboard transports from South Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Between 1755 and 1763, nearly 10,000 were deported.

Many died by drowning or disease.

Some young men were sold on the slave blocks in Maryland, along side the Negro men.

Many, early 4,000 were attracted to Louisiana because of the familiarity of the language and remained to develop what is now known as the “Cajun” culture.

Back in Nova Scotia, the Acadian land was occupied by New Englanders.

Acadians were allowed to return in 1764 but chose to settle far from the land they had owned since 1604 and that had been their home for 160 years.

Throughout their ordeal, they maintained their sense of identity as indeed the Cajuns do today.

They displayed a remarkable demonstration of human will in the face of cruelty.

One of the biggest losses of my treasures to Hurricane Ike, was a great collection of the History of the Cajuns, letters, personal interviews and handed down stories.

Several volumes of history that was given to me by my late friend Attorney Louis Dugas, who like me, loved the history.

He was a real historian.

No American culture has been kept intact for so many years.

The 4,000 has grown to millions around the world whose bloodline can be traced back to the original Cajuns.God bless the Cajuns.


10 Years Ago-2008

The summer Olympics in Beijing have produced great moments but none, in the past or likely future, are any bigger than the accomplishments of our latest national hero.

Michael Phelps with eight gold medals, seven of them record breaking, is the greatest sports accomplishment ever. This 23-year-old swimmer from Baltimore surpassed every previous performance.

I watched in 1972 when Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in the Munich games; a record that most believed would never be broken.

Phelps, in 2004, won six gold medals and his eight in 2008 gives him 14 golds.***** A new police chief will be named at Bridge City after the abrupt resignation of longtime chief Steve Faircloth.

Many applicants will come in to replace him.

The city fathers are at a crossroad.

For years some have wanted Steve to leave, now the ball is in their court to pick a new chief, only the seventh in Bridge City’s history.


Joey Hargrave has been appointed interim chief, but I’m told that’s not a prerequisite to be named permanent chief.

But it doesn’t work against him either.***** Our neighbor, Lawyer Pate, was still in a Houston hospital Sunday but expecting to be home soon.

He says the heart procedure went well, now he’s fighting the after-pain.***** Danny Brack hosted the “KKK” (Kroger Koffee Klub) Saturday to celebrate J.D. Stansfield’s 90th birthday.

Danny said he’d rather feed them once a year than put up with them every day.

He was just half serious.*****Bridge City A.D. Coach Chris Stump has filled all his coaching positions. Monday night the school board hired Coach Miste Tyner as softball coach.

She will also coach freshman volleyball.

Her brother Jason Tyner is a major league baseball player with the Chicago White Sox.***** Celebrity birthdays this week.

Kenny Rogers will turn 70 on Aug. 21.

It looks like he got that old fast.

On the other hand, Kobe Bryant will be only 30 years old on Aug. 23.

It looks like he’s been around 20 years making three-pointers.

Both are 10 years older today.***** Ellen DeGeneres, 50, married 35-year-old Portia de Rossi Saturday at their Beverly Hills home.

The ceremony was attended by 19 guests including Ellen’s proud mom, Betty, and Rossis’ mother, Margaret, who came from Australia.

Ellen’s last gal dumped her for a guy. I understand Ellen wore a white tux, Rossi a pink wedding dress.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-1978

William E. “Ed” Carpenter, of Orange, passed away Wednesday, Aug. 13. Funeral service was Saturday, Aug. 16. He was a Sergeant for the U.S. Army and worked for American Bridge Division of U.S. Steels for 35 years.

He is survived by nephews, Leon Wallace, Robin Wallace, niece, Jeanette Evans, and several great-nieces and nephews.***** William D. “Bill” Byerly, 85, of Orange, died Wednesday, Aug. 13.

Funeral services were Saturday, Aug. 16.

Mr. Byerly was a resident of Orange since 1944, and retired from DuPont Sabine River Works and he was a World War II U.S. Army Air Corp. veteran.

He is survived by his sisters, Alice Marie Baker and Thelma Dell Smith, brother, Steve Byerly and nieces and nephews.*****Jerry D’Wayne Bland, 39, of West Orange, passed away Wednesday, Aug. 6.

Services were Monday, Aug. 18.

He was a lifelong resident of the Bridge City and Orange area.

He attended Bridge City High School, worked as a sales representative for an area new car dealership and was a veteran of the Army during Operation Desert Storm.

Survivors include his father, Jerry Wayne Bland, girlfriend, Paula Zerko, former wife, Angie Hartman and siblings.*****James Edward Murphy, 23, of Deweyville, passed away Monday, Aug. 11.

Services were Thursday, Aug. 14.

A longtime resident of Deweyville he worked as a carpenter in the construction industry.

He is survived by his mother, Linda Murphy, sister, Lillie Cavazos, aunt and uncles,

40 Years Ago-1978

Funeral services were held Monday, Aug. 14, for Ann Guidry, the beautiful wife of Andy Guidry. She died of cancer leaving behind Andy, Paula, Jennifer, Jeffrey Paul, Richard and David. *****Major Inman Jr.

was elected mayor of Orange after a hard-fought campaign against Davis Cooper.

Major will replace Mayor Paul Hale. *****On Saturday, Aug. 19, Marilyn Patton became Mrs. Jeff Williams. They have been dating five years.

She’s the daughter of Charles and Juliet Patton.

*****Howard Morse and Dr.

J.E. Barnett are added to the Bridge City Bank Board.

*****Pretty Phyllis Cessac is now with Dal Sasso Realty in the Bridge City office.

***** On Sept. 3, Desia Stephens will become the bride of Carl Davis. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stephens. *****Precision Tune welcomes Dolan and Audrey Frenzel who have purchased the Precision Tune franchise at 3103 MacArthur Drive.*****Roy and friend, the late Conley Windel, continue their trip through the southwest.

(Some excerpts from Dunn’s writing are repeated here.) “After a beautiful drive, with lush and picturesque Sonora Desert as backdrop, we arrived on the rim over looking Old Tucson.

The desert was filled with beautiful saguaro cactus seen the most in western movies.

We had a lot of sunlight left but since we had pushed hard since early morning, we decided to wait until morning to visit the place where over 300 western movies have been filmed.

Great movies such as “Rio Bravo,” “Gunfight at the OK Corral” and the television series “High Chaparral” made it’s home at Old Tucson as well as episodes of “Bonanza” and “Little House on the Prairie.” If you have seen a John Wayne movie, you probably have been to Old Tucson.

While Conley fixed a pork chop supper, I looked the area over with field-glasses.

That’s when I discovered cattle being driven and a movie crew shooting.

Conley looked through the glasses and we both wished we had gone down, however, it was a beautiful sight from the high vantage point.

It didn’t get dark until after 8 p.m.

and we could see to the east lights from the beautiful city of Tucson.

The mountains form a barrier between today and yesterday, the old west and the now.

After breakfast and still bushed we decided we would coast this day.

We went down at 9 a.m.

to the old western town.

We were the only tourists around until a family of mom, dad, and three kids showed up.

A movie was being shot but no big stars were around.

The scene was a priest coming out of a white church.

They reshot that action at least a dozen times.

We spent three hours and visited with some of the hands that lived there and tended to the animals.

Cowboys and crews who took care of the rest. (Editor’s note: In 1995, the place was set ablaze by arsonist.

Since the fire, new buildings have gone up to replace what was destroyed, the Grand Palace Hotel and Saloon is now a 500-seat opera house.

The old west comes alive with trail rides, stagecoach rides, entertainment and exhibits on pioneers and Native Americans. It was mostly used for movie-making when Roy and Conley visited.) Next week: The trip continues toward Tombstone, Bisbee to El Paso and through Texas.


We’re glad to see our friend John Roy Fredrick up and about after having major surgery.

He still seems frail but on the rebound.*****Our buddy Sharon Bearden used to run from his law office across the street to the courthouse, avoided the elevator and ran up the stairs.

About a year ago, he switched to driving the length of a football field to the courthouse.

His old catcher’s knee won’t carry him anymore.

Monday, Aug. 20, he will have knee surgery in Houston.

We may see him run up those stairs again.*****Last week, I ran into retired attorney Wayne Peveto.

As a lawyer and former State Representative, he was a dapper dresser but he’s given up the suit for his Country Jim’s farmer outfit.

In my opinion, since 1950 Wayne was the best state representative we have ever had and Carl Parker and D. Roy Harrington were our best state senators.*****Last week Judge Dennis Powell celebrated his birthday and we missed it.

Judge Powell is just a great guy.

A God worshiping good family man.

Every lawyer I’ve ever spoken with comments about what a good judge Dennis is.

One told me last week that he will be remembered as one of the great District Judges.

Belated happy birthday Judge.


August 17, marks 34 years since Sheriff Chester Holts died in 1984.

I was called to be a pallbearer but was driving through Canada at the time.

I’ve always regretted missing that honor.

His daughter Wanda covers most of his life as sheriff in her new book “Orange.” In many ways, Holts was probably the best sheriff we ever had.

I’ve read plenty about those before him and I’ve known all of them since.

Present sheriff Keith Merritt will long be recalled as one of the good ones.

The difference is Holts had 13 or so total employees, Merritt has many more.

When Chester Holts left office there were no unsolved major crimes.

He knew the criminal element better than anyone and often solved a case just by the M.O.*****This coming Thursday 100 major newspapers will take on Trump’s rhetoric against the press about being the enemy of the people.

I’m sure they will refer to the First Amendment.

Trump wants us to not only hate the press but also Latinos, Muslins, Blacks, FBI and the Justice Department. His attitude is hate them and love me.*****In 1945, on August 14, President Harry Truman announced that Japan had surrendered ending WWII.*****Our friend Tammy Davis celebrates a birthday Aug. 19.

She has been running the highway to Baton Rouge weekly to care for daughter Abby’s twins while she works.

Shaun stays home to direct SET Regional Planning.

The twins, a boy and girl, are the Davis’s first grandchildren.

This week Shaun announced his resignation from SETRPC, effective Sept. 28.

He has served as director 11 years.

He previously was Congressman Charlie Wilson’s right hand man. Best of luck to this great guy in the private sector.

He has done a yeoman’s job during trying times for the commission.*****On this day in 1997, Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing.*****Judge Carl and Micah Thibodeaux celebrate their anniversary Aug. 21.

Best wishes.*****On August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week and Robert’s next week.

Last week Big Mike Keeney and his wife Halye attended.

Everyone was glad to have them and hope they will return often.

Also Shirley Zimmerman made her first gathering in over a month.

She was in Oregon caring for her mom who had major surgery.

She was in town for just one week.

Summer is ending and attendance should return to normal.

We miss some of those great folks.*****Speaking of returning, Mark Dunn is back from a month long stay in Guatemala, where he toured the country, from great mountains to beautiful ocean, with his wife Ethel.Mark brought back a sampling of volcano ashes from the big volcano that erupted a few weeks ago.

The ash looks like fine-ground coffee and covers everything, homes, cars, etc..


August 15: Tiffany Schlicher, Kristie Gunn, Valerie Richter, Brandi Arnold and Christine Johnson celebrate today.

Joining them are actors Jennifer Lawrence,27, Ben Affleck, 45, Debra Messing, 49, Anthony Anderson, 47.*****August 16: Celebrating today are BCISD teacher Brandi Clark and Gwen Boehme also pop singer Madonna, 59 and actors Steve Carell, 55 and Rumor Willis, 29.*****August 17: Johnny Stimac, Nancy Finchum, Dagma Hood and Henry Bland celebrate.

Joining them are actors Robert DeNiro, 74, Donnie Wahlberg, 48, and Sean Penn, 57.*****August 18: Celebrating on this date are Carolyn Ward, Helen Gresham and Ian MacCammond.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Edward Norton, 48, Christian Slater, 48 and Robert Redford, 81.*****August 19: Celebrating are Phyllis Neil, Linda Tibbitts, Nancy Weidner, Braydon Denison and Brett Johansson.

They are joined by former U.S. President Bill Clinton, 71, actors John Stamos, 54 and Matthew Perry, 48.*****August 20: Having birthdays on this day are Glee Lobb, Jamie Dugas, Sarah Byers, Dorothy Lee and Marilyn Guerrerro.

Also celebrating are singers Demi Lovato, 25, Robert Plant, 69, actress Amy Adams, 43, and TV host Al Roker, 63.*****August 21: Celebrating today are Davis Jones, Kimberly Hubbard and Shirlyn Fidlay.

They are joined by singers Kenny Rogers, 79 and Kacey Musgraves, 29 and actress Loretta Devine, 68.


Robie Premeaux and Tee-Dan Picoux left Forked Island in a pirogue boat. Dey travel da Vermillion River into Abbeville. While dere dey picked up a few items and a Sears catalog. After getting back to Forked Island, dey looked at da catalog and admired all da pretty models. Picoux said to Premeaux, “I tink I’m gonna order one of dem pretty gals in da catalog me.”

Premeaux say, “Dey sho pretty dem, and Keyaw, da price is cheap.”

Tee-Dan says, “I got dat much, I’m gonna buy me one.”

Premeaux slap him on da back, “Great idea Tee-Dan, you order one and if she’s pretty like in da catalog, I’m gonna get me one.”

A few weeks went by den Premeaux axe Picoux, “Did you get da girl you ordered from da book?”

Tee-Dan replied, “Mais no, not yet but it won’s be long now, I got her clothes yesterday.


While Trump Boycotts Harley Davidson

You won’t believe this, while the President attacks Harley for moving some of its operation overseas to be closer to some of its market and avoiding tariffs, Trump approves a Russian asbestos company.

The Washington Post reported the company, URALASBEST, of Russia, posted on its Facebook page, photos of pallets of asbestos, with a seal with Trump’s face in the center.

The seal reads, “Approved by Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States.” A caption for the photos reads, “Donald is on our side.” The article also cited Trump’s support for the carcinogen.

Asbestos has fallen out of favor in the U.S. Its use is restricted in this country even though it has never been outright banned as it is in at least 60 other countries.

The use of asbestos in the U.S. is blamed for health effects such as Mesothelioma and lung cancer.

It is no longer mined in the United States.

Today Russia is the sole asbestos supplier to the U.S. Some lawmakers have expressed worries but not Trump.

In his book, “The Art of the Come Back,” he says, “The anti-asbestos efforts were led by the mob.” He also Tweeted that the World Trade Center would not have burned down had asbestos, known for fire resistant’s, not been removed from the Towers.” The Post says hopes that the EPA would move towards full asbestos ban is unlikely since Trump’s EPA has taken a sharp turn towards deregulations.

The chairman of the URALASBEST Union reportedly asked Putin for his help when they found themselves under political pressure at the international level.

Putin has agreed to help.

Trump and Putin are working to help a Russian company that provides a product that has killed millions of people in American and around the world.

Could this had been one of the items they talked about in their two hour, secret meeting? Who knows? *****Thanks for your time, mine is up.

Please read us cover to cover.

Take care and God bless.


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