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Last updated 9/4/2018 at Noon


Most of us remember what we were doing on that terrible day when two planes destroyed the twin towers and another wrecked the Pentagon.

A fourth plane controlled by the terrorists3 crashed and killed everyone aboard.

Dwayne Morse and I were visiting at the Creaux’s Nest, our office in Bridge City, before Ike came.

We had a black and white TV on that we were not paying much attention to when I said, “Damn, those planes ran into those buildings.” The rest is history.

Bin Laden claimed responsibility.

Talking into a bullhorn three days later, President George W. Bush proclaimed Bin Laden was our first priority. He would hear from us.

Seven years later he was still snubbing his nose at Bush and Cheney.

Even though Iraq and Saddam had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11 it was used as an excuse to invade and occupy Iraq and kill Saddam.

It just served as an excuse the Bush Administration needed.

They knew from day one in office they would invade, they just didn’t know when the opportunity would come.

Since that senseless invasion, many Americans have died in Iraq.

Fifty thousand have been injured, many young soldiers committed suicide and many more lost families.

The occupation of Iraq cost $10 to $12 billion a month, monies that put the American people in dire straits, money that could be used to prop Social Security and Medicare up.

It’s the worst debacle in our country’s history.

I said at the time anyone who supported this war of choice, pushed by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, would never be president of the United States.

It was an invasion based on lies whose goal was to disrupt the Mid-East oil market.

The occupation was a total disaster from the day we stepped foot in that country. We were fed constant lies.

When you boil it all down, the terrorist continued to win after 9-11 because of the drain on our country.

Instead of getting them they laughed at the stupidity of invading a country that had nothing to do with their actions.


John McCain was an early and strong supporter of the Iraq invasion and as a senate floor captain for the Bush Administration he convinced other senators to support it.

Hillary was one he convinced and it cost her as well as him.

Our reputation around the world was damaged.

Obama, next president, inherited a country deeply in debt with a record deficit and a national debt that had doubled in eight years.

President Obama and his intelligence department tracked down Bin Laden in Pakistan and killed him.*****Those are my thoughts about what started 17 years ago this week, 9-11-18.

Gotta move on, come along it won’t do you no harm.


We were sorry to hear about the death of “Sunny” Chesson, 79, born Lovera Mae Foster, in Lubbock, Texas, on March 5, 1939. She became the bride of Clyde Mitchell Chesson and together they raised their family. Sunny was a member of First Baptist Church in Bridge City. For many years she did Christian work throughout Orange County. She had been an airplane pilot for 40 years and loved playing the piano. She was a beautiful and really amazing lady. Her funeral service was held Tuesday, Sept. 4, at Claybar Funeral Home, in Bridge City, with Rev. Bob Boone officiating. Our condolence to her family and many friends.


10 Years Ago-2018

By late Wednesday we could be facing another mandatory evacuation because of Hurricane Ike. If it comes in anywhere between Cameron and Galveston we need to be out of Dodge.

Right now the odds are we will be OK but like Rita, who was supposed to miss us, we can’t be sure.

Judge Carl Thibodeaux will have to make the call if we again evacuate.

This is not easy for the judge.

He’s well aware of the extreme hardship it places on citizens but his first interest must always be the safety of his people.

The cooperation of communities taking our evacuees in has been excellent.

Our Web site, HYPERLINK "", will be your headquarters and contact for up to the minute developments before, during and after the storm.

Ike is expected to make landfall Saturday.***** Marlene and Keith Merritt have a new granddaughter, Taylor Leigh Merritt, born Sept. 7.

Taylor weighing in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces and was 20.5 inches high.

She is the daughter of Craig and Tabitha Merritt.*****Willie Nelson, who has sold over 50 million albums and won countless awards, has now written a fiction book about the Wild West in a town called Luck, a name invented by Willie. “A Town Out of Luck” is getting good reviews.*****During the hurricane evacuation, Marlene and son Robert fed the Army National Guard four meals a day for 10 days. Before leaving town the Guard took grandson Easton to school in a Hummer.

They gave him a bunch of pins and let him march in formation with them.

They made a lifetime of memories for that young man.

*****Kenneth Smith and Danny Brack had nothing but praise for the Bridge City-Orangefield Volunteer Fire Department.

Their quick and efficient response saved much of K-Dan’s Grocery and Meat Market that was struck by fire at 2 a.m.

Monday.***** Orange native Wade Phillips and his Dallas Cowboys walked all over the Browns on a 28-10 win.

TheOrange native son of Bum, also a native, sure looks like he might be Super Bowl bound.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Dwayne Terrance LeBlanc, 41, of the McLewis Community, passed away Sunday, Aug. 31.

Service was held Saturday, Sept. 6.

He was a lifelong resident of Orange, graduated from Orangefield High School and worked as a winemaker for the Piney Woods Winery.

He is survived by his parents, Derald David and Betty Dean LeBlanc, his brothers, David and DarrenLeBlanc, sisters, Dana LeBlanc, Dena LeBlanc and Donna Darby andpaternal grandmother, Helen Broussard.*****Elridge Leo Beard, 78, of Bridge City, died Sunday, Aug. 31.

Services were Monday, Sept. 8.

He is survived by his wife Martha Beard, sons David Wayne and Brian Keith, stepson, James Edward and stepdaughter Virginia Ann Myers, 18 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.*****Fred Joseph Fusilier, 83, of Orangefield, died Saturday, August 30.

Services were Friday, Sept. 5.

He served in both the Navy and Air Force during World War II. He retired from DuPont and was a member of Pipefitters Local 195.

He is survived by his sons and daughter, Kenneth Fusilier, Steven Fusilier, Sindy Roseatt and Jamie Fusilier, three grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

40 YEARS AGO-1978

After several years in public service Judge Grover Halliburton is entering private practice of law.

After serving as county judge, he became the magistrate of the County Court at Law.


Rod Fisette is publicity chairman for the Ducks Unlimited Banquet on Oct. 10.

*****Celebrating last week, Sept. 2, was W.B. Oubre, Ms.

Phyl’s dad, who turned 72 and her niece, Brenda Braquet, who turned 17 on the same day.

***** Butch Lusignan and Edna, along with Lyle and Janice Overman, ventured to Florida and a stay in New Orleans over the Labor Day weekend.

*****Wal-Mart Discount City is scheduled to build a 40,000 square foot building on Texas Ave. in Bridge City with 36 departments.

Wal-Mart locates only in communities with less than 15,000 population.***** Roy and Conley leave Bisbee on last leg toward El Paso, 40 years ago, 1978.

“We stayed on Highway 80 toward Douglas that is on IH-10.

Keeping with our plan of staying away from the interstate, before Douglas we turned on to Highway 9, a scenic, small road through the pyramid and cedar mountains, altitude 6,000 to 7,400 feet.

At Columbus we stopped and camped at Poncho Villa State Park.

It was late afternoon on a clear, beautiful day matched by outstanding scenery.

We had bought a couple of Porterhouse steaks in Bisbee so I started the coals and Conley grilled them.

Conley mixed his drink.

I took the one beer left in the cooler and sat back and enjoyed our surroundings and the juicy steak.

Conley slept outdoors.

We chose to get a store-bought Mexican breakfast at a small restaurant in the little town before continuing down the narrow road that brought us into the backside of El Paso.

The southwest can claim the oldest culture in American history.

When the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca passed by the territory now named El Paso, Shakespeare had not been born and Michelangelo was just beginning to paint the “Last Judgment.” El Paso was named in 1598, 20 years before the pilgrims arrived at Plymouth.

Surrounded by mountains, the beauty of the city is at its best when the sun rises and sets behind the mountains.

Conley and I got a hotel room and after a good bath ventured across the river to Mexico, had a seven-course meal and enjoyed a great production at an outdoor theater.

As we pulled out of El Paso, we visited about how impressed we were with the cleanliness of the towns of Arizona and New Mexico. Towns without even a cigarette butt on the ground.

Back into Texas we reflected on our trip, from the massive mountains to the beautiful green valleys below, from the curious stare in an Indian child’s eyes, to the countryside, as primitive as it’s past, yet with distinctly modern towns free of pollution.

The buildings all appear to be freshly painted. Before heading home we will make a trip through West Texas to Rising Star to visit the cemetery where my dad, Clay, grandparents, Laura and Allen, aunts and uncles are buried in the Dunn family plot.”


Among things happening this week that are special to me are special occasions for people I think a lot of.

First is recalling that on Sept. 8, the Rainbow Bridge will mark its 80th birthday. I was just a youngster when I first went over that massive bridge in 1940 with my father and his then wife Judy.

The first time to cross that bridge was an experience and sight that sticks with you.

I can’t believe today, when I whiz over that bridge, it seems so normal that I often don’t recall crossing it.

That first time was really something.*****A few special friends celebrating birthdays this week.

Sheriff Keith Merritt, a dedicated public servant, celebrates a birthday on Sept. 6.

I appreciate his friendship.

***My buddy Millard “Neighbor” Cox will turn 94 on Sept. 8.

Meeting and building a friendship with that WWII veteran is one of my life’s special joys.

I feel very fortunate that I crossed paths with this good man several years ago.

My respect and concern for him and Ms.

Ginny is constant.

Greater people I’ve never known.*****Last week we had good attendance at The Lunch Bunch at Tuffy’s.

Among the room full were four World War II veterans, that’s pretty amazing when you think about how few are left. Cedric Stout and his wife Cherry are always nice to see.

Cedric, 96, is the only Pearl Harbor survivor in the area.

Earnest Goudeau, 94, Murphy Burch, 93 and Robert “Rock” Rothrock, age 93.

It also was good to visit with former county commissioner, Owen Burton.

He’s fun to be around.

I was disappointed that his wife Nelda was on school duty and unable to attend.

I really was looking forward to seeing her.

Karen Fisher, our tax assessor, got to visit with Judge Rodney Price, who she saw daily for years at their Vidor jobs.

She’s a nice, hard working lady.

We have known her since she delivered Opportunity Valley News papers for

us at age 17.

Judge Derry Dunn hosted his office staff.

County Judge Dean Crooks is a good sport and likes to be around people.

He recently moved his son to College Station where he’s an Aggie freshman.

Teresa Beauchamp, nominee for county commissioner, really enjoys the fellowship.

She says she is kicking off her campaign this week for the November election.

She was really impressed with the old soldiers, as was everyone.

Also kicking off his campaign for Pct.

1, Justice of the Peace, on Labor Day, wasJudge Hershel Stagner.

Port Commissioner Keith Wallace drove his son, Logan’s new van but Logan gave him instructions on how to drive.

Commissioner Johnny Trahan came in late but didn’t waste time catching up on the food.

By the way, everyone commented on how good the food was.

Van was gone but Josette was her gracious, beautiful self.

The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week and at Robert’s next week.*****Roy, in his Down Life’s Hwy.

column, recalls Don Jacobs, the times and the friends they shared.

Harold Beeson is one of the colorful people, he was once Municipal Judge at Rose City.

Roy says he’s always been thankful to Harold for introducing him to a young, new, Vidor attorney named Buddie Hahn, who he has had a 40 year friendship with.*****Our friend, the prettiest jailer in Texas, Sharon Gearhart, celebrates her birthday Sept. 8.

She looks much younger than her years.*****Also this week, Sept. 10, is the anniversary of Kelly and John Kimbrough.*****Judge James Stringer dropped by for a short visit last week.

Neither of us have heard from the old lawman Wilson Roberts. We visited about all the good friends who have departed.

“Stick” still maintains his high school weight.*****I spoke with Bearden and his knee surgery went well.

Sharon claims he’s already walking 75 yards and will be climbing the courthouse steps by Sept. 27.

Good luck.*****We had an attempted breakin last week.

The West Orange policeman who investigated was former Bridge City football star, “Sambo” Carpenter, son of the late Lamar record setting halfback and super star Sammy Carpenter.

Sambo says his son “Bo” is 15 years old and on the Bridge City baseball team.*****Speaking of football, 48 years ago this week, Sept. 3, 1970, the legendary coach Vince Lombardi died in Washington at the age of 57.*****Our prayers go out to everyone’s friend, Judge Joe Parkhurst, who was in ICU at Baptist Hospital as of Tuesday.

He was taken to ER by ambulance.

Joe will have to undergo another surgery to remove kidney stones.

Hopefully, that will put him on track to full recovery.

He’s a tuff old bird.

“PapPaw” will come roaring back.

Just a bump in the road for him.*****Don’t forget this Sunday, Sept. 9, is Grandparents Day. They love their grandchildren in a special way.


A few of our friends who are celebrating birthdays in the coming week.

Sept. 5: Cyndy Wedekind, Cindy Myers and Jason Toal celebrate today.

Celebrities joining them are actors Michael Keaton, 66, Raquel Welch, 77, Bob Newhart, 88 and Caprice Van Houterm, 41.*****Sept. 6: Celebrating birthdays on this day are Sheriff Keith Merritt, Corrin Gonzales, Gerald LeLeux and Ouida Simonton.

Joining them are Florida politician Chris Christie, 55, singer Mary Gray, 48 and actress Hannah Kat Jones, 27.*****Sept. 7: Ron Sherman, Karen Morse, Laura McCombs, Terri Childs all celebrate today.

They are joined by comedian Leslie Jones, 50, actors Corbin Bernsen, 63, Tom Everett Scott, 47 and Evan Rachel Wood, 30.*****Sept. 8: Sharon Gearhart, Janet LeLeux, BCISD teacher Darla Cricchio all celebrate.

Also celebrating today are singer Pink, 38, actors Johnathan Taylor Thomas, 36, David Arquette, 46 and politician Bernie Sanders, who turns 76.

The Rainbow Bridge opened 80 years ago today in 1938.*****Sept. 9: Grandparents Day.

We wish a special happy birthday to our WWII veteran friend Millard “Bill” Cox, also Pamela Smith.

They are joined by country singer Hunter Hayes, 26, singer Michael Buble, 42 and actor Hugh Grant, 68.*****Sept. 10: Tanya Birdwell, Jamie Oliphint, Doug Rogers and Kelly and John Kimbrough’s anniversary and today is also Rosh Hashanah.

They are joined by actors Colin Firth, 57, Ryan Phillippe, 43 and ex show host Bill O’Reilly, 68.*****Sept. 11: Today is Patriot’s Day.

Celebrating birthdays are Donna Lanthier, Casey Stephenson and Beth Arnold.

Joining them are singer Harry Connick, Jr.

50 and actress Elizabeth Hanstridge, 30.


The FBI office in Lafayette had an opening for an assassin. After background checks and testing was done the FBI chose three finalists. Two Cajun mens and a Cajun woman.

Da FBI agent took da first man, Ralph Desomeaux, to a large metal door and handed him a gun. Da agent said, “Desomeaux, we must know dat you will follow your instructions, no matter wat. Inside da room you will find your wife sitting in a chair, kill her.”

Ralph said, “You can’t be serious, I could never shoot my Agnes.”

Da agent answered, “Den you not da right man for da job you, take your wife and go home.”

Da second man, Batee Dugas, from Abbeville, was given da same instructions. Batee took da gun him, and went into da room. Everyting was quite for a few minutes. Batee came out wit tears in his eyes. “I tried but I can’t kill Clotile, da mudder of my children.

The FBI agent said, “You don’t got wat it takes you, go home.”

Finally it was da woman, Stormi Thibeaux’s turn. She was given da same instructions to kill her husband Bosco. She took dat gun and went in da room. Shots were heard, one after an utter. Da agent heard screaming, crashing, banging on da walls then after a few minutes all was quite. Da door opened slowly and dere stood Stormi, wiping da sweat from her brow. “Dis gun is loaded with blanks,” Stormi said, “I had to beat Basco to deat wit da chair.”


I had almost forgot what being presidential looked like.

The week long salute to Sen.

John McCain, by all the speakers who eulogized him, brought back memories of how the presidency is suppose to be.

The week long services had one unified message, bi-partisanship.

President Donald Trump never learns.

He could have stayed low key, out of sight, and come out with a fresh message this week about the two parties working together.

That would have served him better than twitting throughout the Saturday service, acting like 12 year old who just had to make noise for attention because he was being ignored.

The craziest tweet to date is blaming Attorney General Jeff Sessions for indicting two Republican congressmen before they had a chance to get re-elected.

It doesn’t matter to Trump that they broke the law.

They were the first two congressmen to support him.

If they are convicted, you can bet he will pardon them.

Hearings started Tuesday on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

In the end, Republicans are likely to win that one but not until sparks fly.*****Trump and Ted Cruz are planning the mother of all rallies in Texas in October.

Several hundred buses have been rented to haul Bubba’s in from throughout the state.

I will have more to say about that next week.

It’s a big gamble on Ted’s part. He has no idea what might come out of Trump between now and Oct. Example: What if one of those tapes is about fixing an abortion for Trump. What will the Evangelicals do? Cruz is depending on their vote.

Trump’s longtime doorman says Trump was having an affair with the housekeeper and she got pregnant.

That’s one of the stories that was bought and killed.

What if that story arises from the dead before the big rally.

The Bob Woodard book will knock the cover off the ball.

Cruz must really be scared to roll those dice.

More later.*****My time is up, thanks for yours.

Read us cover to cover.

Last week, we got a lot of response to Capt.

Chuck’s story about his dog Sally.

We even heard from far away places.

There are plenty of dog lovers.

Till next time, take care and God bless.


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