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Services for Constable David Cagle to be Held

Most of the community who knew David Cagle, age 57, was shocked to learn of his death Sunday, September 16.

He was too young to leave us.

The Constable was a real buddy.

He was a quite, somewhat shy guy, good natured.

He was easy to pick at and I often did just to see him blush.

He had an easy laughter and often laughed at himself.

His quietness fooled a lot of people about his intelligence.

I learned through discussions how very smart David was.

His smarts were overloaded with common sense.

I don’t know if that was natural or through his many years of law enforcement.

I often asked him for advice about a subject or person.

I never heard David say anything bad about anyone.

The further he would go was, “I’d take him with a grain of salt.” He might say, “To me it seems something is not right about that.” Never really putting anyone down, leaving it up to you to make your own judgment.

He was a regular at the Lunch Bunch and seldom missed.

He loved the fellowship but he also liked eating.

He was once a football star.

I’d kid him and ask, “How fast could you do the 40 today?” Ironically, a couple of weeks ago, we talked about heart doctors.

I told him I used Dr.


Someone had told him about another doctor.

He died of a heart attack.

I don’t know if he ever made it to a doctor.

Others will write about him, or read about him in his obituary, but I just couldn’t pass up remembering my friend.

I’ll miss the times he came by the office and all the times we visited.

I had a lot of respect for that great guy.

He and his brothers were raised on the corner of Blueberry and E. Roundbunch, in Bridge City, which I often mentioned when in a crowd.

I’d tell about the address where the famous David and the Cagle brothers were raised.

That always made him blush.

He was married to Kathy, the sweetest, nicest lady you would ever hope to meet.

My heart goes out to her and her family and to his brothers and their families for their terrific loss.

Service will be held at 11 a.m.

Thursday at North Orange Baptist Church.

Visitation will be in Mauriceville, at First Baptist Church, Wednesday, 5 to 8 p.m.

Rest in peace my friend.


Five Years Ago-2013

On Oct. 1, you can start signing up for the Affordable Health Care if you don’t have insurance because you were turned down for a pre-existing condition.*****Congrats to Bridge City baseball star Chase Shuggart, a junior, who has committed to play college baseball at U.T.***** on the government shutdown is that fellow Republican senators will leave radical, right-winger Ted Cruz hanging. His filibuster shut down cost tax payers $45 billion plus. He is so extreme that Repubs are running from him.


Long time KOGT radio announcer Richard “BBRC” Corder, age 79, died Sunday, Sept. 22.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 27.

He was an ambassador for the sport of bass fishing and was a charter member of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society.

He is survived by his wife, Ruth, sons, Craig, Bart, Mark and Chris and seven grandchildren.***** Vernon Arnold Hudnall Jr., 70, of Orange passed away on Friday, Sept. 20.

He is survived by his daughters, Felicia Fisher, Lydia Putman, Lora Hill, sons, Kenneth, Larry, John A., 18 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.***** Earl Hart “Bubba” Savoie Jr., 54, of Orange, passed away Monday, Sept. 16.

Service was held at 3 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 20.

Those who will most cherish his memory are his sisters, Minette Milner, Julie Keitel, Kan.

and Danielle, brother, Billy Cormier.***** Orys C. “Gunny” Gunstream Jr.

passed away Sept. 20.

Funeral services were held Monday, Sept. 23.

A native of Orange, he served in the U.S. Navy in WWII, as a machinist mate and retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer in the Naval Reserve.

He retired from DuPont after 38 years of service.

He is survived by son, Chris, two grandsons and three great-grandchildren.

20 Years Ago-1998

We learned about the death of Tim McCorquodale, age 47.

His grandfather, then his dad Alan, pioneered and ran Little Giant Manufacturing, known around the country.

At the time of his death, he and brother Rex were running the business.*****We also were sorry to hear about the death ofDon Lyons, who owned Lyon’s Music Co.

Don was one of the great guys.*****Law enforcement officer Mike Edge, a 20 year veteran of Orange PD, lost his battle with liver disease on Sept. 29.

He died at St. Luke’s in Houston.

*****C.R. Nash, former Bridge City city manager was hired as Pinehurst Administrator. (Editor’s note: C.R. died of cancer a few years ago.)*****What a day former WO-S star Chris Cole had for the Aggies.

Six receptions for 174 yards and three TD’s.*****Bridge City stars Jason Matthews started for the Tennessee Oilers Sunday while Shane Dronett started for the Atlanta Falcons.

(Editor’s note: Shane took his own life a few years back.

This was also when the Tenn.

Oilers became the Titians).*****Everyone’s friend, insurance man Bill Nickum, was hospitalized last weekend for some kind of heart problem but is now out of ICU at St. E *****Doak Walker, 1948 Heisman Trophy winner from SMU, died Sunday, Sept. 27, at age 71.

He was an NFL All Pro and helped Detroit win two championships.

He was also both a college and pro Hall of Fame winner.

The three time All American stood 5 foot, 11 inches and weighed all of 173 pounds.

He retired from the pros with 534 points, 34 TD’s, 183 extra points and kicked 49 field goals.

The third most points in NFL history.

Doak had been paralyzed in January in a skiing accident.

*****Mark McGwire hits 70th homerun, shattering Babe’s and Maris records. *****Sammy Sosa hit his number 66 homerun.

(Editor’s note: He did his with cork in his bat.)*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Heath’s Golden Corral.

40 Years Aago-1978

First United Methodist Church receives an official Texas historical marker.

Elizabeth Williams has documented the history of the church.

The First Methodist Church in Texas was formed in Jonesborough.

It was also the first Protestant church in the state.

***** First Savings and Loan is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Employees are Jim Gilliam, Greg Vaughn, Marla Willey, Teri Fleming, Flaudry Plant, Doris Bratton, Phyllis Ener, Mildred Sheffield, Doris Richards, Debbie Crow, Charlotte Richardson, Faye Stidham, Betty Dillard, Ann Lovitt, Tim Granger and Doug Patterson.***** Bridge City Day is coming.

Sharon Gregory will reign over the parade as Miss Bridge City.

A grudge baseball game will be played between Sen.

Carl Parker’s crew and Roy Dunn’s Renegades.

Richard Corder is commissioner to keep everything on the up and up.*****Nominees for the homecoming court at BCHS are seniors Melanie Ledoux and Sherri Van Breemen; juniors Danette Davis and Denise Soileau; sophomores Tammy Emerson and Tina Segler; and freshmen Gina Allen and Belinda Muckelrath.*****BC Cardinals beat Liberty 21-6.

A 26-yard pass from Rodney Johnson to Jeff Anderson put the Cards on the board first.

Johnson scored the next TD. Joey Hargraves kicked the extra point in place of injured Gary Peery.

Sophomore Bryan Ward scored on a one-yard plunge.

Hargraves made the PAT.*****Bridge City boxers were winners at boxing meet. Junior Leger, seven-year-old, 46 pounds, jumped to the 10-years-old 50-pound class, for the win. E.T. Laughlin, eight-year-old, 55-pound, wins by TKO. Shawn O’Dell, 10-years-old, 78 pounds, wins by third round TKO. Nathan Bendy, 112 pounds, was the big winner.

He was asked to fight in the Southern U.S. Box-Off in New Orleans.


Roy is out for a few days after having eye surgery.

Keeping him grounded won’t be that easy of a job for Ms.


By the way, the children came over to celebrate her birthday Sunday.

Roy said back in 1954, they vowed to grow old together and it looks like they might make it.*****Our longtime friend, newspaper publisher, editor and reporter, Glenda Dyer, stopped by for a welcomed visit.

She and Paul came in for a few days from their farm near Nashville.

She said they visited with next-door neighbor Trace Atkins, who is building a new home on top of a hill.

Paul and son not only farm but are raising Angus cattle on their 300-plus acre farm.

Glenda says her Orange family are all visiting them on Thanksgiving.*****Our brother, lawyer Sharon Bearden, has been so religious about his therapy after knee surgery that he has done away with the walker and is just using a walking stick.

Great progress for an older guy.*****We ran into our friend Jimmy Dillon last week.

I know of no one who has gone through so many health battles and still plays the bad hand dealt him with so much optimism.

At this time he has 18 more months of cobalt treatments.

He has turned his business over to his brother and son Jared.

What a great guy.

May the road ahead be better.*****We ran into another great guy, one of the late Ms.

Ann Segura’s boys Darrel.

I don’t know if it’s because of his Christian upbringing but that guy is always upbeat.

I’m proud to call him a friend.*****Judge Joe Parkhurst came home from the hospital and is doing much better.

He is even planning to make the Lunch Bunch this week at JB’s Barbeque and next week at Novrozsky’s. Last week, a nice group were in attendance.

We learned from the second year in a row the Commissioner John Gothia was attacked and bitten by a dog.

It is quite a story like only he can tell.***Bobby Fillyaw was interested in getting specific details on people in Eddie Lovelace’s new book titled “The Saints, The Sinners and Eddie.” It revolves around the players in Orange, Texas in the 1900’s to present.

The names have been changed but it’s easy to figure out who they are with just a little research.

It’s a real tell-all book.

Check Facebook to get it.***Marlene Merritt, Pam Honeycutt and Randle Morris were looking for volunteers to work weekends at the Lion’s Club Carnival.


Nina Lefifeste volunteered.

Many have forgotten Nina was once president of the Bridge City ISD. By the way, because of wet grounds the Carnival has been rescheduled.

***Judge Hershel Stagner was reminding everyone they can still register to vote in the November election.***School teacher Jane Dunn, Judge Derry’s other half, who retired but couldn’t stay away from the classroom, took a break from class to visit.

That woman is such a beautiful person.***Good news.

We learned that Robert Raminaz, owner of Robert’s, just has a few more radiation treatments in his fight against cancer.

Our prayers are with him.***County Judge Dean Crooks explained the change for Commissioner’s Court to be held Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

The Judge said however that the Court will still have some Tuesday meetings.***Tax Assessor Karen Fisher was her usual quite, pretty self.

She was sitting next to Joel Steirman so she probably didn’t have much chance to speak.

Another dozen folks enjoyed good fellowship.

Everyone always welcome, no reservations required.*****Special folks we know celebrating birthdays this week.

Lawman, Bridge City native we have known since he was a pup, George Navarro celebrates Sept. 19.***On Sept.21, Bobby Cormier, Mr. Orangefield, Devra’s other half celebrates along with Marie Trimm, Larry’s better half .***Celebrating his 2nd birthday on Sept. 21 is Luke Clay Greeson, who recently welcomed new brother Liam.

The boy’s proud parents are Amber and Clay Greeson.***Happy birthday Sept. 23rd to longtime friend Penny LeLeux and our buddy, a good guy, Tommy Simar.***On Sept. 24th is a special day for Marcell Adam’s pride and joy, Frank’s wife, candidate for county commissioner, Teresa Adams Beauchamp.

Happy Birthday to all.

Please see complete birthday list.


Sept. 19: Mike Zenos, Sue Plagens, and Leslie Sparks celebrate today along with TV host Jimmy Fallon, 43 and country singer Trisha Yearwood, 43.

Today is also the Jewish Holiday Yom Kippur.*****Sept. 20: Celebrating today are Matthew Carter, Susan Pennington, Gary McAllister and Jan Thurman.

Also celebrating are actress Sophia Loren, 83, and singer Phillip Phillips, 27.*****Sept. 21: Mary Rawls, Ronnie Teaff and Jonah Thurman celebrate.

Joining them are novelist Stephen King, 70, country singer Faith Hill, 50 and actor Bill Murry, 67.*****Sept. 22: Beverly Mixon, Matthew Broussard, Michael Broussard, Miranda Fisette celebrate.

They are joined by Opra singer Andrea Bocelli, 59, Rock singer Joan Jett, 59 and actor Scott Baio, 57.*****Sept. 23: Celebrating today are Julie Saltzman, Mark Kelly, Sammy Pratt and Jayna Campbell.

Celebraties celebrating today are singers Bruce Springsteen, 68, Julie Iglesias, 74 and actors Anthony Mackie, 39, Jason Alexander, 58.*****Sept. 24: Today Mark Norwood, Blake Seibert, Bill Nugent and Jimmy Thurman celebrate.

Joining them are former football great “Mean” Joe Green, 71 and chef Robert Irvine, 53.

This also marks the Full Moon.*****Sept. 25: Scott Stout, Bessie Rach and Kailey Childress celebrate on this day.

Also celebrating are actors Mark Hamill, 66, Donald Glover, 34, Catherine Zeta-Jones, 48 and her husband, Michael Douglas, 73.


To get a job offshore, Nonc Theriot had to go to Doc Boudreaux for a physical and health and family history. He put on his new cloths and make an appointment wit da doctor. Da doc him, feel his pulse, look in his ears and throat, check his blood pressure, den he tole Nonc to drop his britches and bend over. Doc him, with his long middle finger, probe Nonc real good inside. Den he said, “OK.” Nonc pulled up his pants den Doc Boudreaux tole him, “I’m gonna to axe you some questions.” “How old was your papa wen he died, him?”

Nonc answer, “Oh, papa, he’s not dead him, he’s 92 and works at da feed store everyday. Mygrandpapa Theriot died wen he was 98, him, wen he fell off a tractor and broke his neck. My mama Agnes just turned 89, her.”

Doc Boudreaux write all dat down den he look up at Nonc and say, “You sure got some nice, good genes you.”

Nonc say, “Mai, tank you. Dey were on sale at Burke’s Outlet, I bought four pair me.”


It was no surprise to me when Donald Trump said last week that he doesn’t like southerners.

He said this about attorney general Jeff Sessions, “He’s a stupid Southerner who talks like he has marbles in his mouth.

I don’t like their accent.” He thinks that we are all dumb because we are not all wealthy.

This includes even his Bubba’s, who suckered into his con game.

Remember, he said he would drain the swamp and replace them with good people.

“I know all the best people and they are all wealthy.” Well, 25 of them are gone and many are going to the “Joint,” a bunch of thieves.

According to Trump they are better than Southerners or the brown and black skinned people in Porto Rico.

The people are going to speak up come November because they know today’s congress won’t step up and challenge all this crazy chaos.

Trump’s approval is between 32 and 36 percent and 60 percent of voters say he’s doing a bad job, even in the Fox News poll.***** Two Texas senators on the committee to nominate Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, senators Cornyn and Cruz, are from the same party and will vote exactly the same.

Half of Texas will not have a voice.

That’s why it is always better to have a senator from each party.

States are better served regardless of which party controls the White House.

One should be a Republican, the other a Democrat.*****My time is up and I thank you for yours.

Take care and God bless.


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