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This week we are still operating without the service of Roy, who hasn’t been released by his eye doctor after cataract surgery.

We still have Creaux keeping a watchful eye on our production, insisting we again put out two good hometown newspapers.

I did have a chance to watch the Ted Cruz/Beto O’Rouke’s television debate.


Cruz has a reputation of being a national debating champion, however Beto had him stumbling and searching his mind for a rebuttal.

With two more debates I’m sure Ted will be better and not caught by surprise.

Ted can’t seem to find any powerful issues to hit Beto with, so he has resorted, on his TV ads, to attacking him on the football players not standing for the National Anthem.

Beto has said he always stands proudly and urges every citizen to do so, however, the US Constitution gives every citizen the right to protest.

The Constitution is like the Bible, you accept all of it or none of it.

You can’t pick and choose and abide by what you like or what you don’t like.

Cruz will dodge a bullet by not being required to question Kavanaugh’s accuser.

Leader McConnell found a way to get the heat off his all male senators by hiring a lady attorney to do their dirty work.

Regardless of the proof, Ted will still vote for Kavanaugh as will the other senator Cornyn. That is why every state needs senators from both parties.***** Don’t forget we have local elections in the Mid-Terms and you can still register to vote if you hurry.*****Well, I have to move on, please hop on and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


In 2016, we predicted that if Trump was nominated he would wreck the Republican Party.

Today the G.O.P. slightly resembles the party of Reagan.

We also had written that if Donald Trump was elected president it would be four years of chaos.

That was easy to predict.

I had followed his life for the most of 40 years.

He faced over 4,000 lawsuits, five bankruptcies, two divorces and numerous adultery charges, just for starters.

Afflicted with a very sick ego, he’s destined to put self over anything else.

We said back in 2016, two things Trump would never do is release his tax returns and turn against Vladimir Putin.

Both are locked together.

He can’t afford to release either one.

I watched him read a flowered speech written by someone else at the UN Security Council Summit on Monday.

He failed to mention all the chaos that he faces at home, including a corrupt administration and those being indicted or in prison.

He has nominated a Supreme Court judge in Brett Kavanaugh that brings a lot of baggage.

The Republicans are bent on rushing through a vote to confirm him while blaming Left Wing Democrats for obstructing the process.

They are not the ones that created Kavanaugh baggage.

Trump needs him on the court to protect him from prosecution, not while he’s president but when he leaves office and the Trump organization is exposed.

Remember I told you the bottom line is the Trump brand and someday a prosecutor will follow the money.

That’s when he might have to look for friends on the Supreme Court.

Democrats are being blamed for holding up the nomination but they forgot they held up Obama’s nominee, Judge Garland, for a year never allowing even one hearing, giving Trump two appointees.

I told you this nomination would be a barn burner and it ain’t over yet.


5 Years Ago-2013

Five Years Ago marked Bum’s 90th Birthday and his death

O.A. ‘Bum’ Phillips was born on John St., in Orange, on Sept. 29, 1923.

He died a few days after his 90th birthday on Oct. 18, 2013.

Bum and his family moved to Beaumont when he was 14 years old.

He graduated from French High School but though those years, until he went into the service, he spent most of his spare time in Orange, where he hung out with his grandfather, Parrish, who taught him to be a cowboy. His grandfather worked for the Brown Estate and Bum helped him round up cattle, brand and dip them.

Before his death Bum wrote a piece about “What it Means to be a Texan.” It starts with “The Window at Big Bend, which in and of itself is proof of God. It goes to Lake Sam Rayburn where my Granddad taught me more about life than fishing, and enough about fishing to last a lifetime.

I can talk about Tyler, and Longview, and Odessa and Cisco, and Abilene and Poteet and every place in between.

Every little part of Texas feels special. Every person who ever flew the Lone Star thinks of Bandera or Victoria or Manor or wherever they call "home" as the best little part of the best state.

Every time I cross the border of Texas, I say, Lord, please don’t let me die anywhere but Texas.”

Bum once told this writer that all his people are buried in Orange and that would also be his final resting place forever.

That changed and he is buried under his favorite tree at his ranch in Goliad.

Bum often talked about William Barrett Travis, the Alamo, Sam Houston and the people who forged the nation and the state of Texas.

Bum said, “The spirit that burned in every person who founded this great place we call Texas is passed on through blood or sweat to every one of us.

You see that spirit that made Texas alive in all of us.”Coach Phillips, has a coach son, Wade, who was also born in Orange.

For a longtime it has been a source of irritation to me that nothing locally, either by our service organizations, city or county government, has ever done anything to recognize one of our most popular native sons, known in every part of the country.

Bum was a good, God fearing man, who has been a teacher, philosopher and a true Texan, who never forgot his birthplace, Orange County Texas.

He was a hero to many.

10 Years Ago-2008

For many years the Creaux’s Nest, in Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood, had been home to the creative juices of The Penny Record and The County Record.

Ike destroyed the Nest but thanks to our longtime friends Glenn Oliver, Donnie, Corky and Don Harmon, who provided us with new quarters in their building at 320 Henrietta St. near Granger Chevrolet.

Over the weekend, our staff came together to rebuild our network in what seemed impossibility after our loss.

The great publication you are enjoying now would not have been possible without the help of many.

Special thanks to AT&T employee Wayne Peveto, Judge Pat’s brother-in-law.

Judge Clark offered to help and did.

Also thanks to Dan Buffington, a great guy we’ve known since he was in the cradle.

Even though we have a nice new office I will miss the Creaux’s Nest and the neighborhood, the wildlife, sitting at the spool table under the Hackberry tree and watching the sun rise.

We’ll miss Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood.Debbie still goes by daily to feed the remaining cats, a mom and her four kittens.

On a personal basis, I will miss my old friend 84-year-old Millard Cox, one of the “Greatest Generation.” He will rebuild his home but the neighborhood will be drastically changed.

Cox and Ms.

Virginia will celebrate their 60th.

Anniversary on Oct. 2, congratulations to this couple and may they be blessed with many more healthy years.

We’ll miss Cox’s regular visits and his stories.*****Our condolences to Linda and Dale Newton and their family on the death of son Eddie Newton, age 32.

He was killed in an auto accident Friday, Sept. 26, while on his way to a job in Houston.

(Editor’s note: Linda and Dale have since passed away.)*****Bridge City was on a roll before Ike came.

Every available lot was being built on; new businesses, apartments and homes were springing up.

Walgreen’s was set to open in late October.

CVS had been negotiating property on Texas Avenue.

Ninety-five percent of Bridge City will have to be rebuilt.

Even Market Basket is not expected to reopen for months.

Many people may not return.

I’m really concerned about our area and I hear the concern and frustration in Orange Mayor Brown Claybar, Judge Thibodeaux and Bridge City Mayor Kirk Roccoforte’s voices.

They are upset about today’s plans by the government changing tomorrow.

We have nothing but appreciation for the effort of our leaders.

They have stickability, but the truth is communities can’t bail out alone.

Our people have true grit and the will, but they have lost everything.

Their life sits on the curb.

The government’s FEMA has played the slight-of-hand game.

First you see it then you don’t.

They talked a big game and did very little.

They will soon pull out of here leaving mostly a photo-op.

Federal money to help our cities and county has been sent to Texas Housing.

Rick Perry has still not sent us the money from Rita.

The many organizations and good people who poured into Bridge City were true lifesavers.

Some of us were isolated for up to five days without communications or transportation.

The food served, water and ice made available and the other services were a Godsend and still is.

***** A million stories could be and many will be told in weeks to come.

The last of the Bailey landmarks bit the water.

Rob Bailey’s is no more.

Sue, who died a couple of months ago, would never have believed it.*****The best thing that happened to us today just before my deadline was a good meal with incoming high sheriff Keith Merritt and his great gal Marlene.


Obituaries 10 years ago-2013

Eric Seal, 46, of Bridge City, died Monday, September 8.

A graveside service was held Wednesday, September 10.

He was employed by the City of Port Neches and was a U.S. Army Veteran.

Eric is survived by his wife, Carole Seal, daughters Nicole and Simone, son, Eric Michael brothers, Greg Seal and Terry Seal, and sisters, Lisa Reeves and Michelle Heckaman.*****Donna Sawyer Worthen, 76, of Orange died Monday, September 8.

Funeral service was held at 2:00 p.m., Thursday, September 11.

She was a housewife.

Donna is survived by her husband, Johnny Worthen, daughter, Meritta Taylor, seven grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.


Last week we had a breakdown at our press so the Penny Record and County Record arrived way late.

That however, assured us how much the folks look forward to our publications.

Our phones rang off the wall.

We even got calls at home.

Hundreds of people came by our office.

Business locations that carry our paper called saying they were getting complaints because they didn’t have our paper.

That is all good to know but we just pray for no more breakdowns.

It puts a hardship on our carriers, the unsung heroes, who see that the paper is delivered, high and dry, to your door free of charge.*****Patty Hanks stopped by the office to let us know that her dad, Rene Hanks, Mayor of Starks, is recovering from injuries after a car wreck in Starks Monday, Sept. 10.

He is doing fine now.

Roy says he’s sorry to have missed his former editor in from Vegas.*****Dylan and Kacey Welch McGuire are the proud parents of a baby girl, Laikyn Ann, born Sept. 17.

Congrats.*****We hear that the Bearden family have announced that they are expecting Baby Bearden in early April, 2019.

Congrats to Jim Sharon, Jr.

and Cassie.

Just what the world needs, another Bearden.

The little one is joining a great family.*****Wal-Mart and other business retail outlets are crusading against Trump’s new tariffs.

They say it will raise consumer cost by 25% or more and will slow down the economy.

It also will hurt production of American goods and reduce employment.

It’s just throwing “Red Meat” to his base who are not sharp enough to realize they are the victims.

All it gives them is bragging rights to how tough their boy Donald is.*****The Lunch Bunch is gathering at Novrozsky’s this Wednesday and at Robert’s next week.

Everyone is always welcome to come break bread and enjoy good fellowship with some of the community’s most knowledgeable people.

No reservation or fee required.

Come as you are.*****Tuesday, actor Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years as a “predator” for sexual assaults.

The sentence could very well be for the rest of his life, he is now 81 years old.

He will be sent to a 4,000 prisoner jail in Pennsylvania.

On July 24, 2014 he performed at the Lutcher Theater in Orange.

He played two sold out shows.

That was one of his last performances before being charged.


A few folks having birthdays in the next few days.

Sept. 26: Celebrating today are Deputy Joey Hargrave, Lynn Gremillion, Kara Day, Mary Gremillion and Vicki Jeter.

Joining them are tennis player Serena Williams, 36, pop singer Olivia Newton-John, 69 and actor Jim Caviezel, 49.*****Sept. 27: Justin Burchfield turns 14, Hayley Dardeau, Michael Coffey, Morgan Applebach, Mike Hughes and Scott Harris all celebrate.

Celebrities celebrating are actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 45, rock singer Meatloaf, 70 and rapper Lil Wayne, 35.*****Sept. 28: Fay Boudoin, Sherry Mulhollan, Zack Sarver, Darryl Brinson, Peggy Derouen and Brigitte Howard are now a year older.

Also actors Hillary Duff, 30, Naomi Watts, 49 and Michael Ronda, 21.*****Sept. 29: Al’s little brother Dean Granger celebrates today.

Joining him are Priscilla Burns, Richard Estes and Al Goodwin.

Celebrities celebrating are basketball player Kevin Durant, 29, actress Chrissy Metz, 38, comedian Andrew Dice Clay, 60 and rock singer Jerry Lee Lewis turns 82.*****Sept. 30: Celebrating today are Robert Dale Vance, Howard Fisher, Rob Strause and Peggy’s better half Richard Albair.

They are joined by actors Barry Williams, 63, Fran Drescher, 60 and Levie Miller, 15.*****Oct. 1: Eric Covington, Keely Guidry, Meg Clark, Gerald Brignac and Tony Lummus all celebrate today.

Joining them are former United States President Jimmy Carter, 93, actress Julie Andrews, 82, and Sarah Drew, 37.*****Oct. 2: Glenn Ray, Jason Ray, Collin Stanley and Jo Bramhan celebrate today.

Also rock singer Sting, 66 and TV show host Kelly Ripa, 47.

Happy Anniversary also to Millard and Virginia Cox who celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary today.


According to regulations, a wheelchair is required for all patients being discharged. Nan Dartez was going around wheeling patients leaving to da front door. She found an old man, Oris Arceneaux, already dressed and sitting on da bed wit a suitcase at his feet. Oris insisted dat he didn’t need help him, to leave da hospital. Nan told him about da rules being rules. Oris reluctantly let Nan wheel him to da elevator. On da way down Nan axe, “Mr. Arceneaux, is you wife meeting you?” He answer, “I don’t know me, she’s still upstairs in da bashroom changing out of her hospital gown.



I want to pay tribute to our friends Millard “Neighbor” Cox and his lovely wife Virginia, who, on Oct. 2, will mark their 70th wedding anniversary.

When Cox, a WWII soldier, returned from the war he secured a job, and then asked a hometown girl from Joaquin, in East Texas, to marry him.

He first had dated her older sister but he had his eye on little sister “Ginny.” That was in 1948.

To put that in prospective, this was before three out of four people weren’t born yet.

Cox made his career as a heavy equipment operator until his retirement from Texaco.

The couple raised two children, a boy and a girl, that gave them several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Throughout all the years the Cox’s lived a happy, healthy life.

They were a team who adored and cared for each other.

Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, Ginny’s dementia accelerated to the point Millard could no longer care for her at home.

He was forced into making the hardest decision of his life and admitted Ginny into an adult care facility.

Today Ginny is a resident of Golden Years Nursing Home and is well cared for and comfortable.

Every day, except days he is unable to, Cox visits his love and longtime bride.

He has lunch and visits with Ginny until she gets sleepy.

That’s not the way Millard would have chosen to spend their latter years but he makes the best of the situation.

She is still in fair health and he lives to look after her.

He lives alone, does his chores, and keeps up his big yard.

His garden, which he and Ginny worked together, is now down to growing okra and a few tomato plants.

He looks forward to daughter Karen and her husband Keith visiting, which they do often.

This week, they are moving to Lufkin from Oklahoma and will be much closer.

It’s a privilege to call 94-year-old “Neighbor” Cox my friend and hero.

Happy Anniversary and God’s blessing.*****Thanks for your time.

Read us cover to cover and please shop our advertisers.

God bless.


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