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An October monster, Hurricane Michael, is expected to hit the Florida panhandle late Wednesday. This could be one of the worst storms ever to strike that region. If Michael lands as a category three hurricane, it could produce three life-threatening hazards; storm surge, heavy rainfall and very high winds. A 12 foot storm surge is forecast for a large section of the Florida coast, after making landfall Michael will likely head to Georgia and into South Carolina, a state that is still recovering.*****I’m running late so I’d best get going. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Justice Brett Kavanaugh, 53, went straight to work Sunday after the senate’s 50-46 confirmation vote Saturday afternoon.

It was the narrowest margin since 1881.

One democrat voted for him to make the minimal vote needed.

A swearing in ceremony was held Saturday.

Trump wanted a larger show, one in prime time with him as the star.

What should have been a somber dignified ceremony was used by Trump for a political rally.

The event was unnecessary legally but useful politically as Trump saw it.

The White House ceremony was highly unusual and a far departure from the norm at such an event.

Trump said, “I want to apologize to Brett and the entire family on behalf of the nation for the terrible pain you have been forced to endure.

It was a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception.” He said it was all a hoax.

He then said the really big lie when he said that Kavanaugh had been “Proven Innocent.” Trump went further, dismissing the sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh as the creation of political opponents, calling them fabricated.

In other words, Dr.

Ford has made up the story for Democrats to use to prevent Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

There is no doubt in my mind and I’m sure many other Americans, that Christing Blasey, as a teenager, knew the boys that were involved in her attempted rape.

She knew their names then, and has never forgotten them.

She just didn’t, out of the blue, come up with a new set of boys.

Remember she sent the letter several weeks before Brett was picked from a long list of candidates.

She warned against picking him because of her sexual encounter with him and his extreme drinking problems.

Trump wanted the TV special Monday to crow about his victory.

His making it about himself will keep his opponents energized while he tries to energize his own base.

At a rally Sunday, he mocked Dr.

Ford for gaps in her memory.

He laughed and said,

“All she remembered was that she drank one beer.

It was all made up, fabricated and it a disgrace.” Trump continued, “Kavanaugh was a man that did nothing wrong, a man that was caught up in a hoax.

He accused Democrats at the hearing of being mean and ugly.

I saw them as being courteous and professional.

It was Brett who was combative.

Now the Trumpers have gone to calling the women who demonstrated around the country an angry mob.

All of Trumps talking heads have taken up the “Mob” battle cry.

Women will make their voices heard at the ballot box.

More women will vote than ever in our history.

If you don’t know enough about what Trump thinks of women, all women, even his daughter, Google: Howard Stern Trump tapes.


10 Years Ago-2008

There are some real sad problems facing good hard-working citizens in our little part of Texas.

I’ve searched and searched but nowhere have I found where the state and our delegation have done one thing to help.

They took the photo-ops and claim they’re standing by us.

We don’t need them to just stand around.

They have the hammer on insurance companies through the Texas Board of Insurance Regulators, but we know the insurance companies donate big time.

It’s time for the state to issue grants.

This week everyone will be leaving the Bridge City-Orange area.

FEMA will be gone by Sunday, (the non-local) Red Cross is packing up and insurance companies are closing their tents.

The Churches of Christ, God bless them, have vowed to stay in Bridge City as long as needed.

They are at the Community Center and are doing a great service.

Maybe not all hope is lost.

President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton have joined together and formed a Gulf Coast Recovery fund that will be distributed probably like a grant that doesn’t have to be paid back.

If they are as successful, as they have been in the past, property owners may get a break.

Ike is the most expensive storm ever, $700 billion, yet insurance companies will bear only $100 million of the cost; FEMA $26 million and the property owners get screwed with the rest.*****G.M. and Chrysler to consider merger.

Ford Motor Co. is evaluating where to sell some of its 33.4 percent stake in Japan’s Mazda because that directly raises cash.

The Fed will buy short-term debt directly from companies.

This is the first time since the Great Depression that the U.S. is taking over or becoming part owner of American banks. Many of the best-known funds and fund managers have been hit hard.

Deregulation and lack of oversight by the Bush Administration has led to part of the problem.***** Finally, the presidential election is heading to the Nov. 4 out come.

It’s been a long season that started 20 months ago.

The debate season comes to an end Wednesday in Homestead, N.Y., when McCain sits down at the same table with Obama for their third and final meeting.*****The University of Texas Longhorns took a big leap from No. 5 to No. 1 after a good-size Texas whipping of Oklahoma, 45-35.

The top five are #1 Texas, #2 Alabama, who was in 4th place, #3 Penn State, who was #6th last week, #4 Southern Cal, who came from 9th place and #5 Texas Tech, who moved up from 7th.

***** The Press Club of South East Texas on Thursday, 11:30 a.m.

at the Rockin A Café in Beaumont, will feature Mayor Kirk Roccaforte and Judge Carl Thibodeaux as speakers.***** As election nears, Monday oil dropped to $81 a barrel.

Our prediction, made when gas was $4 a gallon, was that it would drop below $3 in October. That has happened.

Some people have paid as little as $2.59 in East Texas.

Some commodities will drop between now and Nov. 4 but it’s too late, the public is not buying that old election trick this year.


10 Years Ago-2018

Lucille “Lucy” Reed died Oct. 10.

Funeral service was held Oct. 13.

A life long resident of Bridge City, Lucy was a tax clerk for Orange County.

She is survived by her sister, Myrtle Inez Blurton, nine nieces and nephews, ten great-nieces and nephews and sixteen great-great-nieces and nephews.*****Ollie Dunkin Thrailkill, 82, of Orange, died Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Funeral service was Oct. 11.

She was a longtime resident of Orange.

She is survived by her daughter Frances Carnley, grandson, Jared Carnley and great-grandson Cody Carnley.***** Donald J. LeBlanc, 82, died Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Funeral service was Saturday, Oct. 11.

He worked as an equipment operator for Orange County Precinct 3 and was a veteran of the Navy.

Don is survived by his wife of 57 years, Florence LeBlanc, sons Ronald Anthony, and Gerald Joseph, four grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1978

A countrywide petition is going around obtaining signatures for an ambulance service.*****W.T. “Boss Cajun” Oliver is in California this week meeting with Bob Hope to finalize plans for the Telethon to be carried over 10 Texas TV stations.

Proceeds will benefit the Bob Hope High School for Crippled Children.

(Editor’s Note: The Telethon went off well and the school, in Port Arthur, was ultimately built.)*****Scott and Donna are the proud parents of a son who they named Lee Scott Faircloth III.

*****Bill and Elaine Townes praised Bridge City EMS Volunteer Ambulance services after their son David had to be rushed to Groves Hospital.

*****The Oakridge Boys, who recently played at LC-M Stadium, won “Vocal Group of the Year” at the Country Music Awards.

Don Williams who also was on the LC-M show, was named “Male Vocalist.” Other winners were Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Dottie West, The Kendall’s, Roy Clark, Dolly Parton and Grandpa Jones.

Crystal Gayle was named “Female Vocalist of the Year.” *****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs beat Nederland 21-14 in district play.

*****LCM beat the Liberty Panthers 20-7.

Bear coach is Lidney Thompson, Don Richards is quarterback.

*****Bridge City overpowered Cleveland 28-13.

Quarterback Lance Lee was outstanding as was Steve Prince.

Joey Hargrave kicked all the extra points.

(Editor’s note: I bet he can’t raise his leg that high today.)*****Orangefield Bobcats name Darlene Adams homecoming queen.

Bobcats take win 35-14 over Stephen F. Austin.

*****Bridge City homecoming queen was Melanie LeDoux.

*****Pinehurst City Councilman Ernest Robert Taylor died in Arkansas.

He and his wife Virginia moved here in 1943.

He formerly owned a sawmill and drove a school bus.

His wife, daughter Joyce Gandy; three sons Donny, Darryl and Bobby, survives him.

Ernest was born on Christmas Day, 1908 in Oil Trough, Ark.*****Judge Sid Caillavet celebrated his 86th birthday on Friday the 13th.*****Judge Homer Stephens to be honored by the Bar Association on Nov. 2.

He is a former district judge and retired from the 9th.

Court of Appeals.


The 10th annual Gulf Coast Cajun Festival will be held Oct. 20, at the VFW, Post 2775, located on Hwy.


The Festival will feature Jr.

Hebert from 10 a.m.

to 1:45 p.m.

and Troy LeJune, 2 p.m.

to 5:30 p.m.

Admission is $8 per person, $15 couple.

There will be plenty to eat plus many extras.

Y’all come for a Cajun good time.*****Forbes ranks Jeff Bezo as America’s richest person.

For 24 years, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had held that top spot.

Bezo is CEO and founder.

He also owns the Washington Post. According to ForbesMagazine’s annual list of the 400 richest Americans, Bezo has a net worth of $160 billion, up from $81.5 billion just last year.

Gates is now number two, with Warren Buffett third.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg,Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison holding fourth and fifth spots.

Donald Trump listed at 259, tied with eleven others, with $3.1 billion.

Alice Walton, Mr. Sam’s daughter is the richest woman, worth $44.9 billion.

Number 12 overall.

These are the folks Trump gave a $1.4 trillion tax break to with a 25% tax deduction.*****The Lions Club Carnival, which had been postponed due to weather will now be held November 7 to Nov. 10 and Nov. 14 to 17.

Great fun for all the family.

Make plans to attend.*****Congrats to Karen Collier, of the financial services firm Edward Jones in Bridge City, who has achieved the professional designation of Accredited Asset Management Specialist.Collier successfully completed the Professional Education Program from the Denver-based College for Financial Planning.

This advanced training offers investment professionals the hands-on information needed to provide comprehensive financial services.

*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and at Novrozsky’s next week.

Everyone is always welcome.

A large group gathered last week at Robert’s, even Ron Sigler re-appeared.

A regular lately has been Stephanie Roberts, with Claybar Funeral Home.

A very nice lady.

Judge Joe Parkhurst came on his walker accompanied by wife Gayle.

Joe says he’s improving a little each day.

The place was loaded with beautiful women but missing lately has been Judge Joy Simonton.

I wonder where she’s been.*****A few folks we know having birthdays this week.

On Oct. 10, Missy Flowers celebrates.

Everyone loves Missy.

She was married to the late Dirk Flowers, a great guy we had known since he was a baby.

Oct. 11, is Preston Fuller’s birthday.

He has been under the weather lately.

We wish him a speedy recovery and a happy birthday.

Also Oct. 11, is a special day for former County Commissioner Marcell Adams.This beautiful lady will turn 95. She’s still a high stepper, just not as high.

She’s the widow of the late “Cowboy” Adams and the proud mother of Theresa. Best wishes for many more healthy, happy birthdays.

On Oct. 14, our longtime buddy Harry Stephens celebrates another birthday.

I’ve known Harry since 1968, that’s 50 years ago.

He started advertising Harry’s Appliance with us in 1970 when there was about eight appliance outlets in Orange, including Fain and Coy’s.

Leland Morrow had a couple, Montgomery Ward was on 16th and several were on McArthur, including Sears.

Harry and Irving Street Appliance are the only two stores left that sell only appliances.

On Oct. 15, Judge Carl Thibodeaux celebrates another one.

A few years ago we gathered at Bridge City Community Center to celebrate his birthday.

If I could remember how long ago that was I’d know his age.

I believe he is 73.

He came to town, partnered with Doug Harrington andopened a pharmacy inside what is now Danny’s.

You knew a Cajun had come to town when the ribbon cutting was a 10-foot link of boudin.*****I ran into our longtime friend Annie Hargrave and it was really great to see her.

She spent many years at Bridge City Market Basket. When she was a teenager in Port Arthur, her dad operated the swing bridge to Pleasure Island.

I have some stories about the island but Annie has some also about how her and friends snuck by the bridge tender.*****Don’t forget the Orange County Live Stock Show, Oct. 12 and Oct. 13 at the T2, Chad Havens’ place on old Peveto Road.

Chad is a great guy, always doing something for the youth.*****What in the world happened to Sen.

Lindsey Graham? He was once Trump’s worse critic.

After McCain got sick Trump targeted Lindsey and bought him off with free stays whenever he wants at one of Trump’s resorts.

He and Trump played golf a few times.

Now he says, “John didn’t like Trump because he didn’t know him.” McCain didn’t like Trump because he knew the guy that said he wasn’t a hero because he got captured.

Today Lindsey is Trump’s chief water boy in the senate now that McCain ain’t around to keep him on a leash.

My guess is Lindsey is after a cabinet job, probably attorney general, since he threw AG Jeff Sessions under the bus or maybe UN Ambassador now that Nikki Haley is leaving.


Oct. 10: Celebrating birthdays this week are Barbara Fournier, Janell Matthews, Jessica Franklin and Missy Flowers.

Joining them are former football star Brett Favre, 48, TV host Mario Lopez, 44, rock singer David Lee Roth, 63 and race car driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr., 43.*****Oct. 11: Charles “Bosco” Hebert, Anita Ryan, Laura Allen, Preston Pittman, Alan Johansson and Alana Clark.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Matt Bomer, 40, Luke Perry, 51, Joan Cusack, 55 and singer Daryl Hall, 71.*****Oct. 12: Leslie Anderson, Milton Brigg III, Wade Higgs, Timothy Tremont, Candice Jenkins, Cheryl Squires and Sheri Wright all celebrate.

Joining them in celebration are ventriloquist Marci Lynne Farmer, 13 and actors Hugh Jackman, 49, Kirk Cameron, 47.*****Oct. 13: Celebrating birthdays today are Anita Triggs, Ashley Theriot and entrepreneur and Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, 75, singers Sammy Harar, 70, Marie Osmond, 58, Paul Simon, 76.*****Oct. 14: Gerry Dickert, Eloise Stewart, Stacy Rhodes, Trey Miller, Dillon Crabtree, Jerry Evans, Olivia Hubbard, Shirley Hudson and Stefanie Harvey.

They are joined by singer Usher, 39 and actress Skyler Shaye, 31.*****Oct. 15: Judge Carl Thibodeaux celebrates today.

He is joined by Jennifer Peveto, C.J. Benoit, Sonny Childs, Sue Freeman, Kory Freeman, Allison LeBlanc, and Derek Borel.

Celebrities celebrating today are director Penny Marshall, 74, guitarist Tito Jackson, 64 and actor Paul Logan, 44.*****Oct. 16: Rosie Hurst, Griselda Vargas, Wayne Mulhollan, Barbara Harmon, Brad Brown, Channing Larkin and Gene McKinley celebrates today.

Joining them are singer John Mayer, 40 and actors Caterina Scorsone, 36 and Angela Lansbury, 92.


Tee Nonk Comeaux him, passed by his favorite drinking hole, Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill, an ordered himself a drink. “Tee-Boy, fix me one dem Jack and Daniel, da black label one, and put tree drops of water in it.” Den Tee Nonk downed dat drink and ordered an utter one. Dis time, wit just two drops of water. He downed dat drink too and said, “Tee-Boy, I want an utter one of dem Jack Daniel, but just put one drop of water in dat one.”

Tee Boy answer, “I’ve owned dis bar a long time, me, I’m only tending da bar because my bartender Boudreaux is sick. In all my years I’ve never seen nutten like dat before.” “Why you want another one wit only one drop of dat water in you drink Tee-Nonk?”

“Well Tee-Boy, it’s like dis, wen you get old like me, you got to learn how to hold you water.”


Monday night two of my grandsons and I enjoyed a couple of big bowls of MeMe’s seafood gumbo, potato salad, ect., the occasion was to watch the New Orleans Saints defeat the Redskins.

More importantly was to watch quarterback Drew Brees become the NFL’s leading passer.

The 39 year old Brees did it in style.

He eclipsed Peyton Mannings record of 71,940 yards with a 62 yard TD pass.

The game was stopped to celebrate the accomplishment.

Brees’ wife, three sons and daughter were escorted to the sidelines to be part of the occasion.

Drew handed the record-breaking football to officials from the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

While fans were in a standing ovation, Brees removed his helmet, hugged his wife Brittany and four children.

He then returned to the playing field where he continued his onslaught of the previous record and ended up with over 300 yards in the 43 to 19 win.

If he plays a couple more years he will set a passing record that will stand for a long time.

Earlier this season Brees broke Brett Favre’s career record of 6,300 completions.

He still needs 42 touchdown passes to surpass Manning’s record of 539.

Brees could break that record next season.

He is also chasing Tom Brady, who has 500 TD passes.

Brady is the only active player with more than Brees in that category.

The years these two great quarterbacks have left to play could determine the final outcome.

“Billy Jack,” “Caddo” and I enjoyed the evening.

Caddo” is such a Saints fan he has traveled the country to watch them play and has attended several of their practice sessions.

A true fan who wears the Saint’s logo on shirts, jackets, etc.

“Billy Jack” is a Texan fan while I favor the Cowboys.

Most important to me however is the fact that the grandsons still want to come over and watch the games with Poppa.

We’ve done it all of their lives.

Coming up is our annual watching of the World Series which hopefully the Astros will be in.

That’s the team we all agree on.

We believe it will happen if they can get by Boston, who they will meet for the American League title when the Red Sox dispense of the New York Yankees.*****My time is up but I sincerely thank you for yours.

Please read us cover to cover.

The writers do a great job of being informative and entertaining, all brought to you free.

Please patronize our advertisers who make it all possible.

Have a nice week.

Till next time, take care and God bless.


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