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We are now in the final week of a long campaign, local and national candidates are making their final pitch.

Early voting ends Friday.

Election Day is the next Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Orange County has 53,000 registered.

I don’t recall any time in the last 20 years that the county voted 50 percent.

This election could have a record turnout. Early voting is seeing many young, first time voters.

I believe the female vote will also be up.

My guess is that the Democrats will flip the congress, electing 232, the Demos need 223 to gain control.

Unless there is at least a couple of upsets in red states turning blue, Republicans will hold the senate by a two member margin.

Texas may not turn blue but will make big strides and will flip at least four congressional seats from red to blue.

If you bet on the United States senate race, the odds are on the incumbent Ted Cruz over Beto O’Rourke.

This is one however that will be very close.

We don’t know what the effects of the bombs and White Supremacist killing of Jewish people might do with 60 percent of the vote still out.

Citizens hold the power to stand up against hate and help prevent other tragedies. In state races, we don’t see any changes for the senate.

Senator Nichols could win by a big majority.

Thanks to all the candidates for offering themselves for public service.

Thanks also to those who used The Record to relay their message to the voters.*****Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


President Trump can run from but he can’t hide from the venom that he is spewing throughout this country.

I wrote a year ago that if he didn’t stop preaching hate and division, the day would come where something really bad would happen.

I had thought it would be even worse than the domestic terror, bomb incident and killing at the Synagogue.

He is getting into the minds of both sides, those who hate him and his Jim Jones type followers, who drink his poison.

Words matter, especially when the president uses them to attack individuals and the news media.

His words penetrate everyone, including some very sick minds.

Trump preached violence from the world’s largest stage, the presidency.

He suggested busting people in the mouth, body slamming reporters.

He even called Democrats evil.

Over and over, he said, “They are bad people, very bad people, evil.” Chances are if you are reading this, if you are not a Democrat, at some time in your life you were.

Your mom and dad were likely Democrats all of their lives.

They weren’t evil, just the opposite, God worshiping, hard-working people who helped their neighbors, who cared for the well being of others.

They probably didn’t come from wealth but never thought to look down on others.

Trump started his administration by calling Hispanics murderers, rapists and people beneath us.

He attempted to stop people of other faiths from entering our country saying they were all from ‘S---hole’ countries.

He appealed to the David Duke White Supremacist groups.

He wanted to build his own party, not expand the Republican Party.

He wants his followers loyal only to him, like a dictator.

Everyone the bomber targeted was personally called out by Trump as enemies over and over and he has Sean Hannity and others at Fox News echoing his lies, that now number over 5,000.

It won’t ever stop as long as he’s in office.

The Republican Party leaders in the congress have gone underground.

They had lockjaw when it came to calling the president out on his rhetoric that would someday lead to what we saw last week.

I told you Trump, in office, would be four years of chaos and the wrecking of the Republican Party. Responsible citizens will have to remove the blinders and take a good look in the light of day at what is happening to our country.

Quit pretending it’s okay because it’s not and it won’t ever be.

Never in my long lifetime have I seen a president be so nonpresidential in a time of crisis. All of the many presidencies I lived through would have calmed the nation from the Oval Office and addressed the citizens like a true leader.

He has never displayed empathy and there is no reason to believe that he cares beyond his base.

He suggested we should be armed at our Houses of Worship. Where’s the empathy for the dead or the wounded, including four policemen.

President Trump is not all the blame but he definitely has played a role.

He refuses to change so we need change in the congress or senate, for checks and balance.

Then they would be forced to work together.


10 Years Ago-2018

The presidential campaign has been going on for 21 long months.

You can’t help but admire all the candidates. I don’t know how they do it or how they muster that much energy under so much stress.

Only in America. Now the choice has been made to elect Barack Obama and we look forward to a new day and new hopes come Jan. 21.

The past eight years have been a terrible drain on our country and poor / middle class, our prestige abroad is all but gone.

The new president will have a lot of rebuilding to do.

We’ve doubled the national debt and raised unemployment to the highest level since the Great Depression.

Turning so much bad into good will not happen overnight but at least we will take a different track, with a different conductor and experienced crew.

President Bush and Dick Cheney will leave office with the lowest approval rating in my lifetime, 25 percent.***** We were saddened to learn about the death of Sheri Fudge Lapeyrolerie, age 45, who passed away Oct. 18.

Sheri Denise was the daughter of Julia and Dennis Fudge.***** Our hearts also go out to Jackie and George Roberts on the tragic death of their son Jayson Allen, age 25, on Oct. 27.

Jackie, a legal secretary worked for Judge Grover Halliburton many years until his death.***** Our condolences to the family of Betty Britnell, 73, who died Oct. 27.

She was preceded in death by husband Calvin Sr.

and son Calvin Jr.***** On Nov. 3, the darling of Bridge City, Denise Stanton, a former Super Wal-Mart employee and diehard Cowboy fan, turned 39 years old. She is the pride and joy of Mary and Don Stanton.***** Our little buddy Clayson Choate is one of the nation’s top motor-bike racers in his age group.

Last weekend, he blew the competition away.

He came home with all three first-place trophies and also captured a third- and fourth-place in an older age competition.***** The most hotly contested state race on the Orange County ballot was the representative seat for District 19.

Incumbent Mike Hamilton (R)retained his position, fending off Democratic contender Larry C. Hunter and Liberation Richard Ramsey.

Hamilton received almost 64 percent of the vote statewide.

In the county, Hamilton received 14,707 votes, while Hunter reached 10,084 votes to Ramsey’s 570.

With a vote of 2,280 to 321 on the local tote board, incumbent Joe Deshotel (D)retains his state representative seat for District 22 garnering a huge 95 percent of the state vote defeating Libertarian candidate Deal L. Tucker.

Republican Tommy Williams ran unopposed for state senate.

In the race for the U.S. congressional seat, incumbent Kevin Brady defeated challenger Kent Hargett.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Betty Jane Britnell, 73, of Bridge City, died Monday, Oct. 27. Services were Saturday, Nov. 1. She is survived by daughters Evelyn Simmons, Nancy Sonnier, Jane Diehl, son Roger Britnell, 15 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.***** Marcia “Mickey” Vincent, 72, of Bridge City, died Monday, Oct. 27. Services were Saturday, Nov. 1. She is survived by her children, Gary Lynn Vincent, Larry Wayne Vincent, Tammy David, and Richard Allen Vincent, 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

40 YEARS AGO-1978

Jim Taylor has returned to Orange from Nashville where he performed.

While in the country music capital, Taylor was presented an award for his recording, “I’ll Always Love You Mary Ann” which made the “Top 100” charts of both Billboard and Cash Box magazines.

He also recorded the vocal tracks for two more songs planned for release early in 1979.*****Dale Saurage replaces Mike Ramsey as investigator for the Bridge City Police Agency.

Ramsey will go back to the regular beat.*****The city of Bridge City will move into their new facilities this month.

*****W.T. Oliver was in Houston meeting with John Connally on plans for a national telethon scheduled for December.

The telethon is being held to raise funds for the Bob Hope High School, to be built in Port Arthur at the Hughen Center.*****Richard Corder, after many years as the morning voice of KOGT, has been taken off the air by station manager Bill Fort.*****While returning from Cleveland, Texas, Janice Overman, Bridge City cosmetology teacher, and her students discovered the body of a man in a ditch.

When they approached what they thought was the body, the man jumped up.

He said he was on his way to Louisiana, got tired and lay down for a nap in the ditch.

He had a little toddy to keep him warm.*****Betty and Corky Harmon have just returned from Europe.

They visited Germany, Cairo, Egypt, Holland, Belgium, the Nile and Pyramids.

They report that they are glad to get home but it was a great trip.*****Tim Hughes, a Scot-Irishman, visited Ireland the homeland.


County Commissioner Barry Burton has applied for the job of Director of the South East Teas Regional Planning Commission to replace Shaun Davis.

I know Barry and feel he would be a good choice.

It’s a job that seems tailor-made for him.

He’s a detailed person who never meets a stranger.

He has the support of those who control the purse strings like State Senator Nichols, State Rep.

Phelan and Congressman Babin. That’s a great start. The appointment will be soon and Barry is a good choice.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week.

Next week, a special gathering will be held at Robert’s in honor of Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout’s 97th birthday.

All WWII veterans are invited to attend and be recognized for their service.

Everyone is welcome to attend and honor these great heroes.

Y’all come, we are losing 1,000 great patriots every day.

We have lost a few since our last Veterans Day gathering.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays this week.

On Oct. 31: Halloween Day is also Ms.

Phyl’s oldest, Mark Dunn’s birthday.

Celebrating also is Mel’s other half, Joey Campbell.

This was also the birthday of two fine people who have left us, Virgie Scales, Pam’s mom, and our great friend of many years Don Harmon.***It’s hard to believe that on Nov. 3, a special person, everyone’s sweetheart, Denise Stanton, turns 49.

She was extra special to her late dad Don.***On Nov. 4,Harriett and former commissioner David Dubose will celebrate their anniversary.

Best wishes for continued long, healthy life together.***Nov. 6, on this day former commissioner, CPA and friend of many years, way back when we were so much younger, John Dubose, is a year older today.***Also celebrating on this day is Port Commissioner Johnny Montagne, Jr.***Congratulations and best wishes to Tammy and Shaun Davis on their new venture in life and also on their 40th anniversary.

Please see complete birthday list.*****The Boston Red Sox won the World Series against the LA Dodgers in five games.

I had predicted the Sox would win in six.

I believed the Dodgers could win two at home.

The way Boston disposed of the Astros had convinced me of their greatness.****Our friends at American Legion, Post 49, wanted folks to know they are renting the Legion Hall for weddings, parties, etc.

For more information call 409-886-1241.


“Homegrown hate eclipses threats from afar.

Many Americans, the president among them, have been obsessed by a caravan of Latin American migrants making their way toward the United States seeking haven.

The far greater threat is already here: homegrown haters who speak with weapons and seek to kill.” Something to think about:If you left in the morning to walk toEl Paso, through Beaumont, Houston, San Antonio and five hundred miles of nothing, spent the night and then headed back to San Antonio,that’s how far you would be walking if you were in the Caravan headed to Texas.

Some will have you believe they will be there next week.

The truth is it will take months for those poor people to reach the border.

Using thePentagon to send 5200 military troops is a mid-term political ploy.


Celebrating birthdays this week.

Oct. 31: Mark Dunn, Janel Menard, Alana Ball and Joey Campbell.

Celebs celebrating today, singer Vanilla Ice, 50, actor Rob Schneider, 54 and Alabama football coach Nick Saban, 66.*****Nov. 1: Whitney Gonzales, coach Chris Moore, Kyle Prosperie, Nancy Blacksher and David Moore all celebrate today.

Joining them are actors Penn Badgley, 31, Peter Ostrum, 60 and TV host Jenny McCarthy, 45.*****Nov. 2: Amy Skidmore, Kimberly Hall, Dale Dardeau and Keith McCurry celebrate today.

They are joined by actors David Schwimmer, 51 and Shan Rukh Khan, 52.*****Nov. 3: Joe Pelaez, Rosemary Spell, Tommy Green, Dale Carlton celebrate today.

Celebrities joining them are model Kendall Jenner, 22, actress Roseanne Barr, 65, activist Elizabeth Smart, 20.*****Nov. 4: Having birthdays today are Wanda Shugart, Loretta Meadows, Pam Guyote, Gail Hass, Kim Moore and Louise Fuselier. Also celebrating are actor Matthew McConaughey, 48, comedian Kathy Griffin, 57, former First Lady Laura Bush, 71.****Nov. 5: Celebrating today are Pat Stanton, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kember Ess, Margaret Thibodeaux and Sharon Premeaux.

Also celebrating are actors Luke Hemsworth, 36, Tatum O’Neal, 54 and rock singer Bryan Adams, 58.*****Nov. 6: Celebrating today are Lori Chesson, Derek Grooms, Kay Wingate, Jackie Litton, Greg Broussard. Joining them are actors Emma Stone, 29 and Ethan Hawke, 47.


Poor Sostan Comeaux him, was on his dying bed, his last breath could come at any time. Comeaux was about to slip out of dis world when he smelled da most wonderful smell. His favorite brownies were baking in da oven.

Comeaux struggled out of da bed him, too weak to stand up. He crawled down da hall and into da kitchen and pulled hisself up to da counter where his wife Marie’s brownies were cooling dem.

Comeaux grab one and put it in his mou’h and den stuffed two more in his pajama pocket, den stuffed one more in his mou’h. Den he said, “I jus love dat smell and wonderful taste me.”

Bout dat time Marie walked up behind him and said, “Comeaux, wat you doing you?” Shame on you, dem brownies are for after da funeral.”


A Sad, Dark Time in Our Country

I’m surprised that even though there has been news coverage that there isn’t more of an outcry from the citizens.

The targeting and murder of a certain religion in 2018 is a dark mark on our country that can’t be erased.

A White Nationalist, Robert Bowers, 46, entered a Synagogue, killing 11 worshippers in a hate driven rampage.

He also wounded several others including four police officers.

He targeted those Jewish people because of their religion and because they harbored immigrants.

This can happen in any neighborhood.

The hate of White Supremacists runs deep.

The attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue was the deadliest against the Jewish community in United States history.

I fear it won’t be the last.

In the Pittsburgh shooting, Bowers kept shouting, “All Jews must die.” At the same time, another White Supremacist, after failing to break into a black church, settled for killing two black people in a supermarket.

All that on the heels of another hater mailing pipe bombs to two former presidents, several others and a television network he considered an enemy of the people.

Chalk it up to what you want to believe, racism, tribalism or just plain haters of someone that’s not like them.

We are being conditioned to hate all immigrants that don’t come from a European, white nation.

I see trouble ahead.

It really saddens me, as it should every citizen, when mass killing and violence is directed at any particular group just because of who they happen to be.

The thought of killing people because of their faith while they are worshiping is sickening and everyone should be mad about the snuffing out of human life.

Pure evil is being bred into the American society and it’s growing.*****Thanks for your time.

Be careful, watch for kids out Trick-or-Treating. If you are registered to vote this could be the most important vote you ever cast.

Take care and God bless.


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