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Last Wednesday, Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout, celebrated his 97th birthday with other WWII Veterans and an overflow crowd at the Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathering at Robert’s.

County Judge Dean Crooks, read and presented a proclamation declaring Nov. 7, Cedric Stout Day in Orange County.

All the old veterans and their champions or care givers dined compliments of Port Director Keith Wallace, owner of Reliable cleaners.

Wallace said he was honored to do so, “If it were not for these brave soldiers, we couldn’t enjoy the freedom and life we have today.” When some of the veterans thanked him he responded, “It’s the least I could do.” Every World War II soldiers attending has a story but it’s impossible to hear them all in an hour program.

Many of those brave soldiers are longtime friends of mine.

Special thanks to reporter Dave Rodgers, who located 21 of those vets and made arrangements for the 15 who were able to attend to have transportation.

Also thanks to Wal-Mart for the large cake and Janelle for delivering it.

Thanks also to Carrie, our waitress, for a great job of service.

WWII took the lives of nearly 450 thousand, with nearly a million and a half wounded.

Many of these young soldiers were grabbed out of their high school classrooms at age 18 and sent off to war.

Most of those youngsters had never been 50 miles from home.

It is amazing to see all those heroes today, most in their 90’s.

Some are in wheel chairs, on walkers, while others appear to be in reasonable good health.

Monday was Veterans Day, a day to honor all veterans.

In my lifetime we have been at war almost regularly.

WWI ended on Nov. 11, 1918, Armistice Day. It was a war that lost 120,000 American lives in hand to hand combat, while many others died from influenza and old wounds.

Twenty years later, the United States entered WWII, which ended in 1945.

A few years later, the country was involved in the Korean War and less than ten years later came Vietnam.

Iraq and Afghanistan would follow.

The United States veterans have kept our country strong.

We can’t say thank you enough to them and today’s all volunteer military.

About 800 WWII Veterans are leaving us every day and we are honored by those still with us.*****I have to move on.

Come along.

I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I was mostly on the mark in all my predictions.

First I said that incumbent senator Ted Cruz would win in a very close race with Beto O’Rourke.

Cruz got only 51 percent of the vote.

I had said earlier that unlike O’Rourke, who visited every county, holding town halls and rallies, Cruz would rely on straight party votes to get elected.

Eighty-nine percent of his votes were straight party voters.

My prediction was that the Democrats, who needed 23 seats to flip the congress, would end up with 232 seats.

I predicted Republicans would retain the Unite States Senate by two seats.

That’s how it stands today but could change slightly but not the control.

I also predicted Democrats would flip four seats in Texas.

They flipped only two Red seats but picked up two open seats.

My prediction was that Sen.

Robert Nichols would win by a large margin.

He won with 78 percent.

Other observations: It’s hard to unseat an incumbent senator when every state wide office is in the hands of his party.

All appointments and state jobs are controlled by the controlling party.

Despite that, I don’t believe Cruz wouldn’t have won without straight party voting.

Hopefully a new law will change that in the 2020 election.

Straight party even elected an attorney general that is under indictment with the same number of votes as Cruz.

That would also be changed.

O’Rourke ran the closest senate race in 40 years.

I never did predict a Blue Wave but there was a lot of blue that came through.

Seven Republican governorships were flipped along with control of state offices around the country.

Some effects of Democrats controlling congress will knock out seven chairmanships in Texas, including Kevin Brady, who heads the Way and Means Tax Writing Panel.

Brady admitted, contrary to Trump’s claim, that he hasn’t been working on the Middle Class 10 Percent Tax Bill.

Homeland Security chairman Michael McCaul, is another who is out the door.

Beto O’Rourke brought out the largest number of under 30 voters in over 20 years.

On the state level, in Harris County, 17 Black women were elected judges.

Many other gains were in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and the Valley.

In Washington, the Trump picnic is over.

Running shod over the congress won’t work and scolding the speaker like he did with “No-Spine” Paul Ryan, ain’t happening with Nancy.

She’s forgotten more about governing and leadership than Trump ever thought about.

Healthcare and infrastructure will be her main goal.

Now from some final thoughts: Texas won’t turn Blue in 2020 but will make some surprising gains and state-wide will start to turn Purple.

Now on this next prediction I probably won’t be here with you but maybe you will remember I made it.

Texas will turn Blue in 2024 and will control the state house and pick up many local races that were once blue.

In the meantime, we don’t know what Beto O’Rourke will do but he will be a strong force in Texas politics.

Many have compared him to JFK because of his charm, charisma and unkept hair.

I see him more like Robert Kennedy, compassionate.

He seized on something a lot of Texans felt like Bobby did.

Beto is more bipartisan than he is about party.

He showed great interest in working across the aisle, something that will need much repair when Trump leaves a country that has been torn apart by division in every form.

It won’t soon be repaired and will take leaders like Beto O’Rourke and others like him who puts the country over party.


10 Years Ago-2008

Judge Pat and Rosalie Clark didn’t just go to Israel, they made it a pilgrimage.

They visited ancient sites, such as the place Jesus preformed the miracle of loaves and fishes, the town of Nazareth, the river Jordan, where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, and the town of Bethlehem.

Pat and Rosalie celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows after 39 years of marriage, in the location of Jesus’ first miracle, turning water into wine, at the wedding in Cana.

(Side Note:) The Israelis asked them to wear the Jewish religious head garment and not let their Christianity show, otherwise they might get spit on.

Pat and Rosalie alsocarried the cross down the very same path Christ would have taken.

(Editor’s note: The above is just a small part of a large story and pictures written by the late, award winning columnist, Robert Hankins, writer for The Record, Nov. 19, 2008.)*****Here at home many residences are suffering beyond the country’s financial problems.

Locals are concerned about no longer having enough money to face retirement.

Many are drawing down their savings to rebuild their homes after Hurricane Ike left them devastated while insurance companies bend the rules that would have protected them.

A salvation has been the many volunteers.

Without their generous help citizens would be in a hole they couldn’t dig out of.*****Matt Bryant kicked three field goals to give Tampa Bay a 10-13 win over the Vikings.*****No. 2 Texas Tech heads to Oklahoma to meet the number five Sooners.

Three Heisman contenders will be on the field.

Tech quarterback Graham Marrell, Tech wide-receiver Michael Crabtree and Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, who lead the country with 38 touchdowns, Marrell has 36.

Oklahoma averages 51.4 points per game, Tech 47.9.

Tech has a perfect league record; Oklahoma lost one to Texas.

I believe this will be the game of the week.*****Special thanks to David Ivy, Cardinal Insider; Marty Elkins, Bobcat Insider; and Ms.

MeriElen Jacobs, Mustang Insider.

These fine people covered football for us and did a great job.


Jacobs is still on that trail, following the state bound Mustangs.

*****Ace Amadeo is out of his cage.

He had been in the hospital for over a week.

We heard he had a heart attack, he said it was just low blood pressure.

Anyway, he’s on the streets and hopefully on the upswing.

*****Wilson Roberts was also on the loose.

He broke the chain V.J. had him tied up with and is making pit stops again.

*****Congrats to Charlotte and James Pruter who celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Avery Pickett, 73, of Orange, died Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Services were held Nov. 14.

He was a retired operator and worked out of the Electricians Local 390.

He also was a veteran, having served in the Marine Corps.

He is survived by his children, Barbara Marshall, Mike Pickett, Wanda Daigle, Ronnie Pickett, Avery “Bud” Pickett Jr., eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.*****Nora Ruth Burnett, 61, of West Orange, passed away Sunday, Nov. 9.

She worked as a caregiver for Texas Home Health in Beaumont.

Survivors include her mother, Jackie White, daughters, Kim Williamson, Cathy Lowe, Gail Parrott, five grandchildren, one great-grandchild.*****Lillie Bell Dorman, 92, died Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Graveside services were Nov. 14.

She was in sales at Weiners for 21 years and was a former owner of Dorman’s Barbecue.

She is survived by her son, C.A. Dorman Jr., and grandson Daryl Dorman.

***** Theresa Joyce Trahan, 87, died Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Services were Nov. 15.

She was a homemaker and a member of the Altar Society and Catholic Daughters in Orange; and the Legion of Mary in Bridge City.

She is survived by her children; Arlene May Woods, Milton Ray Trahan, and godchild Gale Gough. ***** Marie H. Raborn, 82, died Wednesday, Nov. 12.

She is survived by her two daughters, Linda Carroll and Dana Raborn-Jones, two grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

40 Years Ago-1978


Mark Messer named Rotarian of the Week by Bridge City Rotary Club.

He is a dentist, married to wife Becky and has three children, Marcie, Marlon and Jeremy.

*****Bridge City Boxing Club is coached by Roy Bendy and assisted by Mike Allen.

Boxers are E.T. Laughlin, Bubba Ritter, Bubba Thurman, Todd Granger, Jimmy Brooks, James Bennett, Craig Chesson, Tony Granger, Cory Sherman, Shawn O’Dell, Clary Chesson, James Brooks, Robert Tankersley, Richard Broussard, Nathan Bendy and Johnny Brooks.*****The big deer hunt took place near Fredericksburg when a platoon of Orange County hunters arrived at the lease.

Former D.A. Sharon Bearden bagged a half-grown spike.

He was as proud of it as anyone would be of an eight-point buck.

Bearden hung him up overnight and the next morning sneaked or of the camp to enjoy the sight of his deer.

Then all hell broke loose.

He discovered, hanging in the place of his prize deer, was one of Texas’ biggest jackrabbits.

After Bearden threatened to shoot everyone in camp, his little buck, with a broken spike was returned.

That deer was Sharon’s first trophy deer.

(Editor’s note: Over the years, to hear Bearden tell it, that spike has evolved into a 10-point buck with a world record spread.)*****Pretty Betty Harmon named to the County National Bank board.

No doubt he looks of that bunch has really improved.

*****Joe Burke celebrates a birthday on Nov. 22, the day JFK was killed 25 years ago.

*****Charlie and Juliet Patton have just returned from a trip to Switzerland.

While there they ran into Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Garrett who were staying in the same hotel.

(Editor’s note: In the last few years both the Patton’s and Garrett’s have passed away.

*****Pretty Janet Brunell turned 17 on Nov. 18.

(Editor’s note: Don’t know what became of her.

She might even be a 57-year-old grandmother by now...) *****Father Kennedy, former pastor in Bridge City and Orangefield, has died after a long battle with cancer.

*****It seems the girls were on the radio this week.

making noise on the CB were Lady Porky Pig, Happy the Clown, Lady Hugo, Tugboat Mama and Sunshine Lady.--


Wilson Roberts, a Navy veteranand his lovely wife, V.J. showed up for the honoring of the veterans last week at Robert’s. Nov. 7, was also Wilson’s 80th birthday.

Wilson had been a lifelong law enforcement officer.

V.J. was wearing a large diamond ring, a 30 year anniversary gift from Wilson.***A few old vets attendingthe lunch that I’ve known were Millard “Neighbor” Cox, who came with Roy; Tom Brooks was with his new bride; Paul Roy, a great guy I’ve known over 60 years; our neighbor, inventor, historian Roy McDaniel; the Barbeque man, J.B. Arrington; a longtime friend, the clown of the Bunch, Althanase Benoit, also the youngest at 89, who went to war at the age of 14; “Rock” Rothrock, a regular Lunch Buncher and finally CedricStout and his sweet daughter Darlene Montagne, who served the cake.

I was proud to visit with all those amazing folks and charmed by Ms.

Ruby Parks, 95, a WWII vet.

Last but not least, longtime friend Lennie Benoit, 95, a legend in the music industry.

Lennie, who played with some of the best is still making music.*****Congratulations to Ella Guillory and Wanda Simar for receiving the Inspiration Award from the Orange County Parkinson Support Group.

Congratulations also to Jerry Windham for the outstanding care he gave his late wife Beth Ann.

The awards were presented at the Nov. meeting of the Orange County Parkinson Support Group, held at the Old Orange Train Depot.

November is National Caregivers Month.

The Orange County Support Group meets on the first Wednesday of the month, 10 a.m.

at St. Francis Catholic Church.

*****The Trump Administration, to support its argument for banning CNN reporter Jim Acosta, took a new low.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted a video, which had been doctored according to the Associated Press.

Sander’s tweet made it appear Acosta’s arm movement, when he lightly touched her arm, was sped up to make it seem he was more aggressive.

This is just another example of this administration’s willingness to mislead.

The AP said, “We know the manipulated image is manipulating the truth.

The doctored video is a lie.

It is deceptive, dangerous and unethical.

*****Quote of the Week is by French President Macron, “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.”*****We haven’t heard any response from our government about the killing of the people, including college student and career office, in a California night club.

No news also about the worse fire in California history.

Two-hundred, thousand citizens fled death with the toll reaching 42.

Over 7,000 structures were destroyed around the mountain town of Paradise.

*****Matthew Whitaker, Trump acting attorney general, is a proven shyster and scam artist.

He has shown he lacks the ethical compass and respect for the law.

He appears to be the kind of agent that would be in Michael Corleone’s pocket and payroll.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will not gather next week.

(Thanksgiving week.) The Bunch will dine with the old vet, J.B. at his barbeque place next week.

In two weeks, Nov. 27, the Lunch Bunch will be back at Robert’s.

Everyone always welcome, just show up and see old friends and meet new ones.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays this week, Nov. 14:Ruby Wimberley, Lois Sheppard, Mary Dixon, Pat Gifford, Susie Riedel and Dana Perkins.

They are joined by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales 69, composer Yanni, 63, actors Josh Duhamel, 45 and Patrick Warburton, 53.*****Nov. 15: Paige Bigler, Julian Oceguera, Glenda Dixon, Stuart Bertles, Nikki Courtney and Travis Sheppard celebrate today.

Joining them are actors Ed Asner, 88, Sean Murray, 40, Jonny Lee Miller, 45.*****Nov. 16: Celebrating on this day are Anne Payne, Dr.

Servet Satir, Thad Angelle and RaeAnna Todora.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Brooke Elliott, 43, Bruno Amato, 56, Marge Ellenberger, 59.*****Nov. 17: Having birthdays today are Laurie Kosh, Reba Eddins, Barbara Briggs, and Kenneth Hass. Joining them are actors Danny DeVito, 73, RuPaul, 57, director Martin Scorsese, 75.*****Nov. 18: Melanie Claybar and Aimee Huckabay celebrate today.

Also celebrating are actor Damon Wayans, Jr.

35, baseball player David Ortiz, 42 and news anchor Megan Kelly, 47.*****Nov. 19: Having birthdays today are Meagan McGill, Linda Klein, Helen Stankus, Liz Harris, Trina Stringer and Charles Cagle.

They are joined by fashion designer Calvin Klein, 75, actors Jodie Foster, 55, Meg Ryan, 56, TV show host Larry King, 84.*****Nov. 20: Celebrating today are Edgar Eschbach, Jennifer Mott, Sunni Moseley, Jan Briggs, Lon Hubbard, Carey Green and aspecial birthday wish to Allen Clay Dunn. Having birthdays on this day also are former VP Joe Biden, 75, Josh Turner, 40 and Joe Walsh, 70


Tee Nunc Comeaux’s boy, Norris, has jus received his drivers license him. He axe his PaPa when he could drive da car.

Tee Nunc said, “Norris, I’ll make a deal wit you, if you bring up you grades, study you Bible and get you hair cut, den we’ll talk about you borrowing da car.”

Sure nuff, Norris, him, buckled down and after six weeks his PaPa said, “Son, I’m really proud of you, me. You brought up you grades and studied you Bible. However, I’m a bit disappointed dat you didn’t get you hair cut.”

Norris paused and said, “You know PaPa, I’ve noticed in my Bible studies dat Samson had long hair him. John da Baptist had long hair too. Moses, him, had long hair and dares a strong argument dat Jesus had long hair, him too.”

Tee Nunc replied, “Norris, in your studies, did you also notice dey all walked everywhere dey went dem.”


Has the Saudi killing of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi been swept under the rug? The Turkish government has turned over tapes to the United States. Is Washington dragging its feet because of Jared Kushner’s close ties to Crown Prince Mohammed? The Trump Administration has taken only modest steps against the Saudis. They have suspended air-refueling flights in Yemen.

Big Deal. *****What became of the Caravan of invaders? The mid-term elections are over.

Trump preached to his Bubba’s, as a rally warning, about the approaching caravan of Central Americans, with imbedded Taliban, headed to Texas.Trump said he would deploy 15,000 active duty military to stop those poor women and children, seeking safety, from invading the country.

The 5,600 U.S. troops, instead of being home with their families on Veterans Day long weekend, are sitting around eating rations and will also miss being home for Thanksgiving.

I’m amazed at how many bought into Trump’s gimmick.

Meanwhile, troops shuffle to port-a-potties and foot-powered sink to shave and brush their teeth.

Unlike Iraq, the troops do not receive extra combat pay.

All a big lie to win elections.

Things are going to change.

Low IQ Maxine Waters is now chairman who controls the purse string on everything including Trump’s monument, “The Southern Wall.”*****Thanks for your time.

Please read us cover to cover and shop our advertisers, they make it possible for you to get this free publication.

Take care and God bless.


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