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I don’t recall at anytime when Christmas rolled around and our country, not being in war, was in so much turmoil.

President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the government if congress doesn’t give him the money to build his monument, the great southern border wall, one he can put his name and picture on, his own Mount Rushmore. If Trump is mindless enough to go to that extreme he will set the Republican Party back years and will take years to overcome.

He has the emotional maturity of a 6-year-old and is subject to have a tantrum if he doesn’t get his way.

He wants that wall for all the wrong reasons. As painful as a shutdown would be, it’s the one thing that would guarantee Trump could never again be re-elected.

Unfortunately he would also bring down the GOP as we know it.

That much we predicted when he was nominated and we also predicted four years of chaos if he was elected.

Midnight Friday is the deadline.

Government operations would be disrupted, leaving hundreds of thousands of Federal employees not working while costing the country billions of dollars with the blame going directly to Trump and the GOP. We’re getting ready to find out if he’s all bluff or all stupidity.*****Well, its coming on Christmas and I haven’t started shopping yet.

If you are like me and doing last minute shopping or looking for a special gift you won’t find at the big box stores, look at the great stuff at SweetCreations, 3515 Mockingbird, in Orange.*****Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


My friends are all leaving me behind as they head into retirement.

Derry retires as JP on Dec. 31 and returns to MD Anderson on Jan. 2 for another procedure.***Buddie Hahn heads into retirement for real next week when Steve takes over the 160th Court.***Now, our buddy over the past 20 years, Port Director Gene Bouillion is hanging it up.

That doesn’t come as a surprise but I hate to see him go anyway.

In the last few years Gene had some health issues but it was Hurricane Harvey that broke the camel’s back, plus he and Cheri wanted to be closed to their four grandchildren at Cypress.

That’s getting that Cajun boy far away from Crowley’s rice and gravy.

Gene loves the Cajun country and people.

In his heart he will never be far from home.

We wish this special guy and his lovely wife Cheri many healthy, happy years in retirement.

There is something special about being around one’s grandkids.

I know I’ve been so blessed.

Well, “TeNeg” keep it in the middle of the road.

From all of us at The Record thanks for your friendship.


10 Years Ago-2008

First Christmas after Ike

What a difference a year makes.

Last Christmas everything was organized and calm. Comfortable in our own homes, sleeping in our own beds for a full night’s rest, wondering what St. Nick would bring.

Sharing the sound of laughter and chatter as we opened our gifts, we took that Christmas and the many before for granted.

We believed happy Christmas time would continue to be repeated year after year.

Who would ever believe that such a change could come to the door of so many.

Hurricane Ike came calling on Sept. 13, and in his wake, he left a great community devastated and its people facing a new way of life and a new way to greet the holiday season.

Many are homeless but most have shelter and showing their true-grit facing whatever situation they are in.

During times like these, Christmas is not only gifts; the true spirit of Christmas has far more meaning.

Family and friends are valuable, assets never again to be taken for granted.

Losses were just possessions.

I can’t say enough or thank enough the many people who have come to help our people and our little community.

All the kindness is really unbelievable. Their love and caring brought the spirit of Christmas long before the birthday of the Christ child.

The many faith-based organizations have poured their hearts out for a grateful people and continue to do so.

Really, without the help of those good people Christmas would have been so much sadder. Thanks also to our local and county government who never backed up one step when it came to seeing that those who had lost their homes would get shelter.

Also, without the help of our federal government it would have been impossible to have a merry Christmas.***** Obama couldn’t have picked a better, diverse, uniquely qualified cabinet.

Five women, four blacks, three Hispanics and two Asians.

Hillary Clinton, state; Robert Gates, defense; Timothy Geither, treasury; Eric Holden, attorney general .; Ken Salazar, interior; Tom Vilsack, agriculture; Bill Richardson, commerce; Hilda Solis, labor and Tom Daschle, health.

Also, Joe Biden as vice president, who will be far more influential there than most believe.

*****Commissioner James Stringer has made his last court meeting this week even though his last day in office is Dec. 31.

David Dubose will be sworn in as new commissioner Jan. 1.

I’m not sure Stick has hung up his jock strap for the last time.

He and Judge Pat have been joshing one another for nearly 40 years.

What you don’t know and won’t believe is that Stick is an introvert and somewhat shy.

We wish him the best in retirement and thanks for the memories.

*****Last week a get-together meal at Tequila’s was to honor 90-year-old Inez Hearn.

Nez hasn’t lost a step in brain-power.

She’s smarter than most folks 20 years her junior.

She said son Ray is doing a great job of putting her Ike destroyed house back together.

Granddaughter Teresa, still involved with the country music industry in Nashville, called during the gathering and said she, her husband and family would spend Christmas in England.

She married the Englishman 13 years ago.

Nez’s sister Joy Young, daughter Janice and husband Lyle Overman, along with family and friends, made for a great party which also included one of my favorite people Charlotte Anderson.

She brought tag along Dow Gene with her.

That gal livens a gathering.***** Our buddy Dee Aven, the first and only lady constable in county history, will hang her spurs up on Dec. 31 after serving the remaining term of the late constable Parker “P.T.” Thompson.

We wish this nice lady happy trails.*****Finally, we were sad to learn that former Orange County district attorney James “Jim” Morris had passed away.

Jimwas a joy to watch in the courtroom when he was a prosecutor. He was a rare character that we were fortunate to have known.***** Congrats to Bradley Dale Peveto, 45, an Orangefield grad whose dad Ed was head football coach.

Bradley has been named new head coach at Northwestern, in Louisiana.

He will stay with LSU until after the Peach Bowl, Dec. 31, against Georgia Tech.

Les Johnson and Bradley coached together at Northwestern.

Les says they couldn’t have made a better choice.

Bradley will recruit heavily in this area.

(Editor’s note: Bradley, in 2018, is an assistant at A&M.)


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2008

Former Orange County District Attorney James A. Morris, 87, of Orange, passed away Tuesday, Dec. 16.


Funeral services were Dec. 20.

He was a World War II Naval veteran and graduate of the University of Texas Law School.

A trial lawyer since 1950, Mr. Morris held elected positions in Angelina and Orange Counties before a successful career in the private practice of law with Stephenson, Thompson and Morris; Morris, Graves, Smith and Peveto; and Morris and Pennington.

Mr. Morris was a past president of the Texas Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and the former chairman of the Orange County Democratic Party.

He was active in the Rotary Club of Orange and the Lions Club.

He served on the Board of Levingston Shipbuilding Co. and supported numerous local charities.

He is survived by his sister Christine Kennedy, his daughter Lurline Morrow, his son James A. Morris Jr.

and four grandchildren*****Cody Lee Allen Odom, 23, of Orange, died on Sunday, Dec. 14.

Funeral services were Dec. 19.

He was a graduate of Little Cypress High School.

He is survived by parents Bo and Violet Odom and Sarah and James Venable, grandparents William and Thelma Gilpatrick and Grace and Rev Armond Odom Sr, and siblings***** Norris Honeycutt, of Orange, died Monday, Dec. 22..

Funeral services were set for Dec. 23.

He retired from the Equitable Bag Co. He is survived by his wife, Helen Honeycutt, sons, Gary and Richard, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1978

Let’s see what a few of the folks are doing during the last week of the year, 1978.

Steve McCarty is the head football coach and AD at West Orange-Stark.

*****Benny Mazzola is president of the Noon Optimist Club.

*****Ed Peveto is head coach at Orangefield.

*****Billy Tubbs is Lamar head basketball coach.

Some of his key players are Clarence Kea Michael Oliver and B.B. Davis. *****Three beauties working at the Village Squire in Bridge City are Tina Cotton, Nancy Scarborough and Kim Young Worster, who is married to Gary.

They have a new son named Jacob.

*****Valerie Lusignan, another beauty, owns the Fashion Scene in Bridge City.

*****Larry Kennan, 34, takes over the head football coaching job at Lamar replacing Bob Frederick who resigned.*****Frank Tarkenton is quarterback at Minnesota.*****Pretty Ann Segura will celebrate her birthday, Dec. 26.

*****Also on Christmas Day Flo Edgerly will celebrate with Santa and Gordon Baxter.

*****Our writer Wilda Martin celebrates on Christmas Eve.

*****The annual New Year’s Eve and anniversary celebration for Roy and Phyllis Dunn won’t be held this year but will resume next New Year’s Eve when they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

(Editor’s note: Boy, time has flown, fast-forward to number 64 this New Year’s Eve.)*****M.C. Slocum Sr. is selling cars at Brinkham Lincoln-Mercury at the Circle in Orange.

Others there are L.C. Swan, Al Granger and Jerry Peabody.

*****A new 1979, 2 door Impala can be bought at Harmon Chevrolet, Third and Green in Orange for $6,295 or $157 per month.

Preston Fuller, on the used car lot, will sell you a 1977 Chevy Custom Deluxe pickup for $3,495 or a 1977 Thunderbird, full loaded, for $5,995.


The number one best selling book on USA Today’s book list is “Becoming” a memoir by former First Lady Michelle Obama, who shares stories of her childhood and time at the White House.*****Also USA reports that 10 million more Democrats voted in the Mid-Term Elections than Republicans.

Proof Americans want a different direction.*****Marlene Merritt and Margie Stephens are sporting big, new diamond rings, birthday gifts from their husbands.

Makes me wonder what they’ve got on those boys.

The girls would probably have some smart ass answer.

Now how are those guys going to top that with Christmas gifts.*****Come Thursday, Steve Parkhurst will be Judge Parkhurst, judge of the 160th District Court. Judge Buddie Hahn stayed 36 years.

Here’s wishing Judge Parkhurst as good a run.

Hard to believe Buddie was there that long.

The years for me flew by.

Buddie celebrates his birthday Dec. 21.

It’s the first day of winter.

Maybe Buddie is getting to the ‘winter’ of his years.

Congratulations also to Carol and Buddie on their 52nd anniversary, Dec. 23.

What great friends those two have been over all these years.

Best wishes in retirement and for a long, healthy life.*****Speaking of birthdays and winter years, Jane Fonda turns 81, on Dec. 21; Diane Sawyer, 73, on Dec. 22; Susan Lucci, 77 on Dec. 23, Jimmy Buffett, 72, and Sissy Spacek, 69, celebrate Christmas Day; Cokie Roberts, will be75 on Dec. 27.

Cokie’s dad, Hale Boggs and her mom, Lindy, both served in the U.S. Congress.*****This Wednesday the Lunch Bunch will hold its annual Christmas gathering at Robert’s. One great guy, Constable David Cagle will be missing from the annual group picture this year.

We sure miss him.

Everyone is urged to attend.

It will be the last gathering of this year.

Everyone is always welcome.*****I ran into Tommy and Barbara Harmon last week.

They are such good folks.

Barbara is a native of Abbeville.

In fact, three of the Harmon brothers married Cajun girls.

Don was married to Dorothy, a native of Jennerette and Corky was married to Betty, a Cajun from Lacassine.

In fact, John Harmon , the original Harmon, was a native of New Iberia.

Cajun roots run deep in the Harmon family.*****Congratulations to Russell Bottley, named Citizen of the Year at the Greater Orange Area Chamber banquet.

Longtime realtor and port director, Jerry Hughes, was honored with the “Lifetime Achievement” award.

His daughter-in-law, Debbie Hughes, accepted the award.

Jerry has been under the weather with deteriorating health.

Both of these awards recipients were well worthy.

I’ve known Russell going way back to when he and Chris Gunn were like brothers hanging with Buzzie at the studio.

He fought cancer twice and made the daily, long haul to Houston and beat it.

His dream was to become a coach and he stayed with it until he made that dream come true.

He’s a great guy.*****County commissioner elect, Theresa Beauchamp, will be sworn into office by longtime friend Judge Buddie Hahn at 2 p.m.

in the 128th district courtroom on January 1.

Her 95 year old mother, Marcel, plans to attend with bells on.

We were saddened to learn of the death of Marcel’s baby sister, Marlene Ward, age 82, who passed away Dec. 17.

Please see obituary.*****It’s time to call JB’s if you want them to smoke your Christmas or New Year meal.

JB’s will smoke anything, plus they have turkeys and hams available to purchase.

They do a great job on brisket and ribs.

That’s what I’m getting.

Give them a call.*****We were sorry to hear that our longtime buddy Sleepy Smith is in the hospital getting treatments for kidney problems.

We wish this good guy successful relief and recovery.*****An observation: Sean Hannity has General Flynn in deep trouble with the judge that was due to sentence him.

Flynn was due to get probation Tuesday, however, Sean has been blaming the FBI, claiming they set Flynn up, that’s why he lied to them.

The judge believed Flynn was going along with his friend Hannity’s assumption and backed away from giving him probation for now.

Who needs friends like Sean Hannity?


Sharing birthdays in the coming week are some special friends.

Dec. 19: Gina Cessac, Christina Carpenter, Mitch Hidalgo, Bill Cardner and Andrew Havens all celebrate.

Joining them in celebrating are actors Jake Gylllenhaal, 37, Alyssa Milano, 45, Jennifer Beals, 54 and magician Criss Angel, 50.*****Dec. 20: Jeremy Granger, Elizabeth Parish, my buddy Kenneth Pigg and Matt Reeves all celebrate.

They are joined by actor Jonah Hill, 34, singer David Cook, 35 and baseball player David Wright, 35.*****Dec. 21: Buddie Hahn, Coach Rick Deutsch, Glenda Granger allcelebrate.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Samuel L. Jackson, 69, Kiefer Southerland, 51 and Jane Fonda, 80.*****Dec. 22: Phyllis Broussard, Rodney Harmon, Yvonne Veillon and Deb.

Foster all celebrate.

This is also Dan and Anon Mohon’s 56th anniversary.

Having birthdays on this day also are singers Meghan Trainor, 24 and Jordin Sparks, 28, news anchor Diane Sawyer, 72.*****Dec. 23: Celebrating today are Chris Gunn and Sue Cowling.

Joining them are model Holly Madison, 38 and actress Sofia Black D’ella, 26.*****Dec. 24: Billy Moore, Sydni Beuhler, Toni Thompson, Helen DeRoche and Mike Dillion all have birthdays today.

Also singer Ricky Martin, 46, MMA fighter Jason Miller, 37 and TV show host Ryan Seacrest, 42.*****Dec. 25: This is the day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Also having birthdays on this day are Flo Edgerly, Ronnie Hutchison, Velma Theriot, Janelle Deutsch and Mary Frances Hartley.

Celebrities celebrating today are singers Jimmy Buffett, 71, Annie Lennox, 63.


Taunt La La tell her grandson, Tee-Ned, dat Nonk Noah, him, has been under da weather and depressed bout getting old. She say a good Christmas ting for Tee-Ned to do is go visit him and cheer him up.

Tee-Ned say, “OK, I go do dat me.”

Den da next day he stop by and axe Nonk how he is him?

Nonk answer, “Tee-Ned, I’m not doing too good me, dis old age, it’s a birch yea.”

Tee-Ned him tink bout dat, den he say, “Oh, Nonk Noah, don’t worry bout dat, old age, it don’t last dat long no.”


Penny & Sylvia The Gold Dust Twins

I hear the dynamic duo of Penny LeLeux and Sylvia Dickey Smith have been busy lately.

LeLeux recently won 2nd place in the Lake Charles Film Festival for her first screenplay “Life with Bill ‘Waiting on Cahill’” about her brother-in-law Bill.

Smith just released a new Sidra Smart mystery, “The Painted Ladies.” But they didn’t stop there.

LeLeux just got back from a trip to Georgetown to visit Smith and shot scenes for a short film they are cooking up as a companion piece to “Painted Ladies” called “Ghost Writer.” LeLeux said it is the story behind the story of the book.

While there, the pair wrote the first draft of an illustrated children’s book that is the first step of a larger project LeLeux is working on.

It’ll be the first kid’s book for either of them.

LeLeux said it is part of a story world idea she came up with that takes place on the Sabine.

This Old Creaux has no idea what a “story world” is, but when those two start cooking something up, you better stand back, there could be an explosion.*****My times up.

Thanks for your time.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the joy of Christmas be with you. I think about all my fiends who bring me joy throughout the year and thank them for that special gift of friendship.

Take care and God bless.


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