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Sean Cade Gros, of Bridge City will be at the Saints game Sunday, 3:40, where they will host the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sean sweated out the Eagles-Bear game that Chicago lost on a missed field goal on the last play of the game.

A Bear win would have pitted the Saints against the Cowboys, making it hard for a Texas boy to pull against the Cowboys, however Sean is a dedicated Saints fan, who attends all the games he can.

Dallas will travel to Los Angeles to meet the Rams and defensive coach, Orange native Wade Phillips.

The game is Saturday, 7:15 p.m.

on Fox. *****Speaking of football, the Clemson Tigers made the Alabama Crimson Tide look like just another football team.

A 19-year-old, true freshman, Trevor Lawrence put a 44-16 whopping on the former champions.

Last year, a true freshman quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa came off the bench to lead Alabama to the national championship 26 to 23 over Georgia in overtime.

Monday’s championship game was basically decided after the half.

It was the worst beating that Coach Nick Sabin’s team has ever endured.

I believe Clemson will rule for the next two or so years.*****I have a long way to go.

Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


We were saddened to learn of the death of Dr. Michael R. Olson, 41, who passed away January 6. A native of Nederland, the son of Barbara and Dr. David Olson, was raised in Bridge City. He was a fine young man that made his parents and family proud. He will be missed by all who knew him. A mass of Christian burial will be held 12 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12, at St. Anne Catholic Church, in Beaumont. A celebration of life will follow from 1:30 p.m. un til 4 p.m. at J Wilson’s, 490 Gladys Ave., Beaumont. Please see obituary.


Louis ‘Lou’ John Garriga, 81, passed away January 7.

A mass of Christian burial will be held at 10 a.m.

Thursday, Jan. 10, at St. Henry Catholic Church.

Visitation will be from 5 p.m.

to 8 p.m.

Wednesday, at Claybar Funeral Home, in Bridge City.

A Rosary will be held at 6 p.m.

Lou and his wife, Kathryn raised a great family in Bridge City during their 58 years of marriage.

I’ve never known anyone who was more dedicated to his faith, family and serving the needy.

Lou would go anywhere at anytime to help someone in need.

He often asked this publication for help, not for himself, but for others.

Many years ago, he was the driving force in starting the Orange Christian Services and for 40 years, it was his passion.

He nursed it with fund raising to keep it healthy.

He was the real definition of “A Good Christian Man.” Lou was a native of Kiln, Mississippi, born Jan. 14, 1937.

The town has a statue of Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Farve, Lou’s cousin.

A few years ago after Roy and The Record had helped him with one of his projects he presented Roy with a signed football from his Green Bay Packer quarterback cousin.

The gift has been a treasure and is displayed in a glass case.

Lou Garriga was a person who did much for many.

He will long be remembered as a man with a giving heart. It’s been an honor to be his friend and playing a small part in his goodness.

Condolences to his family and friends.

Please see obituary.


I have confirmed that Judge Dennis Powell, of the 163rd District Court, will not run for re-election.

In fact, he has already started building a home in the hill country at Burnet.

I’m sure there will be a few lawyers who will explore running for the open seat.

I have had lawyer friends tell me that attorney Rex Peveto will be an early favorite for the judgeship.

The son of former State Representative Wayne Peveto, Rex has prepared himself well to serve as judge.

He also is on the LCM school board and is West Orange City Attorney and also is very well known throughout the county.

I haven’t heard of anyone else running in the Republican Primary but I’m sure there probably will be.


10 Years Ago-2009

Cox and I never thought we would ever live long enough to see a black dude become president of the United States but if we make it a few more days to Jan. 20, we will have witnessed another page in life’s history book.

A black with a strange name, Barack Obama, the 44th president and commander-in-chief.

Now ain’t that something? My bet is despite the heavy load left him he will right the course of our country, and when he leaves office eight years from now we, at home and abroad, will be great again.***** Last week the Wednesday Lunch Bunch got back together at Robert’s after a long holiday layoff.

*** Pretty Babbette brought her hubby, new Pct.

3 Constable Mark Philpott. ***Sheriff’s Capt.

Janois Strause was accompanied by her husband Pct.

2 Constable Rob Strause..

***Constable of Pct.

1, Chris Humble and Pct.

4 Constable Weldon Peveto came without their brides.

***Commissioner Owen Burton left beautiful Nelda at home.***The new High Sheriff Keith Merritt was called back to the office so Marlene attended alone.

Like All State, she was in good hands.

***Judge Janice Menard reported work has finally started on her house.

***The Indian Chief ‘Chocise’ Shockley was traveling alone but didn’t have any scalps on his belt.

***Rev. Leo was all smiles showing his new set of choppers.

***Judge ClaudeWimberley asked for the latest report on everyone’s friend, Cal Broussard.

Roy reported he’s back at St. Luke’s and doing better.

***Joel Steirman gave an assessment of what is going on in the Gaza Strip.

***Jerry Wimberley paid tribute to his Record Newspaper carrier Frances Hogg for the great job she does keeping his weekly paper dry.

***Wilson Roberts was his same old self, always pumping for information.

He thinks he’s still a detective.

***Corky dragged Sprad to the lunch after he had to hunt him down.

It was Sprad’s turn to pay.

On those Wednesdays he hides.

Judge Derry Dunn and Joe Parkhurst took the opportunity to talk shop with Judge Janice. ***Judge Thibodeaux was having tests run at the hospital.

*****Congrats to new Bridge City Police Chief Paul Davis. He was raised in BC, as was his wife, Kim. They have always maintained a home there and Kim is employed at Bridge City Bank.

Paul is a retiring major with the Texas Department of Public Safety who had been assigned to Austin after being in Beaumont for years.

The new job allows him to stay put right here at home.

His appointment caught some people by surprise.

*****We received a lot of response from our J.B. Arrington story in the County Record last week.

*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Lynn Harper, age 71, on Jan. 9.

We will long remember the good times at Harper Valley when Granny Harper was alive.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

Lucy A. Harrison, 53, of Orange died Tuesday, Jan. 6. Funeral services were Jan. 9. She was former president of Texas Dance Expressions for her daughter Jaycie, and loved spending time with her family and her grandchild.

Lucy is survived by her husband, James Harrison; her mother, Anne LaForge; daughters, Jaycie Harrison, Rendi Hufford and son Ryan Harrison.

***** Charlotte Seamann, 56, of Bridge City, died Thursday, Jan. 8.

Funeral services were Jan. 10.

She was retired from Orange County Transportation.

She is survived by her husband, Tony (Anthony) Seamann, sons Brett, Brandon and Bradley, mother and stepfather, Pauline and Gene Hooks andfour grandchildren.***** Sarah Janell Freeman Lonidier, 27, of Orange , passed away Tuesday, Jan. 6.

Funeral services were Jan. 9.

She was a lifelong resident of the Orange area, attended Orangefield High School and worked for the Triangle Press.

She is survived by her husband Heath Lane Lonidier, son, Lane Lonidier, parents, Steve and Kellie Freeman.***** Bobbie Glen Hebert died at the age of 56 on Wednesday, Jan. 7.

Funeral services were hele Jan. 10.

He was a truck driver for many years.

He is survived by his wife, Anne Marie Belair Hebert, two sons, Bobby Gene Hebert and Chad Glenn Hebert, three daughters, Tonya Trahan, Chassie Lefleur and Amanda Friar and 11 grandchildren.*****

45 Years Ago-1974

A.J. Romero, who never caught a bass that weighed much over a pound, caught a six-pound bass over the weekend.

He said it took him five years and $10,000 to finally catch a big bass.

*****Gordon “Barefoot” Baxter marries Diane, an airline stewardess.

*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville head coach Jim Crossland offered the defensive co-coordinator’s job with the Chicago Fire pro football organization in the new World Football League to start next season.

*****Jewel Bearden didn’t get a new gun, she got a new son-of-a-gun.

Jim Sharon Bearden Jr., was born Jan. 3.

He has an older brother, 2-year old Tyler.

They are the sons of Carol and Sharon Bearden.

*****Joe Runnels always refused to fly but was finally convinced to.

While waiting for departure he bought a $50,000 insurance policy out of the machine.

He then stepped on one of those weight scales at the airport that gives fortune cards.

The message read, “Present investment may pay big dividends.” Joe cashed in his plane ticket and headed home to Orange.

*****Katherine Griggs and Herbie Dees both retire.

*****Harmon Chevrolet is selling a new 1974 Chevy custom-cab pickup for $2,750.

*****Pinehurst judge Larry Gunter, 43, has announced as a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct.


He is married to Geneva (Scales) Gunter.

Larry served as communications officer for the sheriff’s department under Chester Holts from 1958 to 1969.

*****County Clerk Sallie Frazier announced for reelection.

She was first elected in 1970 and has worked in the office since 1941.

She became chief deputy in 1950.

60 Years Ago-1959

Gulf States Utilities near Bridge City will build a new multi-million-dollar power plant.

*****Shon Hudson promoted to vice president at First National Bank.

He’s been with the bank since 1939.

*****Construction to began for new Orange Savings and Loan building.

*****Attorney Roger Conway will serve in the absence of Judge Sid Caillavet, who is confined at home due to illness.

*****Fred Hryhorchuk is the first full-time deputy sheriff for south Newton County.

He lives in Deweyville.

The Jack Tar Hotel marks its second anniversary with a two-day celebration.


The Museum of the Gulf Coast, in Port Arthur, added Major League baseball star Jay Bruce to its Hall of Fame.

The 31 year old, who is now a member of the Seattle Mariner outfield, was inducted Saturday.

Bruce held back tears as he thanked the crowd and expressed his gratitude for his Southeast Texas roots.

Bruce attended high school at West Brook.

Our longtime friend Tom Neal is museum director.

It’s a great place to visit.

If you haven’t yet you should.

This Wednesday, the guest speaker at the Golden K Kiwanis meeting will be Neal.

He will discuss the book, ‘Betting, Booze and Brothels,’ written by Wanda A. Landry.

The book includes some Orange Countians.*****One of our best buddies, Collin ‘Billy Jack’ Gros, the youngest of the Dunn grandchildren, celebrates his 24th birthday Jan. 10.

Best wishes.

We hope you grow as old as your Poppa.*****Our friend Preston Fuller stopped by to visit.

It was nice to see him.

Back in July, at 3 a.m., he fell, hit his head and was out around an hour.

When his wife found him he was flown to Houston where they made a 21 inch gash in his head to relieve the pressure on his brain in order to save his life.

After several months of rehab, he has use of his limbs and is driving again.

He considers himself very fortunate.

He says the air flight was the difference between death or being severely paralyzed.

Preston, along with other great salesmen, he worked with, should be in the car salesman ‘Hall of Fame.’*****The first United States presidential election was held 230 years ago, Jan. 7, 1789.

George Washington, as expected, won and became our first president.*****Happy 33rd wedding anniversary Jan. 11, to Margie and Harry Stephens.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around it being that long.

Margie must have been so young.

Congratulations and best wishes.*****A ‘Super blood wolf moon eclipse’ will appear Sunday, Jan. 20 and finish early Monday, Jan. 21.

The main event is the total Lunar Eclipse when the moon is at the closest point of its orbit to the earth.

It appears 14 percent larger, 30 percent brighter.

‘Blood Moon’ is the reddish color.

The moon will appear during a total eclipse.*****Our longtime friend H.D. Pate has been in a Mid-County rehab facility since Christmas time.

Wife Pat has been staying with him almost constantly.

She says he’s making some progress.

I sense that good lady feels like she’s in a 26-mile marathon.

Here’s hoping H.D. is well enough to come home soon.*****We haven’t seen our buddy Beth Rash for quite sometime.

She had her second knee surgery on Dec. 13 and not quite ready to run yet, just a slow crawl.

Hope to see her at the Lunch Bunch.*****Speaking of the Lunch Bunch, they will gather this Wednesday, Jan. 9, at Tuffy’s.

It should be fun.

The Bunch will lunch at Robert’s next week.

Everyone welcome.


Some friends celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

Jan. 9: Brenda Hearn, Melissa Bulter, Chad Meadows and Ken Steppe all celebrate.

Joining them are duchess Kate Middleton, 36, actors Julie Chrisley, 45, J.K. Simmons, 63 and guitarist Jimmy Page, 74.*****Jan. 10: Celebrating today are Collin Gros, Frank Skeeler, Sandy Uzzle and Scott Gerrald.

Also celebrating are singers Rod Stewart, 73, Pat Benatar, 65 and boxer George Foreman, 69.*****Jan. 11: Bill Mello, Teresa Franklin, Alyssa Malveaux and Gail Walker celebrate.

It is also the 33rd anniversary of Harry and Margie Stephens.

Celebrities having birthdays are singers Mary J Blige, 47 and Cody Simpson, 21.*****Jan. 12: Beth Lindner, Donald Edgerton, Dana Sandlin, Jimmie Allen celebrate today.

Joining them are radio hosts Howard Stern, 64, Rush Limbaugh, 67 and actress Kirstie Alley, 67.*****Jan. 13: Ashton Sezer, Kent Hannegan and Lyndia Permenter have birthdays on this day.

Celebs celebrating are actors Patrick Dempsey, 52, Orlando Bloom, 41, Liam Hemsworth, 28 and singer Trace Adkins, 56.*****Jan. 14: Celebrating today is newlywed Stephanie Hurst, Mel Campbell, Robert Simonton, Brittany Trantham, Rob Fisher, attorney Rodney Townsend, and Judge Jerry Pennington.

They are joined by actors Jason Bateman, 49, Emily Watson, 51 and Faye Dunaway, 77.*****Jan. 14: Don Thompson, Joy Hughes, Tyler Reves celebrate also New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Breese, 39 and Chad Lowe, 50 celebrate.


Do you know who was named Leslie Lynch King, Jr. at birth. He and his mom were abandoned and his step-dad gave him his name. He grew up to become famous. Do you know who that person is? See answer at end of C’est Tout.


A letter from Cuzzin Sostin

Dear Cuz,

A line to let you know wat’s going on wit our people in Sout Louisiana. Sugar Bee went wit Uncle Joe to make his last will and testimony. He tole lawyer Trahan to jus say, “Being of sound mind and jolly disposition, I blew it all me.”

Did you know dat Charlie LeBlanc’s boy, Coo-Coo, died from drinking milk? Da cow fell right on his face.

Uncle Clovis Meaux moved his house back bout 75-feet to take da slack out of his clothesline.

Nelson Comeaux jus got back from New Jersey. He says he learned dere’s a connection between da Mafia and Gay Lib. Now wen dey get da kiss of dea’h, it includes dinner and dancing.

Sugar Bee has been trying to make me eat better. Da only problem is every ting I like me, Sugar Bee says cause tumors in mice. I told her I wasn’t a mice me, she said it cause da same ting in a big rat.

Cuz, I horsed around in my youth me to acquire some fine nightmares today. Sugar Bee says I sleep with a smile on my face. My neighbor Dartez says da reason we can’t get a good half-sole job on our shoes is because now-a-days, all da good leather is going into steaks.

Tings are really bad in da country. Trump has given us a lot to worry bout. If you’re a born worrier like Sugar Bee, boy were you ever born at da right time.

Dat’s all from here. Take care,

Your Cuz, Sostan.



The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce invites everyone to the ‘Taste of the Bayou’ 59th annual banquet, to be held Monday, Jan. 14, 6 p.m.

at Bridge City Elementary School.

The family friendly event is open to the public and will feature entertainment by the Gulf Coast Playboys band and culinary delights from a variety of Southeast Texas restaurants.*****Trivial question answer.

His name was changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr.

He was number 48 and All American center at Michigan, who became the 38th president of the United States.

He was 93 years old when he died on Jan. 3, 2006.*****My time is up, thanks for yours.

Please shop our family of advertisers and tell them we sent you.

Take care and God bless.


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