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Come hell or high water Donald Trump owns this shutdown.

He said, and the world saw it, “I will proudly shut the government down.

I will carry that mantle and not blame the Democrats.” Today he and McConnell are trying to rig a vote that the congress won’t go for, in order to switch the blame.

That dog won’t hunt.

Trump has created this mess.

To rally his troops he came up with a political ploy that he would build a big, beautiful, concrete wall, 30-feet high and Mexico would pay for it 100 percent.

He’s in a trap and has put 800,000 government workers in the bread line, plus millions more in the ripple effect.

Does anyone realize how much $5 billion, 700 thousand is? Every sheriff, county judge and nine congressmen, Republican and Democrats, are against the wall on the border and call it foolish.

The Rio Grande River is as much a deterrent as the Sabine River.

They are very much alike.

Drones and satellites can spot anyone trying to swim across, plus in some places the wall would be two miles from the river.

If you did the same to the Sabine, the wall would be at MacArthur Dr.

and down Strickland.

They are proposing to take in small towns, churches, farms, etc.

and in some places give control of the Rio Grande to Mexico.

It’s a nutty way to throw away billions on a useless wall.

It’s the same as building a beautiful fence to keep the cattle in.

The fence would be in the front and down the sides but leave the back of the pasture open.

Drugs and human trafficking are not coming in by swimming the Rio Grande.

A wall does absolutely no good.

It is a big con job.

Build a 30-foot wall and someone will build a 32 foot ladder.

Trump’s monument to be is now the rallying call for Rush, Ann Colter, Hannity and others who are pushing Trump to continue the fight for the sake of winning.

Meanwhile, the shutdown is by far the longest in history.

Trump is in a trap from the left and right.

*****I’ve got to move on.

Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


We should be celebrating the Saints heading to the Super Bowl, instead there is a dark cloud hanging over the Superdome.

A blotched non-call that doomed the Saints’ chances in the NFL championship game ultimately became the team’s end to a successful season.

At stake was a trip to the Super Bowl. Dozens of cameras, ensuring endless angles and replays of the blatant pass interference by Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman, which should have drawn a penalty when he decked Saints wide receiver Tommy Lee Lewis, while trying to defend a fourth quarter Drew Brees pass.

We all saw it.

Robey-Coleman admitted as much after the game.

“I got away with one today.” The non-call will forever loom large as one of the most egregious officiating errors in a championship game.

We can reason now that the play alone may not have determined the outcome of the game.

The Saints had plenty chances to put the game away.

They blew leads of 10-0 and 20-10.

They foolishly insisted on passing late in the game rather than burn the clock.

They also couldn’t score or stop the Rams in overtime.

The apology CoachSean Payton received from the League does little good, the Rams and Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

About the ‘whistle’ brigade, Troy Ackman, commenting on the extreme noise, said, “There’s some loud whistles up there.” The whistle blowing had an Orange County connection.

Sean Gros, who made the two playoff games and looking forward to the Saints in the Super Bowl, was responsible for buying 100 loud whistles and passing them out to Saints’ fans in his section.

Another local connection in the Super Bowl will be Rams defensive coordinator, Orange native Wade Phillips, who already has a Super Bowl ring on his finger.

He won it in Super Bowl 50, as defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, who defeated the Panthers. I’ve said over the years to never bet against Tom.

I never saw Brady as elated as he was in the overtime game win over the Chiefs.

This will be the ninth Super Bowl for Brady.

The Patriots were underdogs Sunday and might well be again.

My take away from the Saints-Ram game is changes to the rules are necessary, adding the ability to review clearly incorrect pass interference calls.

The rules prevented Coach Sean Payton from challenging the non-call.

Saints fans will always wonder, “What if?” The creditability of the NFL is again under attack as well it should be.


10 Years Ago-2009

The entire community was saddened by the death of Shane Dronett, a local youngster who had brought a lot of recognition to our community through his football talent.

The University of Texas All-American and NFL football great was always quick to tell anyone that Bridge City was home and where he played his high school football.

Shane and Steve Worster are the two most natural football players at their respected positions to come out of the area.

Both were All-Americans.

My first thoughts turned to his mother Candy. She had visited with us many times about Shane, her only child.

Our condolences to his wife Christine and daughters Berkley and Hayley, the entire family and his many friends.

Shane’s number at Bridge City had been retired several years and hangs in the school foyer alongside Worster, Jason Mathews and Matt Bryant’s numbers.*****Former Rick Perry supporters, baseball great Nolan Ryan and football star Roger Staubach, will join the Kay Bailey Hutchison campaign for governor.

Gov. Perry is expected to go back to the Karl Rove playbook, and polarize the state by playing the religious card.

We will hear plenty of pro-life coming from the Perry camp.

Abortion will be a major issue.

Perry opposes abortion except in case of rape, Kay believes in a woman’s right to choose.

Perry was a yell captain at Texas A&M, Kay was a head cheerleader at Texas.*****Our longtime friend Sleepy Smith lost his wife Alice Ann, age 72, on Jan. 22.

I’ll always recall, going back many years, how he and Alice would take time to have lunch together every day.

I always though how nice that was.

Alice was the daughter of Bob Moses and an Orange native.

She was a fine lady.*****When the end of the road came President George W. Bush left office with the lowest rating in the history of polling.

We understand that Bush family members are placing blame squarely on the shoulders of Dick Cheney for the failure of the administration.

Papa Bush has taken the failure hardest.

Tears come to his eyes frequently.

The opportunity for son Jeb to ever become president has been diminished.

We hear the Geo.

W. and Cheney relationship started cooling about three months ago.

I believe the biggest proof of that is Geo.

W. not giving Scooter Libby a full pardon.

Dick and Rumsfeld took advantage of his lack of knowledge.

45 Years Ago-1979

The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce names Gus Garza Citizen of the Year. “He and his wife Angelina have made a good community great,” said past award recipient, Bridge City School Superintendent Glen Pearson, who presented the award.

(Editor’s note: Gus served for nearly 30 years on the school board.

He worked for Texaco as a photographer and took one of the last photos of President John F. Kennedy in Houston, the day before he was killed in Dallas.)*****Ali wins over Frazier. After the 11th round the scoring was five rounds each and a tie round.

Ali won the last round and took a unanimous decision.

*****Ronny Baxter, the county’s only lady attorney, is moving her practice to Beaumont.

*****Jo Ann and James Brabham celebrated their first anniversary last weekend.

*****Charlie Holcomb, first county court at law judge, has been named county attorney of Cherokee County.

(Editor’s note: Since then, Charlie has been a district judge and a member of the highest court in Texas.)*****Tony Bramblett has proposed to pretty Debbie Newsome.

They will wed this summer.

(Editor’s note: This great couple is still married today.)*****Fain and Vivian Holbrook will have two mouths less to feed their daughter Pat and son Butch.

Both will be married on the same day.

Pat is marrying Donnie Glenn Day, Butch is taking Pattie Dean Hebert to be his bride.

*****Mary Beth Dugas and Keith Certa will marry Feb. 2.

***** Charlene Trahan has filed as a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct.

2.*****Steve McCanty,South Park’s personable young football coach, will be offered the head football coaching job replacing Chief Wilson at Bridge City.

(Editor’s note: Instead Steve ended up as the first coach of West Orange-Stark after the school districts of Orange and West Orange merged.)*****Lanston Fall, six foot, 200-pound Bridge City running back, signs a letter of intent with Lamar.

He was Lamar’s first recruit.

He was recruited by Lamar coach Dan Ray Hooks.

60 Years Ago-1959

State Rep.

LouisDugas has been appointed to five legislative committees.

Only one of the five met in the last session. Dugas supported Rep.

Joe Burkett against Speaker WaggonerCarr in a bitter pre-session campaign for the speakership, so Dugas wasn’t in the inner circle.

*****Porter Glenn Talbet graduates from LSU. *****Bridge City’s Dow Gene Anderson, fresh from a second round knockout over Bruce Hill, will be seeking his third straight welterweight championship in the Golden Gloves tournament.

He has won nine straight fights by knockouts.

(Editor’s note: It seems the only fight Dow ever lost was with longtime wife Ms.


She had his number.)


Judge Derry Dunn retired from his JPpost but he won’t be inactive.

The Pinehurst Municipal Judge was approached and asked to run for an open seat on the LCM school board.

He accepted and is a candidate.

Derry spent 30 years in education, school operation is one of his long suits and he would be an asset on the school board.

He says he wasn’t looking for anything to do but education has always been a priority with him.*****We told you John Roy Fredrick had taken a horse and cat to Buna to get them fixed.

It didn’t work out too good.

The horse wasn’t happy about coming home a gelding.

That only cost John Roy $30.

To fix the cat cost $100.

As soon as they got home he turned the cat loose, Kitty hit the road running, ran away and ain’t been seen since.

There went John Roy’s $100 bucks.

*****Over 80 percent of the major players in the White House have been replaced as Trump’s mid-term concludes.*****Nacho fries return to Taco Bell this week.*****My buddy John Heard brought me some of his grapefruit last week.

I got educated about why some type of grapefruit is different than others, even when grown in the same location.

John’s citrus is the best I’ve ever eaten.

It’s the stock that makes the difference and also lot of fertilizer.

Not all grapefruit is created equal.

His are large, with pink meat, plenty of juice and has a mild taste.

Speaking of fruit C.J. Huckaby brought us some of his very sweet Satsumas.

C.J. raises a variety of fruit from grapes to apples and everything in between.

He also says the stock you select to plant is most important.

That makes the difference in the quality of the fruit.*****Attorney James Dunaway has moved his office to 711 Front St., next to Capital Title.

Jim still has a real sweetheart, Jackie Roberts, as an employee.

They do great work with real estate law both residential and commercial, plus they prepare wills to probates and corporations.

Jim is very reliable.

I’ve known and used him since the first day he came to work for Hustmyre-Harris and Dorman on Front St. The kid from Cleburne has made it all the way to being an elder gentleman and is now back on Front St. where he started.

In between he also served as mayor of Orange.

Dub, Murry and Malcolm are all gone now but Jim’s still doing what he loves.*****Speaking of lawyers, H.D. Pate was doing good with his rehab when he came down with Pneumonia.

They are treating him and wife Pat says he is getting better.

By the way, happy 28th wedding anniversary to Pat and H.D. on Jan. 26.

He got lucky when he conned that wonderful gal into marrying him.

Best wishes to my friends.*****On Jan. 25, Joe and Dee Payne will mark their 66th anniversary.

Dee spent most of those years as an operating room nurse.

Joe spent his years in car sales and is respected for his honesty.

Joe will still sell you a good pre-owned car on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Harmon’s Used Cars.

On the other days he’s playing Bridge.

Happy anniversary to these fine folks.*****A few friends having birthdays this week.

WWII veteran, and our neighbor here on Henrietta, Roy McDaniel turns 95 on Jan. 25.***A special lady, Nancy Vincent celebrates on Jan. 26.

Since she retired we haven’t heard much from her.

Hope she’s doing well and we wish her many more birthdays.***Our little buddy Leland Clay Gros turns 10-years-old Jan. 27.

He’s Garrett’s boy, Karen’s grandson and one of the Dunn’s great-grandchildren.***We also remember Mary Stanton on her birthday Jan. 28.

Best wishes from Joe and I.***Judge David Dunn and Sidney Longron, 87, celebrate today.

Happy birthday to the Amedo twins, Lynn Greenwell and Leslie Smith, on Jan. 29.*****On Feb. 3, it will be 60 years since Buddy Holly, J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson and others were killed in an airplane crash.

Their deaths are still fresh in my memory despite happening in 1957.

A 60th anniversary party, live concert and winter dance, will be held in Clear Lake, Iowa Feb. 2 to honor the event.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and at Novrozsky’s next week.

Everyone welcome.*****Thanks to Jackie and Joe Kimball for the Rio Red grapefruit, grown in Mid-County by their son.

Nice folks.

We appreciate it very much.

They keep the folks at Ginger’s well fed.


Folks celebrating their big day in the coming week.

Jan. 23: Sandra Peveto, Madison Peterson, Caitlyn Linder, Lyndell Hodgkinson and Sue Harris all celebrate.

Joining them are actors Mariska Hargitay, 54, Richard Dean Anderson, 68 and the pilot of the famous Hudson River flight Chesney Sullenberger turns 67.*****Jan. 24: Turning a year older on this day are Pam Vincent, Randy Franklin and Toni Robertson.

Celebrities celebrating are singer Neil Diamond, 77, Tatyana Ali, 39 and gymnast Mary Lou Tetton, 50.*****Jan. 25: Roy McDanial, Payton LaFleur, Malissie Bailey, Tayler Thompson and Chelsea Anderson all celebrate.

They are joined by singer Alicia Keys, 37, actors Jenifer Lewis, 61 and Craig Roberts, 27.*****Jan. 26: Celebrating today are Frank Richardson, Hayden Anderson, and Mike Faulk.

They are joined by TV show host Ellen DeGeneres, 60, hockey player Wayne Gretzky, 57 and Gospel singer Kirk Franklin, 48.*****Jan. 27: Leland Clay Gros, Tommy Wolfford, Bobby Fillyaw, Rodrick LaFleur, Kimberly Barclay and Tori Lummus celebrate.

Celebrities celebrating today are actors Patton Oswalt, 49 and Alan Cumming, 53.*****Jan. 28: Celebrating today are Bill Dixon and Kelly Pachar. Joining them are singer Nick Carter, 38 and actor Alan Alda, 82.*****Jan. 29: Devra Cormier, Wyman Ogden and twins Lynn Greenwell and Leslie Smith celebrate today.

Also TV show host Oprah Winfrey, 64, singer Alam Lambert, 36 and actors Sara Gilbert, 43 and Tom Selleck, 73.


Preston T. Meaux him, was traveling down the interstate, on his way to Kountze, wen he stopped at da rest area just out of Orange, Texas. In da men’s bashroom he encountered an accountant and a lawyer who were standing side by side using da urinal.

Da accountant him, finished, zipped up and started washing and scrubbing his hands clean up to his elbow.. He den used 20 paper towels before he finished. He turned to Meaux and da other guy and said, “I graduated from the University of Texas and they taught us to be clean.

Da lawyer him, finished, zipped up and quickly wet the tips of his fingers, grabbed one paper towel and commented, “I graduated from Texas Tech and they taught us to be environmentally conscious.”

Preston T. Meaux him, zipped up and as he was walking out of da door said, “Me, I graduated from McNeese and dey teach us not to pee on our hands.


Blessings from Lutherans at Good Shepherd

Monday was a cold, windy, 36 degree day and felt much colder.

We were blessed with hot chicken and sausage gumbo, a great thing.

Pastor Paul Zoch, of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and his sidekick, Cajun cook, Pat Sherwood showed up with some of Pat’s home brewed gumbo.

She makes it all from scratch, roux doesn’t come out of a bottle.

She stirs it to perfection.

Pat is a native of Leesville, not really Cajun country, but she learned to cook Cajun after living many years in Lafayette.

Today, her gumbo is famous.

I found it excellent.

The special sausage gave it that special flavor.

Mark your calendar for Feb. 6, from 11 a.m.

to 1 p.m.

at the Good Shepherd Church in Bridge City.

This gumbo will be served or you can buy it be the pint or quart. No two gumbos are alike but Pat’s chicken and sausage is a homemade taste you’ll remember.

Also it’s a fund raiser for the music ministry and scholarship program.

Write this number down, call the church at 735-4573 for bulk orders.

They will deliver.

*****I’ve got to go; my time is up, thanks for yours.

And thanks also for your loyalty.

Some folks have been reading this column up to 50 years but Creaux and I welcome all new readers.

Take care and God bless.


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