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Every now and then someone comes along that sets them apart from the crowd.

The first time I heard Sen.Kamala Harris and watched her actions, I noticed that there was something different that set her apart. Charisma, smartness, being quick on their feet stands out in the political arena.

I had a chance to observe her more at her announcement for president Saturday in Oakland and again Monday at a CNN town hall.

In 2016 she was elected to the senate with 61.6 percent to replace Sen.

Barbara Boxer.

Thirty-four candidates filed to replace Boxer.

She defeated Loretta Sanchez in the runoff and drew eight million votes in the General Election.

She never lost a campaign, defeating several candidates for D.A. in San Francisco and over 20 candidates for Attorney General of California.

She became the state’s first female, first Black and first Asian American attorney general, as well as the first TAMIL A.G. in U.S. history.

She had also been considered by President Obama to replace Justice Antonin Scalia before he nominated Merrick Garland, a nomination that was stolen from Obama.

Harris was also mentioned as a possible vice president candidate before Hillary Clinton chose Sen.

Tim Kaine. It’s apparent that others had noticed something special about 57-year-old Harris. She was born Oct. 20, 1964 in Oakland California to a Tamil Indian mother and a Jamaican father.

Her mother was a breast cancer scientist, her father, Donald Harris, is a Stanford University economics professor.

She has a younger sister, Maya Harris, who worked in the Clinton campaign.

Harris is a grad of Howard University, University of California and Hasting College of Law, where she earned her Jurist Doctorate.

She was admitted to the state bar in 1990.

Amazingly she accomplished all this in a short time, a feat which would take others a lifetime.

Over the next two years we will hear plenty about this unique woman.

You may not agree with her political views but you will be impressed by her delivery and broad smile.

She’s different.

Can she be elected president? I don’t believe any woman in my lifetime will be elected president.Hillary was the most qualified to ever run and was rejected twice.

Kamala Harris will make one heck of a run at it.

By the way, the name Kamala comes from the Sanskrit word for the Lotus Flower. *****I have to move on.

Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


You would have to be really creative to make the Democrats responsible for any part of the shutdown.

Trump temporarily ended a crisis he created and now says he’d put us all through the exact same thing if he doesn’t get a wall by Feb. 15.

If Trump wants to honor his own slogan, “Promises made, Promises kept,” he is going to have to negotiate with Mexico, not congress.

He promised Mexico would pay for the wall, 100 percent.

Anyone who has lived near our border with Mexico knows a wall will not solve the problems, plus they would just tunnel under it.

We should focus on real border security.

Last Sunday 60-Minutes presented a program about satellites that can monitor anything on earth, things as small as 4x4 inches.

Technology is better than something you can crawl under or climb over.

Rush and Ann Coulter are ribbing ego sick Trump into taking his wall proposal to his 2020election campaign.

See how that works.

If the extremist left him along he would probably forget the wall and move on.

He has a lot bigger problems coming his way.

The last shoe hasn’t fallen yet.


10 Years Ago-2009

The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce’s 50th annual installation of officers is Thursday at The Palms in Orange.

Those to be installed to lead the chamber in 2009 are board of directors, Eric Andrus, Jerry McInnis, Christie Hare, Claudine Hogan, Donna Scales, Robert Sullivan, Ricky Land and Bette South.

Alternates are Becky Andrews and Christie Teague.

Executive board members are Mark Dunn, president; Robert Simonton, president-elect; Misty Fountain, vice president; Debbie Britnell, treasurer; Anneita Piediscalzi, immediate past president; and Janelle Sehon, executive vice president.

The chamber will also honor Mayor Kirk Roccaforte as Citizen of the Year.

Congrats to these dedicated civic servant.

*****Well, Super Bowl is behind us for one more year.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won 27-23.

I had predicted an Arizona Cardinal win of 23-17.

***** President Barack Obama is expected to lift federal restrictions on human embryonic stem cells in a few days.

Medical centers have expressed their delight and predicted a long awaited scientific renovation will follow.

A team from Baylor will study Parkinson’s disease,UT at Houston is working on lungs, pulmonary disease and sonic genetic disease, Rice University has already developed a technique for growing cartilage to be used as treatment for surgical repair of joints.

Professors predict opening the research will have an enormous benefit.

*****Soon, “No habla Englais” will be a thing of the past.

Mexico has launched an ambitious plan to teach English to every schoolchild, even those in kindergarten.***** Jivin Gene, a boy we have known since he was 12 years old, whose first big hit was “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” has a new CD coming out in February called “It’s Never Too Late.”*****Domestic autos, back in 1949, that have said goodbye, Nash-Hudson, Studebaker, Packard, Crosley, Kaiser-Frazer, Oldsmobile, Edsel, (the horse-collar), came in 1957 and was gone by 1959.

Only two brands have joined the domestic chase in the last 59 years, Saturn and Hummer. ***** Congrats to coach Randy Couch who has been hired by Little Cypress-Mauriceville as athletic director and head football coach.

The coach has had quite a run as offensive co-coordinator at West Orange-Stark under CoachHooks.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

John Howard Brooks Sr., 90, of Orange died Wednesday, Jan. 28.

Graveside service was Saturday, Jan. 31.

He was a member of Boilermakers Local 587, the Democratic National Committee, Mid-County Singles Club and the Pompano Club.

He is survived by his children, Victora Ruthann Hudnall, Rosemary Hodgkinson, Wanda Jackson, Martha Rothkamm, Jennifer Garrett, and John Howard “Buzz” Brooks Jr., 12 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.***** Euna Mae Fuselier Matthews, 64, of Orange, died Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Funeral service were held Friday, Jan. 30.

She is survived by her husband of 48 years, David Matthews; sons, Michael Matthews, David V. Matthews, daughter, Brenda Foreman, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.***** Pamella Ives Shaver, 64, of Orange died Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Funeral service was Saturday, Jan. 31.

She was a retired school teacher from the Bridge City School District.

She is survived by her husband, Charles Shaver; son, Jeremy Shaver, grandsons, Michael Shaver and Matthew Shaver.

***** Claude James Viator, 40, of Bridge City, died Thursday, Jan. 29.

Graveside service was Monday, Feb. 2.

Claude worked as a Boilermaker and enjoyed riding motorcycles and boating.

He is survived by his wife, Sherry Viator; sons, Jody Viator, Aaron Viator, and Bryson Viator, one grandchild, Kaden Viator.

45 Years Ago-1974

Jim Weaver is coaching the West Orange Chiefs boy’s basketball team.

Some of the stars are; senior post, Kenneth Richard; junior post, Bill McNamara; junior guard, John James; junior guard, Randy Trahan; junior forward, Mike Geter; sophomore post, Donald Sargent; sophomore forwards, Bohn Dorman and Andre Robertson. *****Hank Aaron has penned a $1 million, five-year deal with Magnavox that will give them the right to display the ball and bat in Cooperstown, and also gives rights to uniforms and Hank Aaron historic items when he breaks Babe Ruth’s record this spring.

(Editor’s note: Magnavox put out 500 signed Hank Aaron bats with a brass plate that states the 715 homers, date etc.

Roy happens to own one of these rare bats.)*****Bondsman Cecil Scales says the only thing lit up in this town after 10 p.m.

is Ken Rainwater.

Meanwhile Jerry Dearmond has quit drinking and Cecil says, “Alcohol consumption in Orange County is down 18.2 percent.” Cecil added insurance rates should also go down.

*****Joe Grossman made a statement at Orange Bank, “I sent my cake to the ‘Office Hound’ now where’s the gal?” Miss Wilma will get him; she’ll float him down the Sabine River.

(Editor’s note: The ‘Office Hound,’ in the days of the Opportunity Valley News, would request a cake from folks caught “she’n and he’n.”)*****Orange County incumbent Democratic chairman J.L. “Pete” Runnels is being challenged by Louis Dugas.

(Editor’s note: Louis lost and became a Republican.)*****The post for constable of Pct.

2 race draws a big crowd.

Bill Dickerson, James “J.R.” Aaron, Leon L. Frederick, H.D. Tucker, R.J. “Ronnie” Burns, Robert E. Smith, Donald Gunn, Joe Don Hubbard and R.L. “Bob” Frederick.

***** Running for J.P. Pct.

1 are Viola Shirley, Claude Wimberly, S.E. Bellfield, C. Arnold Buxton and Allen D. Cady Sr. (Editor note: Claude won that race.)*****Thomas W. Porter runs against state Rep.

Wayne Peveto. (Editor’s note: Wayne had the same results as Wimberly. He field-dressed him.)*****Tom Cockrell and Joe Blanda, both barbers, were walking a picket line together in Orangefield last week.

One was seen carrying a Bible and the other a deck of cards.

Can you guess which did what? *****Andy Griffin, 37, head coach at White Oak, will assume the athletic director and head football duties at Bridge City on March 1.

Griffin replaces H.W. “Chief” Wilson, head coach for the past 12 years who resigned to become vocational adjustment coordinator at Bridge City Supt.

Glen Pearson recommended Griffin, the board voted unanimously.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Beverly Jean Keszeg Mixon, 80, of Orange, who passed away on Jan. 28.

Visitation will be from 5 p.m.

to 8 p.m.

Wednesday, at Claybar Funeral Home, Orange.

Services will be held at 10 a.m.

Thursday under the direction of Claybar.

Beverly worked as Dep.

District Clerk for Orange County before retirement.

Please see obituary.*****Our friend Orange City Councilman, plumber Bill Mello had brain surgery Monday in Houston to remove a tumor.

Mello is just a great guy.

Our prayers are with him for a successful, speedy recovery.*****The Orange Lions Club has voted to keep their carnival in the Fall, around October 1.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will gather at Novrozsky’s this week, with a special gathering at Robert’s next week.

At JB’s last week, Judge Chad Jenkins showed up for the first time since taking over as JP.

Every week brings different guest.

Everyone always welcome.

No reservation required.*****A few folks I know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

On Wednesday, Jan. 30: Rosalie Clark, Pat’s better half, celebrates another birthday.

It would also be her late twin Mary Ann’s birthday.

Also marking a birthday on this day is former major league pitcher John Patterson.

John was the starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals in their very first game in Washington.

***A nice lady, public servant, Bridge City city councilperson, Lucy Fields, celebrates Jan. 31: Also having a birthday on this day is Skipper Free’s youngest, Scott Free, and Amanda’s twins Lucas and Mason Adams. ***Feb. 1: finds Kimberly Bernard celebrating.

***On Feb. 2: The old AggieDon Kachtik, the boy who survived Bear Bryant and the summer of hell in Junction, celebrates another birthday.

***Feb. 3: This is the day Attorney Nolan LeBlanc arrived.

He believes every weekend should be set aside for partying.

Happy birthday to “Where’s the party” LeBlanc.

Also celebrating today is Melissa Haley and Honey Staudenmier. ***Feb. 4: Longtime buddy, pole vaulter Eric Eshbach has added several years to his championship days.

Kimberlie Norman also celebrates a birthday today and also on this day, in 2010, we lost a good friend and wonderful lady Mary Fontenot.*****President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday, Feb. 5, after getting invited by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She had disinvited his address Jan. 23, during the Trump Shut-down.*****A dozen illegal immigrant workers at one of Trump’s golf clubs were recently fired.

Their lawyer said that the managers had known for years of their legal status.

The firing came after workers at a New Jersey Trump club came forward to say managers had hired them knowing they were in the country illegally and had helped them obtain phony documents.

It has been common knowledge that hundreds of undocumented workers were employed at other Trump properties.

Managers knew they had phony papers but looked the other way.

During the shutdown, President Trump railed against immigrants coming into the country illegally.

His reason for wanting a $5.7 billion wall.*****Three year old Casey Hathaway was found alive in the woods of eastern North Carolina after he vanished in the extreme cold for two days.

He said he spent time with a bear. The kid hanging out with a beat who kept him warm for two days makes for a good story.

If you believe it, you might buy into Mexico paying for a U.S. border wall


Folks having birthdays in the next few days.

Jan. 30: Jason Myers and Shirley Jordan celebrate along with former VP Dick Cheney who turns 77, actor Christian Bale, 44 and singer Phil Collins.*****Jan. 31: Christie Stoncheck, and Marty Delano celebrate.

They are joined by singer Justin Timberlake, 37, and actors Minnie Driver, 48 and Bobby Moynihan, 41.*****Feb. 1: Celebrating today are Wayne Sullivan, Garrett Kerger and Lisa Monceaux.

Joining them are MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, 31, Elvis’ baby daughter Lisa Marie Presley, 50, and actor Pauly Shore, 50.*****Feb. 2: Today is Ground Hog Day.

Celebrating birthdays and Judy Knowles.

They are joined by model Christie Brinkley, 64 and Duane Chapman, 65.*****Feb. 3: Melissa Haley, and Stephanie Carpenter all celebrate.

Celebrities joining them are actors Morgan Fairchild, 68, Nathan Lane, 62 and Isla Fisher, 42.*****Feb. 4: Celebrating today are Kimberlie Norman and Eric Fisher, also rock singer Alice Cooper, 70, and pop singer Gavin DeGraw, 41.*****Feb. 5: Susan McAnelly, Julie Dawson and Lisa Murry celebrate.

They are joined by baseball player Hank Aaron, country singer Sara Evans, 47 and R&B singer Bobby Brown.


Dear Cuzz,

Jus a few lines to let you no wat is going on wit our folks.

Our cuzzin Clovis, him, called da police da otter day. “911, what’s da nature of you emergency,” da police axe? Clovis say, “Me, I’m trying to reach 9-11 but my phone don’t got an eleven. Da police say, “dis is 9-11.” “I tought you jus say it was 9-1-1 hanh?” answer Clovis. Da dispatch say, “Yes sir, 9-1-1 and 9-11 is da same ting.”

Clovis say, “Sha, I may be old me but I’m not stupid no.” My brother-in-law, Alfred, called 9-11 him and tole them he tink he’s having a heart attack. He say, “I’m having trouble breeding, I’m out of breath me.” Da dispatch ake, “Wat were you doing before you started having trouble breathing?” Alfred answer, “Running from da police.”

My brother Earl got him a job as a greeter at Wal-Mart. About two hour after starting his job a very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman, wit two kids came in da store.

Da woman was yelling obscenities at dem chilluns all da way t’rough da entrance.

Brother Earl, like he was instructed said, “Good morning, welcome to Wal-Mart,nice chilluns you have, are dey twins?” “Hell no dey not twins,” da ugly woman answer, “Da oldest is 9 and da otta is 7.” “Why da hell would you tink dey twins?” “Are you blind or just stupid.” Brother Earl him, answer, “I’m neit’er blind or stupid me, ma’am, I jus couldn’t believe me dat you got laid twice.

Have a good day and tank you for shopping Wal-Mart.” His supervisor said that he probably wasn’t cut out for dat line of work.

Well Cuzz, dat’s it from here. Tell da boys hi and come see me, you.



Dr. Morbia gives Burton’s ‘ticker’ a tune-up

Our friend, former county commissioner, Owen Burton, had been having some ‘ticker’ problems.

He had been to Houston and Beaumont doctors but wasn’t satisfied with their services or attitude towards the patient.

Sometime back, he had cut out an ad for Gulf Coast Cardiology Group, run in the Record newspaper and filed it away in a drawer.

A few weeks ago, he took the ad out and called the number for an appointment.

He ended up seeing Dr.

Pradip Morbia. After the first exam he felt the confidence in the doctor he had not found anywhere else.


Morbia told him, “I’ll take care of you.” The doctor believes there is no reason to die of a heart attack today with proper heart care.


Morbia gives his patients his cell phone and advises them to call him at any hour, day or night.

Burton had a chance to test that one night when his wife Nelda called the number.

The doctor answered on the first ring and gave instructions to attendant transferring him to the hospital.

The doctor kept track and showed concern for Burton’s progress.

It’s a long story from there but Burton had a monitor inserted in his chest by another of the doctors in the group.

The contraption reports to a base and can be controlled from there.

The only problem is Burton, like Judge Derry Dunn, lives in a dead zone where cell phone service is not good.

Owen jokingly says, “I might have to go to downtown Mauriceville to send the data off.” He then added that he hears AT&T might add a tower in town, meaning Mauriceville.

We’ll keep you informed on how it all comes out in the wash.

For now the old commissioner sure likes his doctor and the folks at Gulf Coast Cardiology Group. When you visit there you are likely to run into several folks you know like Mayor Roy McDonald, Mayor Kirk Roccaforte, Roy Dunn, John Heard and many others.

Remember you don’t need an appointment; just tell them we sent you.

See ad in this publication.*****That’s all for me, thanks for your time.

I’m looking forward to Sunday’s Super Bowl.

I’ll be pulling for Wade and the Rams.

My partner her, will be yelling for Brady and the Patriots.

She even calls him Tom.

Take care and God bless.


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