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Trump’s State of the Union delivered Tuesday evening faced political headwinds.

A weakened Trump called for unity that is expected to last until his first tweet.

Trump has been weakened politically by a just ended, longest government shutdown in U.S. history and other factors, such as Fact Check reporting Monday that the president has recorded 8,454 falsehoods in his first two years.

Senate Republicans are restless and now showing signs of standing up to the President.

Meanwhile, Special Council Robert Mueller is still issuing indictments.

It will be hard for Trump to accomplish much of anything the remainder of his term.

His poll numbers are in the mid-thirties, which should come up a little with a boost from his State of the Union message.

A larger number hanging over his head is that 57 percent of voters saying they would not vote for him for a second term.

Only 28 percent say they would.

The trap Trump put himself in is the border wall he said Mexico would pay for 100 percent.

That continues to hang around his neck.

The focus right now is that both sides agree on border security but congress is not willing to put in $5.7 billion on a wall when the deficit is due to hit two trillion this year.

A bi-partisan congressional committee has just two weeks to negotiate a deal to secure the border or risk another government shutdown on Feb. 15, when funding will lapse.

President Trump made another pitch for his wall in the State of the Union. Polls show that Americans remain skeptical about there actually being a major national crisis on the southern border.

The only emergency is for Trump, whose campaign promise of a big, beautiful wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for is not happening.

Trump repeated his claims that drugs, human trafficking and crime would be curtailed with his wall.

Customs and border protection offers no projected reduction in crime and drug smuggling.

Swimming the Rio Grande is not the preferred smuggling routes, ports of entry are.

Common sense tells us that putting billions of dollars in a gar hole to fulfill a promise that was a lie to start with is not in the best interest of the United States.

The radical right holds that promise over Trump’s head and he wants it to be his monument.

It will declare “Built under the Administration of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States.” It would also have his picture sketched on the brass plaque.

That is his ultimate goal.

He likely will get that at the ports of entry in the final deal.***** I’ve got to move on.

Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


10 Years Ago-2009

Heavy on my mind is our friend of over 50 years Ann Segura, who fell and injured herself.

She is in St. Mary’s Hospital and hasn’t been doing so well.

Ann and her late husband, Jimmy, started Bridge City Cleaners over 55 years ago.

*****Our buddy Capt.

David Peck, after 16 years with the Sheriff’s Department, has landed a great corporate job with Olmsted Industries, located in Texas, Louisiana and California.

Besides carrying a Blackberry, David is now driving a new, four-door Silverado pickup.

He’s the company D.O.T. Regulation Manager.

He will oversee company vehicles and make sure they are in compliance.

David has his own big office at headquarters and I hear that company officials are extremely proud to have him on board at the corporate office.*****We are extremely proud of our Bridge City native son, NFL star, Matt Bryant, who will be inducted into the Gulf Coast Hall of Fame Feb. 21.

Matt will receive many honors before his football playing days are over.

I know mom, Mary and dad, Casey, and his family is extremely proud of Matt’s accomplishments.

*****Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras is celebrated in all French influenced parts of the southern United States.

The first of the great Krewes, the Mistick Krewe of Comus (a secret carnival organization) made its debut in 1857.

Mardi Gras remains the climactic day of the year in Creole America.

Fat Tuesday proceeds the solemn 40 days of penitence that starts with Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday.

Mardi Gras is the most celebrated day of the year in Cajun country.

*****Feb. 12 marks the 210th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

In life and death, honest Abe symbolized to many generations the embodiment of our nation’s ideals of vigor, virtue and human compassion.

Born in 1809, our 16th president pulled himself up from poverty and ignorance to become a bold chief of our country, which was torn by civil strife.

He took office in March, 1861. A few days later, on April 12, the Civil War started.

Just a week after the war ended Abe was assassinated in 1865.

He lived and died for equal opportunity for all Americans. Point of interest: Lincoln’s most famous speech at Gettysburg (Nov. 19, 1863) was only 272 words long, 10 sentences and took three minutes.

The speech started “Four score and seven years ago.” A score is 20 years.

So he was referring to the Declaration of Independence signed 1776, 87 years earlier.

Four-score and seven years.

Now you know.***** The Bridge City Chamber ofCommerce’s golden anniversary meeting and banquet was Feb. 5.

Motiva Enterprises sponsored the affair.

The company has done much to help the citizens of Bridge City rebound from the devastation of Hurricane Ike.

Hopper Lumber owned by a great couple, Lee and Connie Angelle, was named Business of the Year.

They will go the extra step to help Bridge City citizens rebound.

Any citizen who needs rebuilding material should check with Lee first.

If he doesn’t have it at the best price, he will advise you on how to best fill your needs.

Mayor Kirk Roccaforte was named Citizen of the Year.

He gave credit to employees, volunteers and the citizens for his honor.

Mark Dunn was installed as president.

A native of Bridge City he is honored to serve the chamber in its 50th year.

Rebuilding the city and its business community is a challenge he is dedicated to.

A full house attended at Marci Messer’s “Palms.” Kirk Ellender served as master of ceremonies.

Pretty Cil Dixon was named Ambassador of the Year for 2008.

45 Years Ago-1974

The spotlight is on the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bearetts, zone champions.

Coaches are Paul Baker and Linda Warner.

Basketball players are Tanyia, Strickland, forward; DeDe Crawford, guard; Linda Bean, guard; Becky Dunn, forward; Karen Kachtik, guard; Dawana Wiggins, guard; Brenda Burch, forward and Donna Peveto, forward.

Others on the team are Angela Kanoy, Thresa Duncan, Debbie McClelland, Debbie Martinez, Molly Malone, Doris Flanagan, Sherry Miller and Julie Knight. *****The West End Optimist Club is charted.

*****Gene Rutledge, formerly of Bridge City, is the new postmaster at Corrigan.

*****Runnels Tire Co.

holds open house.

Joe Burke attended the opening and ate all of the icing off the top of the cake, nothing else.

*****Sue Collins is wearing a new blond hair do.

She heard blonds have more fun.

*****Clint Britt will be 12-years-old on Feb. 16.

*****Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beauchamp, formerly of Orange, now living in St. Charles, Ill., subscribe to the Opportunity Valley News.

Frank recently bought a subscription for his grandfather, C.N. Phillips of Beaumont.

(Editor’s Note: The Beauchamps are back in Orange and Theresa is County Commissioner.)*****Last Friday at a Bar Association meeting, a memo written by Bearden and addressed to “members of the county attorney’s staff and secretaries,” was made public by a fellow lawyer.

Bearden was set up by a bad apple that went to the trouble of inviting a newspaper reporter in an attempt to harm him.

(Editor’s note: $5 will get you $10 that Sharon remembers that scoundrel.)


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

Catherine Liddell Allen, 74, of Orange, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 3.

Funeral services were Feb. 7.

She was a retired Attendance Clerk for the West Orange Cove ISD and was a member of the Lutcher Theater Guild.

She is survived by her husband of 54 years, Cecil Allen, son, Chris W. Allen, daughters Donna Benefield, Cindy Reynolds, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

*****Lula M. Leger Johnson, 73, of Orange, passed away Wednesday, Feb. 4.

Funeral service was held Feb. 6.

She is survived by her husband, Kenneth A. Johnson, daughter, Dana Lin Price and grandchildren.***** Jimmie Ray “Bud” Sterns died Thursday, Feb. 5.

Funeral services were Feb. 9.

Bud was a draftsman and owned J.R. Sterns Drafting Service in Bridge City.

He is survived by his mother, Lessie Mayes Sterns, daughter, Chrystal Sterns, sisters, Billie Downey, Jan Leonard, Jo Voight and Judy Escagne and two grandchildren.***** John E. Walton, 67, died Friday, Feb. 6.

Funeral services were Feb. 9.

He was employed by American General as an insurance agent.

He was a member of the Bridge City Jaycees and was a musician in a local band called The Sensations.

He is survived by his sons John Tomas, Scotty, Donald Ray, Joseph Hollis and Randall Wayne Walton, eightgrandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

60 YEARS AGO-1959

Boxers win titles in Beaumont Golden Gloves: Orange boxers Marvin Potter won the welterweight title by decision over John Talbert of Bridge City.

Billy Barrett won the heavy weight title over Elliot Romero of Port Neches.

Bridge City’s Dow Gene Anderson won his 12th straight fight by knockout.

He stopped Tias Ismorino, of Beaumont, in the second round.

Two knockouts Friday gave him the Golden Gloves championship.

Other local winners were Lannie Talbert, Pat Ahiman and Pete McRae, voted outstanding boxer of the tournament.

Eight boxers will compete in regional’s in Galveston.

*****Plans are in the works to obtain a bank in Bridge City.

Appointed to the temporary committee are John Saint, Bess Cox, Kelly Littlepage Jay Eshbach, J.B. Scales and C.O. Lawson. *****Orange streets flooded after cold wave and heavy rains.


Roy, in his Down Life’s Highway column this week, wrote about Tony Dal Sasso, “Gone But Not Forgotten” on the 10th anniversary of his death.

Tony was one of the outstanding business men who helped grow our community.

A visit with 85-year-old Joe Payne brought back memories of Roselawn Addition in its hay day.

Roy and Phyl lived on Camellia Street, Dr.

Cloud lived across the street, Corky and Betty Harmon lived down the street.

Joe Payne’s in-laws, “Pop” Hinson lived next door to them.

Morris Collier lived on the corner of Camellia and Bluebonnet.

Joe and Dee lived on Hydrangea, Tony lived next door and his brother Ray lived across the street.

A lot of well known people back then lived in that addition.

Today, Roy and Joe are just a couple of the few still left who lived in Roselawn in the 1960.s.

The only couple we know living on either of those streets today are Jody and Beverly Raymer, who live on Hydrangea but are planning to move soon to be near their boys.

The 60’s were the Golden Times and Tony was one of the Golden Boys, who worked every day to make the community a better place.*****The Congressional Budget Office released a report showing $11 billion is what the government shutdown, by President Trump, cost the tax payers in loses.

It also inflicted pain and damage that will be felt in coming years.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and at JB’s next week.

Last week a special visitor was Deborah Bonar, from the Keep Orange Beautiful committee.

She was promoting the upcoming ‘Trash Off.’ Anytime you attend you will probably dine with someone different.

Everyone is welcome, just show up.*****The American College of Cardiology has updated its guidelines to define high blood pressure and a reading higher than 130/80 down from the original 140/90.

High blood pressure can’t be dismissed from the equation in our fight against cardiovascular disease.*****Americans ate about 1.38 billion chicken wings this past Super Bowl weekend.

That’s enough wings to circle the earth three times.*****Twins Trevor and Tyler Gunn will be 24 on Feb. 10.

I’ve been keeping up with those boys birthdays since they were five years old.

I haven’t heard from them or their granddad in a long time but I believe they are still around.*****Celebrating on Feb. 9 is a boy I’ve known since before he was a teenager.

Gene Bourgeois, better known as Jivin’ Gene and the best Cajun cook I know, Karen Fusilier are both a year older on this day.*****Our friend at Peggy’s Place on Cow Bayou, Peggy Albair, celebrates on Feb. 10.

With the bridge out and some health problems, 2018 wasn’t a good year for the Albairs. Here’s best wishes for 2019.


Feb. 6: Celebrating on this day are Grant Jones, David Gryder, Cindy Lessard and Karen Duplician.

They are joined by singers Ali Rose, 57 and Rick Astley, 53.*****Feb. 7: Lisa Beuhler, Darlene Brown Jamie Beaulieu, Jeanna Campbell and Jeremy Sleeman all celebrate.

Joining them are comedian Chris Rock, 53, actor Ashton Kutcher, 40, country singer Garth Brooks, 56 and actor James Spader, 58.*****Feb. 8:Todd Landry and Barbara Fix celebrate on this day.

Also celebrating are actors Seth Green, 44, Metal singer Vince Neil, 57 and actress Cecily Strong, 34.*****Feb. 9: Alex Hurst, Doyce Sherman, Cynthia Fisher all celebrate.

They are joined by actors Joe Pesci, 75, Rose Leslie, 31, songwriter and singer Carole King, 76 and Country singer Travis Tritt, 55.*****Feb. 10: Shane Brister and Bobby Arnold celebrate today.

Joining them are actors Emma Roberts, 27, Elizabeth Banks, 44 and Laura Dern, 51.*****Feb. 11: Celebrating today are twins Deric Prevost and Eric Prevost, Jody Connor, Brittany Carpenter.

They are joined in celebration by actors Jennifer Aniston, 49, Taylor Lautner, 26 and politician Sarah Palin, 54.*****Feb. 12: Celebrating today are Christy Reves, Jordan Guererro, Michele Moore and Sara Childs.

Celebrities celebrating today are actor Josh Brolin, 50 and actress Tara Strong, 45, TV host Arsenio Hall, 62.*****Feb. 13: Turning a year older on this day are Heather Sztaba, Amy Britnell and Jeremy Delano. They are joined by actress Stockard Channing, 74, TV host Jerry Springer, 74 and singer Peter Gabriel, 68.


Last July on a hot summer day, Sadia Mae bought herself to town wit her dog, Jolie. She tied her under da shade of a tree and headed into Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill for something cold to drink. Soon officer Hadley Boudreaux entered da grill and axe, “Who owns dat dog tied under dat tree out dire?”

Sadie Mae said, “Dat’s my dog, Jolie.”

“Lady, you dog seems to be in heat her,” officer Boudreaux said.

“No way,” said the blond Sadia Mae, “She’s cool cause she’s tied up under dat dire shade tree.”

Boudreaux said, “Mais, sha, you don’t understand, you dog needs to be bred her.”

“No way,” said da blond, “My dog, her doesn’t need bread, she’s not hungry, I fed her dis morning and she don’t eat bread any how.”

Officer Boudreaux him, a little exasperated, said, “Look babe, you don’t understand, you dog her wants to be loved.”

Da blond Sadie Mae look at officer Boudreaux rat in his eyes and said, “Well officer, you go ahead, I always wanted a police dog me.”


Super Bowl Review

The big seafood gumbo and all the trimmings was set out.

Everyone filled up and waited for the Super Bowl game between Tom Brady and the Patriots and Wade Phillips’ Ram defense.

I was alone pulling for home-boy Wade.

I needed a friend to help me get a win for our boy so I called Neighbor Cox. I was going to bribe him with some gumbo to join me pulling for the Rams.

“Nope, I’m for Brady,” he said.

Billy Jack delivered him the gumbo anyway because they were on the same team.

The Patriots’ Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick strangled Rams quarterback Jared Goff and his lifeless offense 13-3.

It was however the Patriots’Julian Edelman, who led the way to be named MVP.

In 2009 he was the seventh round draft pick.

A 5-foot, 10 inch, Kent State quarterback, New England took him #232 overall.

Coach Belichick didn’t know where he would play him.

They played him at corner, they tried him on special teams and eventually they moved him to receiver, all new skills for someone who had spent his life since Pee Wee League running an offense.

As they say the rest is history.

In three playoff games Edelman couldn’t be covered.

He had 10 catches for 141 yards against the Rams, seven for 96 yards against the Chiefs and nine for 151 yards against the Chargers. As for the Rams defense, Wade had as good a game plan as it would take to win most games but the offense has to produce points to have a chance to win.

The Rams got killed.

Both teams were outstanding on defense and made some remarkable plays.

It was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history.

USA Today’s ad meter, a ranking of Super Bowl ads by consumer ratings, named the commercial, A Salute to the NFL’S upcoming 100th season, a Tour de Force of famous faces and smashing tables at a banquet where a football, falling off a giant cake, leads to a riotous romp through generations of NFL history.

The half-time show came on while I was taking in seconds on the gumbo but I hear Adam Levine and Maroon Five didn’t get great rave reviews.

So ends another football season.

Bring on the Astros.*****Read us cover to cover.

Also, please shop our advertisers.

Take care and God bless.


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