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Last week President Trump lavished praise on the Secret Service saying, “Secret Service is fantastic, these are fantastic people, I would say I could not be happier with Secret Service, the Secret Service has done a fantastic job from day one, very happy with them.” On Monday, Trump announced the removal of Secret Service Directory Randolph “Tex” Alles, who has over 40 years of service to the country.

The White House offered no explanation for the Directors removal despite the praise by Trump.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Neilsen resigned Sunday after a trip to the border with the president.

Nielsen and Alles were part of a team assembled by the White House Chief-of-Staff John Kelly, who previously ran Homeland Security.

Alles overseeing a staff of 6,500 and a $1.6 billion budget won legislative approval to compensate more than 1,000 agents for hundreds of hours in unpaid overtime as they sought to protect Trump’s large family, who travel frequently.

Under Trump, the Service has protected the unprecedented number of 42 people day and night, the highest number in our nation’s history.

The Homeland Security shakeup has GOP officials at the highest level concerned about what moves Trump might make next.

News reports described scores of White House officials lacking long-term security clearances while background checks drag on endlessly.

A whistleblower revealed how 25 officials who failed background checks were subsequently granted access to the nation’s secrets.

As it turns out, top-secret clearances are handed out like Halloween candy.

Now our President tells the world, “Our country is full,” while rural America needs immigrants to grow crops.

If Trump gets his way and closes our borders because of his misguided belief that our nation is full, then we are putting limits on our economy.

The President plays fast and loose with the nation’s security while telling the rest of the world, “Don’t come, we don’t want you.”*****I’ve got to move on.

Come along it won’t do you no harm.


Congratulations to Lorrie, an employee of the Port, who will now replace her boss Gene Bouillion as Port Director. The Port has a history of longevity in its directors, just a handful have held the job over the last 50 years. We wish for Ms. Taylor a long and successful career as the lady in charge.


Congratulations to Armando Dominguez, the General Manager at Denny’s in Orange.

He celebrated his 45 year Anniversary with Denny’s.

He has traveled throughout the United States in states such as Missouri, Georgia, California, Florida and several cities in Texas.

He has been a GM for 25 years and at the Orange location, at Flying J Truck Stop, for 3 years.

Armando says, “the people of Orange and the travelers are so friendly and nice,” and “if someone is having a bad day, I always try to get a smile from them.” If you get a chance, stop by our local Denny’s and congratulate Armando.


10 Years Ago-2009

We were saddened to learn about the death of Arlene Johnston, 88, who died April 9.

Graveside services were April 11 at Forest Lawn.

She was laid to rest near her beloved son, Constable Parker “P.T.” Thompson.

P.T. loved his mom very much.

He expressed his love for her openly and often.


Arlene had a great family that she dedicated her life to.*****Rush Limbaugh, who earned $38 million last year just running his head, has announced plans to sell his multi-million dollar New York condo because of the so-called millionaires tax in the state’s new budget.

That got the following response from New York Gov. David Patterson, “If I had known that would be the results, I would have thought about the taxes earlier.” You remember when Rush, before he was outed as a big pill head, had these Rush rooms, where folks met to listen to his daily radio show.

Well now, he is playing up a call against socialism, falsely claiming Obama as a socialist.*****Last week, Jack Smith and his sons attended the Masters in Augusta.

Jack returned home just in time to hop a jet to Colorado where he met up with seven friends from around the country for an annual get together skiing vacation.

Jack, at age 70, still skis, however, in 2006, he busted up a leg in a skiing accident.

He takes the curves a lot slower now days.

His wife was out of the country so he was free to run around the country.***** On April 20, 1941, Cove Baptist Church was organized.

They are celebrating their 68th birthday.***** As of Monday, 4,263 United States service members have been killed since the Bush / Cheney invasion of Iraq.

The war of choice, with no benefit to our country, has cost the American tax-payer over a trillion dollars.*****The skill of Navy SEAL sharpshooters, ordered by President Obama, freed Capt.

Richard Phillips from Somali pirates Sunday.

The Seals parachuted into the sea under cover of night and were picked up by the ship Brainbridge.

Much was against them, the sea very choppy, the lifeboat covered and Capt.

Phillips tied down.

When, for a second, the pirates became visible, the Seals seized the moment.

Three perfect headshots killed the pirates instantly and simultaneously.


Phillips is called a hero for protecting his crew but what a great job American’s best, the Navy SEALS, did.***** A few special friends that we know who are celebrating birthdays.

Linda Claybar, Kirby Cruse and Milred Hatton.***** Our buddy Bill Nickum celebrates next week.*****Also Christian Dubose, who is awaiting a sister compliments of mom Joy and dad Robert Simonton.***** Belated birthday last weekend to just a great guy, Calvin “Little Cal” Stakes Jr.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

Richard Briley, 69, of West Orange, died Wednesday, April 8.

Funeral services were held April 11.

He is survived by his wife, Bernice Briley, daughter, Joni Briley, sons, Thad Briley, Sean Briley, Joey Briley and four grandchildren.*****Janice Lawrence, 76, of Orange, passed away Tuesday, April 7.

Funeral services were April 10.

She is survived by daughter Tonya Suggs, son James Lawrence, two grandchildren, sister Maxine Ryan and brother Carvel Poehl.*****Robert “Bobby” Swinburn, 62, a longtime resident of Orange died April 8.

He could be seen daily riding his bicycle to and from work at the Orange County Association for retarded citizens (OCARC) where he worked as an engraver for over 47 years.

He is survived by his parents, William and MarjorieSwinburn of Orange, brothers, David and Jay and sister, Loretta “Lori” Dawson.***** Tina Ann LaFleur Bandeau, 46, of Orange, passed away Wednesday, April 8.

Funeral services were April 11.

She was a lifelong resident of the Orange area and worked as a home care provider.

She is survived by her husband of 29 years, Jay Bandeau Jr., sons, Jay Bandeau III and Raymond Bandeau and granddaughter.*****Arlene Summers Johnston, 88, of Orange, died Thursday, April 9.

Graveside services were April 11.

She is survived by her husband, Howard S. Johnston, sons, Harold D. Thompson, Donald Thompson, daughter, Dorothy Hudson, five grandchildren and three great- grandchildren.

45 Years Ago-1974

Glen Peveto is a candidate for commissioner of Pct.

2.*****Grover Halliburton seeks re-election as county judge on April 18.*****Jo Amodeo will celebrate a birthday.

She admits only to being over 21.*****Larry Gunter is running for JP of Pct.

2.*****Donald A. Gunn is a candidate for constable of Pct.

2.*****Claude Broussard is running for county commissioner, Pct.

2.*****On April 20, Eva Patin will become the bride of James Olliff.*****Judge Marlin Shelton, JP of Pct.

2 is running for reelection.*****James “J.R.” Aaron is a candidate for constable of Pct.

2.*****Glenn F. Seale is running for county commissioner, Pct.

2.*****Bill Dickerson is running for constable Pct.


(Editor’s note: That race has really gotten crowded.

Constable Morris Collier also announced for commissioner, Pct.

2.)*****On April 28, the Rev. W.W. Kennedy will mark his 31st anniversary as pastor of the Cove Baptist Church.

The Cove church was organized April 20, 1941, with 16 charter members.

Rev. Kennedy was called two years later, April of 1943, with 63 members.

Today, there have been 6,259 additions.

60 Years Ago-1959

John W. Simmons commissioned as an admiral in the Texas Navy by Gov. Price Daniel.*****Orange Police Association elects detective Charlie Tyson president.*****Glenn Seale, H.R. Myers and Claude Broussard elected to the West Orange City Council.*****Businessman Joe Molley Sr. expires.

His death was attributed to a heart attack.

Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery.

Pallbearers were Roy Mazzagate, Frank Zeto, Johnny Zummo, Frank Todaro, Joe Blanda, Vincent Rao, Elmer Newman and Bill Stark. (Editor’s note: The above names sound like the list of characters on the Sopranos. Seriously, I knew every one of them.

They were great colorful folks.)***** The official resignation of city manager Marlin Thompson is effective May 15.

Thompson will become a partner in Stepherson and Stepherson Law Firm. During two years as city manager, Marlin never took a vacation.

(Editor’s note: We met Marlin when he first came to town as city attorney.

He died a few years ago in an airplane crash in Arkansas that killed several, including his wife and Dewey “Teddy Bear” Cox.)


A very happy birthday to Patsy Peck, who celebrates her big day this Friday, April 12.

Patsy is a very special lady, a real sweetheart, best wishes for many more, healthy, happy years.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.*****Best wishes also to our buddy, Pearl Harbor survivor, Cedric Stout, who has been having some swallowing problems and is scheduled to have surgery to remove spurs in his throat.

He is expected to be just fine.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this great man.

*****Congrats to Cassie Caillouet Bearden and Jim Sharon Bearden on the birth of their new son Bodie Maverick, born April 3.

The stocky little guy weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces and stands at 19.5 inches tall.

Also congrats to the Carl Thibodeaux family on their new arrival, making it a total of nine grandchildren for Carl and Micaela.

Son Tyler and wife Casey Thibodeaux are the proud parents of Luke Tyler, born April 3.

He weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces and stands 20 inches tall.

That boy is going to have a while mess of cousins.

Holiday time will be a big time when the clan gets together at Granny’s house.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a nice gathering last week at The Reel Cajun Restaurant, located at Sunset Grove Country Club.


Nina Leifeste attended for the first time since returning from her trip to Israel.

Everyone was interested in hearing about her travels.

It was the first time she had returned to that country in 18 years.

This trip left a lifetime impression that’s hard to describe.

The Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and will return one more time to Reel Cajun next week.*****Lamar Orange has settled on “GATORS” for their mascot’s name.

That’s a good choice, better than the one I had come up with “THE NUTRAS.” After all I figured that was a dignified rat with a shiny, fur coat.

“GO GATORS.”*****Our friend Judge Joe Parkhurst has been a little on the puny side lately.

We’re praying for him to snap out of it.*****The Baylor Lady Bears recovered after blowing a 17 point lead and losing star player Lauren Cox, to beat Notre Dame 82-81 to win the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship. It was the battle of two female coaches, Baylor’s Kim Mulkey and Muffet McGraw for the Irish.*****Monday evening saw Virginia take on Texas Tech for the Men’s NCAA Championship. It was the first appearance in the finals for both teams.

The Virginia Cavaliers outlasted the Texas Tech Red Raiders in overtime to win a very exciting game 85-77.

The spread in the score is misleading as the gap occurred in the final two minutes of overtime.

Both teams represented the best defensive college teams in the country.

The Raiders had the opportunity to put the game away but lady luck was again on the side of the Cavaliers.

The ball always seemed to bounce in their favor like it had throughout the playoffs.


Folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

April 10: Janet Montagne, Elliot Purcell, K’Lynn Ess, Katie Olson, Nancy Hood and Austin Brent all celebrate today.

Also having birthdays on this day are Country singer Marin Morris, 28, actor Steven Seagal, 66, sportscaster John Madden, 62.*****April 11: Celebrating today are Chelsea McLemore, Becky Myers, David Thacker, Dustin Kemp, Jackie Schell, Patsy Evans and Amanda Ginn.

Joining them are TV actors Matt Ryan, 37 and Marcus Johns, 25 and Soul singer Joss Stone, 31.*****April 12: Amanda Toups, Don Breaux, Jill Lemoine, Roy Massagate III and Jaclyn Phillips all celebrate today.

Also celebrating are actors Andy Garcia, 62, Claire Danes, 39, Shannen Doherty, 47 and David Letterman, 71.*****April 13: Bruce Peveto, Connie Angelle, Roy Farias, Gene Bellare and Jo Ann Collins celebrate.

Celebrities having birthdays today are R&B singer Al Green, 72, actors Ron Perlman, 68 and Allison Williams, 30.*****April 14: Today is Palm Sunday.

It is also the day Stephen Gault, Joy Learned, Kasie Moerbe, Phillip Elmore, Reatha Bradberry, Sam Carpenter Jr., and Christy Swanson celebrate their birthday.

Joining them are Country singer Loretta Lynn, 86, former baseball player Pete Rose, 77 and actors Sarah Michelle Gellar, 41 and Adrien Brody, 45.*****April 15: Pat Cook, Linda Claybar, Debbie Aarons and Jaclyn Eickenhorst celebrate birthdays today.Celebrating also are Country singer/songwriter Chris Stapleton, 40, actors Emma Watson, 28 and Emma Thompson, 59.*****April 16: Brooke DeRouen, Chuck Sterling, Kirby Ridley Cruse and Quentin Billeaud.

Celebrities celebrating today are football coach Bill Belichick, 66 and actor Jon Cryer, 53.


Joe Babineaux’s daughter, Shirley Marie, got hired to work as a student nurse at Lafayette General Hospital. She found Alcid Thibodeaux, an elderly man, already dressed and sitting on da bed wit a suitcase at his feet. Thibodeaux insisted him, dat he didn’t need her help to leave da hospital. Shirley Marie explained to Mr. Thibodeaux dat hospital regulations require a wheelchair for patients being discharged.

Shirley Marie said, “Mr. Thibodeaux, you know rules are rules. Now get in dis wheelchair.”

Thibodeaux reluctantly let her wheel him to da elevator. On da way down Shirley Marie axked him if his wife was meeting him.

“I don’t know me,” he said, “She’s still upstairs in da bashroom changing out of her hospital gown.”


This Week in History

On April 9, 1865, Confederate General Robert E. Lee called it quits for the South and surrendered his army to Union Lt.


Ulysses Grant at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia.*****Funeral services, private and public, were held for Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., April 9, 1958, five days after he was killed by James Earl Ray.***** “Terms of Endearment” won five Academy Awards in 1984.

Shirley MacLaine was voted “Best Actress” and Jack Nicholson, was named “Best Supporting Actor.” *****The newly built Astrodome featured its first baseball game, an exhibition between the Astros and the New York Yankees on April 9, 1965.

The Astros won 2-1 in 12 innings.

Mickey Mantle hit the first homerun in the Dome for the Yankees’ only score.

President Lynden B. Johnson was at the game.

A few weeks later my partner and I, along with Jerry and Ruby Wimberly attended a game.

The first sight of all the bright colors and layout took your breath away.

It did for this country Cajun kid for sure.

Ms Ruby was impressed with the Dome but not with the baseball game.

She read a book while we watched Don Drysdale pitch seven scoreless innings.

It was a sight I’ll never forget, like seeing Las Vegas at night looking down on it from Hoover Dam. All those lights in the desert at midnight also impressed this Cajun kid.*****Please look us over, read us cover to cover and tell the good folks we sent you.

I’ve gotta run.

Take care and God bless.


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