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Notre Dame, an 870-years old landmark,a Paris treasure cherished by Catholics around the world, went up in a blaze Monday evening and burned throughout the night. It appears that much of the main building will be salvaged.

Efforts are underway to recover precious artifacts.

Many of the sacred objects were preserved in a vault, including the Crown of Thorns, belived to be worn by Christ at the crucifixion.

Construction of the cathedral took more than 100 years.

It dates back almost 1,000 years, 500 years before Columbus discovered the Americas. For over 20 years we had a painting of Notre Dame that hung in our home.

It went by way of many others.

One of the storms got it.

The name Notre Dame means “Our Lady” in French.

Happy and unfortunate events for centuries have been marked by the bells of Notre Dame.*****I have to move on.

Best wishes for a Happy and Blessed Easter.

Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Monday morning I woke up with a hitch in my neck.

I had spent all weekend watching the Masters. I didn’t want to miss it in case Tiger pulled off what was considered a near miracle.

I was hopeful but not very optimistic.

He was a fallen hero, a crippled star that I had watched win his first Green Jacket 21 years ago with his dad.

He had his fourth back surgery with hopes of just playing with his children.

Sunday he accomplished one of sports amazing comebacks. He won his fifth Green Jacket and his fifth Masters.

He started the day with a two-shot deficit, tied for second, I watched as my hopes went up and down.

It had been 14 years since he last won the Masters.

The day that I and many others thought would never happened shocked the sports world, Woodshad won the Masters.

He walked into the arms of his mother, his 11-years old daughter Sam, his 10-years old son Charlie.

Tiger never hugged more people, folks who had stood by him through his public divorce, his DUI charge when he took a bad mix of painkillers, his four back surgeries, most recent to fuse his lower spine.

It was the first time Woods had won a major while trailing in the final round.

Francisco Molinari, the 54-hole leader, was still up two when heading to the heart of AmenCorner.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Tiger finished at 13 under 275, and became, at 43, the oldest Masters champion since Nicklaus won his sixth Green Jacket in 1986.

This was probably the greatest sports comeback in my lifetime.

I had followed Tiger’s up and down career for years.

I remember him at 2-years-old on the Mike Douglas TVshow doing some astonishing swings.

I love a great comeback story and am thankful I got to witness this great sports event.

What might rival it is if Tony Romo came out of retirement and led the Cleveland Brown’s to a Super Bowl.


10 Years Ago-2009

We’ve enjoyed some great weather but Friday and Saturday brought five inches of rain.

Some places more, others less, but we all got plenty.***** Our longtime friend Essie Bellfield is running for the West Orange/Cove school board.

Miss Essie, for a long time, has worked for the betterment of our community through various organizations.

She has also served as mayor of the City of Orange.

She doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet.

***** Some great folks we know who are having birthdays this week: Scott Fisher, Darby Byrd, Jason Smalley, Rev. Paul Zoch and Gus Harris.

Not a bad hand to draw to.*****This week in 1951, President Harry Truman fired Gen.

Douglas MacArthur.

Appearing in front of the Congress, the General made his famous ballad quote, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”***** Carol Bearden is glad to be home again.

Her home, on Jones in Bridge City, was highly damaged by Ike but is now repaired and Carol already has the yard looking great.*****More and more folks are getting home.

H.D. and Pat Pate moved in a few days ago at their Fernwood home.

Things are looking up in Bridge City but there is still a long way to go.

Many folks are gone and about 200 homes were sold or on the market.

In fact, our friend Steve Culp, raised on Cow Bayou and a real Bridge City booster and former football player, has his home up for sale.*****Most businesses are up and running, others will be a while.

Several new businesses are opening with more on the way.***** On Sunday, April 26, one of the best parties ever is coming to Orange’s VFW Hall.

The event is a fundraiser for Liz Langston and her family.

This is a dinner and dance, loaded with lively swamp-pop music, from 2 p.m.

to 7 p.m.

A few groups performing are Louisiana Express Band, G.G. Shin, Jerry ‘Count Jackson’ Lacroix, Alfred Allemond and Joe Cordova and ‘The Whole Shootin’ Match’ plus others.*****Cindy Gunn one of the prettiest ladies, has opened her new shop, ‘Cindy’s Hair Studio’ next to Gunn’s on Green Ave.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

Darlene C. Bartling, 67, of Orange, passed away Thursday, April 16.

Memorial services will be April 20.

She was a homemaker and enjoyed traveling.

Suvivors are her daughter JeannieAllen and her husband Wyatt and brothers, Bub Pavlicek and Candy Pavlicek.*****Yvonne Wagner, 52, passed away Saturday, April 18.

Burial was held April 21.

She was born in Beaumont and was a resident of Orange for the last 35 years.

She is survived by her husband, William Boyd Wagner, parents, John Charles and Betty Jean Trahan, son, Joseph Edward Wagner, John Boyd Wagner, and Emmett Lucas Wagner and grandchildren, Dylin Wayne and Devin Lucas.***** Allen Louis Pring, 59, of Orange, died Saturday, April 18.

Funeral services were held Wednesday, April 22.

Allen was employed with EnGlobal Inspection Services as a pipeline inspector and was a member of Teamsters Local Union 920.

He was also a big rig driver and took his wife on the road many times.

Survivors include wife, Gloria Pring, daughters, Robyn LeBlanc, Beth Bellon, and grandchildren.

40 YEARS AGO-1979

Edna DeMary celebrated her 85th birthday a couple of weeks ago, April 6.

She makes her home at 904 Cherry Street where she lives with her daughter Anabel and son-in-law Arthur Anderson.


Edna was born in Hermitage, Louisiana, in Point Coupee Parish.

She was the seventh of 10 children.

Her mother was born in Washington, D.C.; her grandparents were from Frankfort, Germany and her father from Bordeaux, France.

Edna met Felix DeMary, from Abbeville, on New Year’s Day in 1908 at a dance.

They were married Dec. 2, 1911, in Beaumont.

Edna had pneumonia and couldn’t make the trip for the Nov. 28 wedding to Felix. They met four days later, married at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

(Editor’s note: Her life story with Felix is interesting.

He was the third of 12 children.

They were both from the Abbeville area.

Her son-in-law, Arthur and her only child Anabel have since died.

*****Attorney Marlin Thompson has been flying all over as of late, practicing law.

He is considered an expert on asbestoses cases.

(Editor’s note: Marlin was killed in a plane crash along with his wife and Dewey “Teddy Bear” Cox.) *****Two Bridge City High students, Scott Barnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes and Scott Fisette, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rod Fisette, placed as medalists in district golf competition held at Riverwood Golf Course in Vidor.

Other team members are Mark Douglas, Greg Gooch, Hank Mires, Mitch Landry and Chris Sheppard.

Troy Woodall coaches the team.

*****Ralph Bufkin and Earl Tinsley are now owners of Orange Motor Company.

45 Years Ago-1974

Bill Townes elected president of Bridge City School Board.

He’s manager of Kroger’s in Orange.

Other officers are C.W. Lormand, vice-president, Billy Christian, secretary and Gus Garza, treasurer.*****Glenn Earl, with Channel Four television, states publicly that he likes the Opportunity Valley Newspaper, especially pictures from out of the past.*****Tommy Segura, in the Air Force, is being transferred back to the states and that’s none too soon for Ms.


Tommy is her baby boy.*****Lee Brown, of Brown Hearing Center, has a painting by Gordon Baxter hanging on his Beaumont office wall.*****Willie Waldrop, the bearded reporter, has left Orange for a job with the Dallas Times Herald.*****Doug Harrington predicts ‘Streaking will never become a college team sport. Where would you sew the letter?”*****The second annual Bridge City Distributive Education banquet will be held April 24.

D.E. student, Debbie McCardle, is with the OVN newspaper.

Rusty Wilson is the teacher.

(Editor’s note: Debbie was in the newspaper business with the Dunn’s for over 30 years.

She is now Mrs. David Fusilier, mother of three and also a grandmother.)*****Marilyn Wallace is the bride-elect of Gary Richard. The big day is April 27.*****Ramona Dillard will wed Roger Perry.

A shower will be held April 26.*****Janis Hawley is the bride-elect of Jim McCary.

(Editor’s note: I wonder if any of these couples are still together.)*****Mrs. Frances ‘Sissy’ Farenthold, candidate for governor, holds a rally at the Orange Court House.

She’s opposing Gov. Dolph Briscoe.

Pete Runnels, Orange County Democratic Chairman, introduced her.

*****State Representative Wayne Peveto has asked to be re-elected for a second term.

60 YEARS AGO-1959

Stuart Kinard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Kinard became the first Orange County student to be elected president of Lamar Tech Student Council.

(Editor’s note: If my memory serves me right, Dewitt was state representative from Orange before Louis Dugas.

He also developed Kinard Estates.)*****Orange City Council unanimously employed Lee S. Vickers as city manager effective May 1.

*****Four Orange County schools send runners to regional track meet.

LCM’s Butch Honeycutt, 100 and 200 yard dash; Jerry Isbell, 120 high hurdles and 180 low hurdles, Boyd Petry, 440 dash, Jerry Stanford,Harold Marburger, Honeycutt, and Isbell, 440 relay, Butch Bishop, Johnny Taylor, Carroll Ellis and Petry, mile relay.*****From Bridge City J.C. Rush, 880, Roger Fontenot, Jerry Goodyear, Jerry Langhlin and James Britt, mile relay.*****West Orange’s Nolan Cirilo, mile relay, Jimmy Davis, 440, and Jimmy Richardson, 120 high hurdles.*****From Orangefield; Jimmy Starnes, high jump, Billy Rigby, 880 and Gerald Winfree, mile run.


We heard from Mary McKenna about the SE Texas HospiceMystery Dinner” theater fund raiser.

Mary told us more money was raised this year than ever before.

Prior amounts were $10,000 to $12,000, this year $14,400 was raised during the two night run of “The Fifth Gospel.” Carolyn Mello raised over $700 both nights in tips.*****Our local girl, Kree Harrison’s “I Love The Lie” is nominated as one of CMT’s Heatseekers video on this week’s Hot 20 Countdown.

The song, which was co-written by Chris Stapleton, Morgane Stapleton and Liz Rose is steeped in the big-ballad tradition of late Nineties country music.

*****Holden Mathews, 21, the son of a St. Landry Parish deputy sheriff was arrested for burning three Black churches around the Opelousas, Louisiana area.

His dad, Roy Mathews, a good peace officer, was described as being heartbroken and breaking down when he helped arrange his son’s arrest.

I have known not only sons of peace officers but sons of preachers and politicians and others breaking the law and can only imagine the pain parents feel.*****Interesting folks having birthdays in the next few days.

On April 17: Pretty Marla Zoch.***April 20: Jody’s better half, former school teacher Beverly Raymer and our longtime insurance friend Bill Nickum.***April 23: Coach Jason Smalley, who found a home in Bobcat country and Rev. Paul Zoch, the hard working pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran.***April 24: Capt.

Dickie Colbrun, one of our favorite columnist.

Happy Birthday to all.*****Last week at Robert’s Restaurant the Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a nice visit with Judge Dean Crooks and his attractive and intelligent wife Loren.

She said Dean is trying to get her to retire but she’s not good at doing nothing.

She is the owner of a business in Mid-County.

Dean is building a greenhouse to try his luck at growing plants.

The Bunch dines at Reel Cajun this week and at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s next week.

The group hasn’t visited Van and Josette in a few months.

We hope to have some special guests.

Make plans to attend.

We haven’t seen Commissioner Johnny Trahan lately and I’m wondering why.*****A belated Happy Birthday to Brittany Fuller who celebrates April 12.

She is an employee at Bridge City Bank Branch in Orange.

Brittany is a very nice young mother of two.

She so nice she even praises her mother-in-law.

She is also a good baker.

Her Oreo pie is unbeatable.

*****Judge Pat Clark stopped by to pick up a copy of The Record he missed while he and Ms.

Roselie were on a flying trip to visit the Bruce Aven’s family and watch the grandkids participate in sports.

Also in Florida is the Clark’s daughter Mary Ann and granddaughter Whitney, who is on a soccer scholarship.

They got to watch her play and a grandson have a great day at the plate including a home run.*****During political season we get to visit with folks we don’t see often.

Jerry McInnis, a member of the Bridge City School Board, brought in his election statement and we got to visit a little.

I’ve known Jerry since the mid-1970’s.

During those 40 odd years I’ve never known Jerry not to be involved in some community service.

I recall a few years ago the Chamber honored him as Citizen of the Year.

His wife Sheila is also very active.

And for years she has been a tennis instructor for many young people.*****Also stopping by to run his statement and political ad was former chief deputy David Bailey, who is running for a seat on the Orange City Council. He has a sincere desire to serve.*****This

Thursday Attorney General William Barr, who has Trump’s back, plans to release the final report of Special council Robert Muller’s investigation into the Russian efforts to sway the 2016 election in Trump’s favor. Some surprises are coming out of that report, plus some obstruction. Former and current Trump aids can expect Trump’s wrathon what they told Muller. The cat will be out of the bag.


Celebrating birthdays this week.

April 17: Janice Todora, Kaylie Byrd, Ronnie Haymon, Whitney Phillips, Cheryl Puntes, Matthew Franklin and Marla Zoch celebrates today.

Also having birthdays on this day are actress Jennifer Garner, 46, and Luke Mitchell, 33.*****April 18: Celebrating today are Megan Waguespack, Grant Mott, Emily Gilson.

Also celebrating are TV show host Conan O’Brien, 55 and actors Melissa Joan Hart, 42, Hayley Mills, 72 and James Woods, 71.*****April 19: This day is Good Friday, a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death on Calvary.

Having birthdays on this day are Barbara Sarver, Dustin Gibbs, Shirley Bonnin and Cheryl Patterson. This is also the birthday of actors James Franco, 40, Kate Hudson, 39 and Ashley Judd, 50.*****April 20: Today is Passover, also called Pesach, a major, biblically derived Jewish holiday.

Celebrating on this day are Beverly Raymer, Theresa Lieby, Ken Brown and State Farm agent Bill Nickum.

Also celebrating are actors Carmen Electra, 48 and Jessica Moore, 47.*****April 21: This is Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Having birthdays on this day are Courtney Williams, Dana Hill, Virginia McNair and Christian Dubose.

Celebrities having birthdays are former Cowboy QB Tony Romo, 38, Punk singer Iggy Pop, 71 and Britain’s Royal Queen, Elizabeth II, 92.*****April 22: Today is Earth Day celebrated worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Celebrating birthdays on this day are Scott Fisher and Amelia Hollier, also actor Jack Nicholson, 81, Amanda Mealing, 50 and reality star Willie Robertson, 46.***** April 23: Coach Jason Smalley, Glen Prince, Rev. Paul Zoch, Smantha Briggs, Jeremie Breaux and Kathie Stephenson celebrate today.

Also comedian George Lopez, 57,actress Valerie Bertinellie, 58 and James King, 39.***Roy Orbison died on this date in 1988.


Two elderly Cajun couples, wat lives in Starks, were having supper one night. After dey finish eating dem, dere wives left da table and went into do kitchen.

Rene’ and Thophile, who had been friends in Sou’t Louisiana since dey were boys, were talking wen Thophile say, “Rene,” we went to a restaurant in Texas. It was really good, I ate dat good seafood me, until I nearly bus. I highly recommend it me.”

Rene’ axe, “Thophile, wats da name of dat restaurant hanh?”

Thophile, who has been having memory problems da las year tought and tought and finally axe, “Wat’s da name of dat flower you give to someone you love? Da one wat is red and has thorns?”

Rene’ say, “You mean a rose.”

“Yea, dat’s it,” said Thophile. He den turn toward da kitchen and yell, “Rose, wat’s da name of dat restaurant we went to in Mauriceville las night?”


Trump’s Brilliance

Over the weekend President Trump displayed some interesting facts.

Speaking about Mount Vernon, Trump said George Washington should have put his name on that wonderful place.

He said, “If you don’t put your name on things people will forget who you are.” Well, old George wasn’t forgotten; he had a town named for him that happens to be the capital of the United States.

Then like he had just discovered a new found fact he said, “Abe Lincoln was a Republican.” He excitedly asked, “Did you know Lincoln was a Republican?” “Many people didn’t know that.” It was like he had just announced breaking news.

Then came the most brilliant idea of all when he said his daughter Ivanka should be the head of the World Bank.

He said, “She’s good with numbers.” He didn’t say anything about being good with figures, a low bar for qualifications.

Trump claims to know “Big Words.” He apparently has not had the opportunity to use any.

Earlier in the week, he did say, “I know more about technology than anyone.” That’s kind of a big word. He once told a crowd in Cleveland, “I know more about everything then anyone.

I attended the best schools and graduated at the top of the class.” Well, it wasn’t Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard or any other Ivy League schools and he has blocked the release of his grades going back to grammar school.

He attended Fordham University and after two years transferred to the Wharton School in Pennsylvania.

He went to school part time while working in the family business, Elizabeth Trump & Son.

He did graduate in May, 1968 with a BS in Economics.

Even though he claimed to be first in his class, the New York Times profile of Trump notes that he had never even made the honor roll.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, testified in the House Oversight Committee in February that Trump had directed him to threaten his high school or college to never release his grades or SAT scores.

Trump has said, “I heard Barack Obama was a bad, terrible student, terrible.” How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard? Trump obtained four draft deferments resulting in 1-Y classification, attributed to spurs in the heels of both feet.

His last classification, in 1972, was 4-F permanently disqualifying him from military service ever.

Yes folks, by hook or crook.

Today the 4-F is Commander-In-Chief of the United States.

Two lessons to be learned here is lie about everything and put your name on everything.

I don’t believe he will ever get to put his name on the 2,000 mile, concrete wall, 30-feet high that cost $50 billion, that Mexico will pay for., his Mt. Rushmore.

He’ll just lie about it and say there’s a great wall on the southern border that he built.

You know, the Trump Wall.*****My time is up, thanks for yours.

Happy Easter and God Bless.


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