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Most of us have seen medications that claim to contain Honey. Especially cough meds. Many of us know of home cough remedies using honey, lemon and maybe a shot of bourbon.

Well history has lots of uses for honey from coughs to wounds to allergies to makeup.

For centuries honey and bees wax have been used in makeup. Have you heard the saying “mind your beeswax” well that saying came from the early use of wax to fill blemishes on the face. If you stood to close to a fire the wax would melt and run off your face, “mind your beeswax”. Women had to be very careful not to let the wax show especially when it was hot or when warming near a fire.

Today honey impregnated gauze is used for wound care by hospitals and doctors. Honey is often recommended for allergies.

Here are a few other ways that honey is reported to be of benefit:

1TBS of honey taken orally to reduce stress and fatigue.

1TBS of honey before bed to aid sleep.

2tsp of honey twice a day to aid eyesight.

1tsp of honey mixed with 2tsp of lime juice taken orally every few hours to reduce cough and shorten a cold.

Apply honey directly to burns to aid healing

2tps of honey with ½ cup of orange juice and ½ cup of yogurt to cure a HANGOVER.

Here are a few cosmetic uses:

Lemon juice and honey as a facewash.

2TBS of honey and 2TBS whole milk as a facial moisturizer apply to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

2tsp of olive oil and 1tsp of honey apply to hair as a conditioner, wash out after 15 minutes.

Help save our honeybees, support local beekeepers.

Len VanMarion

TAIS Master Beekeeper


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