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Authentic New York Pizza, Payne's Pantry, by Anne Payne


Last updated 6/7/2019 at Noon

I was recently in New York to visit our younger son, so we went to a "hole-in-the-wall" place built @1930, or something like that. It was truly eclectic, a real view of the past, with original lights, pizza oven, wood floors, and shutter windows. We ordered a Margarita pizza. No, alcohol was not a part of the pizza pie, but it was so very good! It was made of a light homemade crust, a little bit of tomato sauce, lots of Mozarella cheese, and fresh basil leaves on top. The owner would not give me the pizza dough recipe,

which I understand, but I will share how I make it at home.


Dough: I have never been very

good at making pizza or pie dough from scratch, only cookie dough. I have to cheat and use a Chef-Boy-Ardee boxed pizza mix, cheese style. I just mix the dough as instructed on box, let it rise for a long time while covered in a warm place, and set aside the pizza sauce and the Parmesan cheese that comes in the box.

Pizza ingredients, not crust:

Small part of a pizza sauce can,

Lots of shredded or sheets of

Mozarella cheese,

Fresh basil leaves, not dried


According to dough directions above, after dough has risen a lot, spread the dough with greased or oiled clean hands onto a pizza pan. The crust should be thin, but make a ridge around the edge of dough, like a pie crust, to hold the sauce, cheese, and basil leaves in place.

Next, spread just a little bit of your favorite pizza sauce on top of the dough in pan, but only a small amount! New York pizzas do not have a lot of sauce, folks.

Now, spread the cheese on the

small portion of sauce. It is up to you how much cheese you use, but New Yorkers use a lot.

Top it off with fresh basil leaves!

Finally, your pizza pie is ready to bake. Your oven should have preheated to about 375 degrees,

depending upon your oven. If you are lucky enough to have a pizza oven, a pizza slab, or a Green Egg, then you are in business without using a regular oven. There you have it, a Margarita Cheese Pie from NY!


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