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The Record’s 60th Anniversary Issue went off without a hitch.

A great big thanks to all the advertisers and friends who participated by running ads.

The rains came, boy did it, and our home delivery was a washout.

We increased our circulation in stores to 5,000 and made our home delivery Thursday morning.

By Friday, all locations were out of papers.

The Wednesday Lunch Bunch hosted our “Person of the Year” and Roy’s 85th birthday celebration.

Despite the rain a full house showed up.

Both Jack Smith and Roy were elated. Jack had some special guests attend.

His law school roommate Tom Hanna, former Jefferson County District Attorney, his preacher at Calder Baptist Church, The Rev. Jim Fuller, Orange mayor Larry Spears, Jr., Pinehurst City Council man and former Orange mayor Dan Mohon and wife Manon, also longtime friends Joe and Susan Kazmar.

Roy was really impressed with Lamar president Dr.

Thomas Johnson, a Port Arthur native.

“He is just a prince of a guy.

How could you not like a guy who wears a bow tie and expensive cowboy boots.” He went on to say, “Tommy is going to be a great asset for Lamar College.

He’s filling some big shoes replacing Dr.

Mike Shahan, a longtime friend, but I’m convinced he has the knowledge and personality to keep moving this great school forward.” Many of the group was impressed with Mayor Spears.

Judge Buddie Hahn, like always, did a yeoman’s job in the award presentation to Jack, meanwhile roasting Roy in a mild way.

Roy outed Ms.

Phyl, always a private person, who had been happy over the last 65 years to let him have the publicity.

He said he had been given the credit for any success they had but the real backbone of the business since the beginning had been Phyl.

Roy heard from many friends who couldn’t attend with phone calls and cards.

He said, of all the birthday cards, the one that is most special was one from longtime friend Att.

Sharon Bearden.

The card showed an old ragged looking cowboy riding a donkey, (hilarious) and Sharon had written a note saying, “It has been a great ride on the range with you.

I hope we have many more years to ride.” Jack was very honored to have been selected “Person of the Year” and made a great presentation of his love for Orange.

The party was fun for everyone.

One disappointment was that time ran out not allowing for John Roy to do a performance.

He had one ready.

Also about 20 folks had to leave before a group picture was taken.

Great friends, great people add to the quality of life.

Onwards to next year.*****The Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and back to Guadalajara next week.

Everyone always welcome.

***** I’ve got to move on, hop on and come along; I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I was surprised to learn of the unexpected death of Paul Milton Dyer, Jr., age 51, who died June 5.

Paul lived with his parents on their farm in Eagleville, TN., near Nashville.

He must have been just a little guy when Paul and Glenda moved to Orange County.


was employed by DuPont and retired from there several years ago; Glenda was a reporter for the Enterprise, editor of the Orange Leader and Record Newspapers.

She also published her own newspaper in Bridge City for a time.

She and Paul have many friends in the area.

Their daughter Martha Howells was raised in Orange and a teacher at Orangefield High.

Martha will be teaching at Pine Forest Elementary next year.

Paul Jr.

is also survived by his children Lauren and Jonathon Dyer, and grandchildren Kayla and Jacob Enar.

Paul Jr. was a teacher at Deweyville and worked at the prison before moving to Tennessee to help his parents on their historic farm.

Services were held Monday, June 10, in Chapel Hill, TN. Our sincere condolences to our friends Glenda and Paul and their family.

Pease see obituary.


I was shocked to learn of the death of Charles Edward Rothrock, age 69, who passed away May 22 at Baptist Hospital.

I had missed him and his dad, Robert Rothrock, at the Lunch Bunch dinner last week.

Roth and his wife Alice were at the Record 60th Anniversary celebration without Charles and I wondered why.

They were always together.

Nothing was said about his passing.

I was out of pocket Thursday and when I returned to my desk I couldn’t believe it.

He was such a great guy and was well and laughing last time I had seen him two weeks earlier, the day he died.

I shook hands with Robert last Wednesday and he didn’t say anything about his son’s death.

He must have assumed I knew.

My sincere apologies and condolences.

The Lunch Bunch lost a good guy.

A war hero.

Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2009

Amber Dunn left Bridge City last week for Cleveland, Ohio where she reported to work at Chase Hospital Monday.

She spent one night in route with Glenda and Paul Dyer on their 350-acre farm outside of Nashville.

Amber was quite impressed with the farm that has been in the Dyer family over 200 years.

She said the Dyer’s are great folks and very good hosts.

Glenda is a former medical student before having a long life in the newspaper business.

The Doctor, raised in the newspaper business and Glenda have much in common.

Paul and Glenda took Amber to the top of the hill where she shot pictures of next-door-neighbor Trace Atkins’ farm and lake.

Amber said when she hit Ohio, gasoline was $3 a gallon. ***** A very special friend, a great gal and a nice lady Mary Alice Cole Hartfield celebrates her special day this week, June 17.

*****Constable Mark Philpott is now traveling around Pct.

3 in his new Dodge Challenger.

It’s a sharply painted police car.

I understand all the other constables have new Chargers.

I reckon John Ford’s popular Camano has been retired. *****Our deepest sympathy to Debby Schamber on the death of her 21 year old daughter, Jessica.

The world doesn’t know anything more painful then losing a child.

***** On June 14, 1954, 65 years ago, the words “Under God” were added to the Pledge of Allegiance. *****LSU is on a roll and headed towards a national baseball championship.

Anytime an athlete with the talent of Johnny Dishon gets red-shirted, you know they must be loaded with talent.*****The Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant won the NBA championship in five games against the Orlando Magic.

It’s the fourth championship for Bryant, tenth for Coach Phil Jackson and 15th for the Lakers.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

William Thurman Carlock, 84, of Orange, died Wednesday, June 10..

Funeral services were June 13.

William served in the US Navy veteran serving his country during World War II onboard naval submarines.

Survivors include his wife of 65 years, Genevieve Carlock, daughters, Sheila Freeman, and Danita Zylks, four grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.***** Staff Sgt.

Charlie Edward Fowler, USAF Ret., 78, of Orange, passed away Wednesday June 10.

Funeral services were Monday.

Charlie was a US Air Force retired Vietnam veteran.

He is survived by his daughter, Helen VanArsdale; sons, Lawrence Fowler,Ronald Fowler, Donald Fowler,Charlie Fowler Jr.

and Garry Fowler; 16 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren.*****Pauline Lois Nipert, 92, of Orange, passed away Wednesday June 10.

Funeral services were Sunday.

Pauline was a former member of Orange Community Bridge League.

She is survived by her children, Billie Kay Rogers and Timmie Sue Page, grandchildren, Bart Nipert, Nancy Lamere, Angela Schultz, Natalie Scott, Jeffery Page and eight great-grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1979

This week Andre Robertson signed a baseball contract with the Toronto Blue Jays.

He is assigned to Dunhedin, of the Class A Florida State League.

Andre had always dreamed of being a pro, now his dream is to make it to the big leagues.

(Editor’s note: His dream came true.

He made it all the way to the New York Yankees as a starter.

Andre now makes his home in Orange.)*****Bubba Busceme hasn’t fought professionally in three years but he’s trying a comeback.

Next week, he will fight Robert Tijerino, of Dallas, at the Beaumont Civic Center.

*****Local entertainer Pam Folsom, the “Guitar Lady” is playing at The Fisherman’s Reef Seafood House on I-10 in Orange.

*****A few CB’ers from the Bon Ami Club are Tugboat Mama, Whiskey Runner, Lady Hugo, Window Buster, Lil Bambi and Lil Scrapper.

10-4 good buddy.

*****United States President Jimmy Carter and Soviet Leonid Brezanev sign the “Salt II Treaty” this week.

It limits the nuclear arsenal of the U.S. and the Soviet Union. *****Bob Jones and wife Doris just returned from a Chevrolet-sponsored trip to Mexico City.

Bob is a salesman at Harmon Chevrolet.

45 Years Ago-1974

Paintings of one of Orange’s great artist, Gloria Molley, can be viewed at J&J Sporting Goods, a store owned by her son.

She also does portraits and can be commissioned to do any type of art. *****The Buzzy Gunn family has made their annual Florida trip and are baking in the sun.

*****Pam Romero is the bride elect of Stephen Smith.

*****The Orange County Bass Club wins the “Top Ten Tournament.” A glitch however, knocked them down to second despite catching 193 pounds.

The Lake Charles club caught only 180 pounds and gained first place.

The Orange County fishing team members are Troy Woodall, Richard Corder, Willie Hayes, Durwood Shull, Bill Gregory, Gary Glende, Gerald Thibodeaux, Bob Zavada, Jim Taylor and Tommy Humphrey. (Editor’s note: I bet coach Woodall remembers that incident when the winner came in second.)*****National Little League team winners are Sam Moore, Paul Romaro, Gary Stephens, Willie Brown, Jebbie Romano, Shedrich Logan, Duke Cotton, Kenny Smith, Allen Townsend, Lewis Moore, Henry Cotton, Randy Boon and Kevin Newton. Team coaches are Billy Jean Smith and Carl Evans. (Editor’s note: I wonder if “Bucket” remembers those years as a youngster.)

60 Years Ago-1959

Eight candidates compete for the crown of Miss Orange.

Ollie Mendoza, pageant chairman, said they are Patricia Corder, Ellyn Jirouch, Diana Ketchell, Mary Frances Blessitt, Nora Eileen Paul, Mary Louise Kemble, Ellen Jane Leister and Carol Ann Foster. (Editor’s note: If these beauties are still around they are fast approaching 80 years of age.

Some might even be great-grandmothers. Some might still be active while others have folded their tents and are content with all the memories they made back yonder.) By the way, Miss Blessitt was crowned “Miss Orange.” First runner up was Miss Ketchell. She is now Diana Hill and has been for many years.

I believe Miss Lister placed third.

*****Tony Dal Sasso has announced a new subdivision in Bridge City.

They will call it Schofield Place in honor of Dr.

E.C. Schofield. *****The corner stone for the new St. Mark Lutheran Church of Bridge City was laid Sunday, June 14.

TheRev. E.A. Biedermann is pastor.

*****Henry Bland Jr.

is the new Orange Jaycee president. (Editor’s note: What a great guy.

For years Henry ran the Capistrano, the most fun place in town.


Sunday, June 16, will mark twenty years since John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren Bassette, were killed in an airplane accident.*****On this same date our friend, longtime cancer survivor Beverly Perry celebrates a birthday and another year of survival.*****On the next day, June 17, Samaritan Mary Alice Hartsfield celebrates her special day.

Alice is known for looking out for and helping many senior citizens.

She has donated a lot of time in service to anyone that needs help.

I believe that makes her more of a Christian than all those many hours she spends in church.

God bless her.*****June 14 is a special day in the lives of Peggy and David Claybar.

They celebrate their anniversary.

It has been many years now since David married that Stringer girl, the prettiest girl in town.

Beat wishes for a long, healthy and happy life together.*****If you are 55 or older you might recall that 50 years ago this week “Hee Haw” premiered on CBS.

I recall it and to this old guy it doesn’t seem that long ago.*****Eighteen years ago this week, on June 11, 2001, Timothy McVeigh, age 30, was executed by injection in Indiana for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing killing 168 people.*****Also this week, in 1962, three prisoners escaped from Alcatraz Island on a makeshift raft and haven’t been heard from since.*****Today in 1994, on June 12, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were stabbed to death.

In “the trial of the century” her husband, former NFL All Star was found “not guilty.” He was represented by the “Dream Team” including Johnnie Cochran, Jr.

and F. Lee Bailey.

O.J. later served nine years in prison for robbery and kidnapping in attempt to steal back his own sports memorabilia.

He is now retired in Las Vegas where he plays golf daily.

The glamour of his early life is just a memory.

A commercial pitchman running through airports, an actor, football commentator and once a multimillionaire, is no more.*****Tuesday night the Golden State Warriors lived to play another day.

They beat the Toronto Raptors 106-105.

The teams meet for game six Thursday night.

Toronto leads 3 to 2.*****Thanks to Ms.

Faith Fuller for her piece of nostalgia from 1994.

Girl, that was day before yesterday to this old camper.*****David Ortiz, known as Big Papi, 43 year old retired Boston Red Sox star was flown to Boston in a private Red Sox jet after being shot in the back at close range in Santo Domingo.

Doctors removed his gallbladder, some intestines and he also has damaged liver.

One of the most beloved figures in sports is in a Boston hospital in stable condition, a victim of another hideous act of gun violence.*****It was good to see Owen Burton bring pretty Nelda to the Lunch Bunch party.

I was surprised and pleased to see our longtime friend Darrell Segura.

Also new District Judge Steve Parkhurst made his first appearance at the Lunch Bunch since becoming judge.


Friends having birthdays in the coming week.

June 12: Ronda Dishon, Candice Steele, Magdalene Bryant, Jesse Walles, Caitlyn Villanoueva and Kaaren Kline all celebrate birthdays.

Joining them are Country singer Chris Young, 33 and actor Dave Franco, 33.*****June 13: Celebrating today are Desiree Russell, Zoe Ann Hinds, Shawna Gauthier, Susan Fischer and Tammy Droddy.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Tim Allen, 65, Chris Evans, 37, and twins Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, 32.*****June 14: Former Bridge City mayor Bobbie Burgess, Sylvia Galbreath, Betty Jean Lonadier and Brandy Aldridge celebrate today.

They are joined by United States President Donald J. Trump, 73, comedian Paul O’Grady, 63.

Happy Anniversary to Peggy and David Claybar.

We wish you many more, happy, healthy years.*****June 15: Our buddies Lyle Overman and David Harmon celebrate,also Adam Dupuis, David Cardner, Faye Sherwood, Sherri Fruge, Sharon Fisher and a special Happy Birthday to our own Janelle Sehon.

Celebrating also are Rapper Ice Cube, 49, actors Neil Patrick Harris, 45, Courteney Cox, 54, Helen Hunt, 55.*****June 16: A year older today are Beverly Perry, Christian Louvier, Denise Vickers, Charlotte Potter and Alex Brent.

Getting older also are golfer Phil Mickelson, 48, actors John Cho, 46 and Missy Peregrym, 38.

On this date in 1999, JFK Jr., wife Carolyn Bassette and her sister Lauren were killed in a small plane crash off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, MA.*****June 17: Celebrating on this day are Delmi Roy, Andrew Riedel, Belinda Welch and our special sweetheart Alice Cole-Hartsfield.

Celebrities celebrating are singer Barry Manilow, 75, actor Arthur Darvill, 36 and politician Newt Gingrich, 75.*****June 18: Krystal Leonard, Amber King, Kyna White and Mary Stewart all celebrate.

Also Country singer Blake Shelton, 42, Rock singer Paul McCartney, 76 and actress Isabella Rossellini, 66.


David’s wife Patrice her, arranged tours. She scheduled a bus tour to Wisconsin for a bunch of Cajun senior citizens. Da group from Sou’t Lousisana were traveling by tour bus through Wisconsin. As dey stopped at a cheese farm, a young, pretty lady guide led dem through da process of cheese making, explaining her, dat goat’s milk was used.

Den she showed da old gentlemans a lovely hillside where many goats were grazing dem. “Dese,” she explained, “Are da older goats put out to pasture wen dey no longer produce.”

She den axe, “Wat do you do in Louisana wit your old goats?”

A spray old guy Clovis Dartez say him, “Well sha, dey send us on bus tours.”



Father’s Day was not brought by the stork; it was the dream and hope of Mrs. John Bruce Dodd back in 1909 when she first thought of the idea of setting aside one day in the year to honor her father William Smart and all American fathers.

It was a “monument” born of idealism and her gratitude to her father, who had raised his family of six on the Western frontier after his young wife, had died.

In 1910, a year later, her dream was realized when with the help of Spokane’s YMCA and the Spokane Ministerial Association, all the ministers of Spokane preached Father’s Day sermonson the third Sunday of June.

Mrs. Dodd had preferred the first Sunday of June, her father’s birthday that year, but the sermons could not be simultaneously prepared in time to meet the date.) So it is that now, by Congressional action, Father’s Day is a national holiday to be celebrated always on the third Sunday in June.

William Smart, a Civil War veteran, died in 1919, but not before he saw the holiday that his devotion and love for his family had inspired become a growing reality throughout the United States.

Today, Father’s Day is observed in more than 30 countries throughout the world.

Father’s Day became a national holiday by act of Congress in 1972 and the enabling legislation provides for a presidential proclamation every year.

In that year, the State of Washington declared a “Mrs. John Bruce Dodd Day” to mark the legislative nationalizing of her dream to hone The American Father.

Mrs. John Bruce Dodd was 96 on Feb. 18, 1978.

She died March 22 after several years of declining health.

The entire world will long remember that her vision to honor Father has become a symbol of family solidarity and unity.*****Well folks, that’s it for me.

Thanks for your time.

Take care and God bless.


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