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Most Americans say the White House should comply with subpoenas for witnesses and documents issued by congressional committees investigating President Donald Trump and his administration.

By nearly 2-1, they want to hear former special counsel Robert Muller testify publicly about his inquiry into the 2016 elections.

A new USA Today/Suffolk University pollfinds these views are not simply partisan.

Four in 10 Republicans say it’s important to them that Muller testifies and three in 10 Republicans say the White House should stop arguing that some officials and former officials should defy the congressional subpoenas.

Democrats and Independents overwhelmingly agree.

Everyone should be equal, you should testify, you should have to, no one should be able to choose who testifies and who doesn’t.

Last week, a house panel voted to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt for defying subpoenas about why a citizenship question was added to the 2020 census.

It’s a fair question. A majority says Trump is at odds with public opinion.

The White House should comply with congressional subpoenas.

Trump’sresponse to everything seems to be deny, distract or fight. A clear majority of voters insist that Bob Muller should testify publicly before congress about his 2016 investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election.

If the Trump Administration didn’t do anything wrong why then is he fighting it.

*****I’d best get going.

Please come along; I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Dorothy Breaux passed away June 16. Funeral service will be held Wednesday, June 19, 10:30 at St. Henry Catholic Church. For many years I had watched her and her late husband of 65 years, Leroy Breaux attend the activities of their grandchildren. They raised a large family and took special pride in all of them. It was easy to see how much Dorothy and Leroy cared for each other. Those two good Christian people will again be reunited. They lived a good, long life together here on earth and brought many great youngsters to carry on. Our sincere condolences. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2009

Neighbor Cox and Ms.

Ginny ventured to Borderville, Okla., for a visit with daughter Karen, husband Keith and son Kegan.

The Duplechins moved to Oklahoma after Keith accepted a job there.*****Ed McMahon, 86, died June 23.

He was Johnny Carson’s sidekick on the Tonight Show for many years.

Back when I could stay up past 10 p.m.

I watched them every weeknight.***** Consumer confidence in the United States will go up. Home sales are increasing and the recession will end before the end of the year.

The last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 were the worst economic performance in 50 years.

Things are looking up.

In fact, the Federal Reserve is unlikely to make any major changes, just sit pat and let the Obama’s stimulus package continue to do its work.

(Editor’s note: The great economic recovery that Trump enjoys today was passed on from this stimulus.)*****Lennie Paul Dauphine, 69, passed away June 18.

A Port Arthur boy, he attended Bishop Byrne High School.

His first teaching job was at that Catholic school. For the next 33 years, however, his devotion and love was for West Orange-Cove as a history and government teacher before being assistant principle.

His students and fellow teachers always held him in high esteem but I knew Lennie in a different way.

Not many realized that Lennie had a side agenda.

He was politically savvy. He served as a behind the scenes advisor and advertising manager for some of his political friends.

I first met him when he helped his friend, Judge Marlin Shelton, in his campaigns.

Judge Carl Thibodeaux relied on Lennie for all of his political advertisement.Lennie was very good at designing ads to combat the opposition’s negativity in ads.***** Last week marked the 47th anniversary for Langston and Margaret Frederick.

I remember when they tied the knot.

Now in 2019 it’s been 57 years.*****Robert Carpenter, who is recording a new album, celebrated a birthday last week.*****Sen.

Tommy Williams makes Texas Monthly’s “Worst Legislator” list..*****Congrats to Sheriff Merritt and the jail staff for receiving a perfect score for the 11th year in a row.

The chain started in the second year of Sheriff White’s three terms.***** BIRTHDAYS: Special happy birthday this week to our loyal, smart, pretty, dedicated coworker Amanda Adams. She is the mom of twins Mason and Lucas, who are great 4-year-old boys.

Have a nice June 26 “Mandy.” *****Also celebrating is Dwayne’s love Kathy Marsh.

The best-selling he ever did was when he closed the deal for her to become his wife.


1 constable Chris Humble celebrates this week, also Kelly Kimbrough. *****Special best wishes to Doris Norwood.

A good woman and longtime bride of Eual.

*****Last but not least, our special friends Lester “Buckshot” Winfree celebrated June 24, Wilson “King” Dunn was 91 on June 16.***** Congrats to Brian Huckabay, the new AD and head football coach at Orangefield.

Huckabay, a Bridge City native and high school grad is a great choice for the Bobcats.


Obituries 10 Years Ago-2009

We were sorry to learn of the death of Jeannette Griffin, age 83, on June 16. Services were Friday.

We had known Ms.

Griffin for many years.

She was married to Alva, a longtime law enforcement officer during the times Orange County was a tough place.

Alva, a native of Johnson Bayou, once told us about Lake Sabine being so low that the family walked across.


Jeannette for many years worked at the Bridge City Wal-Mart store.

She was a great lady.

To her daughter Edna, granddaughter Robyn, family and friends, we send our sincere condolences.*****Also our deepest sympathy to Sleepy Smith and his entire family on the death of his sister Patricia Taggart, 63, who died June 19.

Service was Tuesday.*****Our deepest sadness to A.J. and Gloria Lemoine and their family on the death of their grandson Aaron “Bird” Lesmeister, 22.*****Condolences also to longtime friend Barbara Gillis and her family on the death of her sister Christine Berwick Merrell, 79.

Christine was an Orange native and the granddaughter of Bab Berwick, a famous Orange County lawman and nightclub operator in the 1930s.

40 Years Ago-1979

The new Bridge City State Bank on Roundbunch Road is near completion.

(Editor’s note: In the last few years the building has undergone total redoing twice due to Hurricane Rita and flooding by Hurricane Ike.*****C.R. Nash is installed as new Bridge City Rotary president replacing Albert Gore.*****Dupuis Gulf is now a distributor for Michelin tires.****Betty and Corky Harmon hosted the “Monthly Supper Club” at their beautiful home in Orange, and then escorted the group to Beaumont.

Leon Smith gave the girls disco lessons.

Beth Dugas, Marty Conway, Phyllis Dunn, Martha Hughes, Virginia Gilbeaux and Betty all participated.

Bill Hughes, who was due to serve at 6:30 mass, was trying to recruit churchgoers so he wouldn’t be the only one suffering early the next morning.

(Editor’s note: Leon later married Virginia.)*****Three young Bridge City people loose their lives in an auto-train crash in Port Arthur.

They are Allen “Bull” Middlebrook, Roland Smith and Nolan Wayne Gaspard. A young lady was also killed, name unknown.*****Cecil Williams showed up at his store on Roundbunch and all the gas tanks were empty.

The contents were stolen during the night.*****Gas prices have gone up 65 percent in the last nine months, regular gasoline is now 80.9 cents per gallon. Two years ago, gas, per gallon was 27.9 cents.

(Editor’s note: That was the last of the Jimmy Carter years when inflation went out of site.

Interest even climbed to 21 percent.)*****Capt.

Doug Harrington has gone to sailing. He and mate John Brooks are getting a crew together and claim they will be the No. 1 racing crew by summer’s end.

*****On June 30, one of Orange County’s loveliest women, Barbara Mulhollan, will celebrate a birthday.

(Editor’s note: We remember her then and several years before.

Barbara passed away a couple of years ago.)

45 Years Ago-1974

Laverne Ridley owns Ridley Realty. *****Harvey Prince gives piano lesion.

*****Ron and JeanMoreau own Ron’s House of Elegance. *****Harris Poultry Market is at 521 Dupont Drive.

Speckled trout, red fish and red snapper is available.

*****Charlie Lemoine owns “Charlie’s Furniture” on Dupont Drive.*****Wingate’s Market, 2204 MacArthur Drive, processes deer, elk, moose and bear.

*****Mrs. Joe Molley grooms poodles and boards small animals at 883-2753.

*****Steve Henderson owns Steve’s Dozer and Backhoe Service.

*****Tom Addison is owner of High Pressure Spray Cleaning. Company motto, “We spray anything.”*****Rebecca Duhon is bride-elect of Stephen Wolfe.

*****Jerry Wilson, wife of Congressman Charlie Wilson, writes a column for the Dunn family-owned Opportunity Valley News.

The column is titled, “Petticoat Potpourri.”*****Elaine Townes owns Elaine’s Flowers on Texas Avenue in Bridge City.

*****LaPlace, New Orleans French Market Café, Au Lait and Beignet,” is now opened at 105 Sixth St. The café is owned by Ernest and Ann McCollum.

60 Years Ago-1959

Rotary installs officers.

Woodrow “Woody” Wilson is president, Capt.

Norman Shipley, vice president and Ken Davis, secretary.


Robert Rasmussen, Ray Ward, Morgan Jones and Judge Homer Stephenson are directors.*****Sheriff Chester Holts announced that E.G. Sparks, former Orange police officer, has been hired as a temporary deputy sheriff assigned to the Vidor area.

He replaces Red Bland, who is critically ill in a Beaumont hospital.*****State Rep.

Louis Dugas opposes a bill which would permit the Beaumont Port District to purchase land within the confines of the Orange County Navigation and Port District.

Local port officers went on the warpath against the bill.

Dugas said he would do all he could to defeat it.

Apparently he was not successful.

I believe the Beaumont port owns land on the Orange County side of the Neches River.

70 YEARS AGO-1949

Pete Carter opens the Tower Café and Drive Inn on MacArthur Circle.

*****Joe Runnels is county clerk, Bill Lea is county attorney.

*****Joe DiMaggio hits three home runs in two days.

He batted in six runs with a batting average is 500.

DiMaggio’ssalary is $90,000. The Yanks lead the American League by nine games; Brooklyn leads the National League by 26 games.

*****New Rotary Club officers installed are Jimmy Conn, president, E.M. Childers, secretary / treasurer.

Board members are Clark Barrett, C.O. Chandier, Howard Peterson, J.J. Arledge, John W. Simmons and Fores Clough.*****Gov. Beauford H. Jesternames John W. Simmons to the Sabine River Authority.


I had a chance to visit with longtime friend, Kenny Pigg, Drainage Dist.

Board member.

He and I knew all the old characters, many gone now.

Kenny, a former business agent, has always been involved in politics.

The conversation turned to a long ago friend Junior Clark. I first met Junior, Pat’s dad, in the 1950’s race for Orange Mayor between Joe Runnels and Sid Cailivet.

The mayoral office paid $900 a month, county judge only paid $700.

Sid, the incumbent lost, but before leaving office he installed the city manager form of government.

Joe won, but the mayor’s pay was cut to $100 a month.

Sid than ran for county judge.

Kenny said when he joined the Carpenter’s Union as a youngster his first job as an apprentice was to work as helper to Junior Clark.

What could follow are a thousand stories.

Kenny is one of our favorite folks.

His mom was raised with the East Texas Clarks. *****We hear Ron Siglar is looking to relocate back in Orange.

He’s commuting a lot between Baton Rouge and his new job.

*****Last week Sheriff Keith Merritt and his bride Marlene took a short trip to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

I wonder what has changed since that honeymoon 50 years ago.

For one, they were just kids.


*****Were have all the old country singers gone? The USA Airplay charts list the following top five country artist.

At #1: Kelsea Ballerini, with “Miss Me More.” Kelsea’s last name sounds more like an opera singer than a Grand Ole Opry singer.

#2: Morgan Wallen, “Whiskey Glasses.

#3: Lee Brice, “Rumor.” #4: Brett Eldredge, “Love Someone.” #5: Kane Brown, “Good as You.” Listed as #6: Blake Shelton, “God’s Country.” That’s a familiar name but no George, Alan, Tracy, Chesnutt, Willie, Kenny or Randy. *****If you want to get your place in shape, now is the time to call Pete at Coastal Landscaping.

They do great work.

Call 409-738-2070.

*****This week TheWednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Guadalajara and next week at Robert’s.

Last week at JB’s we had a great discussion about health insurance and how expensive it has become.

Something needs to be done about that and the cost of medication.

It’s hard to see how some poor people survive.

Everyone always welcome.

Y’all come.

*****Friday, Mark will have long overdue surgery on his shoulder.

This past week, he was doing all the chores that he won’t get to do while wearing a sling.

Hopefully this will take care of the pain and he can lift his arm over his head once repaired.

Good luck Mark.*****This morning I had a visit from Mayor Pete Runnels and a call from our friend Phillip Welch, who will be going on a cruise soon with his pretty wife and son.*****Bo Henley, “the Bee Man,” stopped by Tuesday morning and said he’s out of honey right now.

Roy has a real problem in one of his buildings with bees that Bo will try to solve as soon as he gets back from Forth Worth, where he is attending a school board yearly conference.

He’s on the Orangefield School Board.*****Also stopping by Tuesday was Attorney Rex Peveto who just got off the LCM School Board to run for district judge.

He really has a sincere desire to serve on the bench.

I guess every lawyer at some time thinks about wanting to be a judge.


Friends celebrating birthdays in the following week.

June 19: Betty Norwood, Shelby Permenter, Marianne Choate and Christie Kasko celebrate.

Joining them are Pop singer and dancer Paula Abdul, 56 and actor Hugh Dancy, 43.*****June 20: Celebrating on this date are Cindy Overman, Keith Kay, Debbie Johansson and Lynda Phillips.

Celebrities having birthdays are actors Nicole Kidman, 51, John Goodman, 66, R&B singer Lionel Richie, 69, Rock singer Brian Wilson, 78.*****June 21: Dr.

Clay Greeson, Dustin Hartsfield, Sarah Claybar, Wesley Darbonne, Shelly Arceneaux and Wade Phillips, who turns 72, all celebrate.

Also celebrating are UK royalty Prince William, 38, actors Chris Pratt, 39 and Juliette Lewis, 45.*****June 22: Don Finley, Paul Richardson, Gean Hammett, Charlene Braus, Phyllis Nimitz, Kaitlin Pelacz and former commissioner David Dubose all celebrate.

Joining them are actress Meryl Streep, 69, TV show host Carson Daly, 45 and former football player Kurt Warner, 47.*****June 23: Having birthdays on this date are Ken Johnson, Sissy Brous, Kim Turbeville and Jaden Trahan.

Also having birthdays are singers Jason Mraz, 41 and Duffy, 34 and music producer Randy Jackson, 62.*****June 24: Ronnie Broussard, Amanda Adams, Blake Amy and Kathy Marsh celebrate.

They are joined by actirs Tommy Lister, 60, Ariana Madix, 33 and R&B singer Solange Knowles, 32.*****June 25: Celebrating on this day are Elise Becker, Cher Becker, Chris Humble, Linda Taylor and Gary Stelly.

Joining them are Pop singer Carly Simon, 73 actors Sheridan Smith, 37, and Karisma Kapoor, 44.


While counting the Sunday offering, Rev. Gaspard, the pastor of a small church, found a pink envelope containing $500. The following Sunday it happened again. Da nexk Sunday, Brother Gaspard, him, watch closely and saw Eunice, an elderly woman, put da pink envelope on da plate.

Overcome by curiosity Brother Gaspard approached her, “Miss Eunice,” he said, “I couldn’t help but notice dat you have been putting $500 a week in da collection plate.”

“Dats right,” Eunice replied, “Every week my boy “PoolDo” sends me money him and me, I give some of it to da church.”

Brother Gaspard say, “Mais Cher, dats very generous and I tank you on behalf of da congregation but $500 every week is quite a lot, or you sure you can afford it?” “How much does you son send you, Hanh?”

Miss Eunice say, “My boy, him, send me $5,000 a week.”

“Keyaw,” da amazed pastor said, “You boy must be very successful him, wat he does for a living him?”

Miss Eunice answer, “He’s a veterinarian him.”

Brother Gaspard say, “Me, I had no idea dey made that much money. Where is his practice?”

Miss Eunice replied proudly, In Abbeville, he has two cat houses, one in Oakdale and anutter in Port Arthur.”


Shaq becomes Papa John owner

NBA Hall of famer Shaquille O’Neal opens first Papa John’sPizza in Atlanta.

It’s one of nine franchise locations O’Neal is bringing his signature style to featuring his size 22 shoe print.

He’s a new investor in the pizza brand that may someday see one near you.

“I plan to purchase as many locations as I can,” O’Neal said.

“Everyone loves pizza and pizza loves everyone.” O’Neal isn’t new to the franchising world of marketing.

He owns a Krispy Kreme Doughnut. He’s the founder and owner of Big Chicken, a casual fried chicken restaurant in Las Vegas and Shaquille’s, a fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles.

About his pizza, Shaq says, “Shaq-eroni Pizza” is coming soon; it was developed for the fun house.” “It’s the biggest size, with more pepperoni, more sausage and extra cheese.” He said, “It’s pretty big and it’s tasty.” Papa John is remaking the company’s image after the 2018 scandal in which founder and former chairman John Schnatter used a racial slur during a training session.

“I plan to purchase as many locations as I can,” Shaq said.

*****Well, I’m out of here.

Stay cool.

Take care and God bless.


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