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A special thanks to Judge Carl Thibodeaux who answered the call of duty and again did a yeoman’s job filling the county court judgeship.

He is already recorded on Orange County history as the longest serving County Judge who came back for a four-month stay.

Thibodeaux will be leaving soon so John Gothia can be certified but Tib has weathered so many storms we couldn’t let him leave without another disturbance coming by to say goodbye.

Hopefully it will be a light-hearted storm that will make its presence felt in our area come Saturday evening.

It will be fast moving and hopefully with modest winds.

Just a goodbye to the old judge.*****I’m way behind and have to move on.

Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Ross Perot, 89, died Tuesday, July 9.

Perot, was a self-made billionaire, renowned patriot and two-time Independent candidate for United States president.In the race with President George H. Bush and new comer Gov. Bill Clinton most believed that Perot picking off 19 percent of the vote hurt Bush and helped elect Clinton.

Perot was the pioneer of the computer service industry who founded Electronic Data Systems Corp.

in 1962 and PerotSystems 26 years later.

Ross was just 5 ft. 6 in.

tall but it is said that his presence filled a room.

I recall the great political debates when Ross would steal the show with his colorful sayings and common sense approach.

Ross Perot, Jr., described his father as a “Great family man and wonderful father but at the end of the day he was a wonderful humanitarian.” Perot was diagnosed with leukemia in February but in true Perot fashion he fought back, showing up at the office most days in his black suit with his American Flag lapel pin.

He celebrated his 89th birthday in June with a family lunch at his office.

The boy from Texarkana changed the course of history and pioneered the computer age.


10 Years Ago-2009

Owen Burton, because of his down-home common sense, business experience and really caring about his constituents, has been a good county commissioner.

He’s well liked in his precinct and well-respected on the court. It will be good news to many that the word is on the street that commissioner Burton will run for another term.***** Barack Obama was elected and took over a country that was busted, fighting two wars and with gas prices over the ceiling.

No doubt, if he does nothing, we are headed to another depression, worse than the first one.

His plate is full, inheriting many problems.

He has slowed the slide but it will take much more to cure the problem and bring people back up to the middle class.

Meanwhile, the poor are becoming homeless.***** Bush / Cheney allowed big oil and the mortgage companies to rape the country and let the auto industry run rampant with million dollar bonuses, while losing money.

They, by choice, invaded Iraq to the tune of a trillion dollars.

Obama’s on the right track but it will take time and a lot of money to correct the wrongs.

Warren Buffet says more money will be needed to solve the problems.****** It seems that Donna Scales has been spending a lot of time at hospitals in Houston.

First with her mom, Vivian Dorman, who is doing well now, then she accompanied Judge Jimmy Scales, who had kidney stones removed.*****We hear through the grape vine that one of our longtime friends, Wilda Martin, broke her arm and is now undergoing therapy.*****Congrats to Eddie Toohey, from Brown Hearing Aid, who is the new Orange Rotary president.*****We stand to be corrected.

John Davin, Lt.


USMC retired, from Arlington Heights, Illinois, sent us an e-mail to tell us that Ed McMahon was a decorated “Marine Corps” – not an Air Force pilot.

He was a retired USMC colonel.

John met him in 1975 in Little Rock when Ed emceed the reunion of the third Marine division.

John was the recruiting officer at the time.

*****Judge Pat let us know that the first game we attended of the Houston Texan World Football League was against the Philadelphia Bell. *****Everyday it seems that more comes out about Dick Cheney’s abuse of power.

He really was a cancer on George W’s presidency and the country.*****Happy belated 50th anniversary to a great couple, Joe and Mary Ware, who were wed July 4, 1959.

I’ve never met a nicer and sweeter lady than Ms.

Mary. *****Orange heavyweight fighter Chris Henry TKO’d Shaun George in the sixth round in ESPN’s nationally televised fight from Philadelphia.

Henry is now 24-2 overall in the heavyweight division with 19 KO’s.

He is ranked 10 in the world.*****Congrats to Sheriff Keith Merritt and wife Marlene on their national Lions Club award.

The Merritts were recognized Monday for their volunteer work after Hurricane Ike.*****Regardless of what you might have read, the Astros beat the Nationals Sunday 5-0.

It was the last game before all-star break.

The Astros hit 500 and are only three and a half games behind the first place Cardinals.*****We were sorry to learn that our friend and Tammy Davis’s father, H.H. Kirkpatrick, had triple bi-pass surgery over the weekend.

The Firestone retiree started feeling bad with pain in his left arm and a few hours later was under the knife.

Just a few days ago this great guy had sent us a box of Gulf crabs.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago-2009

Randy Glenn Smitherman, 51, died July 6.

Memorial services were held at Dorman Funeral Home.

He attended Stark High School and was a member of Millwright Local 2484.

Randy is survived by three brothers, Rick D.Smitherman, Regan B. Smitherman and Ronald K. Smitherman; step-brothers, William E. Force, Frederick Duane Force and Walter Brent Force, Greg Peveto, Jeff Peveto; and step-sister, Lisa G. Maze.***** Linda Susan Allbritton, 51, of Orange, passed way on Wednesday, July 8.

Susan graduated from Little Cypress High School and Alvin Junior College.

After graduation she worked as a court reporter.

She is survived by her patents Harold and Nelda Allbritton; brothers, Mike Allbritton, Wayne Allbritton, and nieces and nephews.***** Vicki L. Cupp Morris, 57, of Orange, passed away Thursday, July 9.

She was a 52 year resident of Orange and worked as a registered nurse for 21 years at Baptist Hospital in Orange.

Vicki graduated from Lutcher Stark High School and earned her degree from Lamar University in Beaumont.

She is survived by husband, Bob Morris; father Odis Augustus Cupp; daughter, Carmie (Frederick) Bates; son, Jay Frederick; and step-daughters, Monique Fischer and Meghan Morris; step-sons, Raymond Morris and Carter Morris; four grandchildren and six step-grandchildren.******George Lee Guidry Sr., 86, of Orange died July 9.

George worked for Firestone as a welder for 20 years and served in the Merchant Marines during World War II. George is survived by son, George Lee Guidry Jr.; daughter, Mary Beth Derouen; grandchildren, Lisa and Jason Lingo, Jerry and Mary Ann Guidry, Scott and Kellie Derouen, Steve and Carla Derouen; ten great-grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1979

On July 22, Gordon Baxter “Barefoot Bax” or “Ole’ Uncle Gordon” will celebrate his 34th year in radio, which started in 1945.*****Tony Griffin, Orange native and longtime business man, died this week.*****On July 20, we will mark 10 years since the first man, Neil Armstrong, landed on the moon.

He will forever be in the history books.*****Rose and Jay Campbell celebrate their 25th anniversary.

They have two children, Joey, who lives in Bridge city and daughter Cathy, lives in Germany.

*****The Bridge City Rotary Club ventured to Sartin’s in Sabine Pass.

Charles Patton was nicknamed “Frog Legs,” Bill Townes, “Stuffed Crab.”*****Dan Duplantis celebrates a birthday on July 20.*****Cal Peterson has acquired Holmes Used Cars on Green Avenue*****Andy Verett, new Bridge City Police Chief, will be leaving Port Neches to assume his post.

Andy is a former B.C. resident who was here when the area was known as Prairieview.*****Major Inman Jr. completes his first year as mayor in Orange.*****Bridge City coach Buddy Gillis is in a Lake Charles hospital after having suffered a blood clot, stroke and removal of a malignant tumor from his brain.*****Congratulations to Judge Pat Clark and Johnny McHugh, who were named “Outstanding Young Men in America.” Clark is County Court at Law judge, McHugh received his doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.*****Judge Pete Runnels’ wife, Carol, and grandparents Joe and Inez Runnels, are spending time staying with Lance Runnels, who is in the hospital recovering from being accidentally shot with a pellet gun.*****Celebrating birthdays in July are Jan Curlyo, Randy Arnaud, Lewis Gay and Nina Hardin.

45 Years Ago-1974

This week Sis and Mike Keogh celebrate their 25th anniversary.

*****It has been announced that Aug. 18 will be Tee-Bruce Day to be celebrated at the Sparkle Club.

*****The July tournament of the Orange Bass Club was held over the weekend.

Tom Humphrey won with a fine catch of 24 pounds, five ounces.

He caught his fish at night on black worms in 10 to 18 feet of water.

Willie Hayes had a good day with 16.6 pounds.

One bass weighed seven pounds.

Worms also paid off for coach Troy Woodall. He came in with a 10 fish limit and took third place with 16.4 pounds.

Club president, Bob Zavada, came in fourth with 13.8 pounds.

A crew from Orange traveled to Houston in a motor home driven by Ed Lovelace Wednesday night for the Texan game.

On board were Houston Baker, Leland Morrow, Roy Dunn, Mike Pasternak, Jerry Pesson, Richard Corder and Joe Kazmar.

(Editor’s note: The only passengers still around are Kaz, Mike and Roy.)*****Bridge City linebacker Mark Dunn has accepted a football full-ride scholarship to UTA and will be departing Aug. 16.

Also attending UTA is Bridge City football player Jimmy Lacomb.


Our friend Judge Joe Parkhurst stopped in for a short visit Tuesday.

He’s still going into hospital three times a week for four-hour dialysis treatments.

Otherwise he’s upbeat and looking forward to when he will be able to take the treatments at home.

He’s also looking forward to returning to the Lunch Bunch.

He misses the fellowship with his friends.

Joe is a great guy and always a pleasure to be with.*****Last Friday marked the longest economic expansion in history, 10 straight years since 2009 when Obama took over during a recession.

Trump has been riding the economic wave since taking office.*****I hear John Roy went fishing at his lake cabin last weekend.

I waited all day Monday for him to bring in some white perch.

No such luck.*****If you missed the Homerun Derby Monday night you missed a heck of a record show by two rookies.*****After being off for a week, the Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and next week.

The Bunch is exploring other places to try out.

Everyone always welcome.*****Two seats will be open on the Bridge City Council due to Kirk Roccaforte becoming a county commissioner.

Eric Andrus isgivingup his seat because he is moving out of the city limits.

This young man has done a great job and like his granddad Bill Smith, a former councilman, he loves the city.

Good luck to Eric and Kirk as they move on.

I knew for a longtime that Kirk would someday end up on the court. He and Thibodeaux go back a long way and have worked closely together.

There was no doubt ‘Tib’ would appoint him.

Just think, if Dean Crooks hadn’t resigned, John Gothia might never have been county judge and Kirk would have had to wait.

So it goes in politics, one move can set off the dominos.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.

On July 10, longtime friend Donna Riley, retired from BCISD, who we have known since she was a pup working at P.S. Tire Supply as a DE student, has a birthday today..

Also getting older today is the notorious dare-devil Ron Moreau. He’s lived a charmed life and cheated the odds.*****Celebrating on July 11, isour friend of 50-odd years, Dayle Gunn Weatherford, who Stump was fortunate to grab onto.

They are living a great life.

Also celebrating today is Cleon Hogan, a guy who knows a thing or two about race horses.*****July 12, Christi Khoury, a great gal and good friend, celebrates.

Sharing birthdays is former county commissioner Sue Bearden and medical practitioner Lana Griffith.*****July 13, a special lady that we know, Virginia “Ginny” Cox, is fighting to reach her 91st.

birthday, God bless her.

Billy Bryant also celebrates today.*****Ella Stubbing, Calvin Rutledge and Brenda Ellender are special folks celebrating birthdays on July 14.*****Our buddy Tommy Harmon, pretty Peggy Claybar, Mayor Larry Spears, Jr.

and a great lady, Melissa Eshbach are celebrating birthdays on this day.*****On July 16, former school teacher Carlis Reed Roy celebrates, also a happy birthday to our friend Preston Fuller, who hasn’t stopped by for a long time.

Best Wishes, Happy Birthday to all.

Please see complete list below.*****This week, 138 years ago, July 14, 1881, William “Billy the Kid” Bonney was killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in Fort Summer, Lincoln County, N.M. I understand we can expect more movies made about that Wild West period.

Most of us old guys were raised on cowboy movies, mostly the good guy, bad guy shoot’em ups.

Itdidn’t do us no harm, we just rode off on our stick horse. *****British Ambassador Kim Darroch in leaked documents described Trump as “inept” and “uniquely dysfunctional.” He said Trump’s presidency could “crash and burn and end in disgrace.”

The British government is standing by it’s ambassador.

I’m sure other ambassadors have the same opinion of Trump.

He has now lashed out at Prime Minister Theresa May.*****The U.S. Women won a record fourth World Cup title, the second in a row, by beating the Netherlands 2-0 Sunday night in Lyon France.

Megan Rapinoe won the Golden Ball as top player and the Golden Boot as top scorer.

She became the oldest player to score in a Women’s World Cup final.

Rapinoe drew the ire of President Trump by saying she would refuse to visit the White House.

A ticker tape parade, hosted by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will be held Wednesday.

The Mayor said, “These women captured the hearts of a nation.”*****Congratulations to Mark Dunn for his Texas 87 Digital Sign being selected as Business of the Month by the Bridge City Chamber.

The presentation/mixer took place Tuesday morning at Merle Norman, in Orange.

Mark donates a portion of the sign to highlight the city, chamber and school events.

He was presented a plaque along with other goodies.


Happy Birthday wishes on July 10 to Edye Patterson, Joni Harvey, Kori Brown, Paula Auffurth.

Celebrities celebrating on this day are Pop singer Jessica Simpson, 38, actors Adrian Grenier, 42 and Phyllis Smith, 67.*****July 11: Michael Brinson, Charlotte Stout and Kathy Lynd all celebrate.

Joining them are fashion designer Giorgio Armani, 84, actors Lisa Rinna, 55 and Justin Chambers, 48.*****July 12: Terry Meyer, Craig Simmons, Dawanna Landry, Josette Webb and Dera Breaux are a year older on this day.

Also older are entrepreneur Richard Simmons, 70, Country singer Kimberly Perry, 35 and wrestler Brock Lesnar, 41.*****July 13: Celebrating birthdays are Julie Kahla, Kristen McCurry, Steve Sarver.

Also celebrating are actors Harrison Ford, 76, Patrick Stewart, 78 and Cheech Marin, 72.*****July 14: Jared Ganze, Brenda Ellender, Melani Woodruff all celebrating today.

Joining them are actors Matthew Fox, 52, Jane Lynch, 58 and MMA fighter Conor McGregor, 30.*****July 15: Celebrating are Tracy Addison, Mark Grizzaffi and Cassey Polk.

Celebrating also are actors Forest Whitaker, 57 and Brigitte Nielsen, 55 and comedian Gabriel Iglesias, 42.*****July 16: Lorie Dubose celebrates, also actors Will Ferrell, 51, Corey Feldman, 47 and former football player Barry Sanders, 50.


Cuzzin Sostan writes us about his Momma and Papa, Clotile, 90 and Clovis, 92. He says dey boat can’t remember nuttin, senility or Alzheimer’s he guesses. Da doctor tole dem to write tings down to help remember.

Da utta night, old man Clovis got up from watching television and axe Clotile if she wanted something from the kitchen?

She answer, “Clovis, please bring me a bowl of vanilla ice cream.”

Clovis answer, “I do dat me.”

“You better write it down,” said Clotile.

“I can remember dat me,” He answer.

“But I want some strawberries and whip cream on top, you better write it down Clovis.”

He answer, “I can remember dat me, you want a bowl of ice cream wit straw berries and whip cream on top.”

“Dats rite,” says Clotile.

In about 20 minutes Clovis returns from da kitchen and hands Clotile a plate of eggs and bacon.

She stares at the plate for a moment and says, “Clovis, where’s my toast? I tole you to write it down.”



Today’s military post of recruits is hard to come by.

Seventy-one percent of Americans, ages 17 to 24, are ineligible to join the military because of obesity, criminal record or lack of a high school diploma.

There is even competition between the military branches to reach the eligible 29 percent.

A large number of high school grads who enlist are from the South.

The branches have to be advertising all the time.

It’s a war for talent.

The 29 percent who qualify are likely to pursue other opportunities.

Recruiters are not only competing among themselves but also against colleges and the job market. Military experts look for young people with high-tech skills to combat growing cyber threats from other countries.

The military no longer needs ‘grunts.’ All branches look for recruits who score well on aptitude tests.

Competing for the few who are eligible is getting more difficult.

The Army fell short of its 80,000 soldier recruiting goal by 6,500 last year. It’s a challenge to even reach qualified potential recruits because they are unlikely to tune into traditional media or answer unsolicited phone calls.

The military has adapted its sales pitch to reach cell phones. What is difficult to gauge is the return on investment from things such as Nascar sponsorship, Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, Air Force Thunderbirds or U.S. Navy Blue Angels Demonstration Team.

There is no doubt the pool of recruits is drying up.

The question is will it someday lead to the return of the draft.*****I’ve got to get out of here, my time is up but I thank you for yours.

Please read us cover to cover and by all means support and patronize the good folks in our advertising family.

Take care and God bless.


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