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Last week when I sat here the headline I wrote at the top of the column said, “Hate escalates in the country.” I wrote it was a dark and hateful time and also that I believed it would get worse.

Just a few days before I had listened to Trump speak at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio.

He was spewing a lot of hate.

I have a habit of studying people’s faces.

It’s a part of me, it’s who I am.

At his rallies I study the crowd, some are serious, and some are just there for the entertainment.

I wondered about the young boys 12-14-16 year olds and what Trump was feeding their young minds.

I wondered when they were adults would they pass on to their children what they heard from their president when they were teenagers.

Hate, bigotry, racism is passed on from one generation to the next; it’s like a growing cancer.

For the last three years Trump has been spewing hate at his rallies.

This last weekend saw a 21 year old drive 600 miles to kill himself some Mexicans in El Paso, Texas.

He killed 22 and wounded two dozen innocent people. Meanwhile, in Dayton, Ohio, a 24 year old male killed nine people and wounded a dozen others.

To date, this year there has been 255 mass shootings in the United States.

Mass killings are when three or more are killed by one shooter.

In the wake of the twin mass shooting in a prepared statement, read from a teleprompter, President Trump said, “These sinister ideologies must be defeated.” This was said without acknowledgment that his anti-immigrant rhetoric has set the tone for hate that has engulfed the nation.

Like always the shootings were blamed on mental illness, a longtime Republican remedy to gun violence.

The NRA motto is, “Guns don’t kill, people do.” Trump took no responsibility for the atmosphere of division.

Instead of focusing on measures to limit the sale of firearms, he went through a list of proposals that Republicans have long endorsed as alternatives.

“Mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, he said, then called mass shooters “Mentally ill monsters.” The young man in El Paso wrote a four page manifesto in a few minutes in his car with no misspelled words.

He’s not ill.

Trump is running from what he helped create but he can’t hide.

No matter how much he lies the truth is out there with videos of him spewing the venom and hate every day for the last three years.

In Texas he will definitely pay a price.

Remember El Paso.


Monday’s massive sell-off on Wall Street was the worst drop in 2019.

The losers were everywhere, technology, retail, oil prices, natural gas.

China retaliated against Trump’s tariffs by allowing its currency to slide to an 11-year low against the dollar.

Apple, which relies on China for 20 percent of its sales, took a shellacking.

Apple stock is down nine percent.

The stock plunge arrived after China struck back against Trump’s threat to levy further tariffs on $300 billion in Chinese goods, in everything from TV’s, cell phones to toys and everything in between.

The lie is that China will pay for these tariffs.

The truth is that the U.S. consumer will pay for every penny of increase at the cash register.

In response to Trump’s new tariffs, China halted new purchases on U.S. agricultural goods.

Farmers were already feeling the pinch of earlier tariffs, now China has cancelled large purchases of farm products like soybeans.

China is U.S. farmer’s largest buyer. Trump, since assuming office, has been riding a 10-year economic wave that he inherited but things may change if he doesn’t reverse his bad decisions. The cost will fall on the shoulders of the American people.


Texas is undergoing a major shift in its congressional delegation.

In the last two years, 12 members have retired and more are expected.


Kenny Marchant is the fourth Republican in less than two weeks that is calling it quits.

His departure follows that of Will Hurd, the only Black Republican in congress.


Michael said goodbye Thursday as well as Rep.

Pete Olson.

The surge of GOP retirements is not unexpected.

Democrats regained the majority in the House last year and are favored to increase that majority in 2020.

Texas is expected to turn bluer, despite gerrymandering, with each passing year.

But the exodus by GOP congressman is due to negative numbers with Trump at the top of the ticket.

Texas also has done away with the straight party voting system, leaving voters open to pick the best candidate from either party in the General Election.

Meanwhile, Sen.

John Cornyn is out of sight.


Ted Cruz says, “The Trump campaign doesn’t realize that Trump is in trouble in Texas and him carrying the state in not a given.


10 Years Ago-2009

Ike came along 11 months ago and dumped a surge on Bridge City.

The never say die adults dug in and started rebuilding the community.

Meanwhile, the Little League boys and girls dug in and beat all the competition and four Bridge City teams, two girl teams and two boy teams made it to the state playoffs.***** We were saddened to learn of the death of AdaRuth “Rusty” Nicks, 85, on Aug. 4.

We first met Rusty when she served as legal secretary and ran the office for the law firm of Hustmeier and Harris.

Everyone who knew this fine lady loved her.

She and her late husband of 55 years, Johnnie, lost their daughter Sharon in an auto accident several years ago.

*****Roy Crim, 93, passed away Aug. 8.

The Bridge City resident started in the 1940’s to build a community from a place called Prairieview. His contributions are many.

We had known him for over 50 years and have known no man with more energy or principle.

Heand Ms.

Pearl raised a great family. *****It’s with sadness that we learned about the death of Lonnie Ham Sr., age 62, on Aug. 9.

We had known Lonnie since he was 7 years old.

We knew his mom and dad and large family.

They were all down to earth, great people.***** Special folks celebrating birthdays this week: The lovely Carolyn Ward, what a nice lady.*****Doug and Regina Harrington’s beautiful daughter, (looks like her mom), Britanie H. Long celebrates this week.*****A great lady Nancy Finchum has another birthday.*****Our buddy Monty Eshbach and Kristie Gunn also celebrate.*****Happy birthday to one of the great guys, Henry Bland, an Orange County pioneer.*****Quote of the Week: After asking why Hillary Clinton wasn’t with Bill in North Korea to gain release of the two journalist Rush Limbaugh said, “Because she was in Kenya, kissing Obama’s grandfather’s grave.” That was after he called President Obama Hitler. The guy either stays stoned on pills or should be locked up because he’s nuts.

*****Some folks might have gotten some rain but as of this writing we haven’t.

It’s been so dry that the Baptists are starting to Baptize by sprinkling, the Methodist are using wet wipes, Presbyterians are giving out rain checks and the Catholics are doing like T. Graham Brown, praying for the wine to turn back into water.

Yes sir, that’s how dry it is.

40 Years Ago-1979

It’s going to be a crazy week.

In fact, quarterback Michael Vick is going to make his case on “60 Minutes” Sunday.***** Forty years ago, in 1969, it was also a wild week, Woodstock and the world learned about Janis Joplin.*****Dr.

Wayne Pierce died at home Sunday, Aug. 12, at age 82.

He will long be remembered for his good Samaritan works.

He delivered many babies free of charge or for very little.

He never turned down anyone for lack of funds. The Pierce family moved to Orange just before 1900 and his father was also a doctor.


Wynne graduated from Orange High in 1914.

He served in the infantry Army in World War I.

He and Clay Dunn marched through France together, serving in the 38th Field Artillery.

Dunn and Pierce stayed friends until Dunn’s death in 1959.

After the war, Dr.

Pierce completed his education and set up his family practice in Orange in 1926.

For many years he was co-owner of the Frances Ann Lutcher hospital.

He was buried Tuesday, Aug. 14, in Evergreen Cemetery.

His pallbearers were old-line Orangeites Traylor Sells Sr., Judge James Neff, Judge Graham Bruce, Homer Stark, Tom Rogers, Edgar Brown III, Major Inman Jr., Albert “Cowboy” Adams and Wayne Arrington. (Editor’s note: Many people still live in the area that Dr.

Wynne delivered.

Some boys were named after him.

It would be interesting to hear from you if Dr.

Wynne brought you into this world.)*****FormerBridge City Police Chief HankEckhart will assume duties of police chief at Crowley, Texas on Aug. 27.***** Ann and Jude Hebert, along with their four sons, Troy, Trent, Trey and Tarrin, have just returned from a trip to Wyoming.

*****Lou and Arval Hebert are the parents of new twins born a few days ago.

Manson Hebert is the proud grandfather of Michael and Anna.*****Former West Orange and Texas Longhorn second baseman Andre Robertson was named to the sporting news all American team, compiled by the nation’s professional scouting directors.

Robertson was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays and assigned to Dunhedin, of the Florida league, where he is known as “Robbie.”

45 Years Ago-1974

We understand that Al Zeno is doing fine after having open-heart surgery in Houston.

*****We hear that Scotty Smith has a broken ankle from playing volleyball.

*****Fain Holbrook is out of the hospital after a long stay.

*****Betty Glover is in traction at Orange Memorial.

*****Judy and Gary Savoy celebrated their seventh anniversary last week.

*****Roy Dunn, who has been in St. Mary’s Hospital for over a week due to his ticker, was joined through the same emergency entrance by Bill Clark. The third floor of St. M’s will never be the same.

Bill was released; Roy may be hospitalized for some time yet.

Jimmie “J.K.” Conn visited and brought him magazines to catch up on the news when he felt better.

The newest magazine was published 50 years earlier, in 1924.

While Roy was out, Ms.

Phyl and crew were putting out the popular Opportunity Valley News. (Editor’s note: Roy lived to see 45 years go by and after a 15 year retirement went back to his love for publishing and has guided the Record Newspapers, the Penny Record and the County Record.

The OVN and Triangle Press were sold in 1980.)*****Tee Bruce Day to be held Aug. 18 at Sparkle Paradise in Bridge City.

The celebration will feature many bands, plenty of food and special guest, Doug Kershaw and Cajun humorist Justin Wilson.*****President Richard Nixon resigns; Vice President Gerald Ford becomes United States president. The nation is relieved that the Nixon saga is finally over.

It all started because of a Watergate break-in that ultimately revealed a lot of wrong doing by his Republican administration.


On Aug. 9, Texas celebrated the 180th birthday of William Barrett Travis.

The hero of the Alamo was born in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

He was just under 27 years old when he died at the Alamo, on March 6, 1836. He shared command at the Alamo with James Bowie and when Bowie became sick, Travis took full command.

The letter Travis sent out before the fall of the Alamo is considered one of the most heroic documents in American history.

He’s also remembered for drawing a line in the dust with his sword for those of his men, who refused to surrender, not to cross.*****A few friends we know celebrating birthdays.

On Aug. 7,Miles Hall, Sr. turns 88.

Miles is living with daughter Becky and son-in-law David Rutledge.

He’s staying healthy on “Bear’s” cooking.

*****Judge Dennis Powell celebrates on Aug. 9.

A few years ago he was a young judge, today he is an elder statesman.*****Also celebrating on Aug. 9 is longtime friend Coach Dwight Thatcher.*****Our buddy Judge Joe Parkhurst who underwent surgery last week marks another birthday on Aug. 10. Best wishes to Joe, everyone’s friend.

*****A great guy, William “Bill” Smith turns 89 on Aug. 11.

Bill, the old train engineer, goes back to the old steam engines.

Bill came down from the hills of Arkansas to make his mark in Bridge City.

*****Aug. 13 is a special day for the late Dot Esbach’s little boy Monty Esbach.

We will never forget Dot and think about Monty and the family often.

Happy Birthday to all. *****I ran into Jimmy Dillion last week.

That guy is an inspiration to be around.

He takes chemo in Houston on Wednesday and three times a week he does dialysis for four hours in Orange.

His weight is up to 203 lbs. and he looks healthy.

You would never know he’s been fighting child leukemia for years.

It’s very rare and he might be the only case in the county.

He’s a great guy.*****After fighting the heat for two summers, I stopped by Mauriceville Tire & Lube, John Roy’s little gold mine, and in 10 minutes he had my little pickup truck feeling like winter.

I learned the Fredrick’s settled in Mauriceville in 1834 with a land deed signed by Sam Houston.

John Roy is a great guy to visit with but not on Saturday, that’s when they’re as busy as Wal-Mart.*****The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce is bringing us the Backwater Challenge Fishing Tournament and Orange County River Festival to Orange County this weekend.

Over 200 teams expected to fish.

Be sure to join them at the City of Orange Boat Ramp on August 9th from 4 pm to 11pm and Saturday the 10th from noon until 10 pm.

A great way to end your summer with great live music by Bag of Donuts Friday night and Eric Paslay Saturday night.

There will be food vendors set up.*****Market Basket, in Mauriceville, held their grand opening of their big, new, state-of-the-art store last week.

Local folks are bragging.

We didn’t have County Record’s at the new store but this week we will have the usual 300.

Last week folks came from throughout the trade area, including Buna, for the paper and we caught hell for not having them there.



Celebrating birthdays in the next few days are Rita Vargas, Tessa Bailey, and Rodney who have birthdays on Aug. 7.

Celebrities celebrating are actors Charlize Theron, 43, David Duchovny, 58 and Francesca Eastwood, 25.*****Aug. 8: Brian Sanches, Kim Sensat, Fred Brent and Billie Carter all celebrate.

Joining them are tennis player Roger Federer, 37, actor Dustin Hoffman, 81 and boxer Chris Eubank, 52.*****Aug. 9: Celebrating today are Paige White, Jada Montagne, and Ken Hartley.

They are joined by fashion designer Michael Kors, 59, actors Jessica Capshaw, 42 and former football player Dion Sanders, 51.*****Aug. 10: Jody Simmons, Leslie Smith, Bill Loyd and Bree Anne Collins all celebrate.

Also reality star Kylie Jenner, 21, actors Antonio Banderas, 58 and Justin Theroux, 47.*****Aug. 11: Kim Pelloat, Rene Danna and Morgan Taylor have birthdays today.

Celebrating also are actors Chris Hemsworth, 35 and Will Friedle, 42.

*****Aug. 12: Kiesha Luna, Jared Sleeman and Jennifer Babin are a year older today.

Also older are actors Casey Affleck, 43, Maggie Lawson, 38 and Jim Beaver, 68.*****Aug. 13: Terry Walles, Aaron MacCammond, Melissa Cox, Ken Phelps and Hillary Walker celebrate today.

Joining them are basketball player DeMarcus Cousins, 28 and actor Sabastian Stan, 36.


Joe Marceaux, 80-year-old, was widowed when his wife Agnes died las year. He was lonely but while in Church Point he met Mabel, a lovely 75 years old lady. He is a good Catalic and wouldn’t do anyting dat was against his religion so he axe Mabel to marry him.

She said, “Joe honey, I’ll marry you but you have to sign a prenuptial agreement.”

Marceaux answer, “I don’t know wat dat is me, but I luv you so much I’ll sign anyting.”

Mabel said, “I want to keep my house in Texas.”

Joe said, “Dats fine by me. I’ll keep my houseboat on Bayou Tech.”

“I want to keep my Cadillac,” she said.

“I’ll keep my pickup,” Joe answer.

“I want to keep my yacht at Padre Island,” she said.

“I’ll keep my pirogue,” he answer.

“I want to keep my jewelry,” said Mabel.

“Me, I’ll keep my stuffed deer head,” said Marceaux.

Mabel was writing it down for him to sign. Den Mabel said, “And me, I want to have sex six times a week.”

Marceaux him said, “Mais Cha, dats fine wit me, put me down for Friday.”


Lunch Bunch meets Judge and Commissioner

The Lunch Bunch gathering at Robert’s last week drew a large crowd to honor and meet our new county judge John Gothia and his lovely wife Glynis, a former second grade teacher at Bridge City.

Also many of the Bunch were meeting county commissioner Kirk Roccaforte for the first time.

Nova Dee Strickland, 86-year-old political activist and eldest daughter of former sheriff Chester Holts, who also wrote the book “Bug Scuffle” wanted to meet the new commissioner.

She came up to Kirk, shook his hand and wished him good luck, then added, “We’ll be watching you.” Believe me Kirk, she will.

Kirk fits in real well with that bunch.

He’s used to being around folks who will pull your leg.

Three of the commissioners were present, Ms.

Trahan’s little boy Johnny, Marcelle Adams and former commissioner’s little girl, Theresa Beauchamp attended.

All the JP’s but Judge Joy showed up.

Chamber president Ida Schassow got in a hornets nest when she chose to sit with Judge Chad Jenkins, Port Commissioner Keith Wallace and other jokesters.

Keith is the go to guy for information.

That guy knows what’s under every rock from the Cove, to Lakeview and Pinehurst.

John Roy Fredrick had a Thibodeaux story to tell but Judge Carl didn’t show so he held it till later.

Lannie Brown, Congressman Brian Babin’s local representative, had two guests from the Babin camp, including the Washington director. Roy committed a real sin when he overlooked introducing the prettiest tax assessor in Texas, Karen Fisher.

He’ll be trying to live that down.

Betty Harmon, looking great, had two guests with her to meet the new judge and commissioner.

Pete Fredrick, still getting around slowly, was escorted by Linda, one of his lovely daughters.

Well, there were about 30 other folks, including Butch Campbell. One special guest was Suzie, a Japanese native, who has been a U.S. citizen since mid-1960.

For many years she worked at Bridge City Wal-Mart. A month or so ago, “ICE” Trump’s Gestapo, shook her down and she had to produce documents of over 50-years to prove her citizenship.

She was sponsored by Sheriff Holts.

Speaking of sheriffs, Keith Merritt, who attended with Marlene, is being urged by a lot of citizens to run for another term.

This week the Lunch Bunch dines at Guadalajara and back at Robert’s next week.

Everyone welcome.

*****Thanks for tuning in, thanks for your loyalty and a special thanks to our family of advertisers.

Please patronize them.

We’re proud to be your hometown, locally owned, community newspapers. Read us cover to cover, you never know when we will give a test.

Take care and God bless.


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